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  • Twice, Gypsy Aballonia was able to sense from the Ranger teens the vibrations of the Power Rangers.


  • According to Alpha's readings, Aisha's family necklace was emitting a powerful energy wave, and it had been absorbing the energy waves of those who had handled it (generations of Aisha's family); Zordon explained that its energy appeared to be made of love, generosity, and caring, powerful energies which might have protected Aisha from Hate Master's hate spell.


  • When Tommy asked Zordon if he could help Kim, who was under the effects of a love potion, Zordon said he was hesitant to tamper with the delicate balance of human emotions.


  • As part of elderly Tommy's story to his grandson decades in the future, Zordon commented that Sprocket's Bias Blaster had tapped into the most powerful evil known to mankind and that weapons were useless against this hatred; the only way to stop the spread of the evil was for each teen to find within his heart the kindness and understanding that was the key to every human soul.


  • As the Gold Ranger powers left Jason, they were taking Jason's vital life force with them.
  • A short while later, Jason was resting with his eyes closed, as the struggle to maintain balance between the Gold Ranger powers and the forces of the universe could be very taxing on the human form.


  • Ashley was surprised that Andros was human and yet not from Earth, and he condescendingly replied that Earth wasn't the only place where humans lived, and that he was from a space colony on the planet KO-35 in the Karova system.


  • Andros, from KO-35, possessed telekinesis, but only after years of practice.


  • Andros alluded to the lovely Stella Quazinella, an intergalactic star in all the big holographic films.


  • In the Onyx Tavern upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, where there had previously been assorted villains, there were now numerous aliens, animal-based past monsters, and human-like tough guys, but each human having a slight modification/mutation in the face (see "Onyx" for further details).  Click for picture


  • According to a definition in Trakeena's video archives, Power Rangers were human beings with superhuman strengths and abilities whose fighting abilities far exceeded any other human and many non-human lifeforms.


  • After her return at some point following her destruction in 745-End3, Trakeena used an apparatus in her laboratory to drain the life force from thirty miniaturized office workers to restore her own powers, while Olympius believed the life energy would be used to restore the newly resurrected Bansheera's powers.


  • When the energy infusion was foiled by Olympius's poison, the weakened office workers teleported from their cylinders in a very weakened condition.


  • In a test room, the Rangers sat at a mockup of the Lifeforce Megazord cockpit, where collars tapped their life energies with increasing discomfort as the level was raised to 2 and then 3.
  • As the Rangers painfully clutched their heads, Miss Fairweather had it shut down, and the Rangers demorphed weakly.
  • Asked by Captain Mitchell what had happened, Miss Fairweather didn't quite know, admitting that harnessing the Rangers' life energy was more complicated than she'd thought.
  • The Rangers successfully used Lifeforce level 3 to destroy Diabolico and Olympius.

    - tribal warriors on Muiranthias; reverent toward Maligore
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    First Appearance: 500-TPRM
    Last Appearance: 500-TPRM


  • The Malachians were savage tribal warriors who inhabited the lost other-dimensional island of Muiranthias; according to Divatox, they were the guardians of Maligore.
  • A group of Malachians captured Kim after she'd swum to shore, and another group chased Bulk and Skull through the jungle.
  • As Divatox and crew approached the sealed door to Maligore's temple, Malachians swarmed out from the jungle and surrounded the villains; they were carrying Kim, who was tied to a wooden plank.
  • The Malachians began to bow in reverence when Lerigot used golden energy from the Golden Key to unlock the door to Maligore's temple; Divatox then took the Golden Key back from Lerigot.
  • As Divatox prepared to sacrifice Jason and Kim to Maligore, the Malachians chanted "Maligore" and beat large drums bearing serpent designs.
  • The Malachians, initially reverent as Maligore emerged from the lava pit, scrambled away when Maligore roared.
  • The Malachians' fate after the eruption of Muiranthias's volcano is unknown.

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