T index

Taikwa (PRiS; see: Karovan humans)
Takach (Mut-Org, PRWF)
Tamara (Israeli teen, MMPR)
Tamashiro, Mr. (Chad's sensei, PRLR)
Tank Mode, Megazord (MMPR; see: Megazord Tank Mode)
Tankenstein (PRiS monster)
Tanya Sloan (Yellow Zeo/Turbo Ranger)
Tanya's parents
Tanya's relatives
Tarantabot (PRZ monster)
Taru (PRLR; see: Nomads, desert)
Tate, Officer (Sky's father, PRSPD; see: Officer Tate)
Tate, Sky (Blue SPD Ranger; see: Sky Tate)
Tattoo, cobra (PRLR; see: Cobra monster)
Taylor Earhardt (Yellow/Noble Eagle Wild Force Ranger)
Taylor family (see: Zack's relatives)
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. (see: Zack's parents)
Taylor, Zack (MMPR Black Ranger; see: Zack Taylor)
Technology (general; see: Inventions/devices)
Technology, Command Center (MMPR; see: Inventions/devices, Command Center)
Technology, Galaxy Ranger (PRLG; see: Inventions/devices, Galaxy Rangers)
Technology, Lightspeed Ranger (PRLR; see: Inventions/devices, Lightspeed Ranger)
Technology, MMPR (see: Inventions/devices, MMPR)
Technology, MMPR season 1 villains (see: Inventions/devices, MMPR season 1 villains)
Technology, MMPR season 2 villains (see: Inventions/devices, MMPR season 2 villains)
Technology, MMPR season 3 villains (see: Inventions/devices, MMPR season 3 villains)
Technology, Ninja Storm Rangers (see: Inventions/devices, Ninja Storm Rangers)
Technology, Power Chamber (PRZ; see: Inventions/devices, Power Chamber)
Technology, PRDT (see: Inventions/devices, Dino Rangers)
Technology, PRDT villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRDT villains)
Technology, PRiS villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRiS villains)
Technology, PRLG villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRLG villains)
Technology, PRLR villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRLR villains)
Technology, PRNS villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRNS villains)
Technology, PRSPD villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRSPD villains)
Technology, PRT villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRT villains)
Technology, PRTF villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRTF villains)
Technology, PRZ villains (see: Inventions/devices, PRZ villains)
Technology, Rangers' (see: Inventions/devices, Rangers')
Technology, Space Ranger (PRiS; see: Inventions/devices, Space Ranger)
Technology, SPD Rangers (see: Inventions/devices, SPD Rangers)
Technology, Terra Venture (PRLG; see: Inventions/devices, Terra Venture)
Technology, Time Force (see: Inventions/devices, Time Force)
Technology, Time Force Rangers (see: Inventions/devices, Time Force Rangers)
Technology, Turbo Rangers (PRT; see: Inventions/devices, Turbo Rangers)
Technology, Wild Force Ranger (see: Inventions/devices, Wild Force Ranger)
Technology, Zeo Ranger (see: Inventions/devices, Zeo Ranger)
Technology/Equipment (general; see: Inventions/Devices)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teens (general; see: Alter egos, Rangers')
Teens, Dark Ranger (MMPR; see: Punks, five)
Teens, Dino Thunder
Teens, group 1
Teens, group 10
Teens, group 11
Teens, group 12
Teens, group 13
Teens, group 14
Teens, group 15
Teens, group 16
Teens, group 17
Teens, group 2
Teens, group 3
Teens, group 4
Teens, group 5
Teens, group 6
Teens, group 7
Teens, group 8
Teens, group 9
Teens, Lightspeed Ranger (PRLR; see: Lightspeed Ranger brigade)
Teens, Ninja Storm
Teens, SPD (see: B-Squad)
Teens, Time Force Rangers (see: Time Force Ranger team)
Teens, wild west (MMPR; see: Wild west teens)
Teens, Zordon's (MMPR-PRiS)
Teksa (PRLG monster)
Teleportation device (PRT)
Teleportation, Machine Empire
Teleportation, Ranger
Telescope, Rita's (MMPR; see: Repulsascope)
Television (general)
Temple, Ninjetti (MMPR: The Movie; see: Ninjetti Temple)
Temple of Power (MMPR)
Tenga Warriors (MMPR)
Tengu Warriors (MMPR: The Movie; see: Tenga Warriors)
Tentaclaw (PRTF mutant)
Tentacle monster (PRSPD monster)
Tentacle monster (PRZ monster)
Termitetron (PRDT monster)
Termitus (PRiS monster)
Terra Assault Craft (PRDT)
Terra Venture (PRLG)
Terra Venture administration building (PRLG; see: Administration building, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture animals (PRLG; see: Plants/Animals, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture businesses (PRLG; see: Businesses, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture citizens (see: Citizens, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture Command Headquarters (PRLG; see: Command Headquarters)
Terra Venture control tower (PRLG; see: Control tower, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture domes (PRLG; see: Domes, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture engines (PRLG; see: Engines, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture food supply (PRLG; see: Food, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture government (PRLG)
Terra Venture guards (PRLG; see: Guards, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture High Command (PRLG; see: High Command, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture humans (PRLG)
Terra Venture ID cards (PRLG; see: ID cards, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture inventions/devices (PRLG; see: Inventions/devices, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture laws (PRLG; see: Laws, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture media/computers (PRLG; see: Media/Computers, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture plants/animals (PRLG; see: Plants/Animals, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture power systems (PRLG; see: Power, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture restricted areas (PRLG; see: GSA sectors, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture Science Division (PRLG; see: Science Division, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture selection/passports (PRLG; see: Selection, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture shuttleport (PRLG; see: Shuttleport, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture shuttles (PRLG; see: Shuttles, Terra Venture)
Terra Venture spacecraft (PRLG)
Terra Venture uniforms, civilian (PRLG; see: Uniforms, Terra Venture civilian)
Terra Venture vehicles (PRLG)
Terra Venture weapons (PRLG)
Terra Venture's mission (PRLG; see: Mission, Terra Venture's)
Terramole (PRNS monster)
Terror Blossom (MMPR season 2 monster)
Terror Toad (MMPR season 1 monster)
Terrortooth (PRT monster)
Terrorzord (PRT)
Terrorzord symbol (PRT)
Terry (rescued by Damon, PRLG)
Tezzla (Machine Empire general, PRWF)
TF Eagle
Thermo Blasters (PRLR)
Thompson, Heather (skier, PRZ; see: Heather Thompson)
Thornox (PRDT monster)
Thought transfer apparatus (Billy's, MMPR)
Three evil Zords (PRT)
Thunder ATVs (PRDT)
Thunder Blade (PRNS)
Thunder Blaster (PRNS)
Thunder Loader Rescuezord (PRT)
Thunder Megatigerzord (MMPR; see: Megatigerzord)
Thunder Megazord (MMPR)
Thunder Megazord (PRNS)
Thunder Megazord Attack Mode (MMPR)
Thunder Morpher morphing preparation (PRNS; see: Preparation, Thunder Morpher morphing)
Thunder Morphers (PRNS)
Thunder Morphers morphing (PRNS; see: Morphing, Thunder Morphers)
Thunder Ninja Academy (PRNS)
Thunder Ninja Academy sensei/alumni (PRNS)
Thunder Ranger demorphing (see: Demorphing, Ninja Storm Ranger)
Thunder Rangers (PRNS)
Thunder Saber (MMPR)
Thunder Staff (PRNS; see: Thunder Staves)
Thunder Staves (PRNS)
Thunder Ultrazord (MMPR)
Thunderclaw (PRLR monster)
Thundermax Sabers (PRDT)
Thunderon (PRLR)
Thundersaurus Megazord (PRDT)
Thundersaurus Megazord, Full Power (PRDT; see: Dino Rage Megazord)
Thunderstorm Cannon (PRNS)
Thunderstorm Megazord (PRNS)
Thunderwhip, Pterodactyl (MMPR: The Movie)
Thunderzord Assault Team (MMPR; see: Assault Team, Thunderzord)
Thunderzords (MMPR)
Thunderzords (PRNS)
Ticklesneezer, Mr. (MMPR season 1 monster)
Tideus (Yellow Alien Ranger)
Tiger Baton (PRWF; see: White Tiger Baton)
Tiger Wildzord, White (PRWF; see: White Tiger Wildzord)
Tigerzord, White (MMPR; see: White Tigerzord)
Time capsule (Miss Appleby's class)
Time device (Baboo's, MMPR)
Time device (Frax's, PRTF)
Time device (Goldar's, MMPR)
Time Flyers (PRTF)
Time Force
Time Force badges (see: Badges, Time Force)
Time Force city (see: Millennium City)
Time Force courthouse
Time Force headquarters
Time Force holoscreen (see: Holoscreen)
Time Force insignia
Time Force inventions/devices (see: Inventions/devices, Time Force)
Time Force Megazord
Time Force Megazord Jet Mode
Time Force Megazord Mode Blue
Time Force Megazord Mode Red
Time Force Morphers (PRTF; see: Chrono Morphers)
Time Force officers
Time Force prison (PRTF; see: Funaro Maximum Security Prison)
Time Force Ranger arsenal (see: Weapons, Time Force Rangers)
Time Force Ranger artifacts (see: Magical items, Time Force Rangers)
Time Force Ranger demorphing (see: Demorphing, Time Force Ranger)
Time Force Ranger inventions/devices (see: Inventions/devices, Time Force Rangers)
Time Force Ranger magical items (see: Magical items, Time Force Rangers)
Time Force Ranger morphing (PRTF; see: Morphing, Chrono Morphers)
Time Force Ranger morphing preparation (PRTF; see: Preparation, Chrono Morpher morphing)
Time Force Ranger phrases (see: Phrases, Time Force Ranger)
Time Force Ranger team
Time Force Ranger technology (see: Inventions/devices, Time Force Rangers)
Time Force Ranger vehicles (see: Vehicles, Time Force Ranger)
Time Force Ranger weapons (see: Weapons, Time Force Rangers)
Time Force Rangers
Time Force technology (see: Inventions/devices, Time Force)
Time Force tribunal (see: Tribunal, Time Force)
Time Force uniforms (see: Uniforms, Time Force)
Time Force vehicles (see: Vehicles, Time Force)
Time Force weapons (see: Weapons, Time Force)
Time Gate (PRTF)
Time holes
Time Jet (PRTF)
Time Rangers (see: Time Force Rangers)
Time Shadow (PRTF)
Time Ship (PRTF)
Time warp (MMPR)
Timeline (non-WG)
Tire Org (PRWF monster)
Tirna (planet, PRiS; see: Planets)
Titanisaur (PRLG)
Titanium Laser (PRLR)
Titanium Morpher (PRLR)
Titanium Morpher morphing (PRLR; see: Morphing, Titanium Morpher)
Titanium Ranger (PRLR)
Titans, Ectomorphicon (MMPR: The Movie; see: Ectomorphicon Titans)
Titanus (MMPR)
T.J. Johnson (Red Turbo/Blue Space Ranger)
T.J., robot (PRT; see: Robot Rangers)
T.J.'s relatives
Toggle, Mr. (teacher, PRZ)
Tomars (PRSPD)
Tomb of Forever (PRLR)
Tombstone monster (MMPR season 2 monster)
Tombstone Org (PRWF monster)
Tommy and Kat's grandson
Tommy clone (MMPR)
Tommy Oliver (Green/White MMPR / Red Zeo/Turbo / Black Dino Ranger)
Tommy's house (PRDT; see: House, Tommy's)
Tommy's lab (PRDT)
Tommy's parents
Tommy's relatives
Tony (stunt show actor, PRT)
Tor (Shuttlezord, MMPR)
Torch Tiger (PRT monster)
Tori clone (PRNS)
Tori Hanson (Blue Wind Ranger, PRNS)
Torozord (PRLG)
Torpedoes, subcraft (PRT)
Tough Tusks (PRZ monster)
Toxica (PRWF)
Toxipod (PRNS monster)
Toy Org (PRWF monster)
Toy robot (PRZ monster)
Tracking device (MMPR)
Tracy (PRLG; see: Trakeena)
Traffic sign monster (PRZ monster)
Train Bay (PRLR)
Train monster (PRZ monster)
Training facilities, Lightspeed (PRLR; see: Lightspeed training facilities)
Trakeena (PRLG)
Trakeena's laboratory (PRLR; see: Laboratory, Trakeena's)
Trans-Armor Cycle (PRLR)
Transblaster (PRLG; see: Transdaggers)
Transdagger mode usage table (PRLG)
Transdaggers (PRLG)
Transformation sprayer (PRT)
Translucitor (PRT monster)
Transmorpher morphing (PRLG; see: Morphing, Transmorpher)
Transmorpher morphing preparation (PRLG; see: Preparation, Transmorphers morphing)
Transmorphers (MMPR pilot episode; see: Power Morphers)
Transmorphers (PRLG)
Transport Bay, Aquabase (PRLR)
Trans-Warp Megazord (PRTF)
Traveling vehicle, Rita's (see: Space dumpster)
Trayf, General (PRNS monster)
Treacheron (PRLG)
Treevil (PRLR monster)
Trent Fernandez (White Dino Ranger, PRDT)
Trey of Triforia (PRZ)
Triassic Mega-Rover (PRDT)
Triassic Morpher (PRDT)
Triassic Ranger (PRDT)
Triassic Ranger, Battlized (PRDT; see: Battlized Triassic Ranger)
Triathalon, Stone Canyon (see: Stone Canyon Triathalon)
Tri-Battlized Red Ranger (PRNS; see: Red Tri-Battlized Ranger)
Tribunal, Time Force
Tricera Shield (PRDT)
Triceramax Command Center (PRDT)
Triceramax Megazord (PRDT)
Triceratops Dinozord (MMPR)
Tricerazord (PRDT)
Trick or Treat (TV show)
Trident, Neptune's (PRLR; see: Neptune's trident)
Trider (PRZ)
Trifire (PRLR monster)
Triforia (planet, PRZ)
Triforians (PRZ)
Trilondonian (PRSPD; see: T-Top)
Trini Kwan (MMPR Yellow Ranger)
Trini's house (see: House, Trini's)
Trini's parents
Trini's relatives
Trip (Green Time Force Ranger)
Triptoids (PRDT)
Triskull (PRLR)
Trizirium crystals (PRTF)
Troika monsters (PRLR)
Tronicon (PRTF)
Troobians (PRSPD; see: Villains, PRSPD)
Troopers, GSA (PRLG; see: Soldiers, GSA)
True of Heart (MMAR; see: Sam Trueheart)
Trueheart, David (Tommy's brother; see: David Trueheart)
Trueheart, Sam (PRZ; see: Sam Trueheart)
Trumpet Top (MMPR season 2 monster)
Tsunami Cycles (PRNS)
Tube monster (MMPR season 2 monster)
Tunnel, Phantom Ranger's (PRT; see: Access tunnel, Phantom Ranger's)
Turbanshell (MMPR season 2 monster)
Turbine Combo (PRNS)
Turbine Laser (PRT)
Turbine Org (PRWF monster)
Turbo Blades (PRT)
Turbo Carts (PRT)
Turbo Hand Blasters (PRT)
Turbo Headlights (PRT)
Turbo holding bay (PRT)
Turbo Keys (PRT; see: Turbo Morphers and keys)
Turbo Lightning Sword (PRT)
Turbo Megazord (PRT)
Turbo Megazord Saber (PRT)
Turbo Megazord Shield (PRT)
Turbo Morphers and keys (PRT)
Turbo Morphers morphing (PRT; see: Morphing, Turbo Morphers)
Turbo Morphers morphing preparation (PRT; see: Preparation, Turbo Morphers morphing)
Turbo Navigators (PRT)
Turbo RAM (PRT)
Turbo Ranger arsenal (PRT; see: Weapons, Turbo Ranger)
Turbo Ranger C emblem (PRT; see: C emblem, Turbo Ranger)
Turbo Ranger colors (PRT; see: Colors, Turbo Ranger)
Turbo Ranger demorphing (PRT; see: Demorphing, Turbo Ranger)
Turbo Ranger inventions/devices (PRT; see: Inventions/devices, Turbo Rangers)
Turbo Ranger phrases (PRT; see: Phrases, Turbo Ranger)
Turbo Ranger technology (PRT; see: Inventions/devices, Turbo Rangers)
Turbo Ranger vehicles (PRT; see: Vehicles, Turbo Ranger)
Turbo Ranger weapons (PRT; see: Weapons, Turbo Ranger)
Turbo Rangers (PRT)
Turbo Star Charges (PRT)
Turbo Thunder Cannon (PRT)
Turbo Tri-Battlized Red Ranger (PRNS; see: Red Tri-Battlized Ranger)
Turbo Vehicles (PRT; see: Space cars)
Turbo Weapons (PRT)
Turbo Wind Fire (PRT)
Turbozords (PRT)
Turkeyjerk (MMPR season 2 monster)
Turtle Cove (PRWF)
Turtle Cove citizens (PRWF; see: Citizens, Turtle Cove)
Turtle Cove University (PRWF)
Turtle Mace (Power Sphere, PRNS)
Turtlecon (PRTF mutant)
Turtlecon's evil Rangers (PRTF)
Tutenhawken (PRDT)
Twin Man (MMPR season 1 monster)
Twin Man's evil Rangers (MMPR)
Two-Headed Parrot (MMPR season 1 monster)
Tyranno Staff (PRDT)
Tyrannodrones (PRDT)
Tyrannosaurus Dinozord (MMPR)
Tyrannozord (PRDT)

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