Heather Thompson
- champion snowboarder; former romantic interest of Tommy Oliver (416-Sno2 through 417-Sno3)
Heather Thompson
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First Appearance: 415-Sno1
Last Appearance: 417-Sno3


  • Heather Thompson, champion snowboarder, was in a video or a commercial in which she said that she was signing autographs and training for the Nationals at a ski resort (Angel Grove Pines) that weekend; she told the viewers they might see her on the Widowmaker.
  • At the resort, Billy introduced himself and Tommy to Heather when Tommy bumped into her inside.
  • Heather intimidated Tommy and Billy into following her down the Widowmaker.
  • Heather accidentally snowboarded right off the edge of a cliff on the Widowmaker as a result of the Cogs' having removed the warning signs; fortunately, as revealed in 416-Sno2, she had managed to save herself by grabbing a branch or root sticking out of the snow several feet below the cliff's top surface.


  • Tommy thought to tie people's jackets together to make a rescue line to pull Heather back up.
  • Later that day, Heather was signing autographs for a long line of people.
  • Billy and Kat thought Heather liked Tommy, but Tommy was unsure.
  • Later still, Heather rode with Tommy on a red snowmobile while Kat rode with Billy on a black snowmobile.
  • After Kat and Billy had gone back to the resort, Heather showed Tommy to a spot overlooking beautiful scenery; she came there to get centered before competing, as it seemed like there was no one else in the world up there, with no pressures or expectations.
  • Kat and Billy had told Heather a bit about Kim.
  • That evening, Tommy and Heather were about to get dinner and go to a snowboarding movie at the lodge when Tommy and the others had to leave for Ranger business.
  • The next day, Heather told the three teens she'd heard they'd checked out; when Tommy told her they had to leave town right away and that he couldn't explain why, she kissed him on the cheek and told him she might see him around sometime.


  • Later, Kat called Heather, and Heather came to Angel Grove for a dinner with Tommy to give him one more chance.
  • Tommy apologized and excused himself from their dinner when Rocky and Adam got his attention to tell him that they were needed for Ranger business.
  • Heather was annoyed that Tommy ran off again, as it had taken her a long time to drive down to Angel Grove.
  • Heather left, perhaps before Tommy had returned.

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