- former student, teen martial artist
- former Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (101-DOTD through 228-PTr2, also 1034-FRed)
- former Gold Ranger (434-GHom through 450-Good)
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Full Name: Jason Lee Scott (214-MGrn); Jason Lee (227-PTr1)
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: Jason, circa MMPR (shown at right), Jason, circa PRZ
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  • Jason taught Zack a flip recovery in the Youth Center.
  • Billy took his first karate class from Jason.
  • Jason taught that martial arts taught "courage, kindness, integrity, fitness, loyalty, and discipline."
  • Jason had brown eyes.
  • Zordon described Jason as "bold and powerful."
  • Jason was last to walk out on Zordon; he did so only after Zack had called after him.
  • As the teens walked through the desert, Jason felt guilty about having left, since Zordon had chosen them to save the world.
  • Jason was the last to be knocked down by Putties in the desert.
  • Jason became the Red Ranger, leader of the Power Rangers.


  • When Bulk called Jason a "monkey man" for climbing the Youth Center rope, Jason replied that at least he could climb all the way to the top.
  • While the teens were fighting Putties, Jason had Trini and Billy lure some of the Putties away to spread the Putties out, perhaps realizing that Billy was unable to defend himself.
  • Jason spun Kim and Zack around in a "human chain" maneuver against the Putties.
  • In the middle of his fight against the Giant, Jason called down to Zack from the Tyrannosaurus to ask how he was doing.


  • Jason, Billy, and Zack signed Kim and Trini's petition, but each of them seemed glad to have an excuse not to go with them to the site that afternoon; Jason had a class to teach after school.
  • Jason and Billy were supposed to be busy after school, but they simultaneously arrived in a little over a second after Zordon had completed his transmission to them.
  • Jason played with Mr. Caplan's mind by asking, "What mess?" when he'd asked where the mess from the overturned recycle bins had gone.


  • Jason attempted multiple times in the same day to beat Bulk's benchpressing record of 1,009.
  • On Jason's first attempt, Ernie's losing count may have made Jason start his benchpressing all over, when he was already at 1,006.
  • Zack's causing Kim's chewing gum bubble to pop all over his and Kim's faces distracted Jason right as he was trying to lift for the 1,010th time, on either his first or second attempt at the record.
  • Jason was concerned about the benchpressing record, not wanting people to think of him as a quitter.
  • When Bulk had grappled him from behind, Jason wouldn't let Zack help him; instead, he freed himself by tickling Bulk and then stomping on his foot.
  • Jason didn't call on his Zord when confronted by Goldar and King Sphinx, both giant; when Trini saw morphed Jason confronted by giant Goldar and King Sphinx in the Viewing Globe, she said it seemed hopeless, and Zordon agreed it would seem that way.
  • Jason apparently had known about the Power Crystals before Alpha introduced them to the other teens.
  • On either his second or third attempt, Jason broke Bulk's benchpressing record by reaching 1,010.


  • Jason and Trini were arm wrestling at the Juice Bar.
  • Zack held Jason back from retaliating after Bulk had kicked Jason's Juice Bar chair out from under him.
  • When Melissa came to the Youth Center after her friends had been captured, Jason was doing arm curls at the Juice Bar; either he hadn't gone with the other teens to the movies, or the movie had let out by then.
  • Jason didn't understand sign language.
  • Jason tried to sign something to Melissa in the Juice Bar but ended up telling her that his dog smelled.


  • Jason worked with Kim and another girl at the American foods table.
  • Jason swung around chain link sausages like nunchucks, causing Bulk to become disoriented and drop a pie on his own head.
  • While the other four teens looked apprehensive, Jason chuckled at Mr. Caplan for eating spicy food and then pouring water all over himself when the teens were alone with him in the Youth Center after their battle with Pudgy Pig.


  • Jason coached the teens through some of the moves in the Putty fight.
  • When Billy found Willy's lucky cap by the pond, Jason suspected Rita had something to do with his disappearance.


  • On Saturday, Jason and Zack helped Billy with his volleyball skills in the Youth Center.


  • Jason taught Trini martial arts in the Youth Center as people set up for the upcoming dance.
  • When the teens wanted to talk with Billy, Jason pointed to his communicator and said it was an emergency, but all they wanted to tell him was to ask Marge out.
  • At the dance, Jason and Zack couldn't win the affections of any girls, despite their efforts to impress the girls with their dancing.
  • Jason was briefly shown dancing with Trini.


  • Joking to each other, Jason and Zack pretended that they were Kim reacting to Matt, a guy who was hitting on her in the Youth Center.


  • Jason gave a demonstration with a bo staff in Miss Appleby's class for Hobby Week.


  • Jason told Ernie he'd heard that the Rangers were space aliens from a distant planet, boggling Ernie's mind.
  • Jason told the others that Zack, sad about the teens seeming to have forgotten his birthday, would be okay until the surprise party.


  • After Sylvia had been turned into a cardboard cutout and Billy had considered a device in his garage as the solution to Sylvia's condition, Jason told Trini to have Alpha go to Billy's garage to help.
  • While giant Pineoctopus was frozen, Jason had the Rangers form the Megazord tank mode to shoot at the monster, then the battle mode to finish him off with the cranial laser.


  • Jason had his karate class in the Youth Center go through the same kata he'd been teaching in 101-DOTD.
  • Jason said he knew about Trini's uncle Howard because the man was a living legend in martial arts.


  • Jason and Zack sparred in the Youth Center.
  • Kim was quite angry with Rita for kidnapping Maria, and Jason tried to calm her down.
  • Jason called on the Dinozords only after being told by Alpha that Rita was holding Maria at the old factory.


  • Jason and Tommy competed at the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo.
  • The announcer at the expo may have referred to Jason as "Angel Grove's finest"; he referred to Tommy as a new challenger.
  • Jason and Tommy tied with four points each.
  • Jason and Tommy were both pleasant to each other after tying the match.
  • When the other teens were excited about Jason's performance, Jason reminded them that he hadn't won.
  • Jason, Zack, and Billy were cleaning the RADBUG in Billy's garage after school.


  • After Alpha was repaired, Jason reminded the others that they still had to bring back Zordon and find out about the Green Ranger.
  • Jason, Zack, and Kim returned to Angel Grove in the RADBUG at some point, leaving Trini and Billy to make repairs in the Command Center to try to bring back Zordon.
  • Working out in the Youth Center, Jason was furious about the Green Ranger.
  • Zack and Jason wondered whether Green Ranger was working for Rita; they apparently hadn't heard Green Ranger shout, "Long live empress Rita!" upon boarding the Megazord in 117-GWE1.
  • At school a different day from the initial fight with Green Ranger, Jason apologized to Tommy, saying that he wouldn't be able to work out with him after school as they'd planned.
  • After turning his back to Tommy, Jason was teleported by a beam from Tommy's Power Coin into the Dark Dimension.
  • Zack said it wasn't like Jason to be late, yet Jason, who had been at Angel Grove High to cancel his workout plans with Tommy seemingly only moments earlier, would have been late meeting the others even if he hadn't become trapped in the Dark Dimension.
  • Jason had to fight Goldar while unmorphed in the Dark Dimension; he didn't fare well.


  • Jason dove into the mist along the floor of the Dark Dimension and hid from Goldar for a while before springing an unsuccessful surprise attack.
  • Zack said he knew for a fact that Jason had met Tommy after school, while Tommy had said Jason had never shown up.
  • Unmorphed Jason fought Green Ranger; he again didn't fare well.
  • Jason was teleported out of the Dark Dimension just in time to save him from being stabbed by the Sword of Darkness.


  • Trini and Jason both knew that the Power Sword would recharge the Megazord's power cells.
  • In the Command Center with Zordon and the Zords gone, the teens were extremely pessimistic, but Jason gave them a pep talk, asking, "Isn't the smallest chance of victory enough of a reason for us to keep on fighting? The world needs us, Rangers!"


  • Their discovery of the Green Ranger's identity gave Jason another reason they couldn't give up: they had to break the spell and save Tommy.
  • When the Power Coins began glowing in the Rangers' Morphers, Jason knew that Zordon was back.
  • Jason fought and knocked over Dragonzord by himself in the Tyrannosaurus.
  • Jason used his Blade Blaster to apparently destroy the Sword of Darkness and free Tommy from Rita's spell.
  • After the battle had ended, the six teens had all demorphed, and Tommy had joined the Rangers' team, Jason had the teens all morph again for no apparent reason.


  • Jason regularly called Tommy "bro."
  • When Trini was going to get hot dogs for the teens, Zack and Jason wanted hot dogs with everything on them.


  • Jason had the Rangers disassemble the Megazord to escape giant Spidertron's web.


  • In the Youth Center, Jason and Zack were talking about their battle with Spit Flower, yet it was a different day from when they'd fought him.


  • Jason's costume for the masquerade party was Robin Hood.


  • Jason and Tommy practiced for the upcoming Team Ninja Finals.
  • Jason was particularly self-confident while training; twice, he was so eager to prove himself against Tommy that he threw moves at Tommy seemingly just to show off, causing Tommy to retaliate.
  • Jason and Tommy were more interested in competing with each other than cooperating.
  • Jason and then Tommy both unconvincingly said they could take both of their mysterious ninja opponents by themselves.
  • Zordon sent Jason and Tommy, each with half of a map, to retrieve the weapons he knew could defeat the Super Putties; his plan was for the two to learn to work together while on their quest.
  • To get past Titanus, Jason said he had the strength to get up the hill faster than Tommy but that Tommy was better with a sword than he was; Jason lent Tommy his Power Sword, and Tommy lent Jason the Dragon Shield.
  • It was Zack who commanded the Rangers to fire at will after they'd received their special weapons, even though Jason was present.
  • Talking with Zordon before the Team Ninja Finals, Jason referred to Titanus by name without the name having been heard before.
  • Jason could fight well with a bo staff and shinai.
  • Jason and Tommy won the Team Ninja Finals trophy.


  • Jason played the evil prince or king in the class play of "Rumpelstiltskin."
  • When the Tyrannosaurus was traped in giant Goldar's net, Jason ordered the other four Rangers to retreat and save themselves.


  • Jason brushed off Zack's loss of self-esteem as nothing to worry about, thinking Zack would get over it quickly.


  • When he was the only teen not yet affected by the Island of Illusion's magic, Jason had the teens continue their search for the Power Coins, not acknowledging that his illusion was yet to come.
  • Although it was Goldar who'd told Jason that if he were a real leader he would have saved his friends already, Jason said that "she" was right, and Zack told Jason not to listen to "her."
  • Jason began to vanish after seeing an illusion of the other teens vanishing; he felt that he'd failed for not having saved them.
  • Jason saved himself by remembering not giving up in his fight against King Sphinx in 104-PrEn.


  • Jason chose not to go with the other four teens on their field trip because he wanted to spend time with his cousin, Jeremy, while he was in town.
  • Jason took Jeremy to the beach to give him karate lessons and fish with him.
  • Jason had been telling Jeremy about Bulk, the "famous bully."
  • When Jason was Jeremy's age, he had been insecure, but martial arts had helped him to build his self confidence.
  • Once Jeremy had begun to praise the Red Ranger while describing his experience with the Rangers, Jason sat back down after starting to leave, then told Jeremy to continue.
  • Jason didn't answer when Jeremy asked him where he'd been during the Rangers' battle.


  • Jason was doing a kata on the beach.


  • Jason and Tommy did a martial arts performance together for the talent show in the Youth Center.
  • A half-hour after Tommy should've returned from getting their forgotten belts, Jason had already been attempting to call Tommy on the communicator for some time.
  • Before having the Rangers destroy Fang, Jason tried to explain to the monster that they didn't have his gooney bird eggs and that Rita had lied to him, but Fang wouldn't listen.
  • After the battle with Fang, Jason called Zordon from the Youth Center just to tell him they'd destroyed Rita's plans again.


  • As the Rangers had difficulty with giant Cyclops in the form of Dragonzord while Tommy was captured in the Dark Dimension, Jason was awaiting Tommy's arrival, but he should have had no idea that Tommy would soon manage to escape from the Dark Dimension and morph to help the others.


  • Before entering the portal into the Dark Dimension to retrieve the Green Candle, Jason told the others to close the portal after he was in.
  • For an unknown reason, Jason didn't morph before going into the Dark Dimension or to fight Goldar once inside.


  • Jason taught a martial arts class of red-, green-, and orange-belt students.
  • Jason had the Rangers use their Zords' individual attacks to finish off giant Hatchasaurus; since the Rangers didn't follow Zordon's instructions to get inside Hatchasaurus and disconnect Cardiatron, Cardiatron was able to reassemble the monster.
  • Once Zordon had told the teens a second time that they needed to destroy Cardiatron to defeat Hatchasaurus, Jason noted that it looked like they'd need the Megadragonzord to bring the monster down.
  • Zordon began to repeat the instructions before the teens returned to battle, and Billy filled in the rest, saying, "We must disconnect the Cardiatron"; apparently, this still didn't get through to Jason.
  • After Cardiatron had rebuilt giant Hatchasaurus a second time following the Megazord Power Sword's finishing move, Jason announced, "Looks like we've gotta finish him again!"
  • In the middle of the third battle with giant Hatchasaurus, Jason finally realized he had to go inside the monster and destroy Cardiatron, at which point he leapt down giant Hatchasaurus's throat.


  • At the recycling drive, Jason made exaggerated karate cries as he karate chopped cans to be recycled, and Zack did the same by squashing one with his foot.
  • Jason had the other Rangers fight Goldar and Scorpina while he fought Polluticorn.


  • When Bulk, in detention with the teens, demanded that Jason get out of the seat Bulk had claimed earlier by writing his name on it, Jason gave him the seat after Bulk had pointed out the "Buulk" on the desk.


  • Jason seemed quite discouraged to learn that if they lost the battle against Cyclopsis and Lokar, the people of Angel Grove would be trapped in the dimensional vortex forever.


  • After the Zords had returned to their hiding place following their defeat by Lokar, Cyclopsis, and Rita, Jason hoped Zordon had come up with a plan, or, he said, this truly was the end of the Power Rangers.


  • Referring to the Noble Lion Trophy having been stolen, Jason told Zack they didn't need a trophy to know that they were winners.
  • When a police officer wanted someone in the Youth Center to identify the mud-covered Bulk and Skull, Jason toyed with Bulk and Skull by asking if they weren't the swamp creatures from the black lagoon, but Billy told the officer that, unfortunately, they knew them.


  • When the teens went out to get something to eat, Jason wanted a big burger.
  • Jason, Billy, and Zack had a pillowfight after the guys and girls had gone to their two Forest Creek Cabins rooms for the night.
  • Jason slept shirtless.
  • Jason's nightmare induced by the Crystal of Nightmares was of being defeated and taunted by Goldar in the Dark Dimension, from 118-GWE2.
  • When Zordon beeped the teens, Jason said they had to answer the call even though they were scared.
  • Jason's hand switched repeatedly between on his communicator and by his side as he listened to Zordon.
  • Jason ran into the cave containing the Crystal of Nightmares, had Goldar rush him, and then kicked the Crystal of Nightmares into pieces, all while his self-confidence had still been drained by the Crystal.


  • Jason planned to take Trini and Zack scuba diving; he'd found a reef that he wanted to show the teens.
  • Jason was a certified diving instructor.
  • Jason always stressed "safety first" when going scuba diving.


  • A lost dog had followed Jason to the Youth Center after school, so Jason took the dog inside the Youth Center.
  • Jason caught a contagious itch from Fighting Flea, who had been miniaturized and placed on the dog he'd found.
  • When Jason discovered that a Putty had caught his itch, he had Kim send the other Putties to him so he could infect them as well.
  • Alpha sprayed Jason's arm with a temporary formula to neutralize the itching until Jason came in contact with Fighting Flea again.
  • When an explosion went off near the Pink and Red Rangers while they fought Fighting Flea, Jason began itching again, beneath his suit.


  • Jason submitted for Miss Appleby's time capsule his first karate trophy to show what could be accomplished when one believed in oneself and took good care of one's body.
  • Jason hoped that the people of the future lived in a peaceful and friendly world.
  • Jason said that he thought mankind could make the world into the type of place they hoped for if everyone did their part, tried to get along with each other, and hoped for the best.


  • Walking down the Juice Bar steps with Zack during Parent's Day, Jason remarked, "What a girl," as though he'd been checking out a girl there.
  • After Jason, Trini, Kim, and Zack had fought Putties in front of the Youth Center, Jason remarked that he hoped their parents hadn't seen the fight.
  • Back in the Command Center after the teens had surrendered their Power Coins, Jason pulled out the green Power Coin and looked at it.


  • Zordon's image began to fade from the power drain, and Green Ranger still didn't have enough power to fight the Putties; Zordon weakly said, "Just a little more," so Jason had Alpha turn up the power.


  • After school, Jason played basketball in the park with Kim and Zack.


  • Jason and Tommy volunteered to teach a women's self-defense class to the moms of Angel Grove, and Kim and Trini helped demonstrate as well.
  • Trying out a new flavor of tropical drink, Zack had Jason taste his drink.
  • Jason and Tommy went to the park to plan their next lesson.
  • When morphed Tommy put his hand on morphed Jason's shoulder to hold him back from fighting the Two-Headed Parrot, Jason shrugged it off and forcefully told Tommy to let go.
  • Later, Jason was angry with the Two-Headed Parrot; Zack told him to be smart and wait for Tommy, but Jason rushed the monster anyway and was nearly defeated.
  • While the Two-Headed Parrot's two heads were fighting, morphed Tommy stood in the center of the Rangers and told them it was time to show the monster some real teamwork; Jason was among the other Rangers replying, "Right!"
  • It was Tommy who told the other Rangers to finish off the giant monster, causing them to summon the Ultrazord.
  • After forming Ultrazord, Jason gave the giant Two-Headed Parrot one last chance to surrender, but when it merely cowered from the Ultrazord, Jason said they had no chance, and the Rangers then destroyed it.


  • Ernie was glad to see the Jason, Trini, Zack, and Billy when they entered the Juice Bar, because his delivery truck had broken down and he needed someone to go downtown to pick up some supplies; Jason volunteered.
  • During the battle with Lizzinator, morphed Jason shook off Tommy's hand as Tommy tried to help him up.
  • Jason had the five Rangers call on the Dinozords only after the Dragonzord had begun to be defeated.
  • Morphed Jason congratulated Kelly for making Squatt and Baboo retreat, yet he hadn't been previously informed of her victory.


  • Jason and Zack were dressed up as Musketeers in the audience of Trick or Treat.
  • Morphed Tommy told the other Rangers, including Jason, to prepare their weapons as he rushed Pumpkin Rapper, and they replied, "Right!"


  • Jason and Tommy taught white belt kids together, including a girl named Melissa.
  • Jason and Tommy's lessons were free.
  • Slippery Shark's boomerang put Jason and Tommy under a rivalry spell.
  • While under the spell, Tommy was sick of Jason acting as though he was better than everyone else, and he was also sick of taking orders from Jason; Jason told him if he didn't like it he could take a hike, as the Rangers had been doing fine before he came along.
  • Jason and Tommy were ready to fight in the hallway, following Bulk's suggestion, until Miss Appleby came along, and Kim told her they were just practicing moves, at which point Miss Appleby scolded the two.
  • Jason and Tommy were prepared to fight each other in front of the crowd at the Youth Center until the last one standing was the winner, but they had to leave on Ranger business.
  • Zordon sent Jason and Tommy alone to hunt down Slippery Shark while the others stood by, knowing that they had to work together to overpower their rivalry spell.
  • Tommy initiated a bet whereby he would become leader of the Rangers if he found Slippery Shark before Jason, and Jason added that Tommy had to turn in his Power Coin if he found the monster before Tommy.
  • Tommy wanted to trap Slippery Shark with a ground attack, while Jason wanted to get him in the air.
  • Jason initiated the teamwork that conquered Rita's spell.
  • Morphed Tommy jumped off morphed Jason's shoulders and trapped Slippery Shark in a green net.


  • Jason and Zack patiently trained Roger at soccer in the park.


  • Jason was excited about football season.
  • Jason called Billy "Bill."
  • Jason made the Angel Grove High football team football team; his number was 66.


  • While working out in the Youth Center with Tommy, Jason broke the news to Tommy that Tommy's flaw was forgetfulness.
  • After Zordon had explained the Badges of Darkness, Jason asked about the Red Mutant, even though Jason had not yet been told the name "Mutant Rangers."


  • Jason began wearing an earring.
  • After being told that Zedd's new Putties would be significantly more difficult to defeat, Jason had the teens morph before confronting the Putties.
  • Jason discovered the Putties' weakness of punching them in the Z on their vests, at which point they would shatter into pieces.
  • Jason coined the phrase, "Back to action!" for the (normally helmetless) Rangers to return to battle.
  • Jason called the Dinozords to combat the small Pirantishead.


  • Discovering two Yellow Rangers, Jason told them both to fight him so he could discover from their fighting styles which was Primator in disguise; the real Trini refused to fight him.
  • When Primator took the disguise of Red Ranger, morphed Jason chose to fought him alone to prove himself as the Red Ranger.
  • When the Green Ranger in front of him said he was losing his powers and asked why they didn't just give up, morphed Jason kicked him, knowing it had to be Primator in disguise.


  • Morphed Jason did a split.


  • Jason was silently angry after evil Tommy had stolen the Sword of Power.


  • Jason shot Octophantom in the trunk with his Blade Blaster, upsetting the vain monster.
  • Jason, Billy, and Kim worked at a refreshments table in the Youth Center to thank the volunteers of the Clean Up Drive.
  • When Bulk and Skull were preparing to insert their videotape (which would have shown Jason, Kim, and Tommy morphing) to play it for a crowd in the Youth Center, Jason stopped them from inserting it, and Zack then took it, supposedly to label it so the two wouldn't lose it, then secretly switched tapes with Billy so that the tape Bulk and Skull played was of a cartoon Skull had seen before.


  • Morphed Jason wanted to distract the Stag Beetle while the other Rangers attacked, but when the others disapproved of that plan, he led them away to a spot where they could fight the monster on their terms; Zack thought they should go the other way but followed anyway, and Jason ended up leading the Rangers straight to the edge of a cliff.
  • When Tommy was depressed about Stag Beetle having used up so much of his powers, Jason reassured him that they'd find a way to get his powers back up to full strength.


  • Jason somehow counted off the precise number of seconds until sunset (by which point the teens had to release the tracking device balloon to find Venus Island), but when he said there were five seconds left, it took Billy nearly thirteen more seconds before he released the balloon.


  • Jason liked Richie.
  • Jason was the third of four Rangers to be captured by Guitardo's spell, which could have been resisted by maintaining strict control over one's own thoughts; Kim was the only teen able to resist.


  • Despite the five punks' earlier harassment of the teens, Jason bought their five sodas for them at the Juice Bar, and they were suddenly friendly toward the teens.


  • Practicing his martial arts in the Youth Center with Zack, Jason had a tournament a few hours away.
  • Jason was upset over Tommy's Power loss, blaming himself for not retrieving the Green Candle.
  • When the other teens were captured and Zordon told him they'd wanted him to win the Golden Pipe trophy, Jason said the trophy meant nothing without his friends there to share it.
  • Jason was furious, almost to the point of losing control, when he saw the four Rangers held prisoner, their powers being drained by four candles.
  • When Jason was furious over the capturing and draining of his fellow Rangers, Zordon told him, "Jason, you must control your anger. This is exactly the reaction Lord Zedd wants. You must not allow him to gain the upper hand. Red Ranger, come, stand before me. Jason, a true leader is always faced with tough decisions. He must control his emotions and act based on who has the greatest need."
  • After Alpha told Jason that he'd made the right decision when he'd left the Green Candle, Zordon continued, "The other Rangers needed you then, as they need you now. You must face another tough decision. If you enter Zedd's dimension, your powers could also be lost."
  • When Jason said he was willing to take the risk to save his friends, Zordon told him, "You have made a fine leader, Red Ranger."
  • Red Ranger's voice didn't sound like Jason; this problem continued until Jason's departure in 228-PTr2 and also occurred in Kim's flashback in 233-LiCA of their fight with Pudgy Pig.
  • After making Goldar retreat from the Dimension of Doom, morphed Jason used the five Power Coins to restore his fellow Rangers' powers and candles.
  • Jason's full name was Jason Lee Scott.
  • Jason won that year's Golden Pipe trophy.
  • After winning, Jason called out, "This one's for you, Tommy, wherever you are!" despite knowing that Tommy was at his uncle's cabin.


  • Jason and Trini were at the Juice Bar with Curtis as he waited for Zack to bring his trumpet.
  • After the Rangers had been teleported to the Command Center in the middle of their fight with a squadron of imaginary monsters, Jason seemed a bit tense with Zordon for teleporting them there.
  • After the teens gave the lost trumpet back to Curtis, Jason said a kid had claimed to have found it in the hall after a Power Ranger had left it there, but Curtis didn't believe the story.


  • Jason had gone on a fishing trip to Bass Lake with his uncle in the mountains.
  • While Jason was in the mountains on a fishing trip in Bass Lake with his uncle, he didn't initially respond to Zordon's call; Zordon told the other teens that the mountains seemed to be shielding Jason from their signal, but Jason would later join the others to fight Mirror Maniac.


  • Jason and Zack were in the park, playing football with Curtis "and a few of the others."
  • Jason had a different voice during the Putty fight.


  • When most of the teens were tense over the news of a new Ranger, Jason calmed them down, sure that Zordon had a good reason for this.
  • Zordon asked, "So, Power Rangers, may I assume that you are pleased with the new leader of the power team?" to which Jason replied while smiling cheerfully at Zordon, "This is great."; he would never be shown unhappy with the transference of leadership to Tommy.


  • Morphed Jason threw his Power Sword at Lipsyncher, slicing her cheek, leaving a red cut across her face.


  • Preparing to participate in the trick-or-treat chaperoning program, Tommy said he'd just talked with Jason, who was picking up Trini and Zack for the three to chaperone as well.


  • Shown only from behind at the Ninja Tournament Finals, Jason was skinnier than usual.


  • Terror Blossom shot purple energy from his hand which froze morphed Jason, Trini, and Zack.


  • A TV report gave Jason's full name as Jason Lee.
  • When Serpentera loomed overhead in the sky while the Rangers were on the Deserted Planet, morphed Jason had the other Rangers go for the Sword of Light while he tried to distract Zedd.
  • After needing Tor to protect the Red Dragon from Serpentera, Jason later joined back up with the others to tell them Serpentera was far too powerful.


  • Rocky took Jason's place as the Red Ranger.


  • After the teens had discovered that Billy was unable to become the Gold Ranger and that time was running out for the power transfer, Tommy thought of someone (but didn't mention a name), and Zordon told him to bring the person to the Power Chamber immediately.


  • An unknown amount of time later, Tommy led Jason through the desert (since teleportation from beyond a certain radius around the Power Chamber was impossible).
  • Jason was wearing a trenchcoat, shades, and a bandanna, presumably to hide his identity from the Machine Empire until he became the Gold Ranger; he had no communicator.
  • Jason's wardrobe color was white before he became the Gold Ranger.
  • Tommy and Jason fought Cogs while unmorphed.
  • In the Power Chamber, Jason looked excited to be back.
  • The Treys gave Jason the Golden Power Staff, allowing him to tap the power drawn from all three of Trey's essences as the Gold Ranger.
  • Billy monitored the ensuing battle between the six Rangers and Silo and found that Jason had fully absorbed the Golden powers.
  • After the Rangers' battle, Jason and Tommy worked out in the Youth Center, with Jason wearing a black tank top; black would be his wardrobe color during his days as the Gold Ranger.
  • Jason now wore a communicator.
  • Jason said it felt good to be back; although they'd done a lot of good at the Peace Conferences, he'd been beginning to miss Angel Grove.
  • Leaving had been difficult for Jason, but it had comforted him to know that he'd left the Rangers in good hands, with Tommy as the team's leader.
  • Jason tried to assure Tommy that he wasn't trying to put things back to the way they'd been before he'd left, presumably referring to his leadership, but Tommy had been made leader of the team in 218-WhL2, ten episodes prior to Jason's departure in 228-PTr2.
  • Tommy told Jason that the Power Rangers were a team and that no one was more or less important than anyone else.


  • In the Youth Center, Jason sparred with Adam and then Tommy, then taught Billy a new kata.
  • When the teens' communicators went off, Jason tried to follow the others into a hallway, but Bulk and Skull caught him and tried to get his fingerprint, inadvertantly causing his communicator to fall off into their bag.
  • The teens eventually found Jason and gave him back his communicator, which Billy had teleported to them from Bulk and Skull's detective agency.
  • Morphed Jason went after the power booster the Super Zeo Megazord needed, while the others fought giant Mondo.
  • After Mondo had been destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord, Jason told Rocky he was Rocky's friend and that he was glad to be on Rocky's team; Rocky realized the value of teamwork and no longer felt afraid that Jason was replacing him.


  • Jason, recognizing Emily in the Juice Bar from the biker gang that had made Ernie shut down his beach club earlier that day, asked Emily if they'd met; she rudely replied that they hadn't, but Jason recognized her necklace.
  • When Emily was afraid Eddie would see her in the Juice Bar, Jason asked her to go somewhere they could talk, since a really good friend of his (Ernie) was preparing to shut down his club because of her friends.
  • Jason suggested that Emily tell Eddie that she didn't agree with what he was doing.
  • When Emily found Louie Kaboom's remote control in the sand, Louie told her he'd take that; when Louie turned Emily's necklace into the Tough Tusks monster, Jason told Emily to run and that he'd take care of Louie and Tough Tusks and then meet up with her later; she ran off and apparently hid behind a rock formation while Jason flipped onto the other side of another rock formation, placing himself out of Emily's view to morph.
  • After hearing how Jason had helped Emily, Eddie took his biker gang to the beach club to show his appreciation by having the gang help set up the beach club.
  • Jason gave Emily back her necklace later that day.
  • Jason and Emily appeared interested in each other.


  • Sitting at the beach club with Kat and Tanya, Jason remarked that Emily was beautiful, smart, and fun to be around.
  • Jason considered using Kat's suggestion of asking Emily to the Mr. Stenchy fashion show.
  • Tanya told Jason they still needed more male models, but Jason again declined, saying he thought modeling was more of a girl thing.
  • After hearing how impressed Emily was that Rocky was modeling in the fashion show, Jason decided to be in it.
  • When morphed Jason was flipped onto his back by the Stenchy monster at the beach club, Emily cried out, "Gold Ranger!"; he told her to get the monster's attention, and she did so, calling the monster over to herself, at which point Gold Ranger sent the monster flying with a surprise kick; Jason then congratulated Emily on the nice work but said that she'd better go now and that he'd take over from there; she smiled and rushed off.
  • Jason wore a red jacket with a silver shirt beneath as he modeled on the runway of the fashion show.


  • Jason was at the lake, throwing a frisbee with Tanya.
  • Tanya gave Jason the key to Auric to hold until she returned from Mysterio Island.
  • When Zordon told the Rangers to take the Super Zeo Megazord to meet giant Auric's challenge, Jason instead took Pyramidas to talk to Auric, since he blamed himself for Louie's having gotten the key; Zordon simply told him to be careful, as they didn't know the nature of Auric's challenge.
  • After the Rangers had convinced Auric that they fought for good, Jason apologized to Tanya for losing the key (which Billy had recovered), but she let him keep the key permanently; Jason swore to guard the key with his life.


  • Giant Midas Hound's eyebeams, shooting around randomly, turned Jason from the morphed Gold Ranger into a solid gold statue of his unmorphed form.
  • With the Jason statue lying in the Power Chamber's medical table, Billy tried inducing an electromagnetic pulse which returned Jason to normal and automatically re-morphed him.


  • After the six teens had morphed, the five Rangers summoned their Super Zeozords immediately to fight giant Louie Kaboom, but there was a significant delay before Jason arrived in Pyramidas.


  • Kat and Jason were at the lake as Tommy tried out his uncle's waverunner.
  • Kat and Jason drove out onto the water on another waverunner, with Kat driving, after Tommy had vanished.
  • Alpha sent Kat and Jason back to the lake with a handheld molecular scanner so that they could search for particles of residual energy from the transport beam, and that would enable them to start a galactic search for Tommy.
  • Jason informally took over as leader in Tommy's absence; Cruel Chrome acknowledged Gold Ranger as the substitute team leader.
  • As the Super Zeozords arrived, Jason told the other Rangers that he'd catch up, and then there was a significant delay before he arrived in Pyramidas.


  • Returning once more to the lake with Kat, this time to investigate a supposed Zeo Ranger Five sighting, Jason said that he'd let Tommy down once before and that he wasn't going to let it happen again.
  • Upon seeing a hologram of Zeo Ranger Five, Jason ran toward it but realized too late that it was a trap, and he was sucked into a portal to the Machine Arena.
  • As he was being beaten by Altor, Jason recalled that only Tommy had been able to match him move-for-move, so he concluded that Gasket had transferred Tommy's powers and mind into Altor; Altor clutched his head for a while during Jason's realization, then when he triumphantly declared that he was Altor, Jason remarked that Altor had then lost Tommy's powers, at which point he destroyed Altor with the monster's own staff.


  • For Detective Stone's whodunit party, Jason appeared to be dressed as a mobster.


  • When Gasket launched a full-scale assault on Angel Grove, Jason wanted to take Pyramidas alone to stop them, but Tommy and Tanya warned that it would be too dangerous.
  • While the other Rangers took the Super Zeozords to battle Mechaterpillar, Jason stayed behind with Adam to keep an eye on the Quadrafighters which were approaching the Zord Holding Bay.
  • Jason knew enough about the Power Chamber's systems to tell Alpha to activate the Zord evacuation procedure.


  • Jason, anxious and out of breath, got the teens and brought them to the Power Chamber, where they found Tommy with an aged Billy.
  • Jason, after having successfully retrieved the fresh water needed for the regenerator that could have stopped Billy's aging, answered the Rangers' call for help and morphed into action without taking the water back to the Power Chamber first; he would finally bring the water back when he and the other Rangers retreated from giant Impursonator.
  • Jason remained in the Power Chamber while the others took the Super Zeo Megazord to engage the hijacked Zeo Megazord.


  • Deciding to go to Aquitar for long-term treatment, Billy told Jason to tell the others; Jason was the only teen to say his goodbyes in person.
  • Jason knew that the Aquitian Rangers were called "Alien Rangers" even though he was the first to mention the term in this episode.
  • When Billy, days later, told the teens that he was staying on Aquitar, most of them were stunned, but Adam smiled faintly, and Jason chuckled while looking away.


  • After demorphing in the Power Chamber following his weakness in battle, Jason said he was sure his weakness was just dizziness, and that he'd been working out really hard lately; he then changed the subject by asking Tommy about the band-aid on his cheek.
  • Zordon said it was entirely possible that Jason's physical exhaustion had caused his powers to become temporarily intermittent; he had Alpha run a complete battery of tests on Jason.
  • The tests were negative (a good result), presumably indicating that Jason wasn't losing his powers, but Zordon told Jason not to exert himself, just in case.
  • At the beach club luau, Jason and Emily were still interested in each other.
  • Morphed Jason had the Rangers call on the Zords to fight giant Gasket and Archerina while he fought Cogs below.


  • Tommy and Adam were teaching a class of blackbelts in the Youth Center; Jason was a teacher in the class as well, but he was late.
  • Emily, carrying a backpack, came into the Youth Center and asked Tommy and Adam if they'd seen Jason, as he had planned to show her some martial arts moves after their class.
  • Jason was actually fleeing from Cogs through the forest, morphed, while his powers waned and his communicator wouldn't work.
  • Jason escaped from the forest as Rita and Zedd and Mondo had the Tengas and Cogs battle each other.
  • Some time later, Jason, in unmorphed form, stumbled into the Youth Center and collapsed.
  • Jason was soon lying on the Power Chamber's medical table with electrodes attached to his head.
  • Jason weakly insisted he was fine, but Tommy made him stay where he was.
  • As Zordon had suspected, the Gold Ranger powers, and Jason's own vital life force, were leaving Jason.
  • A short while later, Jason was resting with his eyes closed, as the struggle to maintain balance between the Gold Ranger powers and the forces of the universe could be very taxing on the human form.
  • Being helped through the desert by Tommy as the teens and Trey journeyed to the location where they could transfer the Golden powers, Jason weakly told Tommy that he was okay and that Tommy shouldn't worry about him.
  • Unmorphed Jason didn't know whether he had enough energy left to summon the Golden Power Staff, but he did so, from orange wisps of energy.
  • As he and the Treys were attacked by Cogs, Jason tried to stab a Cog with the Golden Power Staff but didn't move quickly enough; he also tried to club another Cog with the staff but was kicked down.
  • A green energy blast from the Power Chamber, bounced off Aquitar and Triforia before being sent back to Earth, struck the Golden Power Staff, simultaneously reuniting the Treys and returning to Trey the completely restored Gold Ranger powers (see "Gold Ranger" page for details).
  • Later, Tommy walked up to Jason, who was sitting in the park overlooking the lake.
  • Jason was wearing a gold watch with thin wristbands rather than a communicator.
  • Tommy knew that it was tough to lose one's powers, and Jason agreed.
  • When asked what the plan was now, Jason replied that one thing was for sure: he'd have a lot more free time on his hands.
  • Jason and Tommy acknowledged that they'd always be friends, no matter what happened.
  • As he saw Emily walking along the shore of the lake, Jason said that things couldn't be all that bad, and he said goodbye to Tommy before he joined Emily on her walk and the couple put their arms around each other.


  • Just as Divatox was looking for two pure human sacrifices for Maligore, Jason and Kim went scuba diving from a raft off a shore near Angel Grove early one morning.
  • One of Divatox's Piranhatron-like warriors, swimming underwater, attacked the scuba diving Jason and Kim; the two were then in Divatox's subcraft, unconscious, and were dumped into the bilge.
  • Divatox's sensors told her that Jason and Kim were once Power Rangers.
  • Jason and Kim were shown removing their masks and looking around the bilge.
  • Kim commented that she wished they could morph.
  • Jason said it didn't look like there was any way out of the bilge, but he neglected to mention the large round panel in the wall which the two teens would eventually remove, or the flimsy panel in the ceiling which led into the subcraft's bridge.
  • Jason's earring switched sides repeatedly during the movie. (Source: Submitted by "Blue Ranger")
  • Under his wetsuit, which one of Divatox's lackeys had taken to use on their mannequins to trick the teens, Jason was wearing black.
  • Neither Jason nor Kimberly still had communicators; at least, they hadn't worn any while scuba diving.
  • From the bilge, Kim overheard Divatox's plan to feed them to Maligore as a wedding meal.
  • Jason and Kim had come back to surprise everybody and help out with the Little Angel's Haven shelter; where Jason had gone before his return is unknown, as is how they had gotten together and why they were scuba diving.
  • Two days later, Jason and Kim were making weapons from pipes in the wall when Jason thought to try to pry off the large panel in the wall; his plan was for them to pry off the panel and swim to the surface once the subcraft had risen to 100 feet from its current depth of 435 feet.
  • Jason used the dive computer on his wrist to determine that they were at a depth of 435 feet, but the dive computer wasn't submerged in water, making it impossible for it to get any sort of reading on their true depth.
  • Jason's plan was to wait until the subcraft had risen to 100 feet, but he and Kim then began loosening the hatch, allowing water to begin pouring in too soon.
  • Jason and Kim struggled to hold the water back until they crossed through the Nemesis Triangle, but the pressure from the water outside the subcraft would have been far too strong for two people to hold back.
  • After the subcraft had passed through the Nemesis Triangle, Jason and Kim then struggled to pry the panel off, but in the previous scene, they were just barely able to hold it on.
  • When Bulk asked if they were going swimming, Jason whirled around and screamed furiously, "Would you guys be quiet?!! I'm trying to get us out of here!!"; this was the first time in two days that Bulk or Skull had been shown saying anything.
  • After they'd removed the panel and the bilge had filled up with water, Jason and Kim merely turned the wheel on the door connecting their room with Bulk and Skull's and then opened the door to let Bulk and Skull swim through; why they hadn't opened this door sooner is unknown.
  • The four teens simultaneously took a breath at the top of the bilge and then, underwater, swam out the exit one at a time while the others waited without getting another breath; this was a waste of lung capacity.
  • Even though Kim's shirt got stuck on the opening on her way out and Jason had to help her, she kept going without going back up to the air in the bilge for another breath; Jason then finally tried to swim through (also without getting another breath), but Divatox sealed him in.
  • Jason's dive computer fell off when he found himself stuck, and as he swam back up for air, he looked at his bare wrist, realizing it had fallen off.
  • After the water in the bilge had been drained and Divatox had seen that he was the only sacrifice remaining, he smiled triumphantly at her.
  • As the subcraft surfaced near Muiranthias, Jason was in a black cape and hood on the bridge, with two superior warriors on either side of him, one holding a chain attached to his wrists.
  • When he learned that five humans were approaching Muiranthias, Jason said he'd known that the Rangers wouldn't let him down; he apparently assumed that the Rangers were there to save him rather than to save the universe from Divatox and Maligore.
  • In Maligore's temple, Jason and Kim were tied up and suspended over Maligore's lava pit to be used as sacrifices.
  • Jason and Kim were lowered into the pit, then they appeared in clouds of flame back on the ledge, evil with growling low voices, red eyes, and enhanced strength; Divatox then told the two, calling them Maligore's children, to destroy those who would threaten the flames of unity.
  • Jason and Kim fought the Rangers.
  • Evil Jason choked the helmetless Tommy and then kicked him back toward the lava pit; his fighting Tommy was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Evil Jason got over Tommy and choked him on the edge of the lava pit; Divatox yelled at Jason to throw him in, as Maligore's power would exceed, but Jason said this one was his.
  • Evil Jason roared that now he was the one with the muscles and the power.
  • Tommy kicked Jason over him and then grabbed onto his wrist, preventing him from falling into the lava.
  • As Tommy and Kim were struggling to prevent evil Jason from falling into the lava pit, an explosion from the pit knocked them all clear of the area; Jason, appearing not to have reddish eyes anymore, stumbled away looking quite confused.
  • Seeing that Kim was freeing the Liarians, Rygog said that the humans were turning pure again.
  • Jason was walking around with red eyes and a very sad face when Lerigot and Yara turned him good again with gold energy sparkles from their hands.
  • Kim and Jason fought a few standard Piranhatron-like warriors, then helped the Liarians flee.
  • Shortly after the Turbo Megazord had destroyed giant Maligore outside, Jason, Kim, Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel emerged from the jungle with Bulk and Skull and were picked up by the Turbo Megazord.
  • After Jason and Kim had come aboard the Turbo Megazord cockpit with Bulk, Skull, and the Liarians, Jason and Kim immediately went to morphed Tommy while Bulk and Skull weren't looking; Jason hugged the Red Ranger, then as Jason and Kim hugged, Tommy's body posture perhaps hinted at a bit of impatience or mild jealousy.
  • As Bulk and Skull examined the Megazord's controls, Tommy, Kim, and Jason appeared to be having a conversation in the background.
  • Jason took Rocky's place in the national championship.
  • Jason elbowed a Stone Canyon opponent in the face during the championship.
  • When the teens rushed up to the ring to congratulate the guys on their victory, Kim held both her hands up, and Jason held them.
  • In what seemed to be the evening after the national championship, the teens, Jason, Rocky, and perhaps Kim as well seemed to be saying goodbye to Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel in the Power Chamber after they had appeared to emerge from the northwestern hallway, the door of which slid shut behind them.

    Pilot Episode

  • Before bowling, Jason swirled his bowling ball around in a martial arts-like manner.
  • As Jason was preparing to bowl, Zack sneaked up behind him and grabbed him, startling him and making his ball go into the gutter; Jason then playfully and lightly punched Zack a few times in the stomach.
  • Jason and Zack seemed excited, perhaps even entertained, during the brawl with the punks.
  • Jason used a bowling ball as a distraction before striking Bulk in the face with repeated spin-kicks, finally sending Bulk sliding down the bowling lane and crashing into the pins.
  • Jason was the third to leave the Command Center, when Kim pulled him off despite his reluctance to leave.
  • As the teens walked away from the Command Center and through the mountains, Jason kept trying to assure the teens that they could do this, saying they shouldn't have left, since Zoltar had chosen them to save the world.
  • Jason was the last teen to be knocked down by Putties in the desert.
  • Jason became the Red Ranger.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Jason's birthday was given as October 20, making him a Libra.
  • Jason's birthplace was given as Los Angeles, although Los Angeles appeared to have been replaced with Angel Grove in the Power Rangers universe.
  • Jason's favorite subject was political science; his favorite hobby was collecting martial arts movies; agreeing with the later Fan Club Video, his favorite food was sushi.
  • While Jason spent much of his time practicing martial arts, the rest of his time was spent on school and "scoping babes."
  • Jason was described as a "likable guy of few words" who kept his feelings close to himself, speaking no more than a few short orders when things got rough.
  • Jason was also described as a "patriotic guy" who was "very much into the idea of being a superhero and saving the world."

    MMPR fan club video

  • Being interviewed, Jason sat in the Command Center wearing a communicator and a red shirt.
  • On the topic of taking charge, Jason said that his lifetime of training in martial arts had given him focus, discipline, drive, and most importantly, patience, quoting his instructor as saying, "Patience isn't a virtue, it's a great virtue."
  • Asked about his worst dilemma, Jason described having to choose between rescuing the Green Candle from the Dark Dimension and saving Tommy in the battle with Cyclops.
  • Jason liked sushi, as it contained valuable protein and carbohydrates, but admitted he also had his junk food problems, as he liked big bowls of ice cream (though not as big as Zack would eat), cheeseburgers, fries, and milkshakes.
  • Asked about what music he liked, Jason said he liked rock, but also hip hop, which he got from hanging around Zack too much; he and Zack would often dance around and have a good time in one of their garages, until someone would walk by, embarrassing them.
  • On the topic of friends, Jason remarked that they were like family; he described sparring with Tommy at the Youth Center all the time, then said the girls were both really cool, both beautiful women, but that sometimes he'd have to play the big brother role and, for instance, tell an unwanted guy that Kim had a boyfriend, even though she didn't.
  • On the topic of a girlfriend, Jason replied that it would be really cool to have a girlfriend, to break off into boyfriend and girlfriend to do things together; if she came along, he said, he would snatch her up, if she wanted to be had.
  • Asked how often and what kinds of martial arts he practiced, Jason said if he isn't working too hard, he liked to put in two or three hours a day; the styles he'd studied were a very long list which included kempo, taekwondo, judo, and shinkido, but his favorites were taekwondo and kempo.
  • Talking about her friends, Kim remarked that Jason was great, like a big brother, and she felt safe and secure with him, much like she did with Tommy.

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