- holographic-display monitor used for communicating with Time Force Headquarters, especially across the timestream
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2


  • The Tribunal judges appeared in the courtroom via holographic transmissions, coming from an unknown location, flickering with soft static semi-frequently (similar to the images on any Holoscreen).
  • Some time after the destruction of the transport truck, Jen scavenged the remnants of the transmission console from the wreckage, and activated a Holoscreen, linking her to Time Force Headquarters.
  • A Holoscreen was made up of two silver antennas, which were placed maybe a foot or two apart, with a grey flat keyboard-like control pad lying horizontially between the base of both. Each antenna was attached to the pad, and were fully extended (about three sections worth each), their height about one to two feet tall a piece. At the top of each antenna, were small points, the tips of which had tiny lights that glew during a transmission, likely assisting in creating the image and the screen green-grid backscreen.
  • An activated Holoscreen would have a partially transparent underlay behind the contacting party's image, identical to the three inward pointing, v-centered triangles seen on the Time Force Badge, with a horizontally stretched oval in place of the TF insignia. Colored lines of resolution would be visible in the image, the intensity of their focus varied concerning the strength of the signal.
  • The person in the holographic transmission would appear within the Holoscreen in a three-dimensional image from about the shoulder-line chest on up. Viewing the transmission would give the illusion of some depth and parallel point of view; i.e., the back of their head and shoulders appeared to anyone who viewed the Holoscreen from behind during a transmission.
  • Captain Logan appeared on the staticy screen, asking what was going on. It seems unlikely, given the length of time the convoy was out of contact, for Time Force to be oblivious to anything being wrong with it.
  • After firing the teens, his transmission ended abruptly, giving a dull beep when shutting off.
  • In the Cryogenic Detainment Tower, Ransik noticed the sudden activation of a Holoscreen, which was set up on a marble block just in front of the freezer compartments.
  • The Holoscreen, showing Red Ranger's journey up the stairs to the prison landing pad, was suddenly accompanied by a small ID popup side-image of his helmeted face.
  • Within Time Force Headquarters, after being informed of the theft of the Time Ship, Captain Logan rushed over to the transmission console (a Holoscreen set up on an eye-level table, with the control plate resting vertically), where he pressed a few buttons.
  • The Captain's voice then commanded throughout the building, "Security to the launch pad! This is an emergency! All personnel to the launch pad!"
  • Inside the Time Ship's left capsule, the four teens finished getting buckled in to their seats, when Logan appeared on a Holoscreen, which was set-up on a small square desk just beside the curvy yellow piloting table.
  • Jen slapped her hand down on the control pad, shutting her boss' transmission off instantly.

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