Hydro Hog
- former nemesis of Aquitian Rangers (until 343-HdA2)
Hydro Hog
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Full Name: Hydro Hog, Emperor of the Dark Waters (341-SSOE)
First Appearance: 342-HdA1
Last Appearance: 343-HdA2


  • When Billy asked whether there were beings like Lord Zedd on Aquitar, Cestro replied, "Most definitely. There lives among us a ruthless enemy who has attempted time and time again to destroy us."
  • Hydro Hog's title was "Emperor of the Dark Waters."
  • Rita and Zedd didn't seem to know of Hydro Hog before Cestro had described him and mentioned his title.
  • Aurico said Hydro Hog was their most powerful enemy on Aquitar, and Tideus said his arrival on Earth could be quite cataclysmic, especially with their weakened strength.
  • Zedd's first attempt to contact Hydro Hog with the dimensional teleporter was blocked by a beam from the Command Center.


  • Appearing as a hologram beyond Zedd's balcony after Zedd had sent an energy bolt from his staff to contact Hydro Hog, the villain asked, "Yeah, Zedd, what do you want this time?"
  • Zedd offered Hydro Hog the chance to drain the Earth of its water supply and destroy the "Alien Rangers."
  • Rita knew that Hydro Hog had the power of evaporation at his fingertips.
  • Hydro Hog noted that it had been kind of boring there on Aquitar without the "Fish Rangers" (as he called them) to harass; he told Rita and Zedd he was on his way.
  • Hydro Hog arrived on Earth by Angel Grove Lake, where the Aquitians had been just moments earlier.
  • Zordon referred to Hydro Hog, whom the Aquitians had mentioned in Zordon's company as being their worst villain on Aquitar, as Zedd's "latest monster."
  • Corcus said the Battle Borgs had never been able to defeat Hydro Hog.
  • Delphine said that she had seen planets reduced to wastelands before Hydro Hog.
  • Hydro Hog called the Aquitian Rangers both "Alien Rangers" and "Aquitian Rangers."
  • In the sentai footage of him, Hydro Hog had "Navy" written on his shoulder in English.
  • Hydro Hog doubted that the Aquitian Rangers could stop him from destroying the Earth.
  • Hydro Hog grabbed morphed Cestro's and Tideus's swords off their backs and used them against the others.
  • When morphed Corcus and Delphine got on either side of Hydro Hog, he said, "Hey, what's this?" then spontaneously fell down and said, "I've fallen, and I can't get up," then chuckled, snorted, and lay still; Aurico exclaimed that they'd finally defeated him, and Corcus exclaimed that the galaxy was finally safe; Hydro Hog then grabbed Corcus's leg and sent him flying, then began dehydrating the Aquitian Rangers.
  • Hydro Hog grabbed morphed Delphine from behind and sucked pale blue rippling energy from her with his hand, absorbing it as green energy; Aurico said Hydro Hog was draining the water from her body.
  • Hydro Hog drained each of the Aquitian Rangers in the same manner (but using his foot to drain morphed Corcus), sucking Ranger-colored energy energy and absorbing it as green energy.
  • Hydro Hog caused a cyclone of blue energy to explode from the lake, generating fierce winds.
  • When Aurico told Hydro Hog not to hurt the children in the lake, Hydro Hog replied that he wasn't going to hurt them, just leave them high and dry; the entire lake then dried up instantly.
  • Zordon had Alpha teleport the Aquitian Rangers to the Angel Grove Public Pool, but Hydro Hog had beaten them to it and dried it up.
  • Alpha noted that the Hydro Hog was quicker than lightning, and that water was evaporating everywhere.


  • Some time later, Hydro Hog had evaporated a great deal of water, inflicting upon the world an extraordinary water shortage.
  • A massive cloud coverage was, because of Hydro Hog, apparently sapping and collecting the world's water supply.
  • Hydro Hog threw an anchor at the Aquitian Rangers.
  • Hydro Hog could teleport to dodge attacks.
  • Hydro Hog wielded a jagged-edged sword.
  • Hydro Hog threw large marine mines.
  • Giant Hydro Hog caught the Shogun Megazord's Fire Saber finishing move, saying they didn't get to win like that "this time."
  • Giant Hydro Hog blew flaming energy from his mouth, causing the Shogun Megazord to drop the Fire Saber and fall over onto its face.
  • The Shogun Megafalconzord's blasts destroyed giant Hydro Hog.
  • One time had been restored soon after Hydro Hog's destruction, there was again water in the lake.

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