Gorilla Galactabeast
- Blue Galaxy Ranger's Galactabeast/Galactazord
Gorilla Galactabeast
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First Appearance: 703-RTTR
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
Pictures: Gorilla emblem, Gorilla Galactabeast (shown at right), Gorilla Galactazord


  • The Gorilla was the Blue Galaxy Ranger's Galactabeast.


  • Arriving from its apparent hiding place, the Gorilla Galactabeast would often be shown pushing its way through tall trees in a forest.
  • When the Rangers would stand atop their respective Galactabeasts, Blue Ranger would stand on the Gorilla's shoulder rather than head like the others did.
  • In Galactazord form, the Gorilla had two octagon-shaped chest panels.
  • The Gorilla formed the legs and waist of the Galaxy Megazord.


  • Kai summoned the Gorilla Galactabeast, which ran in and began pounding giant Quakemaker; Kai called out to ask the Gorilla if it wanted any help, and the Gorilla grunted affirmatively, so Kai leapt onto its shoulder, and it proceeded to grab the monster by the head and throw him.


  • The Gorilla Galactazord could shoot beams of blue speckled energy wisps which surrounded its opponent and disoriented him.

    - Phrases used upon landing on Gorilla Galactabeast
    705-Hmsk Kai: "Gorilla Galactabeast!"
    Kai: "Gorilla!"

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