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  • As a general rule, the Power Rangers' civilian identities were always kept secret from the public as a whole, with the exception of the Space Ranger teens as of 643-CTD2.
  • Unless otherwise noted in a teen's individual page, Ranger teens always wore at least one item of clothing which matched their Ranger colors, and, as first shown in 214-MGrn, the teens would even start wearing new wardrobe colors when they switched Ranger colors.
  • All Ranger teens, except Jason (to become the Gold Ranger), Ashley, and Carlos wore their respective Ranger colors even before becoming Rangers.
  • Rita (and all of her henchmen, at least eventually) knew the teens' identities.


  • Beginning with this episode, Ranger teens would always wear communicators which bore Ranger-colored stripes on their wristbands.
  • Jason, Trini, Zack, and Kim teleported away while in the locker hallway of the Youth Center, where an aerobics instructor could have seen them from the main room; Billy teleported soon afterward.


  • Jason and Zack covered Jason's communicator when it went off in front of Ernie; Zack told Ernie it was a new watch, and the teens then left to fight King Sphinx.
  • Zack, Jason, and Kim talked to Zordon in and morphed/teleported from the locker hallway of the Youth Center.
  • Demorphed by King Sphinx's wings, Kim was teleported onto the balance beam in the middle of the Youth Center, right behind an aerobics class in which the class was facing toward the left and could have seen her out of their peripheral vision.
  • Demorphed as well, Zack was teleported onto the balance beam right next to Kim as the aerobics class was turning from side to side and the instructor was facing the balance beam; seconds after Zack had materialized, two girls walked by the beam from either side.


  • The teens morphed just after Melissa had ducked behind the bushes; even if she didn't see them, it's likely she would have seen the Rangers in place of the five teens.
  • The teens, rather than the Rangers, were with Melissa to escort the captured girls out of the cave after the Rangers' battle with the Gnarly Gnome.


  • While a girl was standing directly behind him preparing food, Jason remarked to the other teens that he hoped Rita wasn't hungry for trouble today.
  • Zack yelled a thanks to Alpha through Jason's communicator just before Mr. Caplan had walked into the empty Youth Center.


  • Trini said "morphinomenal" in front of Willy.
  • The teens called Putties by name and then fought them in front of Willy.
  • The teens teleported from the edge of the pond while people picnicking and walking were within view.
  • Blue Ranger called Willy by name.
  • Unless otherwise stated (and there were a number of exceptions), a Ranger's identity could not be determined by the sound of the Ranger's voice.
  • The Rangers spoke with Willy after he'd been freed from the Internal Vortex, but it was the teens who escorted him back to the Youth Center.


  • It seemed as though Alpha teleported the teens right out of the hallway at school without giving them any warning.


  • Ernie may have seen Jason pointing to his communicator upon telling Billy there was an emergency.
  • Marge was mistaken for a Power Ranger by Madame Woe while waiting at the pond for Billy.
  • Blue Ranger called Marge by name.
  • At the dance, Billy agreed with Marge's praising of the Blue Ranger but quickly corrected himself and played dumb.


  • Jason yelled over a megaphone to the people in Rita's fake carnival that Rita was attacking the park and that it was a trap, and he, Billy, Zack, and Kim directed the screaming masses out of the carnival.


  • The five teens, rather than the Rangers, freed Trini's uncle Howard from a cave filled with explosives.
  • Without knowing that it was Trini's uncle Howard, temporarily invisible, who was beating them up, Bulk and Skull must have thought Billy was assaulting them telekinetically.


  • Kim referred to the Putty Patrollers by name in front of Maria.
  • Maria watched Kim and Trini fight Putties.
  • All five teens tried to contact Zordon on the communicators while sitting at the Juice Bar.
  • While sitting at the Juice Bar, Jason discovered that teleportation was down, possibly by attempting to teleport from his seat.


  • Rita told Tommy the Rangers' identities and possibly showed him what they looked like.


  • Bulk and Skull saw Tommy's eyes flash green and then shoot green energy bolts at Bulk and Skull's feet and propel them into a dumpster.


  • While holding a bus containing Bulk and Skull, giant Goldar told the Rangers below that the people in the bus were friends of the Rangers', by the names of Bulk and Skull.
  • When Green Ranger was in the Command Center's force field, the computer had locked on to his interspatial biovibrations, and it eventually discovered Tommy to be a match.


  • Upon confronting Tommy, Kim seemed startled to realize that Tommy knew their identities.


  • A hot dog vendor and Bulk and Skull were apparently in the area and approaching the basketball court while the teens were fighting Putties there.
  • Tommy used his communicator and morphed while just inside the locker hallway of the Youth Center.


  • Finster made the Spidertron, based on Trini and Billy's interest in the Forest Spirit Statue.
  • Zack used his communicator to call Zordon while crouching over a group of kids he'd assumed to be merely asleep.


  • Tommy fought Putties directly in front of the Youth Center's front door while the masquerade party was happening inside.
  • Without any subtlety or lowering of voices while in the Youth Center, Jason and Zack discussed having taught Rita a lesson and having destroyed the Frankenstein monster.
  • Kim called Alpha by name in front of other people at the masquerade party.


  • Jason used his communicator in, and the five teens teleported from, the Youth Center's locker hall.
  • As the six teens walked down Angel Grove High's main hallway while two janitors were in the hallway with them, Zack, using the first-person plural pronoun of "we," loudly proclaimed that they had "really socked it to Rita"; Jason said "her evil Wheel of Misfortune [was] gone forever," and Kim said she was glad they'd destroyed it, also saying "we."


  • While the last few people were running out of the Youth Center during the earthquake from Rita's summoning of Mutitis and Lokar, the teens stood in the "southeast" corner of the Youth Center to call Zordon.


  • Jason called the Putties by name in Jeremy's presence.
  • Jason fought Putties with Jeremy while Bulk and Skull may have been somewhere near the cliffs overlooking the beach.
  • Jason had Jeremy run away while he stood his ground when confronted by Scorpina, Squatt, Baboo, the Rockstar, and the Putties.
  • Kim smiled when Jeremy praised the Pink Ranger, then smacked Zack on the arm when he asked Jeremy to tell them more about the Black Ranger.
  • Once Jeremy had begun to praise the Red Ranger, Jason sat back down after starting to leave, then told Jeremy to continue.
  • Jason didn't answer when Jeremy asked him where he'd been during the Rangers' battle.


  • Jason talked into his communicator with Zack beside him in the middle of the Youth Center, and then the four teens (Kim absent) rushed into the locker hall, from where they teleported to the Command Center.


  • Jason used his communicator in, and the five teens teleported from, the Youth Center's locker hall.


  • Jason stood in the Youth Center's locker hall to answer Zordon's call, yet moments earlier he had entered the Youth Center with several other people to watch the martial arts competition, indicating that the hallway was in use as an entrance for the event.
  • Zack told Cameron he had an emergency, and shortly afterward, the Rangers did battle with Hatchasaurus.


  • The five teens were given detention for acting uncharacteristically mischievous (actually the work of their evil duplicates) on the same day the Rangers apparently turned evil (also the work of the evil duplicates).
  • With Bulk and Skull listening, Jason referred to the Rangers as "we" before correcting himself.
  • If while counting backwards with his ears plugged Bulk could hear Skull's counting as it seemed he could, then he also should have heard the teens morphing next to them.


  • The teens were at Power Ranger Day for a while to mingle with the crowd and lessen the chances of people finding out who they were.


  • Wearing green, Tommy attended Power Ranger Day and personally shook hands with each of the Rangers as they walked through the crowd.


  • Jason, Trini, Kim, and Billy stayed behind in the Youth Center as everyone else went into the basement during the tornado watch.
  • Zack morphed while in a hallway in a movie theater lobby.


  • Billy and Kim teleported from the pond, yet there had been many people at the pond during their picnic; either all the people had suddenly left during the Putty fight, or Billy and Kim teleported with people in the area.


  • Trini and Zack talked to Zordon on Trini's communicator and morphed in the Youth Center's locker hall.


  • The Mantis monster was based on Trini's new efforts to learn praying Mantis kung fu.


  • Trini, Kim, Jason, and Zack fought Putties in front of the Youth Center.
  • Jason used his communicator in the Youth Center's locker hall.
  • After Jason, Trini, Kim, and Zack had fought Putties in front of the Youth Center, Jason remarked that he hoped their parents hadn't seen the fight.


  • Grumble Bee was based on the B Billy had gotten on a test due to missing a "bee" question.
  • Billy and Trini teleported from the Youth Center's locker hall.


  • Kim, Jason, Billy, and Trini fought Putties in the park while a barbeque nearby was cooking something; most likely, whoever had started the cooking was still nearby and could have seen the fight.
  • Ernie made a point to get Zack's attention when he saw on the TV a special report about Peckster attacking.
  • Zack used his communicator and morphed in the locker hall after sneaking away from a magic booth in the Youth Center.
  • Zordon knew that Zack had sneaked away from the children in the Youth Center and told Zack to return so that he didn't arouse suspicion by staying gone for too long.
  • Holding Mikey's black inflated rubber ball and looking at some balloons, Zack said, "That's it!" right next to Mikey, then after Zack had left, Black Ranger joined the other Rangers and tricked Peckster into sticking his beak into a rubber ball by having him try to peck several balloons; this trick was shown as the media was covering the fight and the kids in the Youth Center, including Mikey, were watching.
  • Mikey, telling Angela how impressed he was with the Black Ranger's trick against Peckster, noted that Black Ranger used his brains before his fists, just like Zack.


  • Kim and Tommy fought Putties while Kelly watched.
  • Jason morphed outside of a juice supply company doorway into which two men had just gone.
  • Red Ranger called Kelly by name.


  • Tommy used his communicator and morphed in the locker hall right behind a crowd of people through which he'd gone to leave the karate tournament in the Youth Center.
  • With a guy walking directly behind them on their way out of the Youth Center after the Rangers had destroyed Pumpkin Rapper, Tommy told Kim, "We sure made deep-dish pie out of that monster."


  • Miss Appleby confiscated Tommy's malfunctioning communicator, which she called a pager.
  • Roger watched Jason and Zack, then Kim and Billy also, fight Putties and the Soccadillo in ball form.
  • Ernie heard Trini, Kim, and Billy's communicators go off, but he thought he was just hearing things; the three teens then rushed out.
  • Billy used his communicator in, and Trini, Kim, and Billy teleported from, the Youth Center's locker hall.
  • The teens somehow got away from Roger to go to the Command Center after Soccadillo and the Putties had retreated.
  • In the alcove of the main hallway at school opposite the northwestern exit doors, Tommy used his communicator and then loudly morphed, yet two other students had just recently been shown in the hall with Tommy.


  • Tommy used his communicator in and teleported from the Youth Center's locker hall.


  • When confronted in the park by the Pink and Green Mutant Rangers, Tommy didn't think he and Kim should morph until they found out what the two Mutant Rangers were all about.
  • The five teens morphed in the hallway at school, near the trophy case at the bottom of the stairs, while other students had been walking through the hall moments earlier.


  • Zack and Tommy teleported from the outdoor restaurant in the middle of all the people frozen by the Pearls of Stillness; at the time, they were also within view of a building nearby.


  • Zedd looked to Earth and identified the unmorphed teens as being the Rangers.
  • Blue Ranger called Green Ranger "Tommy" with Bulk and Skull watching the fight (but probably not within earshot).


  • The teens teleported onto an open, flat plain as Bulk and Skull were nearby on their out-of-control bikes.
  • Bulk and Skull told Kim and Tommy of their plan to discover the Rangers' identities.


  • Alpha appeared from white energy, sitting down, on the park trail directly in front of Bulk and Skull, who then ran away screaming.
  • Alpha told Dylan, "I'm Alpha Five, Command Center prototype."
  • Dylan observed as Primator, disguised as Billy, reprimanded Alpha and then tried to make Alpha take him to the Command Center; Alpha then exclaimed as Primator reverted to monster form, "You're not Billy!"
  • Yellow Ranger called Blue Ranger "Billy" while standing within five feet of Dylan.
  • When Dylan's mom thanked the Rangers, Red Ranger told her to thank Alpha, then Alpha and the Rangers teleported away.


  • In a completely silent room, Zack and Billy had a not-quite-whispering conversation about their Putty hallucinations and Zedd having put a spell on them, while Bulk and Skull were sitting directly in front of them.
  • When Bulk and Skull put on the enchanted shades and saw Billy and Zack as Putties, they fearfully ran out of the classroom.


  • Skull dismissed Kim from possibly being a Ranger when she was crabby to them as a result of the jealousy spell on her.
  • Bulk and Skull successfully recorded Jason's and Tommy's voices as part of their plan to discover the Rangers' identities, but the tape was later ruined with mud.


  • Bulk had bought an energy detector from a spy shop, and he and Skull were about to home in on the teens before Billy used his signal scrambler and made the energy detector lead the two to Ernie.
  • The teens teleported from the locker hall in the Youth Center.


  • When asked by an Angel Grove Weekend reporter about the rumor that the Rangers might show up to help out with the Clean Up Drive, Billy, Trini, and Zack explained with nervous laughter that they didn't know the Power Rangers; although the raw footage tape for Angel Grove Weekend would later be erased by Billy, the reporter and her cameraman did witness the teens' nervous replies.
  • Jason, Kim, and Tommy stayed behind to hold off the Putties attacking the park while the Angel Grove Weekend cameraman evacuated everyone.
  • An unmanned camera recorded Jason, Kim, and Tommy fighting Putties and then morphing; Bulk and Skull took the tape, but Zack would later take the tape before it could be viewed, and Billy planned to run it through his tape eraser.


  • Jason, Trini, Zack, and Billy morphed while outside the Youth Center's payphone entrance.


  • Morphed Billy and Trini both called Green Ranger "Tommy" as he was carrying Hallie to safety.
  • In the Youth Center, Hallie told Bulk and Skull that there were ten Rangers, that the Green Ranger was 6' or 6'1" and had long brown hair, hazel eyes, and was very muscular, and that the Red Ranger had brown hair, dark mysterious eyes, and big shoulders.


  • As Dark Rangers, the five punks saw the five captured and demorphed Ranger teens; their memories of the experience would later be erased with the destruction of the Green Crystal.


  • Kim spoke of Tommy, saying, "Ranger or no Ranger," with Bulk and Skull within hearing range, but all they apparently heard was the word "Ranger."
  • Bulk and Skull, in Bulk's aunt's taxi with the meter running, followed the four teens as they drove to find Tommy at his uncle's cabin; Bulk and Skull, having heard the word "Ranger," didn't want the teens to find the Rangers' identities before they did.
  • The four teens morphed on an open street with Bulk and Skull in the area, but the two only spotted Goldar.
  • Zedd created the Pipebrain monster from the Golden Pipe karate trophy which Jason would later win.


  • Zedd created Trumpet Top from the trumpet stolen from the Youth Center immediately after Curtis had finished playing it.


  • The Mirror Maniac monster bore a strong resemblance to the mirror Tommy had given Kim, from which the monster had been created.
  • Zack fought Putties in front of Curtis and Richie.


  • Jason and Billy teleported to a spot in the park which had been within view of people moments before.


  • Trini said that if Bulk and Skull were to succeed in opening Rita's space dumpster, the teens' "cover" would be blown.


  • While Ernie was on the other side of the Juice Bar counter from the three guys during the chaos of Magnetbrain's geomagnetic disruption, Jason told Zack and Tommy to grab on so they could leave and get to the Command Center.


  • On Halloween, Tommy fought Putties on the sidewalk of a residential street while it was time for people to be out trick-or-treating, and Goldar then teleported him away.
  • Kim used her communicator in the Juice Bar's west doorway to try to call Tommy.
  • Kim and Billy teleported from the Juice Bar's west doorway.


  • Bulk and Skull watched Goldar, whom they recognized, vanish with Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson.
  • After Tommy, Kim, and Billy had called the Command Center following the abduction of Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson, Zordon told Alpha to use his scanners to locate Trini, Zack, and Jason, then teleport them to the Command Center immediately; this would have given the three no time to move to a discreet location.
  • Before she, Tommy, and Billy teleported from the Youth Center parking lot, Kim surveyed the area to make sure they were clear, but she didn't check the payphone entrance of the Youth Center directly behind them.
  • Mr. Anderson learned that Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had been selected to serve Lord Zedd.


  • Yellow Ranger teleported with Mr. Anderson to the park without Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, leaving his questions about the three Stone Canyon teens unanwered.
  • As Pink and White Rangers ran into the Cave of Despair with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to find Blue Ranger struggling with the Serpent of Darkness, morphed Kim called Blue Ranger "Billy" as she called out to him; she then called White Ranger "Tommy" as she told him to stand back as she blasted the serpent.
  • After having wrestled with the Serpent of Darkness, morphed Billy was unable to breathe, so Kim and Tommy decided to remove his helmet on the spot without thinking to teleport to the Command Center first; Rocky, Adam, and Aisha added insult to injury by walking closer to get a better look at the revealed Ranger.
  • After Rocky was surprised to discover Billy's identity despite Pink Ranger's having said his name twice in the Stone Canyon teens' presence, Kim and Tommy began to remove their helmets as well; before Kim had removed her helmet, Aisha said, "So you must be..." followed by Adam's, "Kimberly!"; Rocky was then surprised to discover Tommy's identity once White Ranger had removed his helmet.
  • Saying Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were the only other people to know the identities of the Power Rangers, Zordon told the three that Alpha had conducted an analysis on their background and determined them to be model citizens: loyal, fair, and trustworthy; he then had them take the following vow: "I swear upon the forces of goodness to maintain the secret of the true identities of the Power Rangers."


  • Pink Ranger called Black Ranger "Zack" while surrounded by people hypnotized by Beamcaster.


  • Seeing the six teens of the World Teen Summit, Bulk suspected the six, whom he described as "super-smart" and "tops in the world," as being Power Rangers.


  • Zedd knew the identities of the three new Rangers.


  • Zedd turned the kaleidoscope Adam had used in a report for Miss Appleby's class into the Scatterbrain monster.
  • On a stakeout in the desert which Rocky called a "park," Bulk and Skull watched Rocky, Aisha, Tommy, and Kim teleport into the area, Rocky and Aisha morph, Billy and Adam teleport into the area and be scrambled by Scatterbrain, then finally the Red and Yellow Rangers be scrambled and demorphed; Bulk and Skull tried to save the day with the prisms Billy and Adam had brought, but Scatterbrain scrambled them as well, erasing their memories of the Rangers' identities.


  • Skull had apparently spent a great deal of time researching the Rangers' identities; he came into the Juice Bar with a large amount of data to show Bulk, but the only finding he pointed out to Bulk was that Ernie's days off had corresponded with monster attacks for the last six months.
  • Zedd created Pachinko Head from Ernie's new pachinko machine, the temporary disappearance of which Ernie noticed; prior to the machine's disappearance, Rocky had been playing it far too much.


  • Each of the six Rangers spoke at least once on the Harvey Garvey Show.


  • Soon after Aisha had been selected as Fire Safety Captain for Fire Safety Week, Zedd sent the Flame Head monster to threaten to burn down Angel Grove.
  • With Bulk and Skull last shown looking back toward Flame Head's location after fleeing and jumping into the lake, Rocky, Tommy, and Adam then ran up to the area of flaming bins and confronted the monster, then morphed.


  • Bulk and Skull were dressed up as gypsies, and with them was Gypsy Aballonia, whom Bulk said would use her special gypsy powers to find the Rangers' secret identities.
  • With Bulk and Skull beside her, Gypsy Aballonia sensed the Rangers' vibrations in the area as they stood in the otherwise deserted hallway of Angel Grove High with Tommy, Kim, and Adam; when Bulk became dizzy from looking into Aballonia's eyes, Skull told him it was "just the scavengers."
  • Gypsy Aballonia later felt the presence of the Power Rangers at the Juice Bar, where only the six teens were; she was certain about the Rangers being there.
  • Bulk and Skull mistakenly thought Gypsy Aballonia had merely led them to Ernie's photograph of the Rangers and thus fired her.


  • Adam, Aisha, and Billy morphed in front of the Bookala.
  • The six Rangers had their helmets off as they sent the Bookala home from the grassy area of an industrial park, near what appeared to be a road.


  • Aisha called Goldar by name in front of Shawna.
  • Kim and Aisha assumed defensive stances to protect Shawna from Goldar.
  • With Shawna directly beside him, White Ranger said into his communicator, "Alpha, teleport Shawna home right away," to which Alpha replied, "Teleportation initiated, Tommy."
  • Rescued by White Ranger, Shawna was teleported home after Kim, still in the Cave of Despair's forcefield, had told her she would be okay; the Pink Ranger then joined the others in the fight against the Jaws of Destruction in the park.


  • Amongst a crowd of people following the Rangers' defeat of a group of aquatic monsters, Billy said he'd seen enough fish to last him the rest of his life.


  • Young Bulk and Skull watched as a Ranger-colored multicolored ray shot from the eye on Photomare's chest and trapped the six kids in a photograph.


  • Goldar and Photomare cornered young Bulk and Skull, with Goldar demanding that they give him the photograph.
  • In front of young Bulk and Skull, Goldar called Alpha "Zordon's bucket of bolts."
  • Alpha teleported into the main hallway in Angel Grove High School in front of Mr. Caplan; Mr. Caplan said hello, then Alpha realized he'd teleported to the wrong hallway and vanished.
  • Alpha used a laser stun scanner to cause young Bulk and Skull to fall asleep and lose their recent memories.


  • When the teens teleported back to Australia after their adventure, a very wide shot of the area showed that the teens' incoming Teleportation streaks would have been quite visible from a distance.


  • The Wizard of Deception hypnotized Bulk and Skull and told them to retrieve a sample of Tommy's hair so that the wizard could clone him.


  • In 1790's Angel Grove, the five teens told local teenager Marissa their first names, and Billy told her everything about them, including their identities as Power Rangers from the future Angel Grove.
  • Marissa listened as Billy tried to contact Zordon and Alpha (by name) over his communicator.
  • Marissa also heard the teens anticipate someone with the name "Tommy" coming to save them.
  • Billy tried to explain the situation to the British soldiers apparently protecting Angel Grove Township; whatever it was that he told them, Skull's ancestor, the leader of the regiment, didn't believe the story.
  • White Ranger swirled into existence in front of a crowd of citizens and redcoats in 1790's Angel Grove, after which Kim audibly called him "Tommy."
  • In their conversation amidst a crowd of onlookers in 1790's Angel Grove, White and Green Rangers had the following conversation, after which Skull's ancestor told the Green Ranger he was always welcome to join his regiment:
    Green Ranger: "You said it yourself. Only one of us can exist in the same time."
    White Ranger: "Zordon will think of something."
    Green Ranger: "There's no place for me there. Let me stay here where I can do some good for a change."


  • Rita now knew the identities of the three new Rangers as well.


  • During a book fair in the main hall, Billy, Adam, and Aisha stood in the alcove just to the west of the staircase in the main hall at school while Billy and then Adam tried to contact the others on their communicators; when they got no response, the three teleported from the alcove; both actions would have been quite visible to anyone at the book fair facing in that direction.


  • While Bulk and Skull watched the fight of three Rangers against Turkeyjerk from a tree within earshot, Yellow Ranger loudly called Blue Ranger "Billy," then called Black Ranger "Adam" in a more conversational tone, after which Blue Ranger later called Black Ranger "Adam" in a bit louder than conversational tone, and finally Blue Ranger fairly loudly called Yellow Ranger "Aisha."


  • The six teens attempted to teleport from the Youth Center's locker hall; five of them did so, but Kim unexpectedly remained behind, and a multicolored energy tunnel, a time hole, opened up in the lockers behind her and sucked her in.
  • Kim told the wild west teens in 1880 all about the Rangers and the monsters they fought.


  • After the Putties had been terrorizing 1880's Angel Grove and then Goldar and Needlenose had arrived, Kim morphed in the middle of what may have been old west Angel Grove's main street, but no witnesses were visible.
  • Kim and the wild west teens morphed on what may have been 1880's Angel Grove's main street; at the time, the White Stranger was watching them, and more citizens of the town may have been watching as well.


  • In art class, Bulk and Skull unveiled the statue Violet had made for them; they were shocked to discover that she'd made the (roughly foot-tall statue) of Billy wearing a gold Power Ranger suit without a helmet; Violet explained that she'd thought Bulk and Skull would want a statue that illustrated the qualities it took to be a Power Ranger, adding dreamily that if anyone had them it was Billy; Bulk replied that Billy as a Power Ranger was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard in his life.


  • Two girls were sitting at the table directly behind Billy during the five teens' discussion during which Billy said he'd installed new chips in the communicators and had heard that Alpha sounded sad, the teens wondered whether robots could get sad or lonely, then the teens agreeing that Alpha was more than a robot to them and that they should visit Alpha.
  • All of the Rangers but Kim (who was at home sick) revealed their helmets and told Dex and his three friends their first names, once Dex and the friends had shown their faces.


  • Rito watched the teens morph into Rangers.


  • Some time after ejecting from the self-destructing Thunderzords and demorphing, the teens walked through the wreckage of the Zords.


  • Five of the teens, with Kim absent, teleported from Miss Appleby's empty classroom with the door open.


  • Bulk, Skull and Ko were all somewhere in the area when the teens morphed into Ninja Rangers and fought the Tengas.
  • Lanterra was created from a lantern quite similar to the family lantern Adam had just inherited.


  • Just after Rocky had left the area, the Red Ninja Ranger arrived to protect Mr. Wilton from the Tengas.
  • Kim loudly ninja-morphed while in the Youth Center's locker hall.
  • White Ranger called Mr. Wilton by name.


  • Bulk and Skull, Alan, and Joe Haley were turned into footballs by Centiback, leaving them unaware of the well-being of Rocky, the last person remaining; when they were all restored, they probably briefly saw Red Ranger and Ninjor fighting Centiback before being teleported together back to the football field.


  • The five teens, with Kim absent, ninja-morphed while in the parking lot of the busy Angel Grove Museum; after they'd fought a flock of Tengas, they then demorphed in the parking lot.
  • With Azina standing beside her, Kim said in reference to the Face Stealer that learning about other cultures was great, but that sometimes reading about it was better than living it; she then made a face and looked up at Azina.


  • Aisha's grandmother heard Aisha's communicator going off; Aisha told her that it was her alarm, reminding her of a meeting she'd forgotten about.
  • The teens morphed in the doorway of the Youth Center's locker hall.


  • Aisha ninja-morphed loudly in the back room of the animal shelter where Dr. Wheeler worked.
  • While Kat stood near her within view from houses on a residential street, Rita used a red beam from her wand to transform a garbage bin into a black Mustang convertible.
  • The five teens, with Tommy absent, teleported from the Youth Center's locker hall.


  • Billy and Adam morphed in a residential area, then fought the cat monster there.
  • When the six Rangers jumped down from the Ninja Megafalconzord and landed demorphed in the park, they landed fairly close to and within view of Kat.


  • Bulk and Skull were running with Kat running a medium distance behind them, then she stopped and teleported away, and then Bulk and Skull were then weirded out by turning around to see she was gone, reacting as though they had seen her teleport; they then passed out.


  • The five teens, with Kim absent, morphed in the Youth Center's locker hall.
  • On his, Bulk's, and Lt. Stone's monster stakeout, Skull picked up P.C. (secretly Kat's feline form) when the cat walked by, and he then put her down when Bulk told him to do so; P.C. went around to the other side of the nearby bush and transformed into Kat, then walked by after saying hi to Skull; Skull was weirded out by something after Kat had left; he seemed to have seen Kat's eyes flash red, and he may have suspected that the cat had turned into her.


  • Coach Schmidt heard Kim's communicator beep two separate times.


  • Kim spent an indeterminate number of days being monitored at the hospital after collapsing during gymnastics practice, presumably as a result of the power drain she had been experiencing without a Power Coin.
  • As Rocky, Adam, and Aisha began to ninja-morph on the side of a public street, someone walked by the open doorway of a building across the street.
  • The five Ninja Rangers demorphed beside a public street after fighting Rito and the Tengas until the villains retreated.
  • Kat had known all along that the teens were the Rangers.
  • After Garbage Mouth and Tengas had captured Kat from them, the five teens morphed on the sidewalk between the hospital and its parking lot, with an enormous wall of windows facing them; the odds of someone watching the morph are tremendously high.
  • Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone emerged from the hospital and saw the five Rangers (no Pink) fighting Tengas as Kat was being restrained by Garbage Mouth; they quickly fled the scene.


  • The six teens teleported from the Youth Center's locker hall.
  • After the elves at Santa's workshop had tied up Goldar, Rito, and the Tengas, Tommy, with Santa and the elves listening, talked to Alpha on his communicator to get him to teleport the goons away.
  • Santa told the teens (calling them "Power Rangers") that Christmas was saved thanks to them; he said they'd done a lot of good in their lives, but he thought they'd made more people happy that day than ever before.
  • Santa knew Billy's name.


  • The same day that Tommy suffered from uncharacteristic cravings for junk food, the Rangers fought Ravenator, an eating-themed monster.
  • Kat ninja-morphed to fight Tengas in the middle of a residential area.
  • The five teens, with Tommy not with them, teleported from the Youth Center's locker hall.
  • The six teens morphed while in a spot most likely visible from the ice cream truck from which they'd just bought an enormous sundae.


  • Kat ninja-morphed while within sight of at least one house.
  • The five teens, with Kat absent, ninja-morphed in the alcove of flower bushes off to the side of the outdoor cafe.


  • Kat's chimp Kelly watched Kat, Aisha, Billy, and Tommy ninja-morph.
  • As Sinister Simian, Kelly seemed to recognize morphed Kat's voice.


  • Master Vile knew the teens identities by this point, as he was spying on Tommy, Kat, and Aisha from afar.
  • Master Vile unleashed the singing-related Dischordia at the same time as Kat and Aisha were preparing to participate in Angel Grove High's school song contest.
  • Dischordia had been screaming in off-key singing outside Aisha's house, getting Kat and Aisha's attention to make them come outside, most likely drawing the attention of neighbors; once outside in Aisha's front lawn to confront Dischordia, the two girls morphed.


  • As the six teens were among the people at the carnival watching the beam from the Orb of Doom project into the sky, Bulk and Skull stood directly behind them for the following dialogue:
    Aisha: "We can't just let this happen! We've got to do something!"
    Kat: "Maybe we should call the Command Center."
    Tommy: "No, we can't leave everyone here!"
    Bulk (to Skull): "Well, I've seen enough. How about you?"
    Skull: "Yeah, let's get something to eat."
  • After the Orb of Doom had turned back time, the six Ranger kids remained in the carnival as everyone else ran screaming from Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito.


  • Young Bulk and Skull listened as young Billy theorized that the six kids' memory retention was due to the Power Coins.
  • Young Tommy called Rito by name when the villain confronted the six kids and Bulk and Skull.
  • Young Bulk and Skull heard as Rito told the six kids to hand over the Power Coins.
  • After Rocky and Aisha had determined that it was necessary, young Billy told two police officers, with young Bulk and Skull for certain listening, "I know you've never heard of us, but we're the Power Rangers, and without us, the Earth is in great danger."; the officers took the four kids in anyway.


  • Young Bulk and Skull walked up behind young Billy after Alpha had said from the communicator disc in Billy's hand that the Alien Rangers would be there soon; Billy pretended to be giving the kids a lesson about light and prism effects in the disc.
  • The unmorphed Aquitian Rangers and Earth Ranger kids met each other, learning each other's identities.
  • After the Aquitian Rangers' victory using the Battle Borgs and Shogun Megazord, young Bulk told a reporter on a live TV broadcast that they'd seen the superheroes who'd saved the city, and young Skull told her that the superheroes were aliens who had come from the sky; apparently the two had stuck around long enough to see the Aquitian Rangers' arrival soon after Goldar, Rito, and the Tengas had confronted the six kids and the kids had defended themselves by throwing beach toys at the goons.


  • A crowd of people in the park watched the unmorphed Aquitian Rangers fly into the pond of the fountain and swirl with energy as they rehydrated; later, Billy (normal age) seemed to materialize in the park within view of the crowd of people, and he then told the Aquitians his name and told them about a monster, all in front of the crowd; he stood with the crowd as the Aquitians morphed and fought the Tengas and Slotsky.
  • The unmorphed Aquitian Rangers attended a ceremony in their honor as Mayor Carrington presented them with the Golden Star medals for bravery; the media covered the ceremony.


  • The five kids accompanied the unmorphed Aquitian Rangers at the lake, buying them ice cream from an ice cream truck and taking them for a walk.


  • After Bratboy had thrown Billy into a shallow pool in the water park, the five kids ran up to Billy, and the six then confronted Bratboy in the water park.


  • Billy accompanied the Aquitians to the Angel Grove Aquarium, where young Bulk and Skull recognized Billy as "the old guy from the water park"; he told Bulk and Skull that the Aquitians were busy.
  • Young Bulk and Skull watched Cestro simultaneously morph and teleport from the aquarium.
  • In front of young Bulk and Skull, Billy told the four Aquitians that their "friend" needed their help, evidently making an effort not to mention Cestro's name.
  • Young Bulk and Skull watched the four other Aquitian Rangers morph and teleport, leaving only Billy behind.
  • In what appeared to be Mexico's past, the people of Pablo's village, except for Pablo, watched young Rocky hold out his subcrystal and fly up into a dark blue portal.


  • In Korea, presumably some time in Korea's past, the wise man Kai-Ogi seemed to have known Adam's name ahead of time; he was able to sense within Adam the spirit of the frog.
  • Kai-Ogi was with young Adam as he retrieved the green Zeo Subcrystal.
  • Kai-Ogi watched young Adam fly up into the portal with his subcrystal.


  • Near a Native American tribe in an unknown time period, True of Heart knew young Tommy's name.
  • True of Heart learned (or already knew) that young Tommy sought the Red Zeo Subcrystal; on a wall painting illustrating Tommy's quest was a drawing of Zeo Ranger Five's helmet, as well as arrows flying between it and Lord Zedd's staff.


  • Ashalla knew of young Aisha's sending young Tanya back in her place with the yellow subcrystal; exactly how much she knew is unknown.


  • While the four guys walked directly by a table of people at the outdoor cafe, Tommy talked about never thinking he'd miss Rita and Zedd's Tengas.


  • Tanya answered her communicator and morphed in what appeared to be the alcove of the resource center near its entrance, which would have made her actions visible to anyone in or entering the resource center.
  • The five teens used their communicators in and teleported from the Youth Center's new southwest hall, which appeared to be just as open and visible as the other halls used in the past.


  • Silo's body looked exactly like the robot fighters in the computer game Rocky and Jennifer were designing at the time Cogs were finishing up Silo's construction.
  • The Machine Empire probably discovered the Rangers' identities when Adam and Rocky morphed outside when Cogs attacked them to steal Rocky's password for the computer program to be used for Silo's programming; Mondo would know the teens' identities in the next episode.
  • The five teens morphed in the Youth Center's southwest hall.


  • To fight Cogs and Boohoo the Clown, the five teens morphed in front of what looked like an office building (perhaps a part of Angel Grove High), inside of which were people at the time.
  • Baby Joey was teleported from a long fall into the Power Chamber, where he was soon shown being held by Billy.


  • Rocky kept his Zeonizer in his bookbag and left the pouch of the bookbag hanging open so that the Zeonizer was visible while he, Adam, and Shawn were to practice batting at the batting cages; Shawn soon left after realizing he'd forgotten his batting glove.


  • Smokey the rescue dog watched Kat morph into Zeo Ranger One.


  • A Cog told the Captain Pete show audience, containing children, parents, and Tommy, Kat, and Rocky, "You will soon bow down to the Machine Empire, Power Rangers."
  • While the kids in the audience were trashing the Youth Center under the effects of evil Puppetman's magic, Tommy, Kat, and Rocky called the Power Chamber from the southwest hall.
  • During the chaos in the Youth Center of the rioting kids, Adam and Tanya teleported into the southwest hall to join the others, and the five teens then morphed.


  • Tommy, Adam, and Billy went into the Youth Center's southwest doorway to answer their communicators; Billy teleported from the location, and then Tommy and Adam morphed from there right afterward.


  • Cestro told Bulk and Skull that he was Cestro of Aquitar and that the fate of a world depended on his finding a human named Billy.
  • Bulk and Skull heard Cestro's name, that Billy and Cestro knew each other, that Billy's great intelligence was known on Aquitar, and that Aquitar was in terrible trouble.


  • Rocky and Adam morphed outside where people had been seen walking by in the distance moments earlier.


  • The restrained, costumed Skull was facing in Adam's direction when Adam flipped through the air and morphed into Zeo Ranger Four; prior to Skull's being restrained by Cogs, Adam had been in the distance running toward Skull calling out to get his attention, but Skull hadn't seemed to notice; immediately after Adam had morphed, he fought the Cogs off of Skull, allowing Skull to escape.
  • Adam's aforementioned morph also occurred in front of the wall of windows of the Angel Grove Symphony Hall.
  • As the four other Rangers rode up on the Zeo Jet Cycles to help, Zeo Ranger Five called out, "Hang on, Adam!" while Skull watched the fight from the bushes nearby.


  • Kat, Adam, and Rocky morphed in front of a large building with windows, by which were several parking lots.


  • Kat was in the foreground of a news camera at Angel Grove Pines as she watched Cogs in concern and then followed them.
  • Kat somehow got through the crowd of people waiting for the ski lifts and was the only person in the lift right behind the Cogs'.


  • Tommy, Kat, and Billy checked out of their ski resort, and Tommy told Heather that he couldn't tell her their reason for leaving.


  • When Kat and Tanya were walking down a sidewalk, Defoliator confronted them; as people ran screaming in all directions, Defoliator declared, "Well, two little Ranger girls"; with the girls facing Defoliator, Tanya shouted loudly and confrontationally as people continued to run between the girls and the monster, "Defoliator! I thought we got rid of you for good!"; the girls then morphed into Zeo Rangers (but by this point no more people could be seen running by).
  • Rocky and Adam took Tommy away from his date with Heather, and the three then rushed out, just before Zeo Rangers Three, Four, and Five joined Two and One in battle against Defoliator.


  • When Tommy was having great difficulty mentally controlling the Red Battlezord, Sam Trueheart appeared in an image beyond the Battlezord cockpit; he addressed Zeo Ranger Five as "Tommy."


  • Ernie walked into the Juice Bar just as Tanya, Kat, and Rocky were heading toward the western entrance (to answer their communicator call), after which they suddenly froze and tried to act nonchalant.
  • The three teens answered the communicator in and morphed from the Juice Bar's western entrance.
  • In the middle of his quest to follow David and the falcon, Tommy morphed from the desert; David wasn't seen in the area at the time.


  • After Zeo Ranger Five had teleported himself and David to another part of the desert, David was upset, figuring Tommy must have been kidnapped as well; he was shocked when Zeo Ranger Five removed his helmet to reveal that he was Tommy.
  • At the Juice Bar with Tommy, David figured out that the other teens (with Billy included in the group) were Rangers as well as the four teens and Billy sat at a table nearby.


  • When Rocky's communicator went off after a brief whine sound came from nearby, Rocky left Penny, who was blind, sitting on a bench while he left to answer his communicator, telling her he'd go check on both noises.
  • Rocky took a few steps away from Penny and then noisily scurried the rest of the way to hide behind a waist-high brick wall about fifteen to twenty feet away.
  • Perhaps within earshot of Penny, Rocky spoke, rather than whispered, with Zordon on his communicator.
  • Still crouching behind the wall, Rocky quietly called and summoned his Zeonizers, then he quietly and gently brought his Zeonizers together; his generic morph scene contained his normal loud yell of, "Zeo Ranger Three, Blue."
  • Before Penny, soon walking near the Rangers, recognized Zeo Ranger Three's voice as belonging to Rocky, the Rangers were having the following conversation about Defector:
    Kat: "Do you think that robot could be telling the truth?"
    Adam: "One of King Mondo's robots, good? I don't think so."
    Rocky: "I dunno. The creature really didn't seem to want to fight us."
  • After Penny had recognized Rocky's voice, the following scene ensued:
    Penny: "Rocky, is that you?"
    Rocky: "Oh no, Penny..."
    Penny: "What's going on? Who are you with?"
    Kat: "You'd better go talk to her, Rocky. We'll cover for you."
    Rocky: "Thanks. (trots over to Penny, demorphing in a public area as he does so) Yeah, it's me, I'm here. Right here."
    - the other Rangers jog over
    Rocky: "I'm, uh, I'm with, uh, the Power Rangers!"
    Tanya: "Did either of you notice anything strange around here?"
    Penny: "If you mean something really big jumping off the roof and running away, it went that way."
    Tanya: "Great, thanks."
  • If Penny recognized morphed Rocky's voice, she probably also recognized Zeo Ranger Two's voice as belonging to Tanya, whom she had met the previous day.
  • When Billy asked Rocky and Penny about their meeting the Power Rangers, Tanya remarked that she'd heard Yellow (Zeo Ranger Two) was coolest; Kat said pink was such a great color, and Adam asked, "Pink? What about green?"; Tommy chuckled from nearby.
  • Penny eventually heard the voices of all five Rangers and all five teens (though only a chuckle from Tommy).


  • Tommy, Kat, and Rocky morphed in the middle of a residential street after Sprocket's Toy robot had shot an energy blast at them.


  • Tanya wore her communicator all throughout her "Stick Together" music video.


  • Decades in the future, elderly Tommy's story to his grandson was about the evil King Mondo's trying to ruin Christmas for the Power Rangers (who remained unmorphed throughout the story).
  • In front of Raymond, the five teens had confronted Prince Sprocket, telling the "gear head" to back off when he appeared in the Youth Center.
  • Elderly Tommy's story mentioned Zordon and Alpha by name.
  • When his communicator went off, Tommy and Kat's Ranger grandson told his grandparents and little brother that there was something he had to take care of; his little brother didn't seem to know about his identity, but whether he'd intended to hide his identity from his grandparents as well is unknown; also unknown is whether he knew that his grandparents had been Rangers.


  • Tanya, Rocky, and Adam morphed while Gold Ranger was fighting Cogs nearby.


  • Morphed Tommy told Gold Ranger his own name and asked for his in return, but Gold Ranger couldn't.


  • It's unknown whether Delphine and Cestro had known Gold Ranger's identity prior to his involuntary demorphing in their chamber on Aquitar.


  • The five teens morphed in the southwest doorway of the Youth Center.
  • In the detective agency after Jason's communicator had accidentally fallen into Bulk and Skull's bag at the Youth Center, Jason's communicator was on the table in front of Skull; when it kept beeping, Bulk tried to answer the phone, and Skull appeared to casually stop the beeping by turning something on the communicator.
  • When asked about the communicator, Skull told Bulk it was Jason's bracelet that had apparently fallen into his bag; Bulk told him to take it back.
  • The communicator teleported away with gold energy as Bulk and Skull were both holding it; Bulk was upset about the communicator's vanishing, but Skull silenced him simply by inserting a spoonful of Burble Baby Food into Bulk's mouth.


  • When Emily found Louie Kaboom's remote control in the sand, Louie told her he'd take that; when Louie turned Emily's necklace into the Tough Tusks monster, Jason told Emily to run and that he'd take care of Louie and Tough Tusks and then meet up with her later; she ran off and apparently hid behind a rock formation while Jason flipped onto the other side of another rock formation, placing himself out of Emily's view to morph.
  • Jason gave Emily back her necklace later that day, after Tough Tusks had been destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord.


  • Stenchy was a skunk monster, based on the skunk mascot for the fashion show Rocky, Jason, and Skull were in.
  • When morphed Jason was flipped onto his back by the Stenchy monster at the beach club, Emily cried out, "Gold Ranger!"; he told her to get the monster's attention, and she did so, calling the monster over to herself, at which point Gold Ranger sent the monster flying with a surprise kick; Jason then congratulated Emily on the nice work but said that she'd better go now and that he'd take over from there; she smiled and rushed off.


  • After Tanya had rescued her long-lost parents from a trap on Mysterio Island, it's unknown how Tanya explained her arrival on Mysterio Island, as well as how she and her parents got back to Angel Grove.


  • On the same day as Kat and Tanya's ballet about the legend of King Midas, Bulk and Skull found the Midas Hound, which turned things into gold, and the Rangers fought the Midas Monster.
  • When the Midas Hound started going out of control, Bulk and Skull ran to the Juice Bar and stammered right next to Adam and Kat about the dog's turning everything to gold, with Skull talking directly to Kat.
  • After Jason had briefly looked around and declared that the coast was clear, Tommy, Jason, Tanya, and Rocky proceeded to morph in the parking lot beside the Youth Center, where quite a few people had been seen walking by moments earlier.


  • The Impursonator monster looked just like the purse from which it had been created, the purse that Kat had made for her art class.


  • When Cogs attacked the beach club's luau, he six teens directed everyone away from the area (with Jason guiding Emily away).


  • When Jason stumbled into the Youth Center and collapsed, the teens took Jason away rather than letting Ernie call an ambulance.


  • Justin was listening from under Rocky's bed when Zordon told the teens over the communicator, calling them Rangers, to come to the Power Chamber, as a powerful wizard (Lerigot) had come to Earth and might be in danger; Justin heard the teens call Zordon by name, then watched as the four teens teleported from the room.
  • Crawling out from under the bed and surprising Rocky, Justin assumed that Rocky was a Ranger as well, even though Rocky could merely have been a non-Ranger who knew the Rangers' identities.
  • Divatox's sensors told her that Jason and Kimberly were once one of Zordon's "Power Rangers," a title which she said mockingly after struggling to remember it.
  • Brain-scrambled Bulk and Skull may have heard Kim, in the bilge adjoining their cell, wishing that she and Jason could morph.
  • Justin said his dad would be so proud of his becoming a Ranger, and he then mentioned the kids at the shelter; Kat started to protest, but Justin recited what he called the Rangers' code of honor: "I know, I know. It's for me to know and them to find out."
  • Justin still didn't seem to understand the concept of a secret identity, as the point of one was for people not to find out; he did, however, tell Kat that he wouldn't tell anybody.
  • Divatox referred to morphed Justin as "Power Boy"; apparently at some point on the voyage to Muiranthias she had discovered the Rangers' identities.
  • Jason, Kim, the Liarians, and Bulk and Skull were brought into the Turbo Megazord cockpit; while Bulk and Skull weren't looking, Jason and Kim immediately went to morphed Tommy, and Jason hugged him and then Kim.
  • After turning around and seeing the Liarians, Kim, and Jason standing with the Red Turbo Ranger, Bulk and Skull started dancing, then fell down and passed out, apparently having bumped heads while dancing.


  • Riding up to the other teens in the botanical gardens, Justin excitedly asked what he'd missed; he asked if they'd told Rocky about the Putrapods yet, then shadow-sparred with people nearby while he recalled, "Our backs were up against the wall, and I threw a front kick and a side kick..."
  • Bulk and Skull heard Justin refer to Elgar by name.
  • When confronted by Justin, Elgar knew he was a Ranger.


  • When the graduating three teens noticed that Justin was late, Adam left the ceremony to call Zordon; after learning that Justin was supposed to call if there had been trouble, Adam soon called Kat and Tanya away as well, and they rushed off to take care of an emergency, as they told Mr. Caplan.
  • Tommy morphed while in view of a public road near the race track.


  • Dimitria knew Tommy's name (and presumably the other teens' as well) upon first arriving on Earth.


  • Adam, Tanya, and Kat tried to morph in a construction site that was quite visible from nearby streets and buildings, but in the middle of their morphs, the Chromite stole their powers to create the Shadow Rangers, which then fought and captured the three teens.


  • Tanya, a deejay at KAGV, made the following dedication on the radio: "I've got a dedication here, guys and gals. This next song goes out to the Power Rangers. I sure hope they're listening. It's a special request called (deeper and more clearly) 'I need you now!' Power Rangers, if you're out there, I really think this one's the bomb!"


  • Just as it was time for all the racers in the Angel Grove Derby to come to the starting line, Justin told fellow driver Warren there was something he needed to do and then rushed off with the other teens, at which point the Power Rangers then confronted giant Porto; the five teens returned immediately after Porto had vanished.


  • When Adam's and/or Tanya's communicator went off, the guy with whom Adam and Tanya had been talking looked at and tapped his watch, at which point the two Ranger teens left.
  • On a residential street, Tommy used his Turbo Navigator to try to hunt down a detonator, then stopped his search to morph on the sidewalk.


  • The chimps were in the Racing Technologies garage as the four teens prepared a surprise party for Justin; in theory, the teens might have been less protective of their secret identities while only in the company of chimps.
  • After the four teens had gone outside to help Lt. Stone put something in his car, then teleported away on Ranger business, Bulk and Skull knew that everyone was gone, and they began to play; during this commotion, Bulk called himself a "power primate."


  • When Piranhatron attacked the car wash outside the Youth Center, Adam remained while everyone else ran inside.
  • After Lt. Stone had run inside and frantically told Tanya, Kat, and Justin there were monsters (Piranhatron) in the parking lot, the three teens ran outside, where they fought the Piranhatron.
  • After the fight was over, the girls teleported away with Justin; Adam stayed behind, and after one more Piranhatron had appeared, he defeated it and then morphed.


  • Adam, Justin, and Kat fought Piranhatrons in the middle of a residential street.
  • Morphed Justin spoke in Mr. Peabody's presence, but he didn't make any particular reaction to the Blue Ranger's childlike voice.
  • Morphed Tommy called Green Ranger "Adam" in Mr. Peabody's presence, but Mr. Peabody then told the Rangers that Adam wouldn't like that they'd destroyed what Adam had been looking for to take home (the detonator the teens had been searching for).


  • Kat wore her communicator during her performance as Clara in the Nutcracker ballet.


  • As it seemed Reggie was about to beat him up in the hallway at school, Justin reached into his back pocket and pulled out his Turbo Key, flipping out its blade and causing it to glow with blue light behind his back.
  • Looking up at the tree Justin was in, right above him, Reggie asked, "Hey, brain, you hidin' up there? You can't stay up in that tree forever."; Justin could only be seen as a dark area behind the leaves of the tree; Reggie then called out, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
  • In the tree, a small branch beneath Justin's foot broke, and as Justin cried out in surprise mid-fall, he teleported in a bright blue flash of light directly above Reggie.
  • As the branch landed by Reggie, he called Junior over and inspected the branch, looked up, and then frustratedly patted Junior's stomach with the back of his hand, telling him, "Let's go."
  • Justin told Kat he was pretty sure they hadn't seen him teleport.


  • When Piranhatrons arrived at the soccer field, Adam urged everyone to leave the area, and as he fought the Piranhatron, Carlos and Ashley remained to help fight.
  • Once the Piranhatron were gone, Adam sent Carlos and Ashley home in case the Piranhatron came back, saying they should also rest up for the game tomorrow.


  • Tanya and Kat fought Piranhatrons, with Elgar nearby, in front of the audition building from which a crowd had been released recently; Blue Senturion soon joined in on the fight.
  • When the Rangers barged into the audition hall in the middle of an audition, Green Ranger loudly called Pink Ranger "Kat" in front of the entire audience.
  • After Pink Ranger had run outside and thrown the detonator into the sky, unmorphed Kat entered the audition hall as the other four Rangers exited past her.


  • Divatox had Elgar take a school of Piranhatron to confront Adam and Justin at Angel Grove Cleanup Week, knowing they wouldn't be able to morph in public.
  • Confronting Adam and Justin, Elgar made subtle hints but didn't reveal the teens' identities.
  • Adam fought Elgar and Piranhatrons while Justin and the other kids of his team watched.
  • During the fight, Elgar quietly remarked to Adam that it was tough when he couldn't whip out the old Morpher.
  • When Blue Senturion was out of control in the park, the five teens struggled to restrain him as a number of bystanders watched intently; when the officer said he was going to self-destruct, everyone but the teens fled the area.
  • Morphed Justin spoke in the presence of Lt. Stone and the chimps, talking directly to Lt. Stone; they made no particular reaction to his childlike voice.
  • Blue Ranger later spoke to the chimps; they heard him but made no mention of his childlike voice.


  • T.J. and Cassie watched as unmorphed Kat fought Piranhatrons in a field.


  • Blue Ranger spoke in the presence of T.J. and Cassie, but they made no mention of his childlike voice.
  • Morphed Justin pretended not to know Kat's name in T.J.'s and Cassie's presence.
  • As the Rangers helped evacuate the city during giant Flamite's attack, morphed Adam asked Carlos, who was helping with the evacuation, to help the Rangers and make sure everyone got to safety, calling Carlos by name.
  • T.J. and Cassie followed the Putrapod's tracks and a howling sound into a cave, where they discovered Tommy hanging over a vortex.
  • T.J. and Cassie heard a whooshing sound as Tommy apparently teleported from nearby in the woods after thanking them.


  • Divatox spied on Cassie and Ashley with her periscope, knowing the new teens' identities.
  • With people rushing past her to flee from the psychotic Blue Senturion, Ashley asked Blue Senturion by name what he was doing with that jacket on.
  • The five teens morphed in a public plaza where Blue Senturion had been on a rampage for a while.


  • Bulk and Skull fell into the wet cement behind them when unmorphed T.J. raced by in Lightning Cruiser, which soon took off; it's unknown whether they saw that it was T.J. driving the car, or whether they saw the car lift off.


  • As Justin and Carlos walked through Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor, a guy was walking nearby, headed the other way, when Justin told Carlos, "You know, for a while there, I forgot I was a Power Ranger."


  • Morphed Justin conversed with morphed Cassie in the company of citizens outside the bank, but they made no particular reaction to his childlike voice.
  • In the woods, Nico heard Justin's communicator go off, and Justin said it was his watch and that Nico had to go home now, but Nico said he had permission to stay out late.
  • After knocking down the Piranhatron holding him, catching Nico's attention, Justin shrugged to Nico and told him the creature had tripped.
  • Justin had Nico run while he stayed to fight Piranhatrons.
  • Helping Blue Ranger fight Piranhatrons after Nico had been recaptured and then freed by Phantom, Pink Ranger called Nico by name.
  • When the Rangers were pleased to discover that Phantom's ship hadn't been destroyed, morphed Justin exclaimed, "Yeah!" causing Nico to look at Blue Ranger suspiciously; Justin then corrected himself by saying, "I mean, good job," but immediately after Justin's, "Yeah," T.J. had also said, "Yeah!"
  • None of the kids at soccer but Justin would believe that the Power Rangers had saved Nico.


  • T.J., Carlos, Justin, and Nico played basketball with some other guys when everyone but the Ranger teens vanished, thanks to Translucitor.
  • With the Ranger teens apparently still visible to all the invisible people, Justin exclaimed, "Divatox!" and then pulled a Turbo Navigator out of his bookbag before the bags vanished.
  • Next, Translucitor made the Youth Center and all the people inside but Cassie and Ashley vanish.
  • The five teens teleported from what would have been the parking lot of the Youth Center, where many invisible people may have seen them.
  • The teens teleported from the Power Chamber's location to the shore of Angel Grove lake, where many invisible people may have seen them; they then morphed to fight invisible Piranhatron and were helped by Phantom Ranger.


  • In Cassie's locker at Angel Grove High was a black card in a black envelope; the words "Meet me at Angel Grove Park / A Friend" appeared in white writing on the card; she assumed it had been sent by the Phantom and was soon in the park to meet him.
  • Since General Havoc, who ambushed Cassie disguised as the Phantom, had presumably sent Cassie the note luring her to the park, he had to have known not only her secret identity, but also that she was interested in the Phantom Ranger.
  • In the Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull tried to convince T.J., Carlos, and Ashley to wear Turbo Ranger costumes for their monster tour.
  • Bulk said Justin was too short to be a Ranger, and Skull pointed at Justin and laughed a falsetto teasing laugh.
  • Sending a transmission to the Power Chamber, Havoc conversed with the unmorphed teens, showing them Cassie lying unconscious on a table in the Cirrus Dimension with him, saying a pinch of Narvanian dust would turn Cassie to stone forever.
  • Phantom Ranger knew Cassie's name (even though Havoc hadn't said it in his transmission to the Power Chamber) and saw the stone shape of her unmorphed form.
  • The five teens morphed in front of General Havoc.


  • Phantom Ranger spoke with the five unmorphed teens in the Power Chamber.


  • Ashley (secretly a robot) hit tennis balls so hard that she mangled her tennis racket during her practice while Bulk and Skull watched, with Skull videotaping her.
  • After a monster alert siren had gone off in Angel Grove, the Rangers were demorphed during their battle with Voltmeister in the park; it seems that someone had to have been watching the battle for the alert siren to have been sounded.


  • Cassie and T.J. morphed while in plain view of a busy street nearby.
  • Blue Ranger spoke to Bulk and Skull, but they made no reaction to his childlike voice.


  • After Elgar and Piranhatrons had arrived, Skull hid inside the towtruck while Ashley fought the Piranhatrons and Elgar stole many parts from her car; meanwhile, Bulk was distracted under the car trying to attach the truck's chains.
  • Bulk and Skull drove Ashley to the Youth Center since her car had been demolished by Elgar; what she'd told them about her encounter with the Piranhatron is unknown.
  • Divatox used Maniac Mechanic, a mechanic monster, soon after Ashley and Carlos had begun taking an auto shop class.


  • T.J. morphed while Erutan watched from nearby; Erutan appeared shocked by the discovery.
  • T.J. demorphed almost immediately after Erutan had vanished upon blowing Lord Litter away.


  • Morphed Cassie tried to warn Crash about the villains around him, calling him by name without knowing he was a monster.


  • In an empty soccer field, unmorphed Carlos fought Piranhatron alongside the four other morphed Rangers in view of a house and a busy street through the trees.


  • At the lake, the teens confronted Mr. Goorific and the Piranhatron immediately after everyone else had run screaming.
  • Cassie morphed in front of her dog Jetson, but he may have been distracted by Goo at the time.
  • Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley answered their communicators and morphed in the Youth Center's southwestern hallway.


  • After being called on the communicators, Carlos and T.J. ran off in the middle of their rec baseball game, and the Green and Red Rangers then joined the other Rangers downtown to protect Storm Blaster.


  • Lt. Stone and others saw a superstrong Justin accidentally tear off the Youth Center's solid wooden double doors.
  • With the track team and coach watching, Justin leaped at least ten feet high into the air and just beyond the longjump sand area.
  • Justin took the shot-put from a guy whom the coach was showing how to use it.
  • Carlos, Cassie, some spectators, and the track team and coach watched Justin throw the shot-put across the field and then leap over the pole vault bar at its highest position, without a pole.
  • In the Youth Center, Justin easily popped open a jar of pickles that Lt. Stone had been struggling with.
  • Justin beat a arm-wrestling jock in the Youth Center and flipped him off to the side of the table in front of a crowd.
  • Running away after they'd been confronted by Piranhatron on a residential street, Justin's two track teammates looked back to see Justin keeping his ground against the Piranhatron.
  • Justin pulled out his key and tried to morph in the middle of the residential street, but his Morpher didn't appear.
  • In the street, Justin picked up a Piranhatron by the arm and flipped it around, bounced off Piranhatrons, and flicked and punted Piranhatrons through the air.
  • The other four teens teleported into the middle of the street after Justin's fight.


  • On his stakeout with Bulk and Skull in a residential area with the other teens secretly waiting nearby, T.J. had at all earlier points held his earpiece, apparently to disable it, while speaking with the other teens on the communicator, but when he exclaimed, "Piranhatrons?! What do they want?" he was not touching his earpiece.
  • The four teens fought Piranhatrons in the middle of the street to give T.J., Bulk, and Skull time to escape.
  • When Bulk and Skull's boss had brought two police officers to arrest Bulk and Skull in the Juice Bar, not believing their story that aliens had stolen their missing deliveries, the Turbo Rangers teleported into the Juice Bar for Red Ranger to clear their names and present the evil Zord remote created by Porto from the stolen parts; Red Ranger then personally thanked Bulk and Skull for helping to discover the thieves.
  • T.J. walked in immediately after the Rangers had teleported away, and Bulk told him he'd missed the Rangers' saving their jobs.


  • Walking through the desert, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons saw the Rangers streak overhead through the sky on their way to the Power Chamber and followed them over the horizon, finding the Power Chamber over a set of mountains.


  • As the guards were dragging Justin out of NASADA's mission control room, Justin got General Norquist's attention by shouting that he had a message from the Power Rangers.
  • Justin, dirty and wearing tattered clothes, told Norquist the Power Rangers needed his help, and after Norquist asked what they needed, Justin replied, "the space shuttle," causing the guards to chuckle.
  • Justin thought to whisper something into Norquist's ear, after which Norquist exclaimed, "Eltar!" and asked when the Rangers needed it; Justin replied right now, and Norquist accepted, causing his two fellow directors or scientists to look at each other, dumbfounded.
  • Soon afterward, Norquist told Justin that the shuttle was set to take the Rangers to Eltar, as Justin had requested.
  • The four unmorphed teens, dirty and wearing tattered clothes like Justin, with at least some of NASADA's staff knowing they were the Power Rangers, entered the shuttle's hangar with Alpha and then went into the shuttle using a gantryway; inside the hangar had been numerous cameras feeding into mission control.


  • On a planet where the Megaship had crashed, Red Ranger and the four ex-Turbo Ranger teens fought off the attacking Quantrons, and Red Ranger then demorphed into Andros to make some repairs to the Megaship's exterior.
  • Some time later, the four teens walked toward the shuttle after the Megaship had left, and they were then attacked by more Quantrons.
  • After the Quantrons had captured the four teens, Astronema, confronting them, remarked, "So, this is what Power Rangers look like after they lose their powers. Mm, a sorry sight."


  • Disregarding a change in voice alterations, the Blue Space Ranger would have had the Red Turbo Ranger's voice, the Black Space Ranger would have had the Green Turbo Ranger's voice, the female Space Rangers would have had the same voices as their Turbo Ranger counterparts, and the Red Space Ranger would have had a new voice.
  • The day after the Space Rangers had flown to NASADA in the Megashuttle, the teens, all wearing casual clothes and communicators matching their new Space Ranger colors, took Andros to the Surf Spot, apparently having spent weeks in space; this would be the first of many long trips in space, yet how the four Earthen teens explained their absences to their friends and family is unknown.
  • Andros, the new member of the teens' group of friends, wore a communicator as well, and had an odd name and long brown hair with blond streaks in it.
  • Andros, disturbed by Bulk hogging all the fries while only letting Skull have his own water, subtlely used telekinesis with two fingers to pour hot sauce into Bulk's milkshake while Bulk was reading the newspaper; Ashley was apparently the only person to notice.
  • As the teens bought computer components for the Megaship at Angel Grove Electronics, Andros waited outside with an AmScanner, and when the teens came out with the purchased parts, he told them they were being followed; after they'd ducked behind a corner and put down their items, Quantrons appeared in front of them and fought them in the town shopping area.
  • Fighting the Rangers in a field at NASADA, Ecliptor planned to destroy both the Rangers and the shuttle; choking Red Ranger, Ecliptor said that nothing could stop him, not Red Ranger, and not his "Earth-grown Rangers."


  • After being assisted by the Ninja Turtles, the Rangers teleported them to the Megaship, where they soon gave the Turtles a tour of the Megaship while unmorphed.


  • As the unmorphed teens prepared to leave Kalderon, Astronema, Quantrons, and Elgar confronted them before they morphed; this was the first time Astronema was shown seeing unmorphed Andros, whose hair looked just like her brother's in her picture of him in her locket (shown in 626-SOLk).


  • At the Surf Spot, Andros tried to eat a banana without peeling it, amusing a girl named Susie.
  • Helping Chuck get into a car Andros assumed belonged to Chuck, Andros, looking at the car door with the others probably not watching all that carefully, made a gesture with his fingers, unlocking the door with his telekinesis; when asked how he'd done that, Andros came up with the answer that you just had to know your cars.
  • Driving with the three thieves after they'd become friends and introduced themselves, Andros didn't know what gum was, swallowing a piece immediately, and Susie had to show him how to blow a bubble.
  • When the three thieves were later attacked by Voltage Hog after Andros had learned of their crimes and stormed off, Andros suddenly ran up and jump-kicked the monster in the back, then stood in front of the thieves, telling Voltage Hog he had to go through him to get to them.
  • When Voltage Hog charged Andros, he took a quick defensive stance and fought the monster.
  • As Chuck ran, David and Susie stayed to help; when Andros was sent spinning through the air and crashing into the ground, stunned and clutching his chest, David and Susie threw a tire and a bin at the monster, knocking him over, and the three retreated together.
  • As David and Susie kept running, Andros ducked into an alcove in the aisle of cars to morph once they were gone.


  • After losing her diary, Cassie worried that she might've put in a picture of her as the Pink Ranger; George and Lenny would use the found diary to blackmail Cassie into going on a date with Lenny, but they supposedly hadn't looked through it.
  • When Lenny was unconscious in a room with Cassie while the building was under attack, Cassie called and prepared to morph by calling out, "Let's ro--!", but she stopped suddenly when Lenny groaned and began to come to.
  • Later, trapped in Professor Phenomenus's plutonium room with Cassie, Lenny looked back while yelling for help and saw Cassie tremblingly holding her communicator.
  • Soon, as the reactor continued sparking, now leaking glowing blue gas, and as Lenny continued freaking out, Cassie, by herself, softly told him to get ready for the shock of his life; she began punching her morphing code into her Astro Morpher on her wrist, but the Megatank then burst in, and Cassie ran over to him, still wearing her Morpher, and excitedly told him it was the Power Rangers.
  • Lenny would be unconscious in the Megatank when Cassie got out with the two Rangers.
  • Beside the rubble of the skyscraper after giant Elephantitan had knocked it over, rubble from which Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus were emerging, Cassie met up with the four Rangers; she stood in front of the Rangers and angrily shouted up at the monster, "All right, you've caused me a lot of trouble!" then summoned her Morpher and morphed to give him some trouble in return.


  • In a plaza downtown after the Rangers had flown downtown and then demorphed somewhere, Cassie and Carlos conspicuously looked at AmScanners tucked inside their jackets while searching for the Craterites.
  • Soon, Ashley, T.J., and Andros wandered up to an industrial park, with Andros using an AmScanner.
  • As Andros, T.J., and Ashley stood in defensive stances in front of a van in which Ashley had found a tied-up worker who had been replaced by a Craterite, Andros remarked, "Of course! They took human form!" and T.J. said they could be all over the city; once Ashley said they were going to need some help as they untied the worker while the Craterites approached, Cassie and Carlos were called over the communicator, with their conversation (not shown) ending before the worker had run away with an appreciative nod.


  • As Ashley's grandmother, Mrs. Hammond, was feeling Carlos's arm, thinking he was Ashley's boyfriend, his communicator on his opposite arm went off with its warble sound, and she clamored to get a look at it.
  • Carlos suddenly said he was thirsty, so Ashley had her grandmother order some drinks while she and Carlos rushed off into a side hallway.
  • After the two teens had answered their call in the secluded hallway, Ashley called, "Let's do it!", and they were holding out their right arms in preparation to morph when Mrs. Hammond sweetly came in to ask what they wanted.
  • Soon, the two teens had somehow gotten away from Mrs. Hammond to morph and join the others.
  • Later in the day, the teens' communicators went off while they and Mrs. Hammond were watching Carlos's and Ashley's date in the Surf Spot; as the teens looked at their wrists, Mrs. Hammond asked, "What are those things?!" and wanted to see one.
  • As the five teens prepared to leave together, the ground suddenly rumbled, making people run from the Surf Spot; outside, mutant termites were attacking.
  • In the plaza, Ashley told her grandmother to go home at that she'd meet her later, but Mrs. Hammond, frightened, wouldn't go anywhere without her granddaughter; Andros told her it wasn't safe to stay, and Ashley led her grandmother away while the other teens rushed off in another direction.
  • The four teens ducked behind a corner where they morphed, but the corner behind them was actually the tinted window wall of a building.
  • Shortly, Ashley took her grandmother through a rubble-filled area where people were running in the opposite direction, and when her communicator went off, Ashley hung back for a second to answer it behind some rubble while her grandmother looked ahead.
  • After Alpha's call, Ashley told her grandmother to find a safe place while she went back, but Mrs. Hammond whined to come along.
  • A police officer told Ashley and Mrs. Hammond they needed to clear the area; Ashley left, telling her grandmother to go with the police, but Mrs. Hammond, thinking Ashley was in trouble, struggled with the officer and then flipped him onto the ground and drove off with his car, promising to bring it back.
  • Behind some rubble, Ashley looked around, morphed, and then ran off as Yellow Ranger to meet up with the others.
  • Speeding around the plaza in her stolen police car, Mrs. Hammond spotted the Yellow Ranger running in front of her path in the distance, and gasped, "Wow, it's the Yellow Power Ranger!"
  • Shouting after Mrs. Hammond's car after Termitus had blasted it and made it swerve out of control, Yellow Ranger cried out, "Oh no! Grandma!"
  • As the car continued to swerve, Yellow Ranger shouted, "Hit the brakes, grandma! Stop!"
  • After rolling over the car's hood to the driver's side window once the car had stopped, Yellow Ranger spoke, "Gran--! I mean, ma'am! Are you okay?"; Mrs. Hammond felt guilty for always messing things up even though she only wanted to help.
  • Her voice intonations sounding very much like Ashley, Yellow Ranger told Mrs. Hammond she hadn't messed things up, but rather she'd prevented the monster from having them for lunch; grateful for the compliment, Mrs. Hammond only wished her granddaughter felt that way.
  • Yellow Ranger told Mrs. Hammond, "I have a grandma just like you, and I just discovered I wouldn't want her any other way."; Mrs. Hammond, pleased, told Yellow Ranger to go on, as her friends needed her.
  • As Yellow Ranger ran off, Mrs. Hammond told her to tell her grandmother she was a lucky lady.
  • Returning to the battle, Yellow Ranger shouted to Termitus from some distance away, "You messed with my grandma, bug breath! Now you've gone too far!"


  • Darkonda saw T.J., Cassie, and Carlos unmorphed in their Megaship uniforms on a planet where Ecliptor was waiting to ambush them; after Carlos had been stung by a Barillian Bug, Darkonda would tell of the Black Ranger's being stung.
  • Soon, as unmorphed Andros and T.J. searched for the dead bug, Darkonda confronted them briefly.
  • Later in a hospital on KO-35 where morphed Andros and T.J. found the Barillian antidote, T.J. would speak Andros's name just before Darkonda attacked from nearby.
  • Andros called T.J. by name as he told him to escape with the antidote while he held Darkonda off.
  • After his monster was destroyed, Darkonda argued that he'd succeeded, as they'd won the knowledge that the Red Ranger was the only true Space Ranger; separate him from the others, and they'd fall apart.
  • Darkonda's revelation wasn't much of a revelation, as Astronema had seen the ex-Turbo teens in 602-FON2 before they'd been recruited by Andros, and Ecliptor had in 603-SOSh called the four Rangers "Earth-grown Rangers."
  • Astronema was nonetheless intrigued by Darkonda's plan, taking him aside for him to tell her about it.


  • During a fight in the Onyx Tavern with Darkonda, Andros's hood was pulled back, potentially exposing his identity to all of the saloon's evil patrons who had moments earlier heard that he was the Red Ranger.


  • Astronema had Body Switcher make her a Power Ranger, and he said that was an easy one and transformed her to look just like Ashley, even wearing duplicates of the clothes and communicator Ashley was wearing at the time.


  • As Silver Ranger ducked down behind a rock formation between himself and the other Rangers as they battled Crocotox at the beach, he suddenly demorphed with gold energy and ran off.
  • After the monster's destruction, the people on the beach, tending to each other, presumably nearby, were happy to find their sores and pain gone.
  • The Rangers looked for Silver Ranger, and unmorphed Zhane, in his black Megaship uniform, walked out and waved.
  • Carlos warned Zhane not to demorph there, as someone might see him.
  • Darkonda's image appeared above the five Rangers and the unmorphed Zhane to taunt them.
  • Later, when unmorphed Zhane teleported down to a beach on Dekata 5 in his black Megaship uniform, Ecliptor confronted him, laughing, "The legendary Silver Ranger lives."


  • While helping the Rangers fight Praying Mantis in a park plaza downtown, Zhane noticed patches of demorphed areas fading in and out on his suit, and he ran off so he wouldn't demorph in public.


  • Zhane, who would wear silver or gray civilian clothes, now hung out with the teens.


  • To try to prove the four teens' innocence after being captured by the KO-35 Rebels on Centaur B, T.J. declared that they were Power Rangers, surprising the crowd a bit.
  • Later, as he and Zhane removed their facemasks after raiding the Rebel compound to save the other teens from capital punishment, Andros declared they were Power Rangers, stunning the crowd.
  • When Yatru had Coralizer attack, guards freed the four teens, and Taikwa soon tossed them their confiscated Morphers, calling out Andros's and T.J.'s names; the five then morphed and left to fight the monster.
  • Kinwon, not having witnessed Andros and Zhane's earlier revelation of their identities, knew Silver Ranger was Zhane, calling him by name while only seeing him morphed.


  • While Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus watched nearby, Yellow Ranger loudly called out Carlos's name when Black Ranger was knocked down.


  • One day, the five teens were in the Surf Spot, and as Adelle served them fries and burgers, she remarked that she'd thought maybe they'd fallen off the edge of the Earth.
  • As the teens ravenously grabbed their plates from the tray, Adelle observed that wherever they'd been, they'd sure brought back an appetite.
  • While fighting the Psycho Rangers, morphed Andros called Black Ranger "Carlos" as the Rangers regrouped.
  • Before leaving, the Psycho Rangers drained knowledge from the Rangers' minds to know everything about their powers; after each had tapped into a Ranger, Astronema said soon they would know the Rangers inside and out, knowing their thoughts and predicting their next moves.
  • Scanning for the Rangers, the Psycho Rangers stood in wait atop buildings and would suddenly attack people using Copernicus 2000 handheld computers, whose warble sounds were identical to the communicators' alarms, thinking the users were Power Rangers.
  • Zhane was in civilian clothes at a market downtown, scanning with an AmScanner.
  • When called by T.J., Zhane secretively ran to an empty area nearby before answering, yet his Digimorpher looked like a normal cell phone; thus, his hiding was probably far more conspicious than it would have been for him to merely answer the phone.
  • Right after Zhane had hung up, Psycho Blue and Psycho Black, having heard the Digimorpher's warble sound, confronted him, slamming him into a railing, making him drop his AmScanner.
  • While Psycho Blue pinned Zhane to the ground, Psycho Black called Psycho Red to tell him of their capture of a Ranger.
  • The teens had to morph to get into the old library where Zhane was held, but first, since the Psychos would hear them, Andros thought to distract them first; while the Psychos attacked the unpiloted Megatank because of a device looping the warble sound, the teens morphed but were almost immediately blocked by the Psychos.


  • When his communicator went off in the Surf Spot, Carlos covered it and ducked into a large alcove area with a cozy chair and a photo booth, with people using the payphones, and a Surf Spot employee in a back hallway as Carlos frantically looked for a place to go.
  • After two girls had left the photo booth with their pictures, Carlos ducked inside, and there were several quick snaps of the camera while Carlos was in the process of morphing.
  • Numerous previews and recaps of this episode would show morphed Carlos emerging from the photo booth dramatically, but fortunately, this rather stupid move wasn't shown in the episode.
  • The teens were apparently free to use their communicators and morph on Earth during this episode, but fortunately for them, the Psychos were not on Earth at the time; whether the teens knew this is unknown.
  • A short while after Carlos had left, Silvy wandered into the back area toward the payphones and happily noticed the photo booth printing someone's photos; she looked at them and saw sequential photos showing Carlos opening his Astro Morpher and morphing in a black aura of energy into the Black Ranger.
  • Silvy was happily wowed, but not incredibly alarmed, to discover that Carlos was the Black Ranger.
  • After a day of having fun at the fun park with a coerced Carlos, Silvy cheerfully gave Carlos a pager in case she needed him, and Carlos irritatedly told her he wasn't her personal Ranger who would show up whenever she called him.
  • Silvy got up and started announcing loudly that she had big news, and Carlos quickly agreed and went to take her home.
  • Later, when Silvy asked for a moonrock as her final request, Carlos was furious, and her told her to keep the photos and tell everyone she wanted, as he had bigger worries.


  • When all five Rangers looked like Blue Ranger to confuse the Psycho Rangers, the four disguised Rangers' voices apparently sounded like their own rather than T.J.'s, leaving the viewer to wonder why the Psychos didn't identify the real Blue Ranger by his voice; furthermore, only the real Blue Ranger used the Astro Axe, but the Psychos still didn't catch on.
  • Morphed T.J. shot the confused Psycho Blue with his Astro Blaster, then the other two as well; disguised Andros and Carlos then congratulated T.J., calling him by name.
  • After confusing both the Psychos and the Rangers, Psycho Silver removed his helmet to reveal his identity as Zhane, then morphed into the Silver Ranger.


  • After the Psycho Rangers had analyzed voice clips of their Rangers, Psycho Red said the Rangers could disguise their colors (as they'd done in 634-FOAK) but not their voices, allowing them to find them as soon as they spoke; Astronema added that they couldn't even morph without the Psychos knowing.
  • In Angel Grove, the three Psycho teens identified Ashley from a distance as she used a phone booth, but when they assaulted a woman with very similar hair and clothes who'd gotten in the booth after Ashley, they realized it wasn't Yellow Ranger after all.
  • After receiving a warning page from the other teens, Cassie walked right by the Psycho teens looking for a phone, with neither Cassie nor the Psychos recognizing each other.
  • Over the phone, Andros and Ashley explained the situation to Cassie and that she couldn't make any noise or the Psychos would find her; furthermore, they said, she couldn't use her communicator or Morpher, as they already knew those sounds.
  • In the plaza, Cassie soon screamed, "Look out!!" to warn people of an imperiled baby, and the Psychos quickly met up after Cassie had fled the scene; they had heard Pink Ranger's voice but hadn't actually seen Cassie.
  • The Psychos had only been shown analyzing the voices of their three respective Rangers, but they were able to recognize all five Rangers' voices; whether they had analyzed Silver Ranger's voice is unknown.
  • In a covered area alone, the fleeing Cassie was surrounded by the three Psycho teens who commented on her rush, but she wouldn't speak to confirm their suspicions.


  • Behind a wall after being taken to Secret City, Andros and Carlos had their Morphers on their wrists, but the buttons wouldn't respond.
  • Silvy looked back, perhaps looking at the guys, and they were suddenly attacked by Quantrons; Silvy watched from behind the corner wall, excited a bit, as the two fought Quantrons poorly.
  • Andros soon struggled with his Battlizer on his wrist, but it was knocked off and sent skidding to Silvy's foot during the fight.
  • As the two guys were captured, Silvy hid the Battlizer in her doll, but then she too was captured from behind.
  • As everyone was being led away in shackles by the Quantrons, Silvy took Carlos aside and told him his friend had dropped something; he impatiently told her not now, but when he saw it was the Battlizer, he urgently took it and thanked her.
  • Silvy coyly deduced that Andros was a Ranger too, but Carlos told her not to think whatever she was thinking; she assured him she wouldn't tell anyone.
  • As the three ducked behind a corner later, Carlos presented the Battlizer, saying Silvy had seen him lose it; dismayed, Andros began to ask if he thought she knew his identity as well, but Carlos interrupted with a "yup."
  • Andros and Carlos looked at the grinning Silvy, who zipped her lips.
  • After Andros had broken their shackles, Carlos had Silvy stay there, then he and Andros rushed out and fought off Quantrons while the crowd nearby watched, with Andros still wearing the Battlizer.
  • Andros and Carlos rushed away from the covered area but were attacked by Vacsacker, with Carlos shoving Andros aside and taking a red energy bolt in the chest, making him collapse and writhe in agony.
  • Andros hit 01 on the Battlizer and tried his glowing-fisted flying punch, but Vacsacker caught his fist and threw him down.
  • As the satellite dish atop a building was detonated, the forcefield around the city dissolved.
  • Vacsacker beat up Andros and Carlos, knocking Andros down near some bushes where Silvy was hiding; Silvy then pressed 03, causing him to morph with shock into the Red Battlized Ranger.
  • When Vacsacker was about to charge after Red Ranger had caught the falling T.J. and Cassie, Carlos tripped him, and the four teens joined up with Andros, then soon morphed.


  • As Astronema, having conquered the Earth, had her forces attack a crowd for sticking up for the Rangers by pretending to be Rangers themselves, Zhane, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley called out from atop a stone wall, and T.J. declared that they were the Power Rangers, awing the crowd into silence.
  • Bulk got in Skull's face and asked with astonishment, "Them?"; Skull eyed Bulk cautiously.
  • After the five teens had morphed into the Space Rangers, the crowd cheered, and Bulk looked at Skull in bewilderment; Skull returned the look, but less so.
  • Theoretically, an informed observer using the public knowledge of the Space Rangers' identities could have traced backwards through the teens' groups of friends (generally five or six at a time) to correctly deduce that Andros, Justin Stewart, Tanya Sloan, Tommy Oliver, Kat Hillard, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Jason Lee, Billy Cranston, Aisha Campbell, Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan, and Zack Taylor had all been former Rangers, perhaps even matching the timing of their memberships in the group with Ranger transition periods to pinpoint which Rangers were which.
  • Moments later, the Dark Fortress landed downtown, and Andros emerged in his Megaship uniform carrying cyborg Astronema's limp body; soon, she would morph into Karone and come back to life.


  • In addition to crowds who witnessed Ranger-related occurrences on Terra Venture, there were an unknown number of security cameras in Terra Venture, but the only known use of one would be in 734-TVol when the GSA was anticipating Decibat's next attack in order to use Baxter's invention on the monster; High Command may have had access to security cameras as well, but this is purely conjecture, and evidence for the council's knowledge of the Rangers' identities remains sketchy at best.
  • The Mirinoites, including Jera, watched the teens (although with Mike in place of Leo) pull the Quasar Sabers to defend the village from Furio.
  • Furio watched the five teens morph into Galaxy Rangers shortly after pulling the Quasar Sabers.


  • When Red Ranger ran after Radster during the Rangers' first battle on Terra Venture, morphed Kai shouted out, "Leo!" while a soldier was crouching only a foot or two away from him, and more soldiers and civilians were nearby as well.


  • While Damon was teaching Matthew how to fix transformer panels, Damon heard the warble beep of his Transmorpher in the folds of his protective suit, and he told Matthew he'd be right back.
  • Later, after Matthew had saved Terra Venture and the Rangers had destroyed Gasser, Matthew was sad about not being able to go home when the Rangers suddenly leapt in, landing in front of him.
  • Matthew was pleased and surprised by the Rangers' presence; when morphed Damon asked, "Hey Matthew, you know you're a hero?" Matthew enthusiatically hugged him.


  • Furio and Trakeena both knew the teens' identities.


  • Movie star Carolyn Pickets helped her lookalike Kendrix against Wisewizard before the four Rangers, sans Pink, arrived, with Kendrix standing behind them in a defensive stance.
  • After thanking Carolyn for her help, Kendrix began to hobble away painfully, and when Carolyn asked if she was okay, Kendrix gave a cheerful reply of being fine.


  • After saving Hannah and her future brother-in-law Johnny from earthquake-related perils, Kai morphed while running down a street; no witnesses were seen in the area.


  • Treacheron knew the teens' identities to be able to spy on the girls' room from afar.
  • After Fishface's destruction, Magna Defender was walking through an area of trees when the five teens ran up to him, and as Leo called out for him to wait, he stopped to speak with them for a bit without looking back.


  • Treacheron knew that Leo was the Red Ranger.


  • As the teens toasted with Mike in the guys' room, with Mike in his blue GSA uniform after having been missing for what had likely been a few months, Mike wondered how he'd explain where he'd been.
  • After Magna Defender's ghost had given Mike his powers to carry on as the Magna Defender, Skelekron was startled to see Mega Defender, asking what he was doing there.
  • As Mike later entered the command room where Stanton was addressing High Command, there was some whispering; Stanton uttered a shocked, "Mike."
  • Shaking hands with Mike, Stanton had thought they'd left him on the "practice moon," although this seems like an odd name for their training area on the moon.
  • As Mike searched for an explanation for his absence, Renier interjected to Stanton that whatever the reason, she thought she could speak for all of them when she said they were glad to have him back safe and sound; Stanton agreed and asked Mike to be at Command Headquarters at 0800.
  • Whether Renier suspected any association between Mike's absence and secret Ranger goings-on is unknown, but she did seem somewhat quick to sidestep the issue of his disappearance.


  • In disguise on Terra Venture, Trakeena saw Mike and knew that he was the Magna Defender.
  • After Crumummy had attacked the teens, Mike, and Tracy (the disguised Trakeena) following the near-fatal falling of two girders from above, Crumummy drained the beauty from Maya and Kendrix, knocking them out, and Mike rushed Tracy away; meanwhile, the three remaining guys morphed to fight the monster, within sight of towering skyscrapers all around.
  • Nearby, Mike had Tracy stay behind an area of plants while he ran back and checked on the girls; at the fight location, Blue Ranger had Mike get the unconscious girls out of there.
  • After Crumummy had retreated, the three Rangers immediately demorphed, and the three teens and Tracy then joined up nearby to check on the girls, where Mike hadn't taken them far.


  • At a High Command meeting between the councilors and Commander Stanton, Mike began to interject but then stepped back, apologizing; Renier told him not to keep them on the edge of their seats, an interest perhaps sparked by knowledge of Mike's association with the Rangers, but this is by no means certain.
  • After a GSA rescue team inside a dead alien ship had apparently been attacked by an alien creature and had lost contact with Terra Venture, Kendrix subtly waved Kai over from the hallway outside Command Headquarters, and he got up to leave, having another Type 1 blue officer cover for him.


  • Damon and Kai morphed in the city after Deviot's lasers had caused an explosion which nearly blew up their car in the street.


  • A short while after his arrival on the Scorpion Stinger, Villamax knew the teens' identities.


  • After Green Ranger had failed to prevent High Councilor Renier's abduction, Damon was taken to the Scorpion Stinger in a heliship in response to Trakeena's demand for a mechanic.
  • Leo, having sneaked aboard, found Renier's cell, telling her he was a stowaway; she apparently hadn't known who he was.
  • After fumbling with the door, Leo stepped behind a nearby steaming stalagmite and, probably within hearing distance, told Damon over his Transmorpher to open the cell door, using Damon's name; the door soon popped open, allowing Leo to lead her out.
  • Running for his life in the Scorpion Stinger, Damon called into his Transmorpher for Mike's help, and Mike, in a nearby heliship, replied simply using his standard GSA pilot's headset.
  • When Damon encountered Leo and Renier in a corridor, both parties fleeing for their lives, Renier was upset that Damon had come as well, having ordered him not to come.
  • When the three were confronted by Cannonbrawl, Damon attempted to fight the robot monster as Leo took Renier past them; Renier pleaded that they couldn't leave him, but Leo kept rushing her toward the heliship port ahead.
  • After beating Damon to the ground, Cannonbrawl followed Leo and Renier; in the heliship, Renier wanted to go back for Damon, whose name she knew, but Cannonbrawl blasted at the doorway.
  • Damon grabbed the monster's arm but was knocked against a wall, and Renier slung a metal case under the monster's foot, making him trip; Damon then leapt over the monster and sprayed it with a jet of steam from a nearby hose.
  • Once Damon was in, the heliship flew away, and all three were pleased to see Terra Venture ahead; after whooping with Leo, Damon went to give Renier a high-five, but she cleared her throat, making him calm down.
  • Soon, Cannonbrawl teleported to Terra Venture and blasted at a heliship flying overhead, but the heliship containing Renier and crew had already landed safely elsewhere, with Mike having left immediately; Leo and Damon had left shortly after him.
  • Magna Defender, arriving immediately after the monster's firing on the wrong heliship, shot Cannonbrawl in the back, and the Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers joined him, soon followed by Red and Green.
  • Later, Renier addressed Damon and Leo; Damon predicted Renier would tell them they shouldn't have tried to save her, but she held up a finger to cut him off and spoke, "When a life is in a jeopardy, we sometimes lose sight of what could happen when we dive in to save it. And sometimes we don't heed caution, (toward Stanton) or commands, for that matter. (back to Damon) It takes someone with great courage to think of another without expecting anything in return, and I hope you do the same if something like this should happen again."; she then gave medals to both Damon and Leo for their bravery and gave Damon a high five.


  • Entering Command Headquarters, Commander Stanton paused to look admiringly at Kai for a moment before asking his opinion on the star ahead of them.
  • Under a spell after being attacked by Icy Angel, Stanton fired Kai for refusing to change course into the star; soon, Stanton would go out into the city to meet Icy Angel in secrecy, but Kai would arrived to thwart her plans to destroy Terra Venture.
  • Icy Angel fired blue arrows at Kai, and he backflipped out of the way.
  • Icy Angel had Stanton get back to his command and not let anyone stop them; Kai wanted to run after Stanton, but Icy Angel fought him.
  • Soon, Kai confronted Stanton in an alley, trying to tell him he was under Trakeena's control, but Stanton fought him viciously before Kai locked him in a small room.
  • After Icy Angel had been destroyed, Kai and Mike freed Stanton, who was sore and confused, and they then rushed him to Command Headquarters to change their course as they plummeted toward the star.
  • Later, Stanton remembered (or had at least been told) enough to know that he'd stepped on and ruined his daughter Jodie's drawing while under the spell, so he may have remembered Kai fighting Icy Angel while unmorphed.


  • After Leo had helped him fight Maronda and then run after her, Colby then arrived on his bike to help the Rangers against the monster.
  • Colby screeched to a stop, and the Rangers, headed by Red Ranger, ran up to him, Red calling Colby by name to ask what he was doing there.
  • As Red Ranger ran up to him, Colby replied, "Leo! Where's Leo?" and as Red had no answer, Blue said Leo had called them to get his sister back.
  • After Maronda's defeat and Ginger's release, Colby and Red Ranger bumped into each other rushing forward, and Colby gave Red an extremely odd look; Red then nodded and said there she was.


  • A bicyclist who'd swerved by Damon shortly after Maya had been abducted by Psycho Yellow into the ground turned back to apologize to Damon and would have seen Psycho Black approaching Damon from behind before vanishing into the nearby wall with him.


  • How the teens would explain Kendrix's disappearance following her death as the Pink Ranger on Rashon is unknown.


  • Karone now began living on Terra Venture and hanging out with the four teens, although it seems likely that she would have been recognized as a celebrity, and how her arrival was explained is unknown.


  • As Blue Ranger landed by Yellow in front of a car behind which people were cowering from Magnetox, Yellow called Blue Ranger "Kai."
  • On another planet, a warrior brought back to life by Karone gave Leo his powerful keys, telling him to take them and carry on his mission as only the Red Ranger could, perhaps implying that he himself was a Red Ranger.
  • Knowing that Leo was a Ranger who had lost his powers despite no such topic having been spoken by Leo and Karone, the warrior told him his powers would be restored beyond his imagination.


  • As Baxter struggled to operate an apparatus, the designs of which he'd secretly stolen from Damon, Damon ran up and saved him from a small explosion and proceeded to help him operate the controls to bypass its burnt-out terminals; meanwhile, the four Rangers (minus Green) were attempting to fight Decibat on a rooftop above.
  • After Baxter had successfully stopped Decibat's sonic attack, Damon left, telling Baxter he thought he could handle it from here, immediately after which Green Ranger would join the other four Rangers on the rooftop.


  • As Kai stood in the cell of the mysterious man (the Guardian) who'd attempted to steal the Galaxy Book, two guards stood just outside the doorway, backs to the door.
  • When the Guardian calmly told Kai he'd known he would come, and that Kai had to help him recover the book, Kai approached, surprised; the Guardian explained the Galaxy Book didn't belong there.
  • Told that he had to help the Guardian, Kai asked why him, and the Guardian turned and replied, somewhat softly, "Because, you are the Blue Ranger"; alarmed, Kai quickly shut the door for privacy.
  • In the guys' room with the other teens, Kai pointed out that the Guardian had known his identity, but Maya countered (incorrectly) that only one of Trakeena's agents would know.


  • After Stanton had Mike and Kai take a heliship down to Captain Mutiny's planet, Mike would be riding alone with the heliship pilots as Kai secretly accompanied the other morphed Rangers in their Jet Jammers in formation with the heliship under Mike's orders.
  • On the planet, Mike, with a GSA camera in his soldier gear helmet, looked at the five unmorphed teens as they were hiding nearby; if the camera had been sending a live feed, the GSA would likely have discovered their identities at this point.


  • Enacting her nightmare spell, Hexuba knew the Rangers' private identities.


  • Resurrected in the Lost Galaxy by Hexuba, Treacheron apparently didn't know that Mike was now the new Magna Defender.


  • Soon after Kai and Mike had manned Command Headquarters and Damon had failed to prevent the loss of an engine cluster, the five Rangers would face Titanisaur in the Ocean Dome, meaning Kai and Damon would be absent from their shifts during the battle.
  • After the intense first battle and Titanisaur's retreat to cool down, the teens rested in the guys' room, from where Damon used the computer to check on the engines with Mike, who stood at the wall console in Command Headquarters.
  • The five Rangers soon returned to confront Titanisaur in the city dome.
  • As Mike worked at the console, his apparently bare wrist warbled, and he grabbed his left wrist, looking around, and went into the hallway; hiding in a tiny alcove, he then answered his left Magna Defender Morpher which was now on his wrist.
  • Magna Defender would then join the battle with Torozord as Mike's post was left unmanned.
  • With an alarm buzzing in Command Headquarters shortly after the Rangers' destruction of Titanisaur, Kai and Mike rushed in and got into empty console seats; below in the engine room, Damon began managing the crisis, saving Engine 3.


  • According to Mike, he could enter Mutiny's slave camp because the villains didn't know who he was, yet armored Mike had helped the Rangers against Grunchor, Hexuba's resurrected monsters, Titanisaur, and recently Barbarax, and had personally thwarted Hexuba's nightmare spell in her parlor in his civilian form.
  • Deviot was initially present as Barbarax's final group of captives was presented to Mutiny, but Mike still managed to pass unnoticed.
  • After he and his companion Haley had escaped imprisonment in the slaves' cells at sunset, Haley wondered what they would do; after a pause, Mike spoke into his left Morpher with a warble, confusing her.
  • Mike addressed the guys, and Leo's voice replied, "Go ahead, Mike."; he had them come in exactly thirty minutes.
  • With a shocked whisper, Haley asked Mike who he was, and he said he'd tell her later; they then attacked the guard Swabbies and freed the prisoners.
  • As the Galaxy Rangers helped the former slaves into the Astro Megaship, Blue Ranger told Mike the portal was open, but Haley ran back for her grandpa, and Mike followed.
  • As Ben, Haley, and Mike escaped, Barbarax suddenly confronted them, saying no one escaped from his slave camp.
  • With both Magna Defender Morphers on his wrists, Mike told Ben and Haley to go to the ship and he'd catch up, and he then ran forward.
  • Haley called after Mike, but he joined his Morphers with a cry of, "Magna power!" and was morphed into the Magna Defender armor with a green gleam, obtaining his sword.
  • Ben and Haley were shocked, with Ben more apprehensive, and Haley more stunned.


  • After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, the four teens helped injured people out of the rubble; Kai and Mike, meanwhile, were sent from Command Headquarters as part of dispatched medical teams.


  • After telling Stanton of approaching Stingwingers in Command Headquarters, Kai was soon morphed with the other Rangers to fight the exploding Stingwingers, though he and Mike may have been sent out to do something.
  • After the Rangers had finished destroying the Stingwingers, the five unmorphed teens were the only non-soldiers shown evacuating people to the shuttles.
  • Elsewhere as Mike took Stanton, the last person remaining, to the final shuttle, the teens were alone in the city before eventually making it to the Megaship.


  • Finding Trakeena in the repowered city dome as it flew toward Mirinoi, unmorphed Leo fought her but was kicked out the window, morphing as he fell to the city below; some time soon, Stanton, High Command, and GSA personnel would be watching the battle on a monitor in their new Mirinoite settlement.
  • After the city dome, with the Rangers and Galaxy Megazord on the end of it, had crashed with an earthshaking explosion in a valley, Stanton glanced somberly at Mike, perhaps to gauge his reaction.
  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Pink Ranger and Bulk hugged, Renier and Green Ranger hugged, and Mike and Red Ranger (with a shattered hole in his helmet over his right eye, perhaps allowing some to recognize him) hugged.
  • As a civilian girl patted Blue Ranger proudly, Stanton had his arm around him, and as Blue started toward someone else, Stanton kept him and patted him on the chest proudly, telling him what sounded like, "Thank you. You were marvelous."
  • It's unknown who, if anyone, knew the Rangers' identities by this point, although the matching up of Mike with morphed Leo, Renier with morphed Damon, and Stanton with morphed Kai appeared more than coincidental.
  • The Mirinoite village was restored after Leo, Damon, Kai, Maya, and Karone had returned the Quasar Sabers to their stone and demorphed, and Kendrix then appeared from blue light.


  • The Lightspeed Ranger teens, some of whom were fairly well-known performers before becoming Rangers, had completely public identities, freely morphing and demorphing in public in Mariner Bay throughout their careers as Rangers.


  • A boy injured by falling rubble knew Carter's name when he later came to see him in the hospital after being at the crisis scene as the Red Ranger; apparently the Rangers' identities were widely circulated early on.


  • Neither the Rangers nor anyone else but the demons initially knew Ryan's identity as the evil Titanium Ranger until Mitchell saw his eyes beneath his visor.
  • Confronting morphed Ryan a second time, the teens morphed in front of him; whether he had known Dana's identity prior to this point is uncertain.


  • Joining the Rangers at Lightspeed, Ryan had no secret identity, but public knowledge of his identity and past are uncertain.


  • Kelsey was able to identify Leo Corbett by name and Ranger position merely by seeing that the stranger, with his head lowered, held the Lion Quasar Saber.
  • Triskull knew the five Lightspeed teens and three Galaxy teens were Rangers.
  • As the teens conversed with Galaxy Ranger teens Leo, Kai, and Maya in the Aquabase galley, various techs sat around doing their own things, paying no attention to the visitors' presence.


  • As the teens stood together as Trakeena's hostages were freed following her destruction, the Galaxy teens stood unmorphed in public view, as unconcerned about their identities as the Lightspeed Rangers were.


  • Following the teens' rescue duties in the wake of a monster attack, the Mariner Bay Herald featured a photo of jacketed Dana holding an injured girl in her arms on the cover.
  • At a fashion shoot for Glitz Magazine, the director Koko Kashmere was horrified to see Dana's unfashionable Rescue Morpher and had it removed for the shoot.
  • Following the release of Dana's first issue as the new Glitz girl, Dana was mobbed by fans due to her status as the Glitz girl, but no mention was apparently made by the magazine or by her fans of her being a Ranger.
  • At the fall fashion show, Dana got out with Koko from a white limo, met by a crowd of fans and photographers.
  • As they walked down the red carpet, Dana tensed when her Morpher chirped, but Koko grabbed it and told her to ignore it; Dana would soon, however, join the others in battle, abandoning her modeling career.


  • During the year 3000, Alex demorphed in public in Millennium City, his identity as the Red Ranger apparently as well known as his being a Time Force Officer.

    Pilot Episode

  • The teens were successively teleported out of the bowling alley, perhaps within sight of a number of fellow bowling alley patrons.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The six teens wore Ranger-colored jump suits and parachutes in the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon skydiving contest.
  • At night, the teens teleported into the middle of an open construction site.
  • Kim asked a man she thought was a security guard (actually Ivan) whether he'd seen a morphological being in the area.

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