Hydro Contaminators
- robotic aliens who attacked Aquitar (410-GrBl through 413-MnSc)
Hydro Contaminator
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First Appearance: 410-GrBl
Last Appearance: 410-GrBl


  • A race of fearsome beings known as the Hydro Contaminators was at war with Aquitar; thousands of Hydro Contaminators were poisoning the waters of Aquitar and had caused the Aquitians' main computer to shut down, disabling their Battle Borgs and teleportation.
  • A Hydro Contaminator, having followed Cestro to Earth, landed his red saucerlike spacecraft near Cestro's craft by Angel Grove Lake.
  • The Hydro Contaminator (at least, his exterior suface) appeared to be robotic.
  • The Hydro Contaminator seemed excited to have a new planet to pollute, and he planned to start with Angel Grove Lake.
  • Cestro assumed that the Hydro Contaminator had been sent to stop him from his mission of getting Billy's help with a weapon to destroy the Contaminators.
  • Cestro said that the Hydro Contaminator, if left unchecked, would destroy the Earth's entire water supply.
  • The Hydro Contaminator asked Billy if it was true that humans were mostly water, then he planned to find out by contaminating Billy's body.
  • The Hydro Contaminator wasn't familiar with the Cogs, who helped him fight the Zeo Rangers.
  • The Hydro Contaminator wouldn't leave until he had contaminated Earth's water.
  • The Hydro Contaminator teleported away with a yellow flash, then soon shimmered in through the wall of the city's water treatment with blue streaks of light, leaving a hole in the wall behind him.
  • The Hydro Contaminator knew Cestro by name, and he knew Cestro would have to halt his work to stop him.
  • While the Hydro Contaminator paced through the plant looking for the water, he became almost invisible as he walked by an open doorway through which light from outside was shining.
  • Sprocket told the Hydro Contaminator to get rid of the Power Rangers, and then Sprocket would take him to all the water he could ever want.
  • Tanya referred to the Hydro Contaminator as a monster.
  • The Hydro Contaminator's central golden disc glowed with bluish-white energy, then he shimmered into near-invisibility and began moving around, blasting the Zeo Rangers with orange energy beams.
  • When the Hydro Contaminator was later visible again, Tommy shot a red energy beam from the star on his Zeo Five Power Sword, ruining the Hydro Contaminator's golden disc in the center of his saucerlike body.
  • Tommy then dove sword-first into the Hydro Contaminator, impaling the burnt disc; Hydro Contaminator would not become invisible again.
  • Being blasted by Tommy's advanced Zeo Laser Pistol knocked the Hydro Contaminator over a railing; after his long fall, the Rangers simultaneously hit him with their Zeo Power Weapons, causing him to crackle with yellow electricity.
  • Shortly afterward, the Zeo Blaster destroyed the Hydro Contaminator.


  • According to Billy, the Aquitians had been able to solve their conflict through peaceful means.


  • A giant Hydro Contaminator was among the giant monsters on an assembly line to receive neo-plutonium armor; he wasn't, however, among the four monsters to fight the Super Zeozords.

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