L index

Lab, Tommy's (PRDT; see: Tommy's lab)
Laboratory, Trakeena's (PRLR)
Labs, Mariner Bay research
Lake, Angel Grove (see: Angel Grove Lake)
Lamp, Genie's (MMPR; see: Magic lamp, Genie's)
Landors, Jack (Red SPD Ranger; see: Jack Landors)
Lanterra (MMPR season 3 monster)
Laptop, Tomars' (PRSPD; see: Interdimensional hyperspeed relocator)
Laser dish (PRLG)
Launch bay, Terra Venture (PRLG; see: Docking bay, Terra Venture)
Laura (Billy's date, MMPR)
Lawnmower Org (PRWF monster)
Laws, Terra Venture (PRLG)
Leaky Faucet (PRZ monster)
Leanne (PRNS)
Lee, Chad (Blue Lightspeed Ranger; see: Chad Lee)
Lee family (see: Jason's relatives)
Lee, Jason (MMPR Red Ranger; see: Jason Lee)
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. (see: Jason's parents)
Lenny (PRiS; see: George and Lenny)
Leo Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger)
Leopard Wildzord, Yellow (PRWF; see: Animus)
Lerigot (PRT)
Letters, recurring
Lexian, King (Masked Rider's grandfather)
Li, Master (Trini's sensei, MMPR; see: Master Li)
Liaria (planet, PRT)
Liarians (Lerigot's people, PRT)
License plates, Angel Grove
Lifeforce Megazord (PRLR)
Lightning bolt symbol (MMPR)
Lightning Cruiser (Space car, PRT)
Lightning Diamond (MMPR)
Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord (PRT)
Lightning Mode, Storm Megazord (PRNS; see: Storm Megazord Lightning Mode)
Lightning Riff Blaster (PRNS)
Lights of Orion (PRLG)
Lightspeed (PRLR)
Lightspeed Aquabase (PRLR)
Lightspeed Aquabase captain's quarters (PRLR; see: Captain's quarters, Aquabase)
Lightspeed Cycles (PRLR)
Lightspeed insignia (PRLR)
Lightspeed jackets (PRLR; see: Jackets, Lightspeed)
Lightspeed Megazord (PRLR)
Lightspeed Megazord Saber (PRLR)
Lightspeed personnel (PRLR)
Lightspeed Ranger arsenal (PRLR; see: Weapons, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Ranger brigade (PRLR)
Lightspeed Ranger demorphing (PRLR; see: Demorphing, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Ranger helmets/visors (PRLR; see: Helmets/visors, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Ranger inventions/devices (PRLR; see: Inventions/devices, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Ranger morphing (PRLR; see: Morphing, Rescue Morphers)
Lightspeed Ranger morphing preparation (PRLR; see: Preparation, Rescue Morphers morphing)
Lightspeed Ranger phrases (PRLR; see: Phrases, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Ranger technology (PRLR; see: Inventions/devices, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Ranger V designs (PRLR; see: V designs, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Ranger vehicles (see: Vehicles, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Ranger weapons (PRLR; see: Weapons, Lightspeed Ranger)
Lightspeed Rangers (PRLR)
Lightspeed Rescuezords (PRLR)
Lightspeed Solarzord (PRLR)
Lightspeed training facilities (PRLR)
Lightspeed uniforms (PRLR; see: Uniforms, Lightspeed)
Lightspeed vehicles (PRLR)
Lion Blaster (PRWF)
Lion Fang (PRWF; see: Red Lion Fang)
Lion Galactabeast (PRLG)
Lion Hammer (Yellow Wind Ranger's weapon, PRNS)
Lion Laser (Power Sphere, PRNS)
Lion Ninjazord (PRNS)
Lion Tamer Org (PRWF monster)
Lion Thunderzord (MMPR)
Lion Wildzord (PRWF; see: Red Lion Wildzord)
Lion Wildzord, Black/Gunmetal (PRWF; see: Animus)
Lionizer (PRiS monster)
Lipsyncher (MMPR season 2 monster)
Little Angel's Haven (T:APRM)
Liztwin (PRLR monster)
Lizwizard (PRiS monster)
Lizzinator (MMPR season 1 monster)
Locator, Destruxo's
Lockers, Angel Grove High School (see: Angel Grove High School lockers)
Locomotive Org (PRWF monster)
Logan, Captain (PRTF)
Lokar (MMPR)
Loki (PRLR)
Longnose, Professor (Master Vile's general, MMAR)
Lord Litter (PRT monster)
Lord Zedd (MMPR-PRZ; see: Zedd, Lord)
Lost Dimension (MMPR)
Lost Galactabeasts (PRLG)
Lost Galaxy
Lost Galaxy book (see: Galaxy Book)
Lost Galaxy humans (see: Humans, Lost Galaxy)
Lost Galaxy Morphers (PRLG; see: Transmorphers)
Lost Galaxy portals (see: Portals, Lost Galaxy)
Lost Galaxy Ranger arsenal (PRLG; see: Weapons, Galaxy Ranger)
Lost Galaxy Ranger artifacts (PRLG; see: Magical items, Galaxy Ranger)
Lost Galaxy Ranger colors (see: Colors, Galaxy Ranger)
Lost Galaxy Ranger demorphing (see: Demorphing, Galaxy Ranger)
Lost Galaxy Ranger magical items (PRLG; see: Magical items, Galaxy Ranger)
Lost Galaxy Ranger morphing (PRLG; see: Morphing, Transmorpher)
Lost Galaxy Ranger morphing preparation (PRLG; see: Preparation, Transmorphers morphing)
Lost Galaxy Ranger vehicles (see: Vehicles, Galaxy Ranger)
Lost Galaxy Ranger weapons (PRLG; see: Weapons, Galaxy Ranger)
Lost Galaxy Ranger zigzag designs (see: Zigzag designs, Galaxy Ranger)
Lost Galaxy Rangers (see: Galaxy Rangers)
Lothor (PRNS)
Lothor's forces (PRNS; see: Villains, PRNS)
Lothor's ship (PRNS)
Lothorzord (PRNS)
Louie Kaboom (PRZ)
Love potion (MMPR)
Loyax (PRLG)
Lt. Stone (see: Stone, Jerome)
Lucas Kendall (Blue Time Force Ranger)
Lunar astronauts (see: Astronauts, planetoid)
Lunar Caller (PRWF)
Lunar Caller morphing (see: Morphing, Lunar Caller)
Lunar Cue (PRWF)
Lunar Lance (PRiS)
Lunar Wolf Morpher (PRWF; see: Lunar Caller)
Lunar Wolf Ranger (PRWF)
Lunar Wolf Ranger morphing (see: Morphing, Lunar Caller)
Lunatick (PRiS monster)

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