- ancient warrior, protector of Galaxy Book(until 735-EnLG)
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First Appearance: 735-EnLG
Last Appearance: 735-EnLG
Pictures: close-up, medium shot (shown at right)


  • Some time after an energy pulse had been released from the Galaxy Book on Terra Venture with the speaking of the first four words of the Keonta spell, the Guardian flew down into the city dome as a blue streak of light.
  • The Guardian had long braided gray hair and was shirtless, with a black cloak he wore around his shoulders.
  • As two nearby hardhat workers got into a car and drove off, the Guardian watched from behind a wall.
  • The Guardian bore the gold symbol from the Galaxy Book's cover on his forehead; it glowed blue before vanishing as he morphed into a blue Terra Venture jumpsuit with a hardhat and hair which was somewhat shorter.
  • The disguised Guardian walked down a GSA hallway in the control tower as fellow workers repaired wall panels.
  • The Guardian looked inside Command Headquarters, then continued in the hallway past the Science Division, glancing in at the Galaxy Book in its case as two Terra Venture guards stood outside the doorway.
  • As the Guardian stopped and went back to enter the Science Division, one guard politely told him there was no entry allowed, and he quickly held his hands in front of their faces, knocking them out with blue light from his head and hands.
  • As the Guardian approached the case, Kai, blaster drawn along with four other guards, shouted for him to freeze.
  • In High Command, the Guardian later stood in handcuffs, not responding to questioning.
  • When Kai and Stanton entered, the Guardian briefly looked at Kai, and Kai watched curiously as the man was taken away to a detention cell.
  • Outside the cell, guards were beginning to uncuff the Guardian when Kai took their place, unlocking him and taking him into the cell as the guards stood just outside.
  • When the Guardian calmly told Kai he'd known he would come, and that Kai had to help him recover the book, Kai approached, surprised; the Guardian explained the Galaxy Book didn't belong there.
  • Told that he had to help the Guardian, Kai asked why him, and the Guardian turned and replied, somewhat softly, "Because, you are the Blue Ranger"; alarmed, Kai quickly shut the door for privacy.
  • The Guardian explained that he was the guardian of the Galaxy Book and that it had been stolen centuries ago; recently, it had sent forth a small energy pulse after someone had begun to recite the Keonta spell; had the entire spell been spoken, he said, the result would have been unimaginable.
  • The Galaxy Book, said the Guardian, had never been meant to be a research experiment; he needed to take it back and guard it, and, he said, it was Kai's destiny to help him.
  • The next morning, Kai wheeled a breakfast tray into the Guardian's cell, but the Guardian, having been lying on the bed, now was weak with blue bloodlike droplets on his face and neck; Kai was concerned, and the Guardian said he couldn't survive in this atmosphere much longer.
  • Kai apologized, wishing he could help, and the Guardian said he would, explaining as he waved his hand in the air that he could see the future, as well as into the past.
  • A holographic projection appeared before them, showing Kai picking up the Galaxy Book from sand with the other teens behind him; the Guardian spoke, "Everything will transpire as written, in time."
  • As the Guardian groaned painfully, Kai looked at the curtain over the bottom portion of the breakfast tray, deciding the Guardian was getting out of there, and he sneaked him out past a guard into an elevator.
  • Emerging into an alley in the city, the weakened Guardian asked about the Galaxy Book, and Kai planned to meet in the Mountain Dome.
  • Before Kai could leave to get the book, the Guardian removed from his pocket five diamond-like gems, each perhaps the diameter of a quarter, and placed them in Kai's hands, saying they would protect him when he needed them.
  • When Kai drove into the Mountain Dome with the Galaxy Book he'd stolen from the Science Division, Deviot blasted him from the bushes, demanding the book.
  • Suddenly, the Guardian flew down from the sky with a sword.
  • Deviot exclaimed, "The Guardian?! I don't believe it!" and was then attacked, causing Deviot to scream in panic before the Guardian proceeded to pound him.
  • Mid-fight, the Guardian froze in agony, with blue droplets again appearing on him as he was dying from the atmosphere.
  • When Deviot picked up the book saying it was finally his, the Guardian roared and charged, but Deviot blasted him, making him fall back in agony amidst a large explosion.
  • As Kai cradled him, the Guardian told Kai he had to guard the book now, saying destiny waited for no one, and he then dropped his sword and vanished as a stream of blue energy specks into the sky, his voice echoing again that Kai must guard the book now.

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