- Terra Venture guard/soldier
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First Appearance: (?) 508-BBFB
Last Appearance: (?) 839-FLs1
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  • When Justin, out of control, rode his bicycle through a sidewalk construction crew, one of the workers looked identical to a man seen in many assorted roles, all included under the page of future Terra Venture soldier Jasper (from 718-ReMi) due to Jasper's actually being given a name.
  • This construction worker was nearly hit by a piece of wood another worker was holding, then he was kicked face-first into wet cement by Big Burpa, who was pursuing Justin on her own bicycle; along with the other workers, the Jasper lookalike then watched in frustration as Justin and Big Burpa rode away.


  • Upon being transformed into human form by Zordon's energy wave, Lord Zedd looked just like Jasper.


  • Hours before Terra Venture's departure, as the last shuttle to Terra Venture from what was apparently Angel Grove was parked in preparation for launch, two Terra Venture workers loaded luggage onto luggage trucks as two Terra Venture guards stood nearby, one of them looking just like Jasper.
  • The Jasper lookalike said to the other guard, "We can each piece of luggage for contaminants, so everything should be ready to go. So barring any unforseen problems, we're just about finished," but all around were vast numbers of plastic cases and large wooden crates, some with Terra Venture logos on them.
  • Behind some of the aforementioned cases and crates, Leo was hiding until he accidentally knocked off a case, and the two guards spotted him.
  • The Jasper lookalike called out, and the two ran over, "Jasper" with his baton drawn, but Leo had hidden in the luggage mover which was just being driven away by a red-suited worker.
  • "Jasper" spoke into his walkie-talkie to announce that they had a stowaway, then described him as a male Caucasian teenager with dark hair and a red shirt, but the shuttle would soon lift off with Leo still aboard.


  • After Terra Venture had received an alien distress signal, the colony changed course to help, and Stanton was told by High Command to put together his best rescue team; Jasper would be one of the soldiers on this team.
  • Soon after the soldiers had boarded the dead ship and a few had begun to investigate the bridge, an alien creature had arrived, and there was firing in the tunnel as the creature quickly left before team leader Mike had emerged from the bridge.
  • A female soldier urgently said something had grabbed Jasper from the shadows.
  • Later, Mike and Leo discovered numerous webbed cocoons containing the lost unconscious soldiers; Mike tore open a cocoon and woke Jasper up, and Leo woke up the girl, Collins.


  • Two Terra Venture guards accompanied High Councilor Renier, Councilor Brody, and Commander Stanton as they walked down a GSA hallway; one of the guards was Jasper.
  • When Damon approached to return a report Renier had dropped, the two guards grappled him, but she told them it wasn't against the law to be polite, thanking Damon.
  • Outside, the two councilors walked out of a building with their two guards; in passing, one guard (not Jasper) stopped and looked strangely at the guard who was standing outside the walkway in a salute.
  • The non-Jasper guard looked at the saluting guard's shadow and saw a Stingwinger shadow, at which point the impostor turned into a Stingwinger with green energy, making the guard shriek and call out, "Stingwingers!"; nearby, a blue-suited GSA girl and a balding gray-jacketed man turned into Stingwingers as well.
  • Jasper shot at a Stingwinger with a yellow laser burst from his energy pistol, but the Stingwinger deflected it with its claw hand, and Stingwingers grappled the two councilors.
  • As Green Ranger led the councilors away, he was suddenly shot in the back as the robotic Cannonbrawl walked up with his cannon arm smoking, planning an abduction.
  • Green Ranger fought off the villains as the guards rushed the councilors away, but Stingwingers managed to grapple High Councilor Renier, and an orange energy sphere from Cannonbrawl's cannon struck Renier, turning her into an orange energy sphere which flew away, and her papers dropped to the ground.
  • Green Ranger wanted to know where Renier had gone, but the villains vanished, leaving Green Ranger to collapse on his knees over the dropped papers, crumpling one in despair.
  • Later, after Mike, Damon, and secret recruit Leo had rescued Renier, Damon was working on an outdoor fuse panel near a street with Leo's help when the councilors' two guards spoke their full names, and one (not Jasper) then nodded to Renier, prompting her approach with Stanton and Brody to present the two teens with medals for their bravery.


  • As a heliship brought in a "gift" from Captain Mutiny, Jasper appeared to be the soldier who waved the craft down to release the crate in the Terra Venture desert.


  • Among Aquabase guards in riot gear who attempted to fight invading Batlings was a man looking identical to Jasper.

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  • Jasper and all associated roles were played by actor Ed Neil, who wore the costume of Lord Zedd from 201-Mut1 through 643-CTD2 and was featured as human Zedd in 643-CTD2.

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