Ivan Ooze
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Ivan Ooze
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MMPR: The Movie

  • Once the lid was removed from the hyperlock chamber containing Ivan Ooze, mist poured out from the opening, and up rose a metallic, giant, three-clawed hand holding a very large purple egg; when one construction worker held his hand near the egg, a purple energy bolt threw him back a considerable distance, leaving him lying prone on the ground, his eyes staring into space.
  • Following the opening of the hyperlock chamber, a massive surge of evil energy began overloading the Command Center's sensors.
  • According to Zordon, a morphological being named Ivan Ooze had ruled the world with a reign of unparalleled terror six thousand years ago; he had been on the verge of completing his ultimate weapons - the Ectomorphicon Titans, "twin machines capable of enslaving the entire universe" - when a group of young warriors like the Rangers had lured him into a hyperlock chamber and buried him deep underground.
  • Zordon wanted the teens to return the recently uncovered hyperlock chamber to the depths before it could be opened and Ivan released, fearing that Ivan would discover the Ectomorphicons, which were buried near the chamber.
  • Purple energy from Zedd's staff opened the giant claw holding Ivan's egg and made the upper half of the egg hinge open, revealing a tub of glowing pink ooze.
  • Once Rita had dipped her finger into the ooze, Ivan rose from the ooze as purple goop and then solidified.
  • Zedd told Ivan it was a supreme honor to finally meet him.
  • Ivan roared with anger and shot purple energy bolts from his hands high into the air upon hearing the name "Zordon of Eltar."
  • Zedd wanted Ivan to destroy Zordon so that Zedd's evil could once again reign supreme.
  • Ivan planned to obliterate Zordon's entire legacy.
  • Zedd and the others left Ivan to work alone.
  • Ivan was able to smell teenagers in Angel Grove.
  • The opened egg smelled awful to the teens.
  • The glowing pink ooze was still in the egg after Ivan had emerged from it.
  • Ivan temporarily disguised himself as one of the unconscious security guards nearby, then revealed himself after speaking briefly with the teens at the construction site.
  • Ivan addressed himself as "galactically-feared," "globally-reviled," and "universally-despised."
  • Ivan was familiar with teenagers having big mouths.
  • Ivan wasn't impressed when Tommy told him they were the Power Rangers; he may not have been familiar with the term.
  • Ivan took note that Zordon was still using "a bunch of kids to do his dirty work."
  • A purple spark broke a police tape as Ivan walked through it.
  • Purple energy bolts from Ivan's fingertips made purple ooze rise from the ground and form into ooze beings resembling himself.
  • Ivan shot purple energy bolts into the sky and then teleported away in a purple streak, leaving the teens to fight his ooze beings as he invaded the Command Center.
  • Immediately after Alpha had reminded Zordon that no one entered the Command Center without a Power Coin, Ivan entered by oozing in through the cracks in the southern sliding doors.
  • When Ivan solidified, the ooze on the door behind him looked nothing like it had when he was oozing in; it even looked already dried.
  • Ivan was impressed with the Command Center, giving a joking explanation that Zordon had invested his money well for six thousand years.
  • Alpha karate chopped Ivan in the stomach, to no avail.
  • A purple energy bolt from Ivan's finger spun Alpha's head around and made him stagger around the Command Center, muttering to himself.
  • Ivan seemed familiar with Zordon's lectures.
  • If Ivan was being literal, he was in the Command Center only ten minutes after being released from his egg.
  • Ivan blamed Zordon for his imprisonment in the hyperlock chamber; he said that Zordon had robbed him of his prime, as he'd been the supreme ruler of the most foul empire in the universe.
  • During his imprisonment, Ivan had been aware of the passage of history, including the Renaissance, the Black Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Brady Bunch reunion.
  • Ivan had a wooden flute on which he played a few notes before blasting purple energy bolts from it to destroy the Command Center; he left after ravaging the building's interior, leaving Zordon dying in a physical form lying in a bed of crystals at the base of where his tube had been.
  • Zedd had told Rita that Ivan was the "master of disaster."
  • After walking into the chamber of command some time later, Ivan threw a bit of ooze onto Rita's mouth, silencing her complaining.
  • The ooze over Rita's mouth shocked her fingers with purple electricity when she tried to touch it.
  • Ivan chose himself to be the new leader of the villains, then sat in Zedd's throne.
  • Zedd blasted Ivan with a blue energy bolt from his staff, but it merely tickled Ivan.
  • A purple energy bolt from Ivan's hand miniaturized Rita and Zedd and trapped them in a "Greetings from Angel Grove" snow globe of Angel Grove in his palm.
  • To deal with the Rangers, Ivan horked up a purple loogie which turned into an expanding pool of ooze, then rose up and solidified into Tengu Warriors.
  • Ivan sent the Tengu Warriors to tear the teens apart before they could reach the Great Power (see "Monolith").
  • The next day on Earth, Ivan took over an empty toxic chemical plant.
  • Ivan planned to use his ooze to turn the parents of Angel Grove into his slaves and have them dig up his Ectomorphicons.
  • Ivan shot purple energy bolts from his hands and made the chemical plant start producing ooze.
  • Despite having just fought Ivan's Tengu Warriors, Dulcea was shocked to hear that Ivan Ooze was free; she called him a monster and said that if they didn't hurry, the teens' planet was doomed.
  • Ivan disguised himself as a wizard and gave free small jars of his ooze to children at an amusement park; when the children's parents touched the ooze, it put them under Ivan's mental control.
  • Later, Ivan Ooze, still disguised as a wizard of the same name, went on TV with a commercial for people bored with work and their lives to come to "Ooze City" to get sticky.
  • The hypnotized parents were later all at the construction site, each wearing a hardhat, digging up the Ectomorphicons as Ivan, Goldar, and Mordant supervised.
  • While supervising, Ivan was holding a golden cup of steaming beverage.
  • Ivan, bored, had a parent dance, and he and Goldar gave him dance suggestions, which the parent obeyed; the suggestions included "the swim" from Ivan and ballet from Goldar.
  • Ivan recognized the whirling sticks the Tengu described, as belonging to Dulcea, whom he described as a "miserable, manipulating, loathsome she-devil of a witch."
  • After learning that the Tengu had failed to kill the teens, Ivan made them explode with purple energy bolts from his fingertips.
  • Ivan remarked that if Dulcea led the teens to the Great Power (see "Monolith"), everything would be ruined, so he planned for his Ectomorphicons to be unearthed by sundown.
  • Ivan was crackling with purple energy when he walked up to Goldar and Mordant some time later.
  • Ivan's plan was that once his Ectomorphicons were operational, spreading ooze throughout the world, he would annihilate Angel Grove and then the universe.
  • Later, the parents were at the chemical plant, each wearing a purple smock, producing boxes of ooze and assembling the Ectomorphicon parts.
  • Once the Ectomorphicons were complete, Ivan commanded the parents to return to the construction site and leap to their doom.
  • Ivan had Mordant pump the Ectomorphicons full of ooze, then he shot purple energy bolts at them, bringing them to life.
  • Ivan planned for the Ectomorphicons to destroy the city.
  • From Angel Grove Tower, Ivan and Goldar watched the Ectomorphicons' rampage through Angel Grove.
  • That night watching the continuing destruction, Ivan was apparently able to smell the Rangers as their teleport streaks approached the city.
  • Ivan exclaimed that it was inconceivable for the Rangers to have returned, but he'd earlier hurried the completion of his Ectomorphicons because he suspected Dulcea would lead them to the Great Power (see "Monolith").
  • At Ernie's, a large crowd of kids had apparently overrun the place; there were empty jars of ooze lying all over the bar, some kids were pouring the purple ooze into a blender and what looked like a juice machine, others were playing with ooze like silly putty, one girl even appeared to be blowing a bubble of ooze from her mouth, and all of the kids, as well as Bulk and Skull, who were eating there amidst the chaos, had ooze smeared on their heads; the crowd was, for the most part, wearing purple.
  • Fred whistled loudly, instantly getting the attention of every kid in Ernie's; he told them, "...you've all been brainwashed! Ivan's taking over the planet, and he's using all of us in his plans! And he's got our parents!" and, "Look, Ivan Ooze is evil. And if you don't come with me right now, our parents are gonna die! You gotta believe me!"; a number of kids, as well as Bulk and Skull, were later shown hurrying with Fred to the monorail to save the parents.
  • Ivan didn't like Goldar's hand on his shoulder as they were watching the Ninjazords battle the Ectomorphicons.
  • Ivan and Goldar had the following conversation as the Crane Ninjazord approached:
    Ivan: "Ah, here comes that cute little Pink Ranger to the rescue."
    Goldar: "Oh, you think she's cute too, huh?"
    Ivan (glaring at Goldar): "Hmm..."
  • A purple energy bolt from Ivan held the Crane in some kind of electromagnetic deadlock until Kim used her thrusters to escape.
  • Once the six Ninjazords confronted Hornitor after the Falconzord had destroyed Scorpitron, Ivan stretched down from the tower and oozed into Hornitor's back, making it grow and look like him.
  • Hornitor-Ivan pulled up the tower, on which Goldar was still standing before flying away, and brandished it as a weapon.
  • When the Ninja Megafalconzord flew away, Hornitor-Ivan opened up large wings from his back and flew after the Megazord.
  • At the site, Fred blasted the hypnotized parents (and the kids trying to hold them back from walking off a cliff) with water from a bucket lift, but it didn't accomplish much except push them back a bit.
  • Hornitor-Ivan, an alien ooze being inhabiting a robotic body, was in pain from the Ninja Megafalconzord's knee-to-groin move.
  • Ryan's Comet destroyed Hornitor-Ivan with a huge explosion, in space between the Earth and the moon.
  • The white shockwaves coming down to Earth from the explosion broke the spell over the parents.

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • During Ivan Ooze's rule of Earth six thousand years ago, a rebel factor known as the Order of the Meledon eventually lured Ivan into a hyperlock chamber.
  • Ivan said he finally had the strength to destroy Zordon's powers; Zordon would later remark that Ivan had almost overthrown the planet once and that now, he had the strength to see his scheme through.
  • After the Tengu Warriors' initial failure at destroying the teens, Ivan called upon the powers of darkness to make lightning bolts supercharge the Tengu Warriors' evil tenfold, then he used an energy bolt to create a differently-colored Queen Tengu with glowing red eyes.
  • Being sprayed with water was originally what was supposed to break the spell over those being controlled by Ivan's ooze.

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