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  • There was Japanese writing on buildings in the background during the Rangers' rooftop fight with the Putties.

    ?   In occasional sentai shots of Earth, the camera would center on the east coast of a continent (sometimes clearly centering on Japan), but Angel Grove was in California.


  • There was a Japanese symbol on a building behind Scorpina's boulder.
  • There was a Japanese symbol on the Youth Center bus as it teetered on the edge of a cliff.


  • There was Japanese writing on a skyscraper in Angel Grove.


  • What looked like the Tokyo Tower was shown in the background while the Rangers were supposedly near Angel Grove Park.
  • Two buildings in downtown Angel Grove had Japanese writing on them, one of the buildings being a hotel.
  • There was a great deal of Japanese writing on signs and buildings in downtown Angel Grove.


  • There were Japanese symbols on the awning of the beach club.


  • There was Japanese writing on a building in Angel Grove.


  • There was a sign bearing Japanese writing on the set of Sprocket's movie dimension.
  • Klank's alternate storyboard which he presented to Sprocket had Japanese writing all over it.


  • There was Japanese writing on two buildings in the background as the Rangers fought Cogs at the Angel Grove water treatment plant.


  • A bit after growing, giant Tough Tusks held a flag with Japanese writing on it.


  • As Klank read Louie Kaboom's decree for Machina and Sprocket to be thrown into the dungeon, Cogs were holding flags bearing Japanese writing.


  • The shack full of explosive bins, into which the Zeo Jet Cycles crashed, had some Japanese writing on the outside.


  • The instruction manual for Red Lightning had "RV" and Japanese writing on the cover.


  • As Adam and Demon Racer raced, there was a barricade in the road with Japanese writing on it.
  • The four Turbo Rangers saved Japanese people on a thin shop road, where all the writing was in Japanese, from Demon Racer II, who was trying to run the people over with his Jeep.


  • The front of Big Burpa's bicycle had Japanese writing on it.
  • Big Burpa terrorized a thin Japanese shop road on her bike, knocking over displays and swerving through people.
  • When Big Burpa terrorized the shop road, before the Rangers had teleported onto the scene from the Power Chamber, there were six Japanese teenagers riding on bicycles behind her; each wore a different Ranger color, with two of the males wearing green; in addition to colors, the teenagers' genders matched the Power Rangers as well.
  • Big Burpa had a large Japanese symbol on one side of her jacket.


  • There was Japanese writing on a building downtown.


  • Mad Mike threw exploding pizzas at some Japanese workers unloading a van.
  • Mad Mike's giant pizza cooker had Japanese buttons, except in the close-up of the Stop and Start buttons.


  • There was Japanese writing in the "Top Secret" binder containing information on the Rescuezords and Phantom Ranger which Porto had printed out from the Turbo Megazord's database and given to Havoc; furthermore, the binder opened backwards.


  • There was Japanese writing on several walls downtown as the Rangers fought Wild Weeder.


  • The Rangers' booster fuel bottles stolen by Torch Tiger had Japanese writing on them.


  • There was Japanese writing on a building as Ashley chased Maniac Mechanic's battle wagon in her Turbo Cart.


  • Each of the four Creeps in monster form wore a square belt buckle bearing Japanese writing.


  • There were Japanese symbols on each of the spell pages which Wisewizard projected from his notebook.


  • There were Japanese symbols on the locator which Destruxo followed to the Lights of Orion.

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