HazRescue 4
- Yellow Lightspeed Ranger's hazard vehicle Lightspeed Rescuezord
HazRescue 4
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First Appearance: 802-LsTm
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
Pictures: HazRescue 4 (shown at right), claw arm


  • HazRescue Four, a giant futuristic hazard truck, was the Yellow Lightspeed Ranger's Lightspeed Rescuezord.
  • HazRescue Four formed the left leg of the Lightspeed Megazord.
  • When Carter's visor showed graphics of the Lightspeed Megazord assembling, HazRescue Four was named "Yellow Armor 4."


  • Racing down a cleared freeway, Kelsey had Joel set the damaged space shuttle onto her roof; it landed roughly twice before Kelsey engaged full reverse, braking just before the edge of a broken freeway bridge.


  • Turning her wheels to face a wall with the rear of HazRescue Four, Kelsey turned her blaster grip to extend the claw arm, and she then rammed through; as she and Carter rescued people in the parking garage beyond, the Zord lifted up fallen girders with its claw arm.

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