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Babe Ruthless (MMPR season 1 monster)
Baboo (MMPR)
"Back to action"
Badges of Darkness (MMPR)
Badges, Time Force
Bad-guys (see: Evil)
Bad-guys, MMPR season 1 (see: Villains, MMPR season 1)
Bad-guys, MMPR season 2 (see: Villains, MMPR season 2)
Bad-guys, MMPR season 3 (see: Villains, MMPR season 3)
Bad-guys, MMPR: The Movie (see: Villains, MMPR: The Movie)
Bad-guys, PRDT (see: Villains, PRDT)
Bad-guys, PRiS (see: Villains, PRiS)
Bad-guys, PRLG (see: Villains, PRLG)
Bad-guys, PRLR (see: Villains, PRLR)
Bad-guys, PRNS (see: Villains, PRNS)
Bad-guys, PRSPD (see: Villains, PRSPD)
Bad-guys, PRT (see: Villains, PRT)
Bad-guys, PRTF (see: Villains, PRTF)
Bad-guys, PRWF (see: Villains, PRWF)
Bad-guys, PRZ (see: Villains, PRZ)
Baliton, Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger; see: Merrick Baliton)
Banks, Angel Grove
Bansheera, Queen (PRLR)
Bansheera's palace (PRLR; see: Palace, Bansheera's)
Barbarax (PRLG)
Barbaric Brothers (MMAR monsters)
Barbed Wire Org (PRWF monster)
Barillian Bug (PRiS monster)
Basement, Command Center (MMPR)
Baskin (keeper, PRSPD)
Batarax (PRiS monster)
Batlings (PRLR)
Battle Bikes (MMPR)
Battle Boosters (PRLR)
Battle Borgs (MMAR)
Battle cries, Alien Rangers (see: Phrases, Aquitian Ranger)
Battle cries, Aquitian Rangers (see: Phrases, Aquitian Ranger)
Battle cries, Lightspeed Ranger (PRLR; see: Phrases, Lightspeed Ranger)
Battle cries, MMPR (see: Phrases, MMPR)
Battle cries, Space Ranger (PRiS; see: Phrases, Space Ranger)
Battle cries, Time Force Ranger (see: Phrases, Time Force Ranger)
Battle cries, Turbo Ranger (PRT; see: Phrases, Turbo Ranger)
Battle cries, Zeo Rangers (see: Phrases, Zeo Rangers)
Battle Fire (PRTF)
Battle Helmets, Zeo (see: Zeo Battle Helmets)
Battle wagon (PRT)
Battle Warrior armor (PRTF; see: Battle Fire)
Battlezord, Red (PRZ; see: Red Battlezord)
Battlized Red Ranger (PRiS; see: Red Battlized Ranger)
Battlized Triassic Ranger (PRDT)
Battlizer (PRiS)
Battlizer (PRNS)
Battlizer armor (PRNS; see: Red Tri-Battlized Ranger)
Battlizer Buckle (PRWF)
Baxter (PRLG)
Beach, Angel Grove (see: Angel Grove Beach)
Beamcaster (MMPR season 2 monster)
Bear Brothers (PRWF; see: Black Bear/Polar Bear Wildzords)
Bear Ninjazord (MMPR)
Becky (sad girl, MMPR)
Bee Spinner (Power Sphere, PRNS)
Bees, mutant (PRT)
Beevil (PRNS monster)
Behemoth (PRiS monster)
Bell Org (PRWF monster)
Benaag (PRSPD)
Benjamin and Haley (Lost Galaxy prisoners)
Beta Bow (PRLG; see: Transdaggers)
Bias Blaster (PRZ)
Biff (karate bully, MMPR)
Biff Starr (actor, PRZ)
Big Bad Beetleborgs (see: Beetleborgs)
Big Burpa (PRT monster)
Big-toothed mutant (PRTF mutant)
Bike, Gruumm's (PRSPD; see: Gruumm's bike)
Bikes, Piranhatron (PRT; see: Piranhatron bikes)
Bilge, subcraft (PRT; see: Subcraft bilge)
Bill Mitchell (PRLR; see: Mitchell, Captain)
Billy (MMPR Blue Ranger)
Billy, evil (MMPR)
Billy's house (see: House, Billy's)
Billy's parents
Billy's relatives
Bio-Lab (PRTF)
Bio-Synth (PRTF; see: Bio-Lab)
Biozords (PRDT; see: Dinozords)
Bird Bane (PRLR monster)
Bird mutation (PRDT monster)
Birdy, Supreme Commander (PRSPD)
Bison Axe (PRWF; see: Black Bison Axe)
Bison Wildzord (PRWF)
Bison Wildzord, Brown (PRWF; see: Animus)
Black Aquitian Ranger (MMAR; see: Aquitian Rangers)
Black Bear Wildzord (PRWF; see: Black Bear/Polar Bear Wildzords)
Black Bear/Polar Bear Wildzords (PRWF)
Black Bison Axe (PRWF)
Black Bison Wildzord (PRWF; see: Bison Wildzord)
Black box (PRiS; see: Power decoder)
Black Dino Morpher (PRDT; see: Brachio Morpher)
Black Dino Ranger (PRDT)
Black Dino Ranger morphing (PRDT; see: Morphing, Brachio Morpher)
Black Knight (PRTF)
Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger
Black Ranger (MMPR; see: Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger)
Black Ranger, Aquitian (MMAR; see: Aquitian Rangers)
Black Ranger, Space (PRiS; see: Black Space Ranger)
Black Ranger, Wild Force (see: Black Wild Force Ranger)
Black Space Ranger (PRiS)
Black Wild Force Ranger
Blade Blasters (MMPR)
Blake Bradley (Navy Thunder Ranger, PRNS)
Blake's parents (deceased, PRNS; see: Bradley, Mr. and Mrs.)
Blazinator (PRT monster)
Blazing Lion (PRWF; see: Red Wild Force Ranger)
Bloom of Doom (MMPR season 2 monster)
Bloom of Doom's dimension (MMPR; see: Dimension, Bloom of Doom's)
Blue Aquitian Ranger (MMAR; see: Aquitian Rangers)
Blue Bay Harbor (PRNS)
Blue Bay Harbor citizens (PRNS; see: Citizens, Blue Bay Harbor)
Blue beetle monster (PRLG monster)
Blue B-Squad Ranger (SPD)
Blue Condor Wildzord (PRWF; see: Animus)
Blue Delta Runner (PRSPD)
Blue Dino Ranger (PRDT)
Blue Face (PRNS monster)
Blue Galaxy Ranger (PRLG)
Blue Hovercraft Cycle (PRDT; see: Hovercraft Cycle)
Blue Lightspeed Ranger (PRLR)
Blue Lost Galaxy Ranger (see: Blue Galaxy Ranger)
Blue Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger
Blue Ranger (MMPR; see: Blue Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Aquitian (MMAR; see: Aquitian Rangers)
Blue Ranger, Galaxy (PRLG; see: Blue Galaxy Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Lightspeed (PRLR; see: Blue Lightspeed Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Lost Galaxy (see: Blue Galaxy Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Space (PRiS; see: Blue Space Ranger)
Blue Ranger, SPD (B-Squad; see: Blue B-Squad Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Time Force (see: Blue Time Force Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Turbo (PRT; see: Blue Turbo Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Wild Force (see: Blue Wild Force Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Wind (PRNS; see: Blue Wind Ranger)
Blue Ranger, Zeo (see: Zeo Ranger Three)
Blue Senturion (PRT)
Blue Shark Fighting Fins (PRWF)
Blue Shark Wildzord (PRWF; see: Shark Wildzord)
Blue Space Ranger (PRiS)
Blue SPD Ranger (B-Squad; see: Blue B-Squad Ranger)
Blue Time Force Ranger
Blue Turbo Ranger (PRT)
Blue Wild Force Ranger
Blue Wind Ranger (PRNS)
Blue Zeo Ranger (see: Zeo Ranger Three)
Blue Zeo Subcrystal
Blue-Head's drill robot (PRSPD)
Blue-Head's orange robot (PRSPD)
Blue-Heads (PRSPD)
Bobby (Cassie and Ashley's crush, PRT)
Body Switcher (PRiS monster)
Bones (MMPR season 1 monster)
Boohoo the Clown (PRZ monster)
Bookala (alien, MMPR)
Bookala (planet, MMPR)
Bookala, evil (MMPR season 2 monster)
Books (general)
Boom (PRSPD)
Booster fuel (PRT)
Bopp-A-Roo (PRNS monster)
Bowling Org (PRWF monster)
Brachio Morpher (PRDT)
Brachio Morpher morphing (PRDT; see: Morphing, Brachio Morpher)
Brachio Staff (PRDT)
Brachiozord (PRDT)
Bradley, Blake (Navy Thunder Ranger, PRNS; see: Blake Bradley)
Bradley, Hunter (Crimson Thunder Ranger, PRNS; see: Hunter Bradley)
Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. (deceased, PRNS)
Brain drain (PRZ)
Bratboy (MMAR monster)
Brian (Chad's rival, PRLR)
Brick Bully (MMPR season 3 monster)
Brickneck (PRTF mutant)
Bridge, Astro Megaship
Bridge Carson (Green SPD Ranger)
Brody, Councilor (PRLG)
Brokaya (planet, PRiS; see: Planets)
Broodwing (PRSPD)
Broodwing's giant robots (PRSPD; see: Giant robots, PRSPD villains')
Brooks, Dustin (Yellow Wind Ranger; see: Dustin Brooks)
Brown Bison Wildzord (PRWF; see: Animus)
Brown, Walter (clock tower poet, PRTF; see: Walter Brown)
Brunt (PRLG)
B-Squad (SPD teens)
B-Squad Rangers (SPD)
B-Squad Ranger demorphing (see: Demorphing, SPD Ranger)
Bucket of Bolts (PRZ monster; see: Train monster)
Bugglesworth (PRSPD monster)
Bugglesworth's robot (PRSPD)
Bulk and Skull
Bulk and Skull's cohorts (MMPR)
Bulk's house (see: House, Bulk's)
Bulk's parents
Bulk's relatives
Bulkmeier family (see: Bulk's relatives)
Bulkmeier, Farkas (see: Bulk)
Bulkmeier, Mr. and Mrs. (see: Bulk's parents)
Bulkmeier's (resort/cafe, PRWF)
Bulldozer Org (PRWF monster)
Burble Baby Food (PRZ)
Bus Org (PRWF monster)
Businesses, Angel Grove
Businesses, Terra Venture (PRLG)

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