GSA soldiers
- armored GSA troopers; military branch of Terra Venture government
GSA soldiers
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First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 744-End2


  • Six hours before Terra Venture's departure, Kendrix and Kai walked with Mike down a GSA-style hallway wearing solid black uniforms; like the standard GSA uniforms, they bore an oval badge on the left breast and a GSA badge on the right arm.
  • Each of the three carried a battle helmet, and soldiers walking in the background wore the same helmets.
  • The soldier suits and gear were identical to those featured in the movie Starship Troopers, with the exception of the GSA badges.
  • In the large shuttleport facility used for arriving passengers, a squadron of soldiers was marching toward an unknown destination to take heliships to the moon.
  • In plain sight of many of the soldiers, Leo ran up beside them and hid behind a pillar from someone pursuing him.
  • As a soldier with a soldier uniform cart leaned over at a water fountain, Leo grabbed a helmet and ducked into the men's room.
  • Two guards rushed up but had lost him, and Leo soon emerged in a black soldier uniform with a red-striped oval badge as she strapped on his helmet; Stanton then had Leo join the marching soldiers.
  • Once they were aboard a heliship (though there were later multiple heliships on the moon), Stanton told the soldiers that these were the last defense exercises they'd have before Terra Venture left; he added that all of their senses would have to be on full battle alert - no mistakes.
  • Delta team was up first, followed by Gamma.
  • As Kai handed out the energy rifles, Stanton reminded them this would be a full battle-ready exercise, including explosives; he then told them, "Watch for your enemy. Anticipate. Stay calm, and remember... never ever leave a team member behind."
  • The two heliship pilots wore black suits with standard pilot helmets.
  • On the moon, at least two heliships were landed on the surface, with two neatly-arranged groups of soldiers on the surface without spacesuits.
  • Beside one group, Mike ordered them, "Come on, let's move!" and the soldiers all shouted and began running.
  • There were explosions as the soldiers ran across the terrain.


  • As the soldiers ran back to the heliships after their exercise, Kai was holding his helmet, forlorn after Mike, Leo, and Kendrix had gone through a portal which had closed; as Kai was pensive, someone yelled at him that the transport was leaving.
  • Why no one would have noticed the three teens missing, especially Mike, is unknown.


  • Shortly after Radster had teleported into the city dome with Furio and begun blasting skyscrapers into oblivion, armed soldiers trotted in as Commander Stanton, wearing the same soldier gear, was driven up in a Terra Venture car; he then called for defensive position one.
  • The soldiers surrounded the villains and prepared to fire, and on Stanton's order, they all began to fire, with some blasts missing and potentially hitting the soldiers on the other side.
  • Citizens ran as more soldiers came from another direction; meanwhile, the blasts had had little effect on the villains.
  • As Radster blew up another building, Furio brushed himself off casually, and Stanton yelled for them to fall back.
  • Shortly after the soldiers had been shown attempting to retreat, Stanton told them to go hard, as they had to stop him, and several soldiers rushed Radster trying to restrain him physically, but he flung them back and stomped on one soldier's chest, preparing to strike with his claw hand.
  • From over the horizon, everyone watched as five Ranger-colored energy streaks flew in and landed atop the bridge above; Stanton's face had borne a faint smile upon seeing the streaks before they'd even materialized into Rangers.
  • Stanton remarked privately once the Rangers had materialized and posed that this ought to even the odds.
  • During the fight, Pink Ranger told Stanton to clear the area, and he initiated his soldiers' retreat, but numerous soldiers still surrounded the area with rifles aimed before the Rangers chased the monster elsewhere.


  • In a metallic dome structure known as the GSA weapons dome, no larger than a modest house, GSA officers (mostly blue) were in a line handing laser rifles to new recruit Leo, and he put them on racks.
  • Pleased, Kai handed Leo a security card, telling him to lock up when he was done; he then drove off.


  • After Terra Venture had received an alien distress signal, the colony changed course to help, and Stanton was told by High Command to put together his best rescue team; when the team was assembled during the presumed weeks- or months-long journey to the alien ship (see "Missing time") is unknown.
  • In the park, team leader Mike recruited his stowaway brother Leo; later, fully-suited GSA soldiers went down a hallway as Mike led them; his helmet had a blinking red microcamera attachment on the right side.
  • Leo, suited as well, was at the back of the line, and Mike thanked him for coming, as he felt a lot better with him along; Leo said he wouldn't miss it, but jokingly told Mike just to watch his back.
  • During the heliship flight to the alien ship, Mike had everyone check their weapons one more time.
  • The laser rifles had a small scope on top, and the lower "barrel" now had a flashlight fitted into it.
  • In the locked heliship cockpit, the pilots wore flight helmets with black GSA suits featuring GSA arm badges and breast oval badges.
  • Mike reported into an earpiece that he didn't see any sign of an ongoing attack, so Stanton had them go in for a closer look and look for a place to dock.
  • The heliship pressed its side against a docking port on the side of the middle of the thin middle section of the alien ship, and what looked like an acetylene torch cut through a metal wall inside the ship, making a doorway for the soldiers, but the area behind the soldiers appeared to be part of the ship as well.
  • Inside, the ship's corridors were dark and covered in webbing of some sort.
  • Soon, Mike discovered a sticky goo beneath his boot and followed a trail to a wall vault nearby leaking green ooze; there were several other vaults along the bottom of the wall.
  • Mike opened the panel to the vault, revealing the web- and/or slime- covered skeletal remains of one of the alien crewmembers shown in the transmission.
  • One soldier said it looked like the alien had been trying to get out; Mike reported that he thought they'd found one of the crewmembers, or what was left of him, and Stanton told Mike to proceed with caution.
  • Up ahead, Leo found some metal double doors, slightly open with green slime on their insides, and the soldiers pulled them open, revealing the ravaged and web-covered bridge.
  • A soldier with the last name Hargan was quite nervous.
  • On the bridge, a control wall was still looping the distress transmission, which had been recorded an unknown period of time in the past.
  • At the bridge's transmission seat was a crewmember's skeleton wrapped in sticky webbing; a faint glow briefly came from its chest inside.
  • Slightly disgusted, Leo pulled open sticky flaps/panels that might've been clothing, a cocoon, or even the alien's chest cavity; he revealed and pulled out the Galaxy Book.
  • Leo had Mike come over and look; Mike was still recording as he examined the odd book.
  • Mike reported to Terra Venture that the message had been playing over and over and that whatever had been there was now long gone, but Kai suddenly detected an unknown lifeform rapidly moving in an erratic path through the tunnels toward the soldiers; Stanton urgently told Mike to abort the mission and evacuate, trying to tell him about the creature, but the signal was broken up.
  • There was firing in the tunnel outside, with the unseen alien creature quickly leaving, and soldiers were firing rapid yellow energy bursts from their rifles.
  • Arriving with Leo and not seeing the creature, Mike had them hold their fire, with one soldier, probably Hargan, continuing to fire a bit until Mike again shouted to stop.
  • A female soldier urgently said something had grabbed Jasper from the shadows; Hargan was mumbling frantically, breaking down, so Mike shouted for him to pull it together and wait for them at the heliship.
  • Mike reported to Stanton that they'd lost Jasper, but the transmission couldn't get through the hull either way.
  • As they were a rescue team, Mike had them get to work to go after Jasper.
  • As the soldiers moved through the tunnels, a bit of slime landed on Leo's rifle; he and Mike froze for a moment but then shouted to the others, aiming up at the creature on the ceiling.
  • The alien creature, with a humanoid physique but quite monstrous features, dropped down and attacked, slashing them and their weapons, knocking them back.
  • Alone in a tunnel, Hargan listened fearfully as he could hear the alien growls and muffled laser fire in the distance.
  • Leo grabbed his dropped rifle after being knocked back and shot at the creature, but it leapt up the wall onto the ceiling, where it crawled along dodging the laser fire, then dropped down and shoved Leo against a railing, making him drop the Galaxy Book over the edge.
  • Mike blasted the alien in the back, making it retreat; Leo was left exhausted but fine.
  • Leo said they were the only ones left, and Mike said they had to get his team back; Leo then realized the book was missing from his pack.
  • Walking on grating over a red area, Mike and Leo examined the webbing all over the floor, wondering what it was.
  • The two took a ladder down into the webby red area below, discovering numerous webbed cocoons containing the lost unconscious soldiers; Mike tore open a cocoon and woke Jasper up, and Leo woke up the girl, Collins.
  • Back at Hargan's area, there was a ripping metal sound behind a wall, then repeated booming from the other side of the wall, frightening Hargan; suddenly, the section of wall exploded with sparks and fell inward, revealing the four Rangers (minus Red), Blue wielding a Transblaster.
  • Blue Ranger identified Hargan by name and had Green and Yellow take him back to the heliship after he'd told them the others were on the lower levels.
  • As the last soldiers were released from their cocoons, Leo saw a glowing spot of light near the chest of an alien crewmember skeleton in a cocoon, and he tore it open to find the Galaxy Book having been recently placed inside the cocoon over the crewmember's chest.
  • As the soldiers climbed up, Leo told Mike he'd gotten the book, but just then, the creature from the ceiling peeked around the corner, apparently preparing to attack.
  • Leo and Mike grabbed their weapons off the floor and ran in another direction to buy the others some time as they fled.
  • As the four Rangers helped the soldiers through the ship, Blue Ranger asked where Mike and Leo were, and Collins had thought they'd been right behind them, so Blue went to find them as the others took the soldiers to the heliship.
  • Elsewhere, laser fire from Leo and Mike triggered a chain reaction of explosions which began to destroy the alien ship.
  • Once the three Rangers had gotten the soldiers safely inside the heliship, Pink Ranger told the pilots they were ready, and they flew off.
  • After Leo and Mike had blown open an exterior hatch, the heliship flew up with its side near the open doorway, and the side door flipped up; inside, the Rangers and soldiers, particularly Pink Ranger, Collins, and Hargan, were calling for the two brothers to jump.
  • Mike had Leo go first, and he leapt across the void into the heliship.
  • With the Galaxy Book, Mike leapt, but the alien creature caught his foot, and Leo caught his hand from the heliship.
  • Mike told Leo to save the team and let go, but Leo replied, "Not this time!"
  • As explosions continued in the rear of the alien ship, Blue Ranger flew by on his Jet Jammer and slashed the creature with his Quasar Saber, making it let go.
  • With Mike inside, the heliship flew away as explosions rocked the alien ship, even breaking a large side rear section off the large vessel.
  • As the heliship flew away, the side still open with Leo and Mike looking out it, the heliship was enveloped by the final massive fiery explosion of the alien vessel but managed to escape unharmed.
  • Everyone in Command Headquarters cheered when Mike radioed, "Terra Venture, we're heading home."
  • Pink Ranger congratulated the two pilots on their great flying.
  • Flying alongside the heliship, Blue Ranger whooped and was ecstatic, and from the open side, Leo gave a thumbs-up.
  • Mike and Leo sat down and looked curiously at the mysterious Galaxy Book, wondering what this book's story was.


  • When the evil Zords attacked a second time, Mike manned Command Headquarters, having people move and ordering "Charlie Squad" soldiers to the east sector, Beta south, and Delta north.


  • In a security room used by two Terra Venture guards in the control tower were more gray guard uniforms and a GSA soldier helmet.


  • In a GSA assembly area guarded by various armed soldiers, GSA officers supervised construction of chief mechanic Baxter's ultrasonic transmitter.
  • Damon had somehow made in inside to secretly tell Baxter about the danger of the design, but Baxter blew him off.
  • Later, as the apparatus was driven into the fray to use against Decibat, several armed soldiers rode along.


  • In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board, confused people were being cleared out and held behind surrounding barricades by armed soldiers for their own safety.
  • As Mutiny's hovering dinghies prepared to land, soldiers got up against a railing in preparation, holding compact silver laser rifles which extended their front ends when armed.
  • When Stanton soon had the soldiers lower their weapons, one soldier on the railing called for the others to be at ease.
  • In a vast desert on Terra Venture, a road led to several Terra Venture warehouses where the heliship approached with Mutiny's "gift"; waiting at the area were Stanton, two GSA officers, and numerous soldiers.
  • Jasper appeared to be the soldier who waved the heliship down to release the crate.
  • Stanton and Mike watched from a distance as a soldier unlocked the crate.
  • As the soldier removed the wooden plank across the crate's doors, the Rangers ran shouting for them not to open it, but the doors creaked open, and a spark explosion blasted people back, sending the two nearby soldiers flying, and people ran fleeing as the hideous monster Grunchor was released, tunneling into the ground.


  • Following Grunchor's release, the Rangers told Stanton of Mutiny's plan to enslave the colony; as the Rangers left to figure out where the monster had gone, Stanton had Mike put all available personnel on search teams, also wanting an alert to clear the streets.
  • As soldiers marched alongside a black GSA Humvee, a soldier announced over the vehicle's loudspeaker, "This is a mandatory evacuation! All buildings and underground facilities in this dome are unsafe! Danger: do not go into any underground areas!".
  • Soldiers evacuated people from an underground stairway as the announcer told people to follow evacuation procedures and await further instructions.
  • Elsewhere, some soldiers were using metal detector-like scanners on the ground, not noticing the Rangers and Magna Defender meeting up and parting ways nearby.


  • In a subdome, a procession of soldiers, workers, GSA officers, and Terra Venture guards were evacuating a dome sector due to electrical instability as the colony was in a thundering pink cloud.
  • After a soldier had told GSA teen Terry to move along as her car was stalled, Damon pulled up and told him he'd handle it from here, causing the soldier to nod and leave.
  • As a civilian delivery person was later giving a bouquet to Damon at his GSA-style quarters, two armed soldiers and then two GSA officers passed down the same hall.


  • Armed soldiers were in the plaza as a crowd gathered to view their new home planet soon after they'd escaped the Lost Galaxy.
  • During an evacuation of an area near the Industrial Dome during Trakeena's attack the next morning, soldiers were loading up yellow-striped black cases into a white GSA Humvee, with one soldier telling a higher-ranking soldier that all of the explosives had been removed, and the older soldier told him to get them to sector 7 immediately.
  • As a soldier was directing vehicles by, Leo and Damon secretly stole an explosives case and ran off.
  • Following Stanton's decision to evacuate the colony, soldiers in a camouflaged open GSA Humvee drove down a rubble-filled street as a loudspeaker man called out for people to evacuate the dome immediately.
  • Soldiers escorted a group of citizens and several GSA people out of a white building and into the parked Humvee.


  • Soldiers armed with what looked like extenda-rifles led groups of people through city rubble, one stationary soldier waving everyone through to the shuttleport.
  • A white and a camouflage Humvee were driving through the road below the bridge on which people were going.
  • In the city, people were being led through the city to two white Humvees and one camouflage Humvee by soldiers and the five unmorphed teens.
  • In the interior of one shuttle, GSA and civilian people rode in the passenger section; two soldiers stood in back.

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