R index

Race cars (see: Angel Grove Racing Technologies)
Radio (general)
Radster (PRLG monster)
Rail Rescues (PRLR)
Ram Hammer (Power Sphere, PRNS)
Randall, Principal (PRDT; see: Elsa)
Ranger alter egos (see: Alter egos, Rangers')
Ranger arsenal (see: Weapons, Rangers')
Ranger letters (see: Letters, recurring)
Ranger retiring ceremony (PRT; see: Retiring ceremony, Ranger)
Ranger rules (see: Rules, Rangers')
Ranger Scrambler (PRT)
Ranger teleportation (see: Teleportation, Ranger)
Ranger vehicles (see: Vehicles, Rangers')
Ranger weapons (see: Weapons, Rangers')
Rangers (general)
Rangers, B-Squad (SPD; see: B-Squad Rangers)
Rangers, Dino (PRDT; see: Dino Rangers)
Rangers, Galaxy (PRLG; see: Galaxy Rangers)
Rangers, Lightspeed (PRLR; see: Lightspeed Rangers)
Rangers, Lost Galaxy (see: Galaxy Rangers)
Rangers, Ninja (MMPR; see: Ninja Rangers)
Rangers, Ninja Storm (see: Ninja Storm Rangers)
Rangers, Space (PRiS; see: Space Rangers)
Rangers, SPD (B-Squad; see: B-Squad Rangers)
Rangers, Thunder (PRNS; see: Thunder Rangers)
Rangers, Time Force (see: Time Force Rangers)
Rangers, Turbo (PRT; see: Turbo Rangers)
Rangers, Wild Force (see: Wild Force Rangers)
Rangers, Wind (PRNS; see: Wind Rangers)
Rangers, Zeo (see: Zeo Rangers)
Ransik (PRTF)
Raptor Cycles (PRDT)
Raptor Riders (PRDT)
Rashon (planet, PRLG)
Rat monsters (MMPR season 2 monster)
Ratwell, Mr. (PRNS monster)
Ravenator (MMPR season 3 monster)
Rawlings, Angela (PRLR; see: Fairweather/Rawlings, Angela)
Rawlings, Joel (Green Lightspeed Ranger; see: Joel Rawlings)
Raymond (PRZ)
Reanimator (PRTF)
Rebels (PRiS; see: Karovan humans)
Recreational areas, Angel Grove (see: Residential/recreational)
Red Aquitian Ranger (MMAR; see: Aquitian Rangers)
Red Armored Power Ranger (PRLG; see: Armor keys)
Red Battle Warrior Ranger (PRTF; see: Battle Fire)
Red Battlezord (PRZ)
Red Battlized Ranger (PRiS)
Red B-Squad Ranger (SPD)
Red Capsular Cycle (PRLG)
Red Delta Runner (PRSPD)
Red Dino Ranger (PRDT)
Red Dragon Thunderzord (MMPR)
Red Falcon Wildzord (PRWF; see: Falcon Wildzord)
Red Galaxy Ranger (PRLG)
Red Lightning Turbozord (PRT)
Red Lightspeed Ranger (PRLR)
Red Lion Fang (PRWF)
Red Lion Wildzord (PRWF)
Red Lost Galaxy Ranger (see: Red Galaxy Ranger)
Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger
Red Mobile Armored Vehicle (PRLR)
Red Ranger (MMPR; see: Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger)
Red Ranger, Aquitian (MMAR; see: Aquitian Rangers)
Red Ranger, early SPD (morphed)
Red Ranger, Galaxy (PRLG; see: Red Galaxy Ranger)
Red Ranger, Lightspeed (PRLR; see: Red Lightspeed Ranger)
Red Ranger, Lost Galaxy (see: Red Galaxy Ranger)
Red Ranger, Turbo (PRT; see: Red Turbo Ranger)
Red Ranger, Space (PRiS; see: Red Space Ranger)
Red Ranger, SPD (B-Squad; see: Red B-Squad Ranger)
Red Ranger, SPD (early, morphed; see: Red Ranger, early SPD)
Red Ranger, Time Force (see: Red Time Force Ranger)
Red Ranger, Wild Force (see: Red Wild Force Ranger)
Red Ranger, Wind (PRNS; see: Red Wind Ranger)
Red Ranger, Zeo (see: Zeo Ranger Five)
Red Savage Warrior (PRWF; see: Animarium Armor)
Red Space Ranger (PRiS)
Red SPD Ranger (B-Squad; see: Red B-Squad Ranger)
Red SPD Ranger (early, morphed; see: Red Ranger, early SPD)
Red Strata Cycle (PRTF; see: Strata Cycle)
Red Time Force Ranger
Red Tri-Battlized Ranger (PRNS)
Red Turbo Ranger (PRT)
Red Wild Force Ranger
Red Wind Ranger (PRNS)
Red Zeo Ranger (see: Zeo Ranger Five)
Red Zeo Subcrystal
Redcoat ancestor, Skull's (see: Skull's redcoat ancestor)
Redeye (PRTF mutant)
Reefside (PRDT)
Reefside citizens (PRDT; see: Citizens, Reefside)
Reefside High (PRDT)
Reefside museum (see: Museum of Natural History)
Regenerator (MMPR)
Reggie (bully, PRT)
Regis, Trip (Green Time Force Ranger; see: Trip)
Rejuvenation chamber (MMPR)
Relatives, Adam's (see: Adam's relatives)
Relatives, Aisha's (MMPR; see: Aisha's relatives)
Relatives, Ashley's (see: Ashley's relatives)
Relatives, Billy's (see: Billy's relatives)
Relatives, Bulk's (see: Bulk's relatives)
Relatives, Cassie's (see: Cassie's relatives)
Relatives, Kat's (MMPR-PRT; see: Kat's relatives)
Relatives, Kimberly (see: Kimberly's relatives)
Relatives, main characters' (Angel Grove)
Relatives, Rocky's (see: Rocky's relatives)
Relatives, Skull's (see: Skull's relatives)
Relatives, Tanya's (see: Tanya's relatives)
Relatives, T.J.'s (see: T.J.'s relatives)
Relatives, Tommy's (see: Tommy's relatives)
Relatives, Trini's (see: Trini's relatives)
Relatives, Zack's (see: Zack's relatives)
Remotes, Deviot's
Renier, High Councilor (PRLG)
Repellator (MMPR season 3 monster)
Replicantzord (Thundersaurus Megazord duplicate, PRDT)
Repulsa, Rita (see: Rita Repulsa)
Repulsascope (MMPR)
Rescue Bird (PRLR)
Rescue Blasters (PRLR)
Rescue Drill (PRLR; see: Rescue Bird)
Rescue Megazord (PRLR)
Rescue Morpher morphing (PRLR; see: Morphing, Rescue Morphers)
Rescue Morpher morphing preparation (PRLR; see: Preparation, Rescue Morphers morphing)
Rescue Morphers (PRLR)
Rescue Ops (PRLR)
Rescue Rover (PRLR)
Rescue Speeder (PRLR)
Rescue Turbo Megazord (PRT)
Rescuezords (PRT)
Rescuezords, Lightspeed (PRLR; see: Lightspeed Rescuezords)
Research labs, Mariner Bay (PRLR; see: Labs, Mariner Bay research)
Residential areas, Angel Grove (see: Residential/recreational)
Residential/recreational (Angel Grove)
Resource Center (Angel Grove High)
Retinax (PRWF)
Retirement ceremony chamber (PRT; see: Chamber, Ranger retirement ceremony)
Retiring ceremony, Ranger (PRT)
Reverse ocular dilator (MMPR)
Revivafier (MMPR)
Revolto, Rito (MMPR-PRZ; see: Rito Revolto)
Rhinix (PRSPD)
Rhino Galactabeast (PRLG; see: Centaurus Megazord)
Rhino Shooter (PRWF)
Rhino/Armadillo Wildzords (PRWF)
Rhinoblaster (MMPR season 1 monster)
Ribbon weapon (MMPR)
Richard Evans (Cole's father, PRWF; see: Cole's parents)
Richie (MMPR)
Ringbah (PRSPD)
Ringbah's robot (PRSPD)
Rita Repulsa
Rita's altar and crystal ball (MMPR; see: Altar and crystal ball, Rita's)
Rita's fake carnival (see: Fake carnival, Rita's)
Rita's monsters (MMPR season 1; see: Monsters, MMPR season 1)
Rita's planetoid (MMPR; see: Planetoid, Rita's)
Rita's telescope (MMPR; see: Repulsascope)
Rita's wand
Rito Revolto (MMPR-PRZ)
Rob (stunt show actor, PRT)
Robert (new student, PRZ)
Robo Racer (PRT)
Robocupid (PRZ monster)
Robogoat (MMPR season 2 monster)
Robot, Blue-Head's drill (PRSPD; see: Blue-Head's drill robot)
Robot, Blue-Head's orange (PRSPD; see: Blue-Head's orange robot)
Robot, Bugglesworth's (PRSPD; see: Bugglesworth's robot)
Robot, green alien's (PRSPD; see: Green alien's robot)
Robot, Green Eyes' (PRSPD; see: Green Eyes' robot)
Robot, Praxis's (PRSPD; see: Praxis's robot)
Robot Rangers (PRT)
Robot, Ringbah's (PRSPD; see: Ringbah's robot)
Robot, Sinuku's (PRSPD; see: Sinuku's robot)
Robot, Valko's (PRSPD; see: Valko's robot)
Robot, Wootox's (PRSPD; see: Wootox's robot)
Robotic Interactive Canine (PRSPD; see: R.I.C.)
Robots, Frax's (PRTF; see: Frax's robots)
Robots, PRSPD villains' (see: Giant robots, PRSPD villains')
Rock of Time (MMPR)
Rocketron (PRLG monster)
Rocko (Red Wild West Ranger, MMPR)
Rockstar (MMPR season 1 monster)
Rocky DeSantos (MMPR Red Ranger, Zeo Ranger Three)
Rocky's relatives
Rodriguez, Miss (assistant principal, PRZ)
Rofang (Mut-Org, PRWF)
Roger (soccer hopeful, MMPR)
Rojobot (PRDT monster)
Rojomon (PRLG monster)
Rover, Galactic (PRiS; see: Galactic Rover)
Rover, Rescue (PRLR; see: Rescue Rover)
Royal Academy of Dance (London)
Ruby Dragon (PRDT monster)
Rude Elf (PRDT monster)
Ruins, Ninjetti (MMPR: The Movie; see: Ninjetti Temple)
Rules, Rangers'
Rumba Monkey (PRDT monster)
Runtus (PRLG)
Ruptor (PRLG monster)
Rush, John (Tommy's uncle, PRZ; see: John Rush)
RV, Rita and Zedd's
Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Ryan's Comet (MMPR: The Movie; see: Asteroids)
Rygog (PRT)
Rykon (PRLG monster)

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