- young Junior Ranger; helped Rangers against Triskull to rescue her mother
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First Appearance: 821-TrR1
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2


  • Heather, a young girl perhaps ten, with brown hair in pigtails, had a red ball as she played hide-and-seek with her mom in a park, winning again.
  • Heather's mom had them head out to stop by her husband's office on the way home.
  • As the two collected their things, the five teens drove by in the Rescue Rover, siren wailing, and Heather excitedly exclaimed, "Look, Mommy, the Power Rangers!"
  • On the thirteenth floor of a glass skyscraper, Heather's mom knocked on her husband's office door while Heather followed her ball into an empty office.
  • As Heather watched through the office windows, surrounding doors suddenly opened, and at least four sword-wielding Ghouls, creatures with gray faces in black cloaks, swarmed out and grabbed the mother as Heather watched, stunned.
  • The Ghouls carried the kicking and shouting woman inside what had been her husband Tim's office, and Heather ran away.
  • In what was now a dark laboratory, Heather's mom was cornered on all sides by Ghouls until she was backed against shelves of bottled miniature office workers, including her miniaturized husband.
  • The woman's husband Tim was calling out from the tube behind her for her to get him out of there.
  • Tim then called for his wife, perhaps named Sharon, to watch out, and the blue demon Triskull stepped out.
  • As Sharon screamed, Triskull laughed and teleported her in miniature into the last empty tube.
  • Triskull had the Ghouls begin taking her life energy at once; as was happening to Tim, Sharon became cold as green sparkles were drained from her with pulsing red energy rings at the top of her tube, flowing into an apparatus where Trakeena was hidden.
  • Learning they had a witness, Triskull was dispatched by Trakeena, and he morphed into an office security employee to handle it.
  • At the lobby, Heather described her encounter to a receptionist, but the lady didn't believe her.
  • As Heather was disappointed, an office security agent, secretly Triskull in human form, believed her and took her to the elevator where Ghouls were waiting for her, and she screamed.
  • As human Triskull laughed evilly and grabbed Heather from behind while a Ghoul grabbed her hand, she shrieked and threw her ball, which bounced off the Ghoul's head and then hit Triskull in the face, allowing her to flee.
  • In her tube, Heather's mom was growing weak as Olympius checked on the life force energy which was to be given to Queen Bansheera, but Trakeena would then emerge planning to doublecross the demons and use the energy to destroy the Galaxy Rangers' precious Earth.
  • In a park plaza, Heather was crying on a fountain edge when Carter offered to help, telling her his name; seeing the Rescue Morpher on his wrist, she asked, "You're a Power Ranger?" and he chuckled that he was.
  • Heather told Carter of the monster, apparently referring to one of the Ghouls, but she was disappointed to see Carter didn't believe her either.
  • Human Triskull walked up, and Heather startled; the man returned the ball she'd left, saying little kids had the wildest imaginations, and Carter agreed politely as the man left.
  • Carter privately told Heather he did believe her, leaving to check the guy out, but as he followed the man in secrecy, he spotted Heather sneaking up as well, so he pulled her aside.
  • Heather planned to help Carter, insisting he'd taken her mom, and she wanted to help find her, so Carter agreed but said she had to do what he said.
  • Heather was delighted, asking, "Kinda like I'm a junior Ranger?" and Carter searchingly agreed.
  • Heather stood and saluted with a cry of, "Lightspeed Rescue!" but Carter pulled her back down behind the bush for them to get going.
  • Following human Triskull in an alley, Carter and Heather were soon confronted by five Ghouls, whom Carter attempted to fight while unmorphed.
  • Grappled by three Ghouls, Heather repeatedly bashed one in the head with her ball, but a Ghoul grappled her, and the pounded one prepared its sword to strike her as she screamed.
  • Suddenly, the Blue and Yellow Galaxy Rangers leapt in and kicked the Ghouls away, and Carter fought as well after looking at them and thanking them.
  • Watching the fight, Heather passed out.
  • In Joel, Chad, and Carter's quarters in the Aquabase later, Heather lay in the bottom bed of Chad's bunk as Carter came to check on her, Dana by her side saying she'd be fine.
  • Heather asked if he was going to save her mom, and Carter replied they were going to do their best.
  • Carter asked Heather where she'd seen the monster; she sat up to show him, but he laid her back down, saying she was awesome.
  • Just then, Chad ran up and reported trouble, and as the teens, Leo, Maya, and Kai met in a hallway, Heather ran after them.
  • Carter told Heather she couldn't come this time, but she protested he'd said she was a junior Ranger, and the other Lightspeed and Galaxy teens nodded approvingly, so he let her come.
  • In the mountains, the five Lightspeed teens and Leo, Maya, and Kai ran off as Heather watched from the Rover; Triskull confronted them at the top of the hill.
  • Triskull summoned large numbers of Ghouls whom the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers fought after morphing.
  • Heather watched pleased as the Galaxy Rangers destroyed the Ghouls.


  • Triskull blasted explosions around the Rangers, and Heather shouted in protest from the Rover as Triskull vanished, leaving the eight unmorphed teens weak in the rocky rubble as Heather ran up to them.
  • Carter told Heather they were okay and that they were going to get her mom now; as they couldn't storm the building while it was filled with innocent people, Carter had an idea and asked for Heather's help.
  • In the lab as the life force cylinders neared full, Triskull informed Trakeena; she tapped on Tim's tube and said as Heather's mom struggled to stay conscious that the universe would tremble when it saw her green again.
  • Hiding behind bushes near the glass skyscraper, Carter told Heather to pull the fire alarm when no one was watching; she protested that her dad had told her not to except in an emergency, and he agreed but said this was a special case.
  • Walking up to the building, Heather remarked to herself that being a junior Ranger was a big responsibility.
  • After sneaking past the front desk, Heather pulled the alarm, and people panicked a bit and began running out.
  • Among fleeing people, Carter stopped Heather and congratulated her, having her wait nearby as they went in; Leo and Carter would then go up after Triskull alone.
  • On the thirteenth floor, morphed Leo and Carter kicked in the lab door, finding the shrunken people whose life energy was almost completely drained.
  • Attacked by Ghouls, the Red Rangers attempted to fight back until being joined by the Green and Pink Galaxy Rangers.
  • Victorious, the four saw the nearly full life force liquid cylinders, and Kendrix said they had to figure out a way to free the people, and fast.
  • Just then, Trakeena emerged from the shadows with her staff, startling Damon and Kendrix; blasting them twice, Trakeena sent them crashing out the wall of the skyscraper with her second bolt.
  • As the Rangers fought the demons in the street below, Trakeena sat in her metal chair apparatus and began to mutate with the life force energy, but a purple dagger would fly in and taint the process, causing her to fly out in a purple cloud.
  • As green speck trails from their tubes, the victims in the lab materialized lying on the floor and came to following Trakeena's destruction.
  • Police and paramedics helped the groggy people as they emerged from the building, Heather's parents finding their daughter outside with the Lightspeed and Galaxy teens.
  • Happily hugging her parents, Heather told them she'd helped the Rangers, and Carter approached, giving Heather a silver "Lightspeed Rescue" badge bearing a Lightspeed sigil as he told them that she was in fact an official junior Ranger.
  • Heather was amazed, and her mom hugged her proudly.

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