Gunthar Schmidt
- Kimberly Hart's gymnastics coach (since 322-DSP1)
Gunthar Schmidt
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First Appearance: 321-FCab
Last Appearance: 324-DSP3


  • Gunthar Schmidt was a world-famous coach who was coming to Angel Grove to do some scouting for his Pan Global gymnastics team.


  • Coach Schmidt came to the Youth Center and watched Kim practice gymnastics.
  • Coach Schmidt somehow knew Kim's name.
  • Coach Schmidt wanted to discuss Kim's training with her coach, but when she said she didn't have one, he offered to personally train her for the Pan Global trials, but he told her she couldn't let anything come between her and their practice.
  • Coach Schmidt had trained quite a few gold medalists in past Pan Global Games.
  • Coach Schmidt was shown training Kim by the lake and in a gymnastics facility, over an indeterminate amount of time.
  • Kim brought Coach Schmidt to the Juice Bar to try one of Ernie's special protein shakes.
  • When Kim's communicator beeped during practice, she told Coach Schmidt there was something really important that she'd forgotten to do; he reminded Kim that it was important that she remained on schedule and that his time was very limited, then told her to address any second thoughts she might be having.
  • Coach Schmidt heard Kim's communicator beep two separate times before she left in the middle of practice.
  • Suspecting that Coach Schmidt was actually international spy Johann Gauss (whose description Coach Schmidt somewhat matched), Bulk and Skull pretended to be gymnasts seeking Coach Schmidt's training for the Pan Global Games so that they could casually ask him a few questions.
  • That night, Kim turned down Tommy's offer to spot for her during her gymnastics practice in the Youth Center because she thought Coach Schmidt might join her; Coach Schmidt left a message with Ernie that he had an appointment but that she should keep practicing, so she practiced alone and ultimately lost her balance, knocking herself out and getting her checked into a hospital.


  • In the hospital the next morning, Coach Schmidt apologized to Tommy, blaming himself for Kim's condition.


  • Coach Schmidt was among the guests at the surprise party for Kim in the Youth Center at least a day after she'd won the Pan Global trials.
  • Coach Schmidt told Kim she was by far the best athlete he'd ever coached.
  • Coach Schmidt invited Kim to his facility in Florida to train full-time to compete in the Pan Global Games; she accepted his offer.

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