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Full Name: Galactic Space Alliance (Fox Kids website)
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  • Standard GSA uniforms came in blue and red; Command Headquarters was manned by blues, and the Science Division primarily by reds, although some blues were often present there as well.
  • No jobs beyond these two areas were explicitly shown, but such jobs were implied by the vast surplus of officers to available positions in the two areas.
  • Age among GSA officers varied widely with no distinction in uniform type, yet a vast majority of GSA officers were teenagers or young adults; the limited number of older GSA officers shown would be limited to higher-ranking positions, such as science directors.
  • Officers could be found often walking through the city dome and other locations and were occasionally sociable with civilians and workers, though more interaction occurred between GSA officers.
  • Learning that Kendrix was "only" 20 minutes ahead of schedule, he jokingly remarked that she appeared to be "running a little behind today," indicating that the GSA crew had already been living on Terra Venture for some time, at least days, but probably weeks or months, prior to final boarding.
  • At a ticketing center for shuttle flights to Terra Venture, apparently an Angel Grove ticketing center, the booths were manned mostly by GSA agents, although Terra Venture guards were present as well, with one verifying passport information at a booth.
  • Two more guards patrolled the entrance to the ticketing area, accompanied by various other GSA officers.
  • Unless otherwise noted, standard GSA officers were always teenagers or young adults.
  • For a final training exercise on the moon, apparently most or all GSA agents were required to don soldier gear for the exercise despite their standard positions not involving any sort of combat.


  • When Kai attempted to recommission the Megaship, which was serving as a museum on Terra Venture, Kai knew DECA's name, and Alpha told Kai that nobody had told him about any secret mission, indicating that GSA communication with Alpha was apparently a standard practice.
  • Later, moments before departure, Stanton gave a speech to blue and red GSA officers in Command Headquarters about how proud he was of all of them as they began their adventure of a lifetime.


  • To get to the Megaship, Maya confidently led Leo and Damon through a GSA-style hallway, and after looking around, they accessed a restricted airlock to the Megaship bearing a sign which read, "Closed, Do Not Open."
  • No explanation for the Megaship's residence in the docking bay or the restricted airlock were given, although Alpha may have requested the access and privacy for Ranger business.
  • Some time later, when the Scorpion Stinger approached Terra Venture, a man's voice spoke over loudspeakers, "Attention citizens: Alien ship approaching. This is not a drill. (alarm begins wailing) Please enter the nearest secured area immediately. I repeat - this is not a drill!"
  • People began fleeing inside buildings immediately after the word of an alien ship approaching, as though they were quite familiar with the possibility of an alien threat on their voyage.
  • Shortly after Radster had teleported into the city dome with Furio and begun blasting skyscrapers into oblivion, armed soldiers led by Commander Stanton arrived and fought ineffectively before the arrival of the Galaxy Rangers.
  • From over the horizon, everyone watched as five Ranger-colored energy streaks flew in and landed atop the bridge above; Stanton's face had borne a faint smile upon seeing the streaks before they'd even materialized into Rangers.


  • Kai addressed a fellow officer, who wore a blue Type 3 uniform, as "lieutenant" (Lt. Shea), yet Commander Stanton would always address Kai, Mike, and Kendrix as "mister" or "miss," respectively.
  • Stanton had a special assignment for Kai, wanting him to train a new recruit with great leadership potential, handing him a GSA panel device displaying data on the new recruit; Kai was impressed by the recruit's high entrance test scores.
  • On the screen below the GSA logo printed on the device were three columns of printed text, with the header, "Terra Venture GSA Recruit File" ; on the left side of the screen were some black boxes of readouts which included the entrance test scores.
  • Stanton brought Kai over to meet him, where former stowaway Leo Corbett was standing in a blue Type 1 uniform holding a black case.
  • Stanton was pleased to see Kai and Leo knew each other, looking forward to a progress report.
  • Teaching Leo, Kai showed him a thick handbook with a light blue cover, bearing a GSA logo and the black title, "Rules and Regulations"; perhaps the first tenth of the book's pages were light blue.
  • Kai expected Leo to start learning all of the rules from the handbook.
  • As Leo began to eat a sandwich in Command Headquarters, Kai took the sandwich from him in a panic, shouting about what one crumb could do to the sensitive equipment; just then, Stanton entered and was apalled to see Kai with food in Command Headquarters.
  • Stanton took the sandwich and, treating it like a serious contaminant, placed it into a clear bag which had been dutifully brought to him by another officer; he then told Kai that he wasn't setting a good example for the new recruits.
  • In a metallic dome structure known as the GSA weapons dome, no larger than a modest house, GSA officers (mostly blue) were in a line handing laser rifles to Leo, and he put them on racks.
  • Pleased, Kai handed Leo a security card, telling him to lock up when he was done; he then drove off.
  • Kai told Kendrix that Leo had no respect for the rules, was late to everything, and his uniform was always wrinkled; he had, however, scored high on the written test and shot out all three bull's-eyes at a training or testing session.
  • After Leo had generated an unscheduled storm, he was talking with a girl in a blue uniform who replied that maybe Kai could tell him more.
  • Angry over the unscheduled storm, Kai entered and told Leo the colony wasn't a playground and that they had rules for a reason; Leo argued that all rules didn't work all the time, but Kai insisted they did in the GSA, and he couldn't just pick and choose which rules he wanted to follow.
  • An alarm chimed, and Kai examined a readout in the northern alcove beside one of the two officers in blue Type 3 uniforms; he discovered a security breach in the weapons dome and suspiciously asked Leo if he'd locked the weapons room.
  • Leo admitted he must've forgotten to lock it, and Kai rushed to the area, finding Horn stealing several laser rifles; Horn shot a laser beam at him but missed as he escaped with the weapons.
  • Soon, Damon used the computer terminal in his and Kai's room to locate the weapons, Leo, and/or Horn, and the Rangers would soon join Red Ranger in fighting Horn at the power plant in either the city dome, the Industrial Dome, or a similar dome.


  • Walking down a GSA hallway past the Navigations room were two young women in blue Type 2 uniforms, one with a black case and the other with a panel device or book; the one with the case said that her experiment with plant hybrids was going remarkably well and that the seedlings were almost fully mature.
  • When the mother of stowaway Matthew called Terra Venture from Earth for a few seconds, she was standing in front of a wall with a GSA logo, indicating that GSA was still in operation on Earth after the departure of Terra Venture.
  • Some time after Matthew had helped save Terra Venture and the Rangers had destroyed Gasser, Matthew stood before Stanton and a line of blue GSA officers, with red officers beside them, and Kendrix, Damon, and Kai together at the end of the line as Stanton gave Matthew a medal for his courage.


  • At the roller skating rink, everyone was in plain casual clothes, including GSA agent Kai, civilian child Jodie, Terra Venture worker Hannah, and the rink employee giving out skate rentals.


  • Leo somehow had two of Mike's GSA dogtags, which both had the GSA logo on the back.
  • One of Mike's dogtags read, "Mike Corbett / GSA #1122-413-9."


  • Mike's dogtags were made of an easily trackable alloy; whether the GSA had detected Mike's dogtags in Leo's possession prior to Mike's return is unknown, as is how Leo had obtained them in the first place.
  • Commander Stanton, the colony's captain, was under the authority of the five-member High Command, which apparently rotated several of its positions.
  • When Mike mysteriously returned after what had probably been a few months of absence, Stanton, startled, said he'd thought they'd left him on the "practice moon," although this seems like an odd name for their training area on the moon.
  • As Mike searched for an explanation for his absence, High Councilor Renier interjected to Stanton that whatever the reason, she thought she could speak for all of them when she said they were glad to have him back safe and sound; Stanton agreed and asked Mike to be at Command Headquarters at 0800.
  • Two black-suited GSA officers stood guard outside High Command in the control tower rather than standard Terra Venture guards.


  • Bulk referred to Mike as "Mr. Second-in-command," asking how things were in the GSA.
  • Seeing Bulk and Professor Phenomenus working in the Comet Cafe, Mike had thought the two were in the Science Division, and the Professor replied that they had been, but they obviously hadn't been ready for intelligence of their caliber; Bulk, rolling his eyes, said they'd been canned.
  • Most of the Comet Cafe patrons were GSA officers, though one woman at a table was in a gray-jacket Terra Venture uniform.


  • Heliship pilots wore flight helmets with black GSA suits featuring GSA arm badges and breast oval badges.


  • Two guards in the control tower, having Terra Venture badges, also had GSA ID cards clipped to their right shoulder.
  • Hanging on a rack in the guards' room, which bore a GSA emblem, were more gray guard uniforms and a GSA soldier helmet.


  • Walking down a hallway with Renier, Brody, and two guards, Stanton presented Renier with Status Report and Progress Report briefings (each having the Terra Venture and GSA logos at the top, but in opposite orders on each), saying the "meteoroid field" would be there in two hours, but they would be safe as long as they changed course.
  • The status report page contained the following text:

    Meteoroid field detected: / Stardate 9905.24 at 1500 hours Terra Venture standard time. / ...coordinates of meteoroid field: / ...eleven zero zero by zero two from galactic zero / ...the constellation of Kasterborus. / Velocity of meteoroid field: / 1.3 x 10^12 meters...

  • After High Councilor Renier had been abducted by Stingwingers and Cannonbrawl, the GSA was searching for her when a transmission from Trakeena tuned in to monitors all over Terra Venture.
  • Damon asserted (and was not disputed) that no one knew more about engines than he did, and he was apparently considered the best mechanic aboard Terra Venture.


  • After a monster attack one day, Commander Stanton (secretly under a spell) had Kai shut down two engines to conserve power as they approached a red giant star.
  • Later, Stanton had their course changed to 103.9, surprising Kai, as this would move them toward the star, but Stanton explained the low orbit's gravity would give them an incredible speed boost, letting them reach the New World far ahead of schedule.
  • Kai firmly insisted they'd be pulled in and burn up if they got any closer; at this point the other officers in the room murmured in anticipation, and Stanton asked Kai if he was refusing a direct order; Kai thought hard and boldly replied, "I won't change course, Sir!"
  • Stanton suspended Kai from duty, ripping off his GSA arm badge, then had two guards take Kai from the command tower.
  • Having everyone get back to their stations, Stanton grabbed a blue Type 1 officer, having him change course toward the star.
  • Later, while Stanton was out, Terra Venture drifted closer to the sun, and people in Command Headquarters watched the sun on the monitors.
  • Soon, Terra Venture was dangerously close to drifting into the sun; Command Headquarters was red and uncomfortably hot.
  • Entering after having regained his senses, Stanton had Kai and Mike, at the center controls, change course to 388, all four engines at maximum thrust, diverting every bit of energy to reserve thrust; strong blue jets quickly propelled Terra Venture out of danger, and the star receded into the distance, dropping temperatures on the colony below critical.
  • Still a bit stunned, Stanton had Kai resume cruising speed.
  • In the park probably later that day, Stanton, in casual clothes, gave Kai a new GSA shirt and took the day off, officially leaving Mr. Chen in charge of the colony.
  • Kai entered Command Headquarters from the elevator, and everyone was standing around looking at him; one guy began clapping, and then the whole group applauded for him.


  • During the Space Rangers' visit to Terra Venture, Mike worked in Command Headquarters and Kendrix worked for a while in the near-empty Science Division; Kai was off with the other teens.
  • In the plaza near some steps (later revealed to be in the "northern" end of the Industrial Dome), a teenaged girl in a blue jacket listened to a red Type 2 officer speaking from a monitor in an interface kiosk, telling her she'd been scheduled for underwater navigation classes beginning tomorrow morning.
  • The officer reminded the girl that all computers on Terra Venture were linked, so she could always reach them for assistance; she thanked him and left, saying she'd see him tomorrow, and his image was replaced by a GSA logo.


  • Damon was working on a GSA-style wall panel wearing headphones when Karone ran down the hallway, dragging him away excitedly.
  • In the Comet Cafe, the patrons were mostly in red and blue GSA uniforms, with a few gray-jacketed citizens.
  • At the bar, Baxter was talking with two GSA friends.
  • Karone dragged Damon up to the Job Postings board, where a small crowd was gathered.
  • Damon said he already had a job.
  • A flyer on the Job Postings board in the mostly GSA-exclusive Comet Cafe, attracting a small crowd at the board, said a chief mechanic for the GSA was wanted; applicants were to submit to Commander Stanton plans for a device to improve Terra Venture.
  • As Karone was encouraging the reluctant Damon to apply for chief mechanic, Baxter's two friends approached; one was a slender guy with glasses in a red Type 3 uniform, and the other a heavy, shaven-headed guy in a blue Type 3 uniform.
  • The two mocked Damon, the blue one saying he had no room for a grease jockey like Damon, and the red one saying their boy Baxter had the job in the bag.
  • Baxter wore casual blue clothes with a dark blue jacket bearing an oval badge.
  • Outside a lecture hall building where Baxter drove up, two GSA teens in turqoise gray-sleeved uniforms conversed in passing, and two gray-jacketed civilians probably in their mid-thirties walked up to the building holding hands; it was at this point when Decibat attacked, sonic-blasting the area and making everyone flee before the Rangers arrived to make the monster retreat.
  • Later as Karone and Damon walked past the Comet Cafe, Baxter listened from inside as Damon spoke of his ultrasonic transmitter being an asset to Terra Venture's defense to block the monster's signal if it attacked again.
  • That night, Baxter took secret photos of Damon's nearly finished blueprints and duplicated them to submit to Commander Stanton.
  • The next morning, Stanton named his new chief mechanic for the GSA, "Mr. Baxter," in front of a small crowd outside the white halfpipe building, which now bore a GSA sign on its side.
  • After being selected as the GSA's chief mechanic, Baxter wore a white version of Stanton's outfit, as well as a silver medal.
  • Days later, in a GSA assembly area guarded by various armed soldiers, red-uniformed officers in white labcoats, were scattered about on the construction, along with one or two stray coat-less blue-uniformed officers; the only manual laborer shown was an African-American man in a red Terra Venture uniform who was grinding down a part.
  • Storming out after Damon had spoken with him, Baxter randomly fired a labcoat teen that had been with him earlier.
  • When Decibat attacked again, shaking the city with his painful soundwaves, Stanton told Baxter that it was time to put his device to the test.
  • In a garage, Stanton and Baxter got into an open-backed cargo truck with the large apparatus, with Stanton in front with the blue-jumpsuited driver and Baxter in the back with numerous labcoat officers and armed soldiers.
  • Everyone on the truck wore headphone-like protective pieces but was still in pain from the soundwaves.
  • After Baxter had resigned and recommended Damon as chief mechanic, Stanton showed Damon his new office, a smallish GSA-style suite with a space window, design boards, and a desk.
  • Stanton showed Damon his desk, shocking Damon, and Stanton proudly explained it was for all his paperwork, saying he wouldn't have any more dirty hands.
  • Damon protested that he liked getting dirty, and Stanton chuckled, handing him his new white uniform to finally get rid of those old coveralls, but Damon backed out, convincing Stanton to give the position back to Baxter.


  • In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board, confused people (mostly Terra Venture civilians, but a few scattered GSA teens as well) were being cleared out and held behind surrounding barricades by armed soldiers for their own safety.
  • To pick up a supposed machine Mutiny had on his planet, two pilots flew a heliship to Mutiny's planet following Titanisaur down, along with Mike in soldier gear with his camera helmet.
  • Mike called for flight pattern delta, and the five Rangers flew their Jet Jammers above the heliship in a triangle shape; this was a rare instance of direct GSA-Ranger cooperation.
  • On the rocky surface, Swabbies tied a rope net around a large wooden case with Mutiny emblems on it and a caged dark window in the side, beside the heliship.
  • Mutiny handed Mike a small black key, telling him everything they'd be needing was right inside.
  • Before moving the heliship out, Mike looked at the five unmorphed teens as they were hiding nearby; if the camera had been sending a live feed, the GSA would likely have discovered their identities at this point.
  • The heliship hovered up from the surface, lifting the crate to take back to Terra Venture.
  • In a vast desert on Terra Venture, a road led to several Terra Venture warehouses where the heliship approached with Mutiny's "gift"; waiting at the area were Stanton, two GSA officers, and numerous soldiers.
  • The two officers accompanying Stanton in Mike and Kai's absence were a blue Type 1 girl with a GSA case, and a blue Type 2 guy with a clipboard or files of some sort.
  • Stanton and Mike watched from a distance as a soldier unlocked the crate.
  • As the soldier removed the wooden plank across the crate's doors, the Rangers leapt down from their Jet Jammers and ran shouting for them not to open it, but the doors creaked open, and a spark explosion blasted people back, sending the two nearby soldiers flying, and people ran fleeing.
  • Grunchor, a large monster with a snake-like body, large claw arms, and a hideous monster face, had emerged and now blasted the Rangers with yellow eyebeams.
  • Grunchor then blasted a massive hole into the ground and leapt in, vanishing, and soldiers and GSA officers inspected the gaping hole near the Rangers.


  • Following Grunchor's release, the Rangers told Stanton of Mutiny's plan to enslave the colony; as the Rangers left to figure out where the monster had gone, Stanton had Mike put all available personnel on search teams, also wanting an alert to clear the streets.
  • In the plaza some time after the Rangers had destroyed giant Grunchor, Kai ran up to the other teens, saying it was gone; he'd had the coordinates, but Captain Mutiny's planet had just fallen off the scanner.


  • Another day, Terra Venture was now in a thundering pink cloud.
  • In a subdome, a procession of soldiers, workers, GSA officers, and Terra Venture guards were moving in one direction as a message echoed over a loudspeaker: "This is a mandatory evacuation. Because of electrical instability, all buildings in this sector are unsafe and need to be evacuated immediately," instructing the people to sector 777 for further instruction and to follow evacuation procedure.
  • As a civilian delivery person was later giving a bouquet to Damon at his GSA-style quarters, two armed soldiers and then two GSA officers passed down the same hall.
  • Later approaching the plaza in a drowsy haze, Mike wearily went the wrong way through a crowd of marching people, stopped by no guards or soldiers; as he stumbled, he was hit by an electric car on a walkway but was unharmed.
  • In the plaza to which a delivery guy had referred him, Mike found an empty store area at 101 Plaza Circle; adjacent to it, unnumbered at what would have been 100, was an office door with a GSA logo on it.
  • Mike had a silver tag on a chain around his right wrist.


  • Late at night after the resurrected monster invasion and Hexuba's destruction, Stanton walked down a GSA hallway, empty except for a few hardhat workers at a panel, and met up with Kai and Mike who'd been waiting at the elevator doors, not knowing what was going on; he had the two follow him.
  • In Command Headquarters, Renier sat alone at a control panel sipping from a silver canteen when Stanton entered with Kai and Mike; the only other person present was a lone GSA officer manning the control alcove up front.
  • Stanton apologized for getting Renier up at this hour, but she replied the hour was unimportant, asking for any news; Stanton said they had just discovered their fuel reserves had been tainted, with only one or two days left.
  • Once they lost engine power, they would lose their systems one by one until there was nothing left; when the environmental controls shut down, the colony would freeze, and nothing would survive.


  • The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines shut off, and an explosion from the side of the engine section of the colony was heard throughout Terra Venture as Engine 4 was lost.
  • Damon was now apparently in charge of engine maintenance despite his not having been hired as the GSA's chief mechanic.
  • Later that morning, Engine 3 nearly blew, but Damon and the workers in the engine room averted a second disaster, although the center engine cluster did blow out during the crisis.


  • As he sat to strategize in the teens' room, Mike was wearing his left Morpher, but on the right was just his GSA tag bracelet.
  • Of the final batch of citizens captured by Barbarax for Mutiny's slave camp, Mike was the only GSA officer in the group, although one blue Type 2 officer had been shown captured among civilians earlier.
  • Later, Leo and Kai were alone in their room as Kai got the Galaxy Book from his bunk; he'd apparently been keeping the book ever since stealing it from the Science Division in 735-EnLG.
  • Leo used a GSA notebook containing lined paper to write the Keonta spell's words backwards.
  • After the book had flown out of the colony and torn open a portal in space, red and blue GSA teens in Command Headquarters were looking in awe out the windows as Stanton urgently came in from the lift and saw the widening portal; someone remarked, "The portal!" implying it was identical to the (unseen) one which had brought them to the Lost Galaxy.
  • Stanton happily had a course set to get out of there, and people scrambled to get to work.
  • In a city plaza, people were running about excitedly to the center of the plaza as a man on a loudspeaker spoke, "People of Terra Venture, prepare to receive an urgent announcement."
  • Armed soldiers stood nearby as civilians and a few GSA teens gathered in the plaza; the teens didn't know what was going on, and presumably neither did anyone else.
  • Replacing a GSA logo in a large rectangular window at the top of a large black skyscraper-like monolith, Commander Stanton appeared, speaking into a headset from Command Headquarters with blue GSA officers, Councilor Brody, and High Councilor Renier lined up beside him.
  • In the city, the civilians, soldiers, and GSA teens listened attentively.
  • Stanton spoke, "Fellow citizens of Terra Venture, this is Commander Stanton. Two hundred and twelve days ago, we set out from Earth with a dream: to find a New World. We didn't know exactly what lay in store for us, but we forged on bravely through thick and thin. We came together as a team, and we became a family, hoping that one day that our determination would pay off. And now, we stand at the doorstep of our destiny. Look up, and see our new home!"
  • Directly over the center of the city, a very tall glass skyscraper (the administration building) up to the top of the foggy white sky; suddenly the sky began to vanish with a dying whine in an expanding radius, revealing the six support arches of the main city dome, and revealing space outside the dome.
  • The sky opened up to reveal the massive green planet near the horizon, with its moon in the background.
  • As the sky receded, Stanton continued, "...the New World. Tomorrow morning, we'll be there."
  • People were overjoyed, and they tearfully cheered and congratulated each other.
  • Begun by Renier, the group in Command Headquarters began clapping for Stanton.
  • In the minimally staffed Command Headquarters that night as Stanton received a standard report, Mike (in uniform) was standing at the eastern windows (just as he'd done hours before departure from Earth in 701-QsQ1).
  • As the teens stood looking at the beautiful sunrise from behind Mirinoi, Kai suddenly realized he was going to be late for his shift, saying if they wanted to get to the planet, he had to help land the colony, and the teens lightheartedly shooed him away.
  • Later the next morning, Kai and Mike manned a console as Stanton entered from the lift.
  • Stanton had Mike begin landing procedure, and Mike agreed, announcing he was sealing all domes.
  • Stanton smiled back at Kai and Mike after looking out the window at the planet beyond.
  • Suddenly, everyone grew nervous upon noticing a dull rumble; it was Trakeena's Scorpion Stinger flying by.
  • In the city dome, the sky flickered out, and in space directly overhead, the Scorpion Stinger flew by, terrorizing the people below.
  • During the panic, one red-jumpsuited teen civilian girl was holding a black case bearing a GSA logo.
  • Leo (and presumably everyone else on the colony) had thought they'd lost Trakeena.
  • Soon after the Scorpion Stinger had begun blasting the Industrial Dome, Command Headquarters rumbled and sparked violently, perhaps with the unseen destruction of the Industrial Dome.
  • During an evacuation of an area near the Industrial Dome, soldiers were loading up yellow-striped black cases into a white GSA Humvee, with one soldier telling a higher-ranking soldier that all of the explosives had been removed, and the older soldier told him to get them to sector 7 immediately.
  • As a soldier was directing vehicles by, Leo and Damon secretly stole an explosives case and ran off.
  • After destroying the Industrial Dome, the massive Scorpion Stinger flew right by the Command windows in front of Stanton, Kai, and Mike, and Stanton called for reverse thrusters; the Stinger then headed toward Terra Venture's engines underneath and destroyed their last remaining engines.
  • After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, Command Headquarters was completely trashed, in massive ruins, with fires in various places, as people groaned and helped each other up from the wreckage.
  • An urgent voice over a loudspeaker announced, "Attention all firefighting personnel, please report immediately to building 7-C for further emergency procedure!"; in response, Mike took a GSA girl he'd been helping, telling her to come on as he supported her.
  • Kai used a fire extinguisher on a small fire.
  • Helped up from the control table, Stanton wanted a full damage report, ordering that all medical teams should be moving out now, and some blue-suited officers including Kai and Mike ran out.
  • Injured people and flaming rubble were strewn all over the plaza in the city.
  • Stanton walked down a dark, completely trashed GSA hallway, and Mike and Kai came up and reported that they were losing atmospheric pressure, as the main dome was cracking faster than they could fix it.
  • Reentering Command Headquarters from the hallway, Stanton was met by a weary Brody and Renier.
  • Renier asked how much longer, but Stanton replied not much; if the main dome collapsed, he said, they wouldn't survive.
  • Brody asked Stanton if he was suggesting they abandon Terra Venture, stunning the entire room of GSA officers.
  • After looking around, Stanton replied, "This ship is dying. I don't want us to die with it!" and Renier agreed, "Evacuate the ship, Commander."
  • Following Stanton's decision to evacuate the colony, soldiers in a camouflaged open GSA Humvee drove down a rubble-filled street as a loudspeaker man called out for people to evacuate the dome immediately.
  • Soldiers escorted a group of citizens and several GSA people out of a white building (looking quite like Angel Grove's old Youth Center) as they all carried bags and suitcases; this was the only hint of GSA/civilian cohabitation aside from the Ranger teens' GSA dormitory rooms.
  • Men, women, and children were helped into the parked GSA Humvee.
  • At an area of hangars strewn with rubble, passenger shuttles (like the ones from 701-QsQ1) lifted off vertically and flew into the sky.
  • GSA and civilian people were running in the area with a white Humvee in the background as an announcer told the people to move as quickly as possible to the loading bay.
  • A shuttle not yet ready for launch had a rectangle on the wing where a USA flag had probably been removed or painted over.
  • The announcer continued, "Move as quickly as possible to the emergency loading bay. Military personnel, please follow code 10-<CC?> procedures."; whether the "military personnel" referred to the soldiers or the entire GSA is uncertain.
  • A green radar-like monitor in Command Headquarters, where a few lights and monitors were on, showed a squadron of eight triangle shapes approaching, and Kai told Stanton and Mike that they had incoming fliers, and as they and others looked at the screen, Kai told Stanton he believed they were Stingwingers.


  • Two GSA women had a civilian son each, the only example aside from Commander Stanton of government personnel having children.
  • Large fleets of shuttles (at least fifteen) flew from the city dome.
  • In the city, people were being led through the city to two white Humvees and one camouflage Humvee by soldiers and the five unmorphed teens as a voice cycled the message, "Please board shuttles in an orderly manner. No luggage will be permitted onboard. Leave all possessions behind," eventually adding, "Once aboard, please take your seat."
  • At least fourteen shuttles, probably more, flew through space together.
  • In the interior of one shuttle, GSA and civilian people rode in the passenger section; two soldiers stood in back.
  • Sixteen shuttles flew down to the New World, where they soon landed vertically; their settlement for some reason happened to be near Maya's old Mirinoite village.
  • With some supplies out, people joyously reunited in the forest clearing; groups of guards, workers, and GSA officers intermingled and hugged like close friends.


  • GSA and civilian people were carrying things around in a new settlement, with numerous yellow dome-shaped tents, and some GSA equipment including a satellite dish.
  • Soon, the dead city dome on the moon was repowered, and it lifted off.
  • Finding a mutated green Trakeena in the repowered city dome as it flew toward Mirinoi, unmorphed Leo fought her but was kicked out the window, morphing as he fell to the city below; some time soon, Stanton, High Command, and GSA personnel would be watching the battle on a monitor in their new Mirinoite settlement.
  • During the battle, the other four Rangers would arrive on their Jet Jammers to aid Red Ranger, being subsequently pummeled by Trakeena.

    ?   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Leo was wearing the same clothes he'd worn through the latter portion of Terra Venture's voyage, and the other teens would be wearing their same clothes as well, with Kendrix and Kai in their GSA uniforms and Damon in his Terra Venture coveralls.

  • After retrieving his Quasar Saber from the jungle and morphing, Leo confronted at least seven Ghouls in a city which may have been the rebuilt city dome or perhaps a pre-existing Mirinoite city.

    Other Sources

  • According to the Fox Kids website, as well as the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Mega Maze & Puzzle Book by Dalmation Press, "GSA" stood for "Galactic Space Alliance." (Source: Puzzle book information submitted by SirSTACK)
  • The Fox Kids website defined the GSA as the organization which ran Terra Venture.
  • Mike Corbett was "First Officer" of the GSA; Commander Stanton was "Chief Officer." (Source: Fox Kids website)

    - GSA teen; brief possible romantic interest forDamon
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    Last Appearance: 739-DrBa


  • During an evacuation of a dome sector due to electrical instability, Terry, a GSA teen in a blue Type 1-B uniform, was trying to get her car to start when a soldier told her to move along for safety, at which point Damon pulled up and told the soldier he'd help out from there.
  • Damon quickly found and fixed the problem, and Terry thanked him and introduced herself.
  • Later at the guys' room, Terry knocked on the open door with a bouquet, much like the other bouquets, as thanks to Damon for helping with her car.
  • Damon uneasily threw the flowers into the kitchen sink, and Maya explained he was allergic to flowers, saying they gave him nightmares, and the teens laughed.

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