C index

C emblem, Turbo Ranger (PRT)
Cabin, Tommy's uncle's (MMPR)
Calcifire (see: Monsters, MMPR season 3)
California citizens (see: Citizens, California)
Cam, Cyber- (PRNS; see: Cyber-Cam)
Cam Watanabe (Green Samurai Ranger)
Camera Org (PRWF monster)
Cameron (Zack's student, MMPR)
Campbell, Aisha (MMPR Yellow Ranger; see: Aisha Campbell)
Campbell family (see: Aisha's relatives)
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. (see: Aisha's parents)
Candle, Green (MMPR; see: Green Candle)
Candles, four (Zedd's, MMPR)
Candles, magic (MMPR)
Canister, Rita's (MMPR; see: Space dumpster)
Cannonbrawl (PRLG monster)
Cannons, Artillery (PRT; see: Artillery cannons)
Cannons, Rescuezord (PRT; see: Artillery cannons)
Cannontop (MMPR season 2 monster)
Caplan, Mr. (Angel Grove High principal)
Capsular Cycle, Red (PRLG; see: Red Capsular Cycle)
Captain Logan (PRTF; see: Logan, Captain)
Captain Mitchell (PRLR; see: Mitchell, Captain)
Captain Mutiny (PRLG; see: Mutiny, Captain)
Captain Mutiny's castle (PRLG; see: Castle, Captain Mutiny's)
Captain Mutiny's planet (PRLG)
Captain Pete (kids' show host, PRZ)
Captain's quarters, Aquabase (PRLR)
Car, Divatox's (PRT; see: Divatox's flying car)
Car, Elgar's (PRT; see: Elgar's car)
Car thieves (Chuck, David, Susie) (PRiS)
Cardiatron (MMPR)
Cards, Aquabase security (PRLR; see: Security cards, Aquabase)
Cards, containment (see: Cards, SPD confinement)
Cards, demon (PRLR)
Cards, SPD confinement
Cards, Terra Venture ID (PRLG; see: ID cards, Terra Venture)
Carlos (Green Turbo/Black Space Ranger)
Carlos, robot (PRT; see: Robot Rangers)
Carnival, Rita's (see: Fake carnival, Rita's)
Carolyn Pickets (PRLG)
Carranger (PRT)
Carrington, Mayor (Angel Grove)
Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger)
Cassidy (PRDT)
Cassie Chan (Pink Turbo/Space Ranger)
Cassie, robot (PRT; see: Robot Rangers)
Cassie's relatives
Castle, Captain Mutiny's (PRLG)
Castle, skull (PRLR; see: Skull castle)
Cat monster (Kat's monster form, MMPR)
Catzord (PRT)
Cave, Autochthon's (PRZ; see: Autochthon's cave)
Cave, Chromite's (PRT; see: Chromite Cave)
Cave, Morphing Masters' (MMPR; see: Morphing Masters' cave)
Cave of Despair (MMPR)
Cave of Fantasy (MMPR)
Cave, Super Putty (MMPR; see: Super Putty mine)
Caves, Angel Grove
Caves of Deception (MMPR)
Cell Phone Org (PRWF monster)
Cell-based stimulator (MMPR)
Centaur B (planet, PRiS)
Centaurus Megazord (PRLG)
Centiback (MMPR season 3 monster)
Cephalazord (PRDT)
Ceremony chamber, Ranger retirement (PRT; see: Chamber, Ranger retirement ceremony)
Ceremony, Ranger retiring (PRT; see: Retiring ceremony, Ranger)
Cestria (PRZ)
Cestro (Blue Alien Ranger)
Cestro's spacecraft (PRZ; see: Spacecraft, Cestro's)
Chad Lee (Blue Lightspeed Ranger)
Chamber of Command, Zedd's (MMPR)
Chamber, Ranger retirement ceremony (PRT)
Chameliac (PRLG monster)
Chameliacon (PRTF mutant)
Chan, Cassie (Pink Turbo/Space Ranger; see: Cassie Chan)
Chan family (see: Cassie's relatives)
Chang, Frankie (movie star, PRTF; see: Frankie Chang)
Changer laser (PRT)
Changtor (PRSPD)
Channel Three (PRDT)
Chen, Kai (Blue Galaxy Ranger; see: Kai Chen)
Chief Crandall (Angel Grove Police; see: Crandall, Chief)
Chillyfish (PRLG monster)
Choobo (PRNS)
Chosen ones, Quasar Saber (PRLG; see: Quasar Saber chosen ones)
Chromite Cave (PRT)
Chromites (PRT)
Chrono Blasters (PRTF)
Chrono Morpher morphing (PRTF; see: Morphing, Chrono Morphers)
Chrono Morpher morphing preparation (PRTF; see: Preparation, Chrono Morpher morphing)
Chrono Morphers (PRTF)
Chrono Sabers (PRTF)
Chrono-Capsules (PRTF)
Chrono-Freezing (PRTF)
Chronosapios (PRZ)
Chronoton particles (see: Timestream)
Chuck (car thief, PRiS; see: Car thieves (Chuck, David, Susie))
Chunky Chicken (MMPR season 1 monster)
Cimmerian planet (planet, PRiS)
Cindy (little girl, PRLG)
Cinecon (PRTF mutant)
Circuit (PRTF)
Cirrus Dimension (PRT)
Citizens (general)
Citizens, Angel Grove
Citizens, Blue Bay Harbor (PRNS)
Citizens, California
Citizens, Mariner Bay (PRLR)
Citizens, Millennium City (PRTF)
Citizens, Newtech City (PRSPD)
Citizens, Reefside (PRDT)
Citizens, Silver Hills (PRTF)
Citizens, Stone Canyon
Citizens, Terra Venture (PRLG)
Citizens, Turtle Cove (PRWF)
Citizens, United States
City Dome, Terra Venture (PRLG)
Clark Fairweather (PRLR; see: Fairweather, Clark)
Clarke, Shane (Red Wind Ranger; see: Shane Clarke)
Classroom, Miss Appleby's (see: Miss Appleby's classroom)
Claus, Santa (see: Santa Claus)
Clawhammer (PRiS monster)
Cleanup Week, Angel Grove
Clock Org (PRWF monster)
Clock tower (PRTF)
Clockster (PRT monster)
Clone, evil Billy (MMPR; see: Billy, evil)
Clone, Tommy (MMPR; see: Tommy clone)
Clone, White Ranger (PRDT; see: White Ranger, evil)
Clutcher Mode (PRWF; see: Deer Wildzord)
Coach Daniels (martial arts coach, T:APRM)
Coach Schmidt (Kim's coach, MMPR; see: Schmidt, Gunthar)
Cobra monster (PRLR monster)
Cocoon (PRLG)
Cog Changer (PRZ monster)
Cog defeat mannerisms (PRZ)
Cogs (PRZ)
Cogworts (Dregon's monsters)
Cohorts, Bulk and Skull's (MMPR; see: Bulk and Skull's cohorts)
Coins, wishing (PRT; see: Wishing coins)
Colby (Ginger's brother, PRLG; see: Ginger and Colby)
Cole Evans (Red Wild Force Ranger)
Cole's parents (PRWF)
Collins mansion (PRTF)
Collins, Mr. (PRTF)
Collins, Wes (Red Time Force Ranger; see: Wes Collins)
Colonists, KO-35 (see: Karovan humans)
Colonists, Terra Venture (PRLG; see: Terra Venture humans)
Colors, Alien Ranger (see: Colors, Aquitian Ranger)
Colors, Aquitian Ranger
Colors, Galaxy Ranger (PRLG)
Colors, Magna Defender (PRLG)
Colors, Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger
Colors, Space Rangers (PRiS)
Colors, Turbo Ranger (PRT)
Colors, Zeo Ranger
Comet Cafe (PRLG)
Comet, Ryan's (MMPR: The Movie; see: Asteroids)
Comic books (general)
Command Center (MMPR)
Command Center alarm/sensors/scanners (MMPR; see: Alarm/sensors/scanners, Command Center)
Command Center basement (MMPR; see: Basement, Command Center)
Command Center computer (MMPR; see: Computer, Command Center)
Command Center hidden chamber (MMPR; see: Hidden chamber, Command Center)
Command Center inventions/devices (MMPR; see: Inventions/devices, Command Center)
Command Headquarters, Terra Venture (PRLG)
Command tower, Terra Venture (PRLG; see: Control tower, Terra Venture)
Commander Birdy (PRSPD; see: Birdy, Supreme Commander)
Commander Crayfish (MMPR season 1 monster)
Commander Cruger (PRSPD; see: Cruger, Anubis "Doggie")
Commander Stanton (PRLG; see: Stanton, Commander)
Commandocon (PRTF mutant)
Communicator disc (MMAR)
Communicators (MMPR-PRiS)
Computer building, Angel Grove
Computer, Command Center (MMPR)
Computer, Power Chamber (PRZ)
Computers, Terra Venture (PRLG; see: Media/Computers, Terra Venture)
Condor Galactabeast (PRLG)
Condor Wildzord, Blue (PRWF; see: Animus)
Condortron (PRNS monster)
Conglomerate, Craterite (PRiS; see: Craterites)
Conglomerate, Wolfblade (PRNS monsters; see: Wolfblades)
Conner McKnight (Red Dino Ranger, PRDT)
Connie (police chief's daughter, PRZ)
Containment cards, SPD (see: Cards, SPD confinement)
Contemptra (PRTF mutant)
Contests, Angel Grove
Control tower, Terra Venture (PRLG)
Conwing (PRTF mutant)
Cooper, Max (Blue/Surging Shark Wild Force Ranger; see: Max Cooper)
Cooper, Nancy (PRLR; see: Nancy Cooper)
Copybot (PRNS monster)
Copyotter (PRDT monster)
Copyzord (Red Dragon duplicate, MMPR)
Coralizer (PRiS monster)
Corbett, Leo (Red Galaxy Ranger; see: Leo Corbett)
Corbett, Mike (second Magna Defender; see: Mike Corbett)
Corcus (Black Alien Ranger)
Cormier, Mr. (PRDT)
Cornell, Cassidy (PRDT; see: Cassidy)
Cosma Claw (PRLG; see: Transdaggers)
Councilor Brody (PRLG; see: Councilor Brody)
Councilors, Terra Venture (PRLG; see: High Command, Terra Venture)
Count Dregon (Masked Rider villain; see: Dregon, Count)
Count Dregon's forces (Masked Rider; see: Dregon's forces)
Count Nocturn (PRT monster)
Courthouse, Time Force (see: Time Force courthouse)
Cousteau, Inspector (PRZ)
Crabby Cabbie (MMPR season 3 monster)
Crandall, Chief (Angel Grove Police)
Crandall, Connie (police chief's daughter, PRZ; see: Connie)
Crane Ninjazord (MMPR)
Cranston, Billy (MMPR Blue Ranger; see: Billy)
Cranston family (see: Billy's relatives)
Cranston, Mr. and Mrs. (see: Billy's parents)
Crash and the Creeps (PRT monsters)
Craterites (PRiS)
Creeps (PRT monsters; see: Crash and the Creeps)
Crimson Blaster (Crimson Thunder Ranger's weapon, PRNS)
Crimson Insectizord (PRNS)
Crimson Ranger, Thunder (PRNS; see: Crimson Thunder Ranger)
Crimson Thunder Ranger (PRNS)
Croco D'Vile (PRDT monster)
Crocotox (PRiS monster)
Crocovile (PRiS monster)
Crosspatch (PRT monster)
Cruel Chrome (PRZ monster)
Cruger, Anubis "Doggie" (PRSPD)
Crumummy (PRLG monster)
Cryo-chamber, Astro Megaship (see: Healing chamber, Astro Megaship)
Cryo-Tower (PRTF)
Crystal ball (MMPR; see: Altar and crystal ball, Rita's)
Crystal of Nightmares (MMPR)
Crystal Sabers (PRWF)
Crystal transformer (MMAR)
Crystals, Animal (PRWF; see: Animal Crystals)
Cultural allusions
Cultural Food Festival (MMPR)
Curtis (Zack's cousin, MMPR)
Cyber-cafe, Hayley's (PRDT; see: Cyberspace, Hayley's)
Cyber-Cam (PRNS)
Cyberspace, Hayley's (PRDT)
Cyborg Rangers (PRLR)
Cycle, Hovercraft (PRDT; see: Hovercraft Cycle)
Cycle, Ninja Glider (PRNS; see: Ninja Glider Cycle)
Cycle, Red Capsular (PRLG; see: Red Capsular Cycle)
Cycle, Silver (PRiS; see: Silver Cycle)
Cycle, Strata (PRTF; see: Strata Cycle)
Cycles, Astro (PRLG; see: Astro Cycles)
Cycles, Lightspeed (PRLR; see: Lightspeed Cycles)
Cycles, Patrol (PRSPD; see: Patrol Cycles)
Cycles, Raptor (PRDT; see: Raptor Cycles)
Cycles, Savage (PRWF; see: Savage Cycles)
Cycles, Shark (MMPR; see: Shark Cycles)
Cycles, Tsunami (PRNS; see: Tsunami Cycles)
Cycles, Vector (PRTF; see: Vector Cycles)
Cycles, Zeo Jet (see: Zeo Jet Cycles)
Cyclobots (PRTF)
Cyclone Morpher (PRNS; see: Samurai Cyclone Morpher)
Cyclone Morpher morphing (PRNS; see: Morphing, Cyclone Morpher)
Cyclops (MMPR season 1 monster)
Cyclopter (Dregon's assistant)
Cyclopter (PRLR monster)
C-Zords (PRLG; see: Centaurus Megazord)

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