- sorceress in Lost Galaxy under service ofCaptain Mutiny (until 740-HGrv)
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First Appearance: 739-DrBa
Last Appearance: 740-HGrv
Pictures: close-up (shown at right), Conglomerate Hexuba


  • One specific category of monsters were generally based on mythological figures, such as mummies, angels, and Medusas, and always bore Hexuba's golden eye design.
  • Among Scorpius's monsters during the ravaging and looting of Magna Defender's planet 3,000 years ago, under the leadership of Scorpius and apparently Captain Mutiny as well, was the Hexuba monster Impostra.


  • Impostra, used by Trakeena in modern day to trick Destruxo into giving the Lights of Orion to her rather than Treacheron, was a medusa monster with a gold eye of Hexuba in each bicep; she was viciously loyal toward Trakeena and shared her desire to doublecross Treacheron.
  • The eye of Hexuba consisted of a golden eye set within what was shaped like the lower third of a golden gear.


  • As Magna Defender was attempting to cause a meltdown which would destroy the Mountain Dome and the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius told Trakeena, who had hopes of filling the missing position of Scorpius's general, to send down a monster to stop him, and Freaky Tiki then instantaneously entered.
  • Freaky Tiki, loyal to Scorpius, bore a green-irised eye of Hexuba on his forehead.


  • Having a plan, Scorpius called for Skelekron, a skeletal knight bearing a golden eye of Hexuba on his forehead.


  • In her own cavern chamber somewhere in the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena sat in a throne and looked into a hand mirror with a skull in the backside; above the mirror was a golden eye of Hexuba.
  • Trakeena asked the mirror who was the most beautiful girl in the universe, and Crumummy, a mummy monster with a golden eye of Hexuba on his forehead, introduced himself from inside the mirror to tell her; she would soon send him to steal the beauty from the girls of Terra Venture.


  • For his evil Zords to destroy the Rangers, Deviot summoned Hardtochoke, whose abdomen bore a green-irised eye of Hexuba.


  • Trakeena sent the female pharaoh monster Rykon, who bore an apparently purple-irised eye of Hexuba on her belt and forehead, to impersonate Maya's friend Shondra from Mirinoi to steal the Galaxy Book.


  • In hopes of sending Terra Venture drifting into a star, Trakeena sent Icy Angel, who bore apparently blue-irised eyes of Hexuba on her costume, to control Commander Stanton.


  • Maronda, a person-capturing serpent-being introduced by Deviot, bore a gold Hexuba eye on her forehead, as did her cobra motorcycle.


  • On the main wall of Captain Mutiny's castle in the Lost Galaxy were five vertical banners, the center black banner bearing Mutiny's emblem, and the other four white banners bearing four generals' symbols, from left to right: Villamax, Treacheron, Hexuba, and Barbarax.


  • In his castle's main room, Captain Mutiny told Hexuba to destroy the Power Rangers so he could capture more slaves for his camp; she replied she already had a plan.
  • Hexuba was an enchantress of sorts with gold/blue striped cones sticking up from her shoulders and head; she had a gold face covered with a mouth veil, and on the backs of her hands were blue-irised golden versions of her traditional eye emblem.
  • Mutiny told Hexuba she was all talk, and he wanted action; as he said this, he was holding the remote Deviot had given to Hardtochoke to control the three evil Galactazords.
  • If Hexuba failed, Mutiny threatened to make her walk the plank (apparently his euphamism for "die"), startling her.
  • Later, as Terra Venture was in a thundering pink cloud and experiencing electrical instability in at least one sector, Hexuba waved her hands over a crystal ball in a mysterious parlor (presumably in her floating mansion shown in 740-HGrv) as she laughed about her plan, saying the Rangers wouldn't know what hit them.
  • Appearing inside the crystal ball, Mutiny approved and told her to destroy the Rangers once and for all.
  • Around Hexuba's red forehead gem (which looked quite like Maronda's) were two gold designs, featuring a circle with a diamond inside, as was the shape of a mirror on the parlor wall.
  • During or after the electrical disturbance, Damon, alone, answered the door to the guys' room and received from a civilian delivery man a bouquet of flowers which he was pleased to see had been sent by "the girls."
  • Damon sniffed the flowers and instantly became sleepy; in her crystal ball, Hexuba watched, calling Damon "Green Ranger."
  • In a dream, morphed Damon found himself by a swamp stream, and a chunk of earth rose up high before he fell off; as he fell, he summoned his Jet Jammer to catch him.
  • As blue and gold energy bolts crackled from Hexuba's hands into her crystal ball, identical lightning bolts in the dream struck the Jammer, sending it smoking in a dive, and it crashed, majorly wrecking it and apparently crushing Damon's legs in the front of the mangled vehicle.
  • After groaning from the wreck in the dream, Damon startled awake, briefly describing how real the dream had felt, as well as something blasting out his Jammer's engines, and he then fell back asleep mumbling about falling.
  • Seeing the flowers, Kai sniffed them and was suddenly tired and overwhelmed, soon falling asleep in his bed.
  • In the Megaship, the green Jet Jammer was mangled from the crash in Damon's dream.
  • In the dream, morphed Kai joined Damon by the stream and was suddenly attacked by Swabbies.
  • The girls were laughing when they came up to their door and found a bouquet left for them from "the guys."
  • Hexuba watched in her crystal ball as the girls collapsed in their room and found themselves morphed in a mountainous area where Kai and Damon were having trouble with the Swabbies.
  • Leo was unable to wake the sleeping teens.
  • When Mike read the note, "To the girls from the guys," Leo realized the spell was in the flowers just as Mike sniffed them, and Mike had them keep walking to find out who'd been sending the flowers.
  • In a GSA hallway, the delivery guy asked a GSA officer where Michael Corbett's room was; pointed to the door, the delivery guy was then approached by Leo and Mike, who were propping each other up.
  • Mike asked where he'd gotten the flowers, and the delivery guy replied a "dinky little shop" at 101 Plaza Circle; Mike urgently had him throw them out, and he defensively left to do so.
  • Leo had collapsed against the wall and fell asleep, and Mike was soon in the plaza.
  • Morphed, Leo found himself in a snowy forest, the snow making him realize it had to be a dream, and he was then joined by the others to fight the Swabbies.
  • As the five Rangers soon fought in a normal mountainous field with their Transdaggers, Hexuba sent in a monster named Nightmare, a robot warrior with the golden symbol of Barbarax on his chest, to finish them off.
  • In the plaza, Mike came to the shop, but 101 was a completely empty store area, with unpainted walls and missing ceiling tiles.
  • As Mike pulled on the door handle, he vanished with blue and gold energy bolts and dropped into Hexuba's parlor.
  • Hexuba had been waiting for Mike so he could join the others in the nightmare; she forced him to his knees with a steady yellow energy bolt from her hand, telling him to let the darkness overtake him.
  • Both the Transblasters and Quasar Sabers were ineffective against Nightmare in the dream world, and his explosive blasts sent the Rangers flying off a cliff into the stream below.
  • Struggling intently, Mike grabbed a hand mirror off a table and reflected Hexuba's restraining energy bolt away; the beam bounced off two mirrors before hitting the chandelier, making it fall on Hexuba's crystal ball and shatter it.
  • In the dream world, Nightmare suddenly realized something was wrong; leaping and knocking the monster back, Damon told the others the spell must be broken.
  • The Rangers summoned their Orion armor, but their fireball attack bounced off Nightmare's exterior in fragmented form.
  • When Nightmare opened his chest to blast, Damon leapt and seemed unfazed by the barrage, plunging his claw arm into Nightmare's exposed chest and soon pulling it out as the monster groaned and sparked; Nightmare then fell and exploded but immediately grew.
  • The Rangers fought giant Nightmare with the Orion Galaxy Megazord before Zenith flew out from its waterfall and launched Stratoforce and Centaurus.
  • The Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber destroyed giant Nightmare as stone chunks.
  • In a dark area with five-candle and three-candle holders on stone podiums, and a purple wall with gold swirl designs (like Nightmare's coloration), Hexuba stood at a larger crystal ball, wanting revenge for the ruination of her perfect plan, though how Mike had returned to Terra Venture is unknown.
  • From the crystal ball, Mutiny told her not to fail again, as he didn't forgive easily, and she assured him she wouldn't.


  • Mutiny was rowed in a dinghy away from his castle in space, and the boat approached what looked like a mansion and surrounding graveyard between two gray stormclouds floating in space.
  • Mutiny, impatient to have the Rangers destroyed so he could take over Terra Venture, entered the graveyard and asked Hexuba if the spell was ready; she was stirring a glowing green cauldron with a scepter with her circle/diamond shape on the end.
  • Hexuba said the spell was almost ready, but that these things took time.
  • Hexuba added red liquid from a vial, newt's gizzard, the perfect ingredient for her lunch.
  • Reassuring Mutiny, Hexuba then took a smallish crystal ball from a stone podium beside the cauldron to activate the spell.
  • Standing at a tombstone, Hexuba spoke the incantation, "Lizard livers, gopher's guts, eye of newt, and spleen with nuts. Old monsters rise with reason and rhyme - destroy the Rangers and get it right this time!"
  • The trembling tombstone, with some sort of X pattern over it, burst in half with an explosion, and Freaky Tiki's ghost flew out and flew away as a yellow energy sparkle; Freaky Tiki was a Hexuba monster which had been used by Scorpius and destroyed in the normal universe.
  • Another yellow streak soon followed, but the monster was apparently unaccounted for.
  • Each of the monsters resurrected by Hexuba generally went to a location on Terra Venture where it had previously battled the Rangers.
  • As the Rangers ran after the yellow streak, the Treacheron monster Teksa arrived in a blue streak; Teksa had been used by Deviot in the normal universe in an attempt to assassinate Trakeena.
  • A golden/orange streak followed, and Horn soon materialized as Hexuba watched in her cauldron pool; Horn was a Villamax monster used by Furio in the normal universe.
  • After two more monsters (unaccounted for) had arrived, Kai left to follow them to their source just as red and green streaks heralded the arrival of Destruxo and Fishface, monsters used by Treacheron in the normal universe.
  • In space, Kai passed a white streak, another monster unaccounted for.
  • As the Rangers fought Destruxo, another red streak flew overhead, likely the arrival of Gasser, a Villamax monster used by Furio in the normal universe.
  • Kai passed a blue streak, and Treacheron himself materialized on Terra Venture.
  • Treacheron apparently didn't know that Mike was now the new Magna Defender.
  • After Gasser's destruction, two more streaks (one blue) flew overhead, one (which wouldn't be accounted for) heading toward the Industrial Dome, and the Rangers split up.
  • As Treacheron fought armored Mike, Kai spied as Hexuba said her plan was working perfectly.
  • With her crystal ball, Hexuba spoke, "Rise, mighty Quakemaker, from your demise, for Hexuba give the Rangers a big surprise!" but just then, Kai blasted the tombstone with his Transblaster.
  • Hexuba blasted a yellow energy bolt from her sphere, and Kai rolled forward to fire over the cauldron, but Hexuba made steam blow up from the cauldron, knocking the weapon out of his hand.
  • Hexuba fought Kai, knocking him into a tombstone which cracked open and released Hardtochoke's green ghost.
  • Kai fought Hexuba, his foot eventually being knocked into the cauldron and burned.
  • Hexuba called out, "Quakemaker, arise!" and the purple ghost of Quakemaker arose from the cracked tombstone Kai may have landed on, but Kai grabbed the ghost, holding it in place.
  • Hexuba fought Kai, and Quakemaker's ghost slashed Kai in the back before flying off with purple energy sparkles.
  • Hexuba had resurrected monsters of her own camp, as well as those from Villamax and Treacheron, yet she had resurrected none from Barbarax.
  • On the edge of the cauldron, Hexuba spoke, "Mystical ball, destroy his hope. Tie him with electric rope!" and a blue energy bolt from the ball wrapped around Kai, but he drew his Quasar Saber, hooked it on the energy bolt, and yanked Hexuba forward by it.
  • Kai kicked the ball from the downed Hexuba's hands, then leapt and slashed through it with his Quasar Saber, and it dropped into the cauldron, horrifying Hexuba.
  • Kai fled as spark explosions rocked the area, and Hexuba shouted over the loss of her mystical ball.
  • As Kai flew away, the floating cloud structure sparkled with blue lights and then exploded with a huge energy shockwave, destroying both the mansion and graveyard; the resurrected Hardtochoke and Quakemaker would remain on Terra Venture until their destruction by the Rangers.
  • After the last two monsters (at least of those shown) had been destroyed, Hexuba flew by in the sky glimmering with gold sparkle trails, telling Blue Ranger he'd pay.
  • When Kai spoke Hexuba's name (having heard her speak it in her graveyard), Mike asked, "Who-xuba?", yet he'd personally foiled Hexuba's nightmare spell the episode before (the aftermath of which we did not see); aside from the explanation of memory erasure during the missing time, his remark can alternately be explained by his only seeing the sorceress from the back as she flew through the sky obscured with sparkles, and Kai's being the only Ranger to know her name.
  • In the plaza, Hexuba faded into existence as the Rangers ran up.
  • As the Rangers had destroyed something important to her, Hexuba now planned to destroy them.
  • With another crystal ball, Hexuba said they may have destroyed all her monsters, but she still had all their powers, combined.
  • As Hexuba spoke, "Monsters of yore, give me more!" numerous flaming energy streaks (apparently two orange, two yellow, a red, and a blue) flew from the ball and then flew into her, transforming her into a bulkier advanced form with monster faces all over her, and her gold scale-edged face was now light blue.
  • Hardtochoke's head was on Hexuba's left shoulder, with a blue-skinned monster never before shown on her right shoulder; Icy Angel, Crumummy, and Skelekron were on her left arm, and Freaky Tiki and Maronda were on her left arm, with Rykon in her stomach; with the exception of Impostra and the addition of the blue-skinned monster, this included all of the Hexuba monsters which had borne her golden eye emblem.
  • Each monster head, except Rykon, had a jewel shoved in its mouth; of those clearly visible, Hardtochoke's was dark, the blue-skinned monster's was gold, Icy Angel's was red, Freaky Tiki's was perhaps orange, and Maronda's was blue.
  • The Icy Angel and blue-skin heads shot projectile blasts from their mouths, but the Orion-armored Rangers ran through the blast, surprising Hexuba.
  • After the Rangers' Orion fireball had gone through her, Hexuba said it only made her stronger, so Leo transformed into the Red Armored Ranger and fired his lasers, but she merely laughed and grew.
  • Giant Hexuba wrapped gold tendrils from her hands around the Zords and shot her shoulder blasts, also sending explosive charges through the tentacles, causing the Megazords to collapse.
  • Hexuba asked, "How dare you challenge me?"
  • After Centaurus and Stratoforce had doubleteamed her, Centaurus blasted her, and the Orion Galaxy Megazord followed with a powered slash from its saber, causing her to fall and explode.
  • Following Hexuba's destruction, neither Mutiny's nor Trakeena's forces would use any monsters, aside from the pre-existing giant Titanisaur.
  • Late at night after Hexuba's destruction, Terra Venture's fuel reserves were discovered to be tainted, giving them only one or two more days to survive; how the fuel had been tainted is unknown, although one monster had apparently gone unchecked in the Industrial Dome during the resurrected monster invasion.

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