- Time Force Officer from the year 3000; former fiancee of Alex (901-Fut1 through 939-EOT2)
- current Pink Time Force Ranger (since 902-Fut2)
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2


  • Jen rode a Time Force Patrol Cycle onto the scene of Ransik's warehouse seige, seemingly the last Time Force Officer to arrive.
  • Jen was a brunette female in her late teens, with her hair tied in a short and tight ponytail, wearing a Time Force Uniform.
  • She had pierced ears, but no earrings.
  • Jen intently raced over to Captain Logan, were the two exchanged salutes. She asked where "he" (meaning Alex) was, and Logan pointed out that "he" was in the warehouse.
  • Jen joined Katie's side in facing the warehouse, asked her if she was okay, and acknowledged Trip & Lucas, who were positioned to her right, behind the barricade.
  • She pulled out her Chrono-Blaster from her holster, and gripped it firmly in her hands, with a worried stare on her face.
  • The front door of the warehouse suddenly exploded, and as the blast died off, Jen concertedly cried out Alex's name.
  • When the smoke cleared, Jen was overjoyed to see Alex alive, exclaiming happily, "He did it!"
  • On the way past Jen, Captain Logan touched her arm and whispered, "Take care of him, Jen.", making it clear he was aware of his two Officers' fraternization.
  • Jen lovingly smiled at Alex, and though he didn't quite smile back at first, she reached up and the two in embraced in a firm, yet warm, hug, which lead to his cracking a smile. She appeared to be sobbing joyously as the hug lingered on.
  • Possibly the next day, Alex & Jen sat in the front row of the courtroom, side by side, while awaiting the verdict on Ransik.
  • Between scenes, they went out to a small balcony on the outside of one of the upper floors of the Time Force Courthouse.
  • While watching the hovercars fly across the futuristic landscape of Millennium City, Alex noted to Jen that now that Ransik and his "gang of mutants" were put away for good, they had a little more time to spend together.
  • She smiled and replied that it'd be a nice change to actually have a date with him, calling Alex her "boyfriend".
  • After silently gazing upon her, he turned to her, stating, "Actually, I was thinking of something a little more permanent."
  • He held up a small crystal case from the palm of his hand, stunning Jen, as he removed an engagement ring from within the case, and slipped it on her left ring finger, before asking, "Jennifer... will you marry me?"
  • Jen smiled widely, and reached around him for another loving hug, giggling happily. Alex ended the hug abruptly, asking, "Whoa, whoa! Does that mean 'yes'?!" She noded and laughed, "Yes! Hehehe! Oh, Alex!", and then began hugging him deeply again.
  • Alex stared into his new fiancee's eyes, and reminded her, "Ya know, after Ransik's locked up... it's you and me." Jen agreed lovingly, and finished the statement, "Forever."
  • After hearing the announcement of the court reconvening, Alex took Jen by the hand, and the two of them headed back into the building.
  • Jen excitedly showed off her engagment ring to Trip, Lucas, and Katie on the way back to her seat, all of them sitting directly behind her and Alex.
  • As they led him out of the courtroom, Ransik faced the four teens, and paused for a moment. Jen's smile faded instantly, as did her applause, when she made eye contact with him, just before he was hauled off by guards.
  • Prehaps that night, Captain Logan told Jen that he was trusting her and her team to get Ransik to prison on schedule. Jen assured him they could count on them, and they exchanged salutes.
  • Jen rode inside the back of the truck's trailer, where she and Ransik sat facing one another.
  • Ransik's unwavering evil grin leads to Jen remarking that she wouldn't be smiling if she had his future. He confidently responded that the future is full of surprises.
  • Almost as if on cue, the cargo truck came to a grinding halt. Jen nervously looked around, while Ransik began to laugh wickedly. She got up and approached the door, asking through an intercom, "Lucas, what's going on?!", to which he replied, "I'm not quite sure!"
  • A few minutes after the transport truck came to a crashing halt from the missile bombardment, Jen crawled loudly out of the wreckage, the sound gaining the attention of Frax, who pointed her out to his master, Ransik, as they, and Nadira, were about to depart.
  • Jen clutched her right shoulder, as she leaned against the smashed remnants of the convoy, aiming her Chrono-Blaster at the fugitives.
  • Ransik smirked while reminding her, "You see, young lady? The future... is full of surprises! Hehahaha!" As his laughter grew louder and longer, Jen stumbled and staggered, before finally dropping to the pavement, rendered unconscious by her injuries.
  • Later that night, gathered around the burning ruins of the convoy with her team, Jen (now grasping her left shoulder) scavenged the remnants of the holographic transmission console from the wreckage, and activated a Holoscreen, linking her to Time Force HQ, where Captain Logan answered.
  • Jen informed him, "We were ambushed, sir! Ransik escaped." He furiously reminded her, "Do you realize how long it took us to capture him?!", and soon relieved the teens of their duties.
  • The next morning, while walking back to Millennium City, Lucas ranted that Captain Logan shouldn't have fired them, but Jen argued that he should, since they failed.
  • After hearing from Trip that the fugitives were at the prison, Jen was anxious to get to there. Lucas was insistant on telling the Captain, but she refused, reminding him that they lost Ransik, and they were going to be the ones to get him back.
  • Jen stopped a small silver hovercar, which was floating close to the ground, but the driver refused to let the Time Force Officers commandeer his vehicle (even though he was unaware they had been fired).
  • Katie, informing Jen that she needed to be polite, tossed the rude driver out of his car. Jen rolled her eyes at the use of force, but went along with the theft anyway, telling Lucas to drive.
  • Later, at the bottom of the outdoor stairwell to the landing pad of the Funaro Maximum Security Prison, Jen urged her teammates to hurry, as they raced to the top, overhearing the sounds of Alex and Ransik battling overhead.
  • Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie finally made it up the stairs, and reached the landing pad, where Jen's shouting of Alex's name caused Ransik to turn his attention toward her, with the Red Ranger still firmly in his clutches, calling back out to her.
  • Ransik released Alex, then struck him in the back his bonesword, causing a massive explosion. Jen screamed out in protest, before the Red Ranger demorphed while gasping out her name.
  • Jen raced to his side, and scooped Alex's battle worn body up in her arms, concertedly calling out his name.
  • She cradled him on her lap, as he grunted, "Take my... (deep cough) Morpher..." He slipped off the velcro straps on his left wrist, and handed the Chrono-Morpher to his fiancee.
  • Alex continued, throatily stating, "There's four more... in the Time Ship. It's the only way you'll ever stop Ransik..." Jen shook her head and sobbed, "No! I can't!", only to have him argue, "You can." She sniffled and gazed down at him, as he asked, "Promise me... you won't stop... no matter what... until you capture him. Promise!" Tears began to roll down her face, as she whimpered, "I promise... I'll catch him."
  • Alex slowly reacheed up and wiped the tears from her cheek. He reminded her of their love-motto, "You and me....", to which she finished, "... forever."
  • After he dropped his hand and passed away, Jen embraced his head, his eyes now permanently shut, and cried uncontrollably over the loss.
  • Jen held Alex's lifeless body tightly, as she looked up and witnessed the Cryogenic Detainment Tower warping out of the year 3000.
  • A pair of paramedics raced up the steps, with the female medic assuring Jen, "We'll take it from here", while trying to gently pull her away from her boyfriend's body.
  • She struggled angrily, not wanting to leave Alex, but finally gave up, and let the trained professionals do their job at attempting to resuscitate him.
  • With Alex's Morpher still in hand, Jen stormed past her concerned teammates, and intently declared that they were going after the fugitives.
  • Katie pointed out that they went through a time hole, and Lucas added that there was no way to catch them, which Jen furiously disagreed with.
  • Soon, inside the Time Ship's left capsule, the four rogue Time Force Officers took their seats around a wavily shaped yellow round table, Jen sitting between Katie and Trip.
  • Jen picked up a small yellow & silver briefcase near the table, and opened it up, finding four more Chrono-Morphers, as well as an empty slot Alex's came from.
  • Trip nervously noted to Jen that they didn't even know how to drive the ship. She reminded him, "Lucas can drive anything!"
  • All four of the teens strapped into their seats, Jen noded to Circuit, who, linked with the computer system, stating, "We're secure and ready to launch!"
  • As they finished getting buckled in, Captain Logan appeared on a Holoscreen, set up on a block between Jen and Katie.
  • Jen ignored his angered demands by switching his transmission off, then giving an order of her own, "Go!", leading to the Time Ship's launch.


  • According to the Fox Kids Brazil press release for the series, Jen's full name was Jennifer Scotts.

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