O index

Ocean Dome, Terra Venture (PRLG)
Octophantom (MMPR season 2 monster)
Octoplant (MMPR season 1 monster)
Octopus monster (PRNS monster)
Oddball Games (Angel Grove)
Officer Tate (Sky's father, PRSPD)
Officers, Lightspeed (PRLR; see: Lightspeed personnel)
Officers, Time Force (see: Time Force officers)
Oliver family (see: Tommy's relatives)
Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. (see: Tommy's parents)
Oliver, Tommy (see: Tommy Oliver)
Olympius (PRLR)
Omega Crawler (PRLR; see: Omega Megazord)
Omega Megazord (PRLR)
Omega Megazord staff (PRLR)
Omega Morpher (PRSPD)
Omega Ranger (PRSPD)
Omegamax Cycle/Megazord (PRSPD)
Omegazords (PRLR)
Omino, Sensei (PRNS; see: Sensei Omino)
One-Eyed Bulk (ancestor)
Onikage (PRWF)
Onyx (planet)
Ooze beings (MMPR: The Movie)
Ooze, Ivan (MMPR: The Movie; see: Ivan Ooze)
Oozelets (MMPR: The Movie; see: Ooze beings)
Orange-Heads (PRSPD)
Orb of Doom (MMPR)
Orbus (PRZ; see: Klank and Orbus)
Org Generals (PRWF)
Org Heart (PRWF)
Orgs (PRWF)
Other dimensions (see: Dimensions, other)
Otherworld (MMPR)
Oval badges, GSA (PRLG)
Owen (Carlos's friend, PRT)
Owl monster (PRiS monster)
Oysterizer (MMPR season 1 monster)

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