Jerome Stone
- former police officer (304-NjQ1 through 500-TPRM); former detective (425-SSYw through 450-Good); former owner of Youth Center (504-Shad through 544-CIS1)
Jerome Stone
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Full Name: Jerome B. Stone (430-OBOR)
First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
Pictures: Stone as lieutenant (shown at right), Stone as detective
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  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull he was assigned to be their "tour guide" in their training for the Junior Police Patrol.
  • Lt. Stone took Bulk and Skull to have their heads shaved.
  • Lt. Stone was amused by Bulk and Skull's heads being shaved.
  • Lt. Stone seemed to be watching over all of the trainees as they worked out but paid special attention to Bulk and Skull.


  • Lt. Stone laughed sadistically upon introducing the cadets to the Hangman's obstacle course, the most difficult part of the training.
  • Standing on top of his cement pipe with a megaphone as the cadets sequentially shoved their way through a door in a door frame outside, Lt. Stone looked right where Bulk and Skull were resting, sipping drinks and holding umbrellas, but he had to get off the pipe and actually look through the door frame to spot the two.
  • Finding Bulk and Skull hiding in a cement pipe they were supposed to crawl through, Lt. Stone told them he could be their best friend or their worst nightmare, and that the decision was theirs.
  • Lt. Stone was the host of the graduation ceremony, introducing the newest entrants into the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol, among which were Bulk and Skull.
  • Lt. Stone told the audience at the graduation that all of the rookies had worked hard for their graduation and had all earned it.
  • Bulk accidentally knocked the other nine or so graduating rookies over with his about-face; Lt. Stone jabbed Bulk and Skull's hands with the pins when handing them their badges, then told them he'd have them on parking ticket detail for the rest of their lives.


  • Lt. Stone demanded to know why Bulk and Skull hadn't been on the football field guarding Joe Haley as assigned, and he didn't believe their story that they were turned into footballs; he said it was the last time they'd ever receive celebrity duty, and that they'd be lucky to get crossing guard duty.


  • Lt. Stone poked his head into Miss Appleby's classroom looking for Bulk and Skull, yet the two were in the hall just outside the classroom door, both before and after Lt. Stone's search.
  • The invisible Miss Chief used love potion to make Lt. Stone fall in love with Miss Appleby.
  • Lt. Stone asked Miss Appleby to the Junior Police Ball in the middle of her class.
  • While Lt. Stone just called Miss Appleby "Miss," she called him "Lt. Stone."
  • Finster's antidote cured Lt. Stone from the love spell, after which he introduced himself to Mr. Caplan, with whom he'd been fighting while under the spell.
  • At the dance, Lt. Stone asked Miss Appleby to dance, and she girlishly agreed, calling him Jerome; they then danced happily.


  • After fleeing from Rito, Bulk and Skull brought Lt. Stone to the place where they'd encountered the "monster," but it was no longer there; Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull they'd be assigned to wash police cars.


  • At the outdoor cafe, Lt. Stone scolded Bulk and Skull at the cafe for fleeing from supposed Tengas at the lake.
  • Lt. Stone said he found it very odd that Bulk and Skull were the only people in Angel Grove, aside from the Power Rangers, to face off with a different monster every week.
  • Lt. Stone gave Bulk and Skull twenty-four hours to show him a monster.
  • Later, Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone had been on a monster stakeout nearly all day.


  • Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone were sleeping when the teens went to that area to set up the PortalCom to rescue Kim from Zedd's dimension.
  • Upon waking up to a red dragon kite having landed beside him as a result of kids having fun in the park, Lt. Stone ran off screaming, thinking he'd seen a monster.


  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to watch the area where there had been a recent rash of car thefts and apprehend any suspicious suspects, then to report back at 1600 hours.


  • Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone were hiding in a laundry bin in the hospital on a stakeout for Gunthar Schmidt, whom Bulk and Skull suspected of being an international spy.
  • The three were pushed in a cart six floors down through the laundry chute by an unobservant hospital aide.
  • Later, the three emerged from the hospital and saw the five Rangers (no Pink) fighting Tengas as Kat was being restrained by Garbage Mouth; Bulk and Skull recognized the Tengas, and the three fled the scene.


  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull do their community service training at the Christmas Eve party in the Youth Center, with Bulk dressing up as Santa and Skull as a reindeer.


  • Bulk and Skull were assigned to work at the Junior Police Patrol bake sale, located in the main hallway in Angel Grove High.
  • Thinking they could eat whatever they didn't sell, Bulk and Skull ate the food at the bake sale until they were sick.
  • Lt. Stone had wanted to give the leftovers to the elderly home, so Bulk and Skull gave him money from their own wallets.
  • Lt. Stone offered Bulk and Skull a sundae he'd made himself, but they ran away.


  • After the Tengas had sent Bulk and Skull fleeing from the housing site they were helping out in, Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone surveyed the wrecked site a bit later.
  • When Bulk and Skull told Lt. Stone that they had been attacked by monsters ("giant bird-looking things"), Lt. Stone merely ordered them to get the building supplies back.
  • When Bulk and Skull apprehended Mayor Carrington at the housing site, thinking she was a potential thief, Lt. Stone dragged Bulk and Skull off, saying they'd be washing the mayor's car for five years and then Lt. Stone's car for five years, and then all the cars in Angel Grove.


  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull that the bananas Ernie was going to use for his special new smoothies were stolen from behind the outdoor cafe.


  • The police department sponsored a horse trek for Nature Appreciation Week, and the six teens, Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone went riding.
  • After the darkness and quaking from Master Vile's arrival on the moon, Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull that he didn't know where the teens had gone, but that his years of police experience and his keen instinct told him that the darkness meant there was going to be a monster attack, so he had Bulk and Skull ride for help.


  • Another day (or perhaps week), Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone galloped with the teens on whatever day Lt. Stone had chosen to continue the Nature Appreciation Ride.


  • Bulk and Skull were on parking duty at the carnival when Lt. Stone walked up to get in his green sedan with an exhaust problem; he had taken the day off to get away from Bulk and Skull.
  • The bumper on Lt. Stone's car had a D.A.R.E. sticker on it.
  • When the Orb of Doom turned back time, Lt. Stone, in his car at a stop sign, turned into a child in a police uniform; he cried out, "Hey!", making him perhaps the only person other than the six Ranger kids and Bulk and Skull to show awareness of the change in time.


  • After learning on the Juice Bar TV about a secret alien spaceship one morning, Bulk and Skull thought Lt. Stone would give them medals if they brought an extraterrestrial into the police station.
  • Lt. Stone, back to his normal age following the Zeo Crystal's restoration of time in 343-HdA2, was reading a newspaper in the Juice Bar.
  • Hearing Bulk and Skull's plans to find the ship to prove something to Lt. Stone, calling him a slavedriver, Lt. Stone dragged them into a field in the mountains and had them stand watch, or else they would be cleaning the latrines at headquarters with what appeared to be a toothpick.
  • On their stakeout, Bulk figured Lt. Stone was trying to break their spirits.
  • Hiding behind rocks some time later, Bulk and Skull watched silver Cogs marching in different directions through the field; Bulk said they had to find Lt. Stone, but Lt. Stone found them.
  • Bulk and Skull described their encounter with the aliens, and, seeing the Cogs marching in the background, Lt. Stone believed them; as the three ran from the robots, a Cog opened its face and shot three sets of energy pulses in their direction.
  • Bulk and Skull, now dirty, came into the Juice Bar and told Ernie about seeing aliens; Lt. Stone would not join them in the Juice Bar until some time later.
  • Later in the Youth Center, Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull went through a box and checklist of emergency supplies, including flashlights and blankets.
  • Ernie hoped it wasn't as bad as the experts predicted, but Lt. Stone said unfortunately he'd seen it with his own eyes and it didn't look good; Ernie noted the only ones that could save them had seemed to vanish into thin air, and Lt. Stone said if the Power Rangers were out there, they'd better hurry, as time was running out.


  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull's broken-down patrol bike towed, then happily fantasized about what life would be like without Bulk and Skull. (Source: 403-ShSt outtakes segment)


  • Lt. Stone said there had been a rash of break-ins around the junkyard (the break-ins were actually due to the Cogs' construction of Silo), and he assigned Bulk and Skull to guard the area.


  • Lt. Stone at a cheeseburger at the outdoor cafe, waiting for Bulk and Skull.
  • Bulk and Skull were in a hurry to get there before 3:00, or else Lt. Stone would give them a special, surprise assignment.
  • When Bulk and Skull's patrol bike's accelerator apparently got stuck (or the brakes didn't work), the bike, with Bulk and Skull in it, crashed into the outdoor cafe, wrecking the entire place.
  • Lt. Stone's special assignment was to give out textbooks at Angel Grove High.


  • Early one day at the fun park, Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to "Operation: Refuse Removal," giving them their TP-480's (trash-poking sticks) and T-140 receptacles (trash bags); Bulk and Skull were excited to be put on trash cleanup duty.
  • Lt. Stone planned to return at 1100 hours.


  • In the Youth Center, Kat present her finished civics project, the German Shepard Smokey trained for the police and given to Lt. Stone.
  • Lt. Stone officially thanked Kat on behalf of the Junior Police Patrol.
  • Lt. Stone made Smokey the new sergeant in the Angel Grove Search and Rescue unit.
  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to give Smokey a bath.
  • A different day, Kat was talking with Lt. Stone in the Youth Center about how Smokey had apparently passed his first field test; Lt. Stone had heard of Smokey's helping the Power Rangers.
  • Bulk had Lt. Stone's missing sandwich in his pocket for some reason.
  • Lt. Stone told Smokey to escort Bulk and Skull (calling them "trainees") back to headquarters so they could start their new duty, cleaning every trash can between the Youth Center and city hall.


  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull do him a personal favor by watching his cousin Arnie while he was on patrol.
  • Lt. Stone's first name was Jerome.
  • When Arnie was later describing how they'd been saved by the Power Rangers, he said Captain Pete's secret word and was hit in the face with a pie; Lt. Stone laughed with Bulk and Skull at Arnie's misfortune.


  • Lt. Stone was friends with the head of security of the set of the new Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface, and he wanted Bulk and Skull to make a good impression.


  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull pick up trash in the park left over from the police academy picnic, and he would be back within the hour.
  • Upon returning to find Goldar and Rito near a spacecraft (which they had been assigned by Bulk and Skull to guard), Lt. Stone assumed the two were part of an invasion force, so he chased after Goldar and Rito, trying to arrest them.
  • Lt. Stone later told Bulk and Skull they were under alien attack, describing the aliens as a "monkey in gold armor" and a "bunch of badly stacked bones."


  • Lt. Stone, having heard that Bulk and Skull were trying their hand at botanical engineering, came down to make sure they didn't ruin the good name of the Angel Grove Junior Botanical Society, as he was a founding member.
  • Lt. Stone took Bulk and Skull to get some high quality plant food.
  • Lt. Stone took Bulk and Skull to an outdoor manure retailer called Manure City; he loved the place.
  • Lt. Stone said that Skull's plant called for life-saving measures, which meant "high octane black gold."
  • A bucket of fertilizer fell on Lt. Stone's head.
  • Following the Cogs' theft of Rocky's and Skull's plants, a woman on Lt. Stone's radio reported, "Command Central to Lt. Stone. We have a report of a break-in at the Angel Grove community greenhouse. Several rare species of plants have reportedly been taken."


  • When computer systems in Angel Grove went haywire, Lt. Stone called Bulk and Skull and told them to proceed immediately to the intersection of 3rd and Elm to help with the code blue traffic situation; they actually went to 4th and Maple.
  • Lt. Stone still drove a green sedan.
  • Bulk and Skull were heartbroken when Lt. Stone took away their gloves as punishment for going to the wrong intersection.


  • Bulk and Skull were trekking through Angel Grove High with a compass; Lt. Stone had had them take a course in orienteering as part of their special training.
  • Bulk and Skull eventually made it back to the Juice Bar in record time, and Lt. Stone was very impressed.
  • As Lt. Stone soon discovered, Bulk and Skull had actually taken a cab ride from Angel Grove Forest (from the same driver whose cab they'd commandeered in 321-FCab).


  • Under Robocupid's spell, Lt. Stone fell in love with an arcade machine in the Juice Bar; he even brought it a bouquet.
  • Tanya said Lt. Stone had never been into video games.


  • The next day (presumably Sunday), the police horticultural society was having its final judging that afternoon, and Lt. Stone's "American beauties" had never lost; he assigned Bulk and Skull to guard his garden.
  • Lt. Stone's house number was 31935.
  • Lt. Stone's flowers were dying because of Defoliator.
  • At the judging, the judges discovered that Lt. Stone's plants were plastic, having been replaced by Bulk and Skull.


  • Since the Native American arts festival in the Youth Center, sponsored by the police cultural committee, had to be a big event, Lt. Stone put Bulk and Skull in charge of sales.
  • Bulk and Skull tried to bully Delmar until Lt. Stone told them that Delmar was the son of the chief of police.
  • Lt. Stone liked Delmar and told Bulk and Skull they could learn a lot from him.


  • Ernie thought some of the teenagers might be interested in boxing, so he had Lt. Stone come to the Youth Center to give free lessons.
  • Lt. Stone's nickname was "The Rock"; on his shirt was "Jerry 'The Rock' Stone."
  • After the lesson, Adam told Lt. Stone he'd see him next week.


  • Lt. Stone still drove his green sedan.
  • Lt. Stone found Bulk and Skull out during a monster alert, and Bulk and Skull wouldn't say why they were out.
  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull retreat with him when he saw Goldar and Rito walking down the street; Bulk and Skull reluctantly left.


  • Lt. Stone had to give Bulk and Skull a psychological exam to see whether they were fit to be junior officers.
  • After the exam, Lt. Stone consulted a guidebook called I'm O.K. You Might Be Nuts by "Jacob" in conducting his psychological evaluation of Bulk and Skull.
  • Lt. Stone said the test showed that Bulk and Skull thought about almost nothing but monsters; in any other city, that would mean they couldn't be junior officers, but in Angel Grove, they needed people like Bulk and Skull, the book said.


  • Lt. Stone was giving Bulk and Skull an undercover test; as he hunted for them, Bulk was disguised as a hot dog vendor, with Skull stuffed inside the hot dog steamer.
  • Later, Bulk and Skull were disguised as statues in the park, and Lt. Stone didn't recognize them (even though a little girl knew they were there).
  • Sitting with Bulk and Skull, who were in disguise as women a different day, Lt. Stone told them he was in charge of everything at headquarters, then asked them what they were doing later; when the two revealed themselves, Lt. Stone angrily chased them out of embarrassment, claiming he'd known it was them all along.


  • Bulk and Skull were sleeping in the doorway outside the resource center at Angel Grove High as Adam and Tanya studied alone one night; Lt. Stone had put them on night patrol.
  • The next morning, Bulk and Skull chased a black cat through the resource center, having been chasing her for days as an assignment from Lt. Stone.


  • Lt. Stone introduced to Bulk and Skull the new rookie, Cadet Connie Crandall, the daughter of the police chief.
  • Lt. Stone said he'd wanted to introduce Connie to two of his best officers, but since they were on assignment, Bulk and Skull had to do.
  • Chief Crandall referred to Bulk as one of Lt. Stone's men.
  • When Bulk and Skull, dressed as beatniks, had a fan blow papers and feathers all over the place as Bulk held a chicken as a visual aid for his love poem to Connie, Lt. Stone and Chief Crandall came into the room; Chief Crandall fired Lt. Stone for the actions of Bulk and Skull, and Bulk and Skull quit as well.
  • For the "come as your favorite decade" dance in the Youth Center, Stone was dressed as Sherlock Holmes.
  • Stone thanked Bulk and Skull for giving him the chance to start a life-long dream of his: having his own detective agency.
  • Stone asked Bulk and Skull to be his detectives, and they eagerly accepted.


  • Detective Stone had their first assignment: the National Association of Record Companies was concerned about an increase in phony record producers who were scamming unsuspecting kids, and Stone said Ernie's new after-hours club was the perfect place for the jokers to operate.


  • All of the actions of Bulk, Skull, Detective Stone, Rito, and Goldar in this episode were apparently included in elderly Tommy's story to his grandson decades in the future, but how Tommy would have known of their actions (including their affiliation with Rito and Goldar) is unknown.
  • Skull was trying to wrap a bowling ball as a Christmas present for Detective Stone.
  • Detective Stone gave Bulk and Skull the case of the missing fruitcakes, as someone had been stealing fruitcakes all over town.


  • Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that as they knew, trees had been mysteriously disappearing from the Angel Grove National Forest (secretly due to the Machine Empire's invisibility medallions), and he sent Bulk and Skull to investigate.
  • Detective Stone was impressed by Skull's story of their having used brute force to escape from their monster-built prison in the forest after being captured by Admiral Abominator.


  • Detective Stone, having been looking all over for Bulk and Skull, finally found them in the Youth Center and thought it was appropriate that they'd spent the entire day in Murphy's Mine digging up fools' gold. (Source: 429-SmPr outtakes segment)


  • At the agency, Detective Stone received his latest package from the Java of the Month club; this month was rare Jamaican beans.
  • Detective Stone taught Bulk and Skull the most important skills of a first-class private eye: how to make a good cup of coffee.
  • Detective Stone had written a book entitled, In the Know About Joe: A Coffee Lovers Handbook [sic], written by Jerome B. Stone.
  • Detective Stone was dressed as a detective on the back of his coffee book.
  • Detective Stone called Skull "Detective Skullovitch."
  • The coffee Bulk and Skull made for Detective Stone was perfect, according to him, even though it was extremely thick.


  • Detective Stone had Bulk and Skull guard the safe/refrigerator of their new client, Mrs. Hufford, containing her priceless, irreplaceable, most valued possession (later revealed to be her secret recipe for her blue-ribbon egg salad sandwiches, as well as several sandwiches).


  • Detective Stone cashed a client's check before finding out Bulk and Skull wouldn't be able to solve the case (since the client's dog reappeared before Bulk and Skull could look for it), so he had Bulk and Skull do all the chores Mrs. Filler wanted done, including watching Princess, washing the windows, unclogging the sinks, cleaning out the garage, cooking, and reshingling the roof.


  • Bulk and Skull, wearing punk clothes in the agency, hadn't had a case in weeks, but they'd had cases in 432-DIKY and (although it was apparently part of elderly Tommy's story in the future) 426-ASTR.
  • From the agency, Bulk and Skull phoned in a report to Detective Stone.


  • Outside the agency building, Detective Stone had Bulk and Skull wax his new red sportscar.
  • When Rito and Goldar stole the patrol bike, Bulk and Skull chased after them in Detective Stone's sportscar.
  • When Detective Stone's car ran out of gas, Bulk and Skull barely managed to leap away from the car before giant Silo stomped it flat.
  • Later, Detective Stone pined over his squashed car and dismissed Bulk and Skull to leave him alone with the car, not listening to their explanation.


  • Detective Stone introduced Bulk and Skull to their new client, Harriet Gerard, executor of the Randolph B. Burble Foundation, makers of Burble Baby Food; the Burble Baby Food Foundation was looking for Mr. Burble's long-lost nephew, the original Burbling Burble Baby; whoever found the baby would receive $10,000; the foundation's records indicated that the baby would be a teenager and would have just moved to the city.
  • Miss Gerard, walking into the Youth Center with Detective Stone and Ernie, said later that their calculations had been off; the baby was older than they'd thought, and he'd been living in Angel Grove for years; the baby was actually Ernie, and Miss Gerard gave him a lifetime supply of Burble Baby Food; to whom the $10,000 reward went is unknown.


  • Detective Stone assigned Bulk and Skull (with the nicknames "agents zero and double-zero"; unknown which was which) to be undercover security for a professional model who was in the Mr. Stenchy fashion show; they used small earpieces to communicate.
  • Bulk and Detective Stone were eating burritos on a swingset when they were turned smelly and chased away by the Stenchy monster.


  • Detective Stone had another identical red sportscar and assigned Bulk and Skull to watch it; he said his previous car had been crushed the previous week.
  • Because of Rito's bumbling, Rita and Zedd's super-magnet accidentally pulled Detective Stone's second sportscar to the moon, where it stuck to the magnet.
  • Returning, Detective Stone angrily asked Bulk and Skull where his car was.


  • Detective Stone had Bulk and Skull wash his waverunner for the upcoming waverunner race he was going to be in.
  • Bulk and Skull tried to ride Detective Stone's waverunner, but it wasn't working, so they simply rode it drifting through the lake for a while before returning it to the shore.
  • Gasket, looking at the waverunner in his telescope, thought it was a perfect choice (for a monster); after Bulk and Skull eventually parked the waverunner back onshore and got off it, it turned into Cruel Chrome with red energy.
  • After Cruel Chrome was destroyed, Alpha replaced the waverunner with an identical one; Detective Stone later asked Bulk and Skull why his waverunner (calling it a "wavejumper") was running so well, then congratulated them, causing them to faint.


  • Detective Stone invited the six teens, Bulk and Skull, and others to an old mansion for a whodunit party for the retired detectives' fund; the culprit could be any of them.
  • Detective Stone, originally talking in a French accent, pulled out an envelope to reveal the identity of the culprit, but the lights went out briefly, and Detective Stone vanished.
  • Ominous organ music played audibly for the guests when someone said something dramatic or suspicious.
  • Just as Kat was about to open the envelope after finding it at the table some time later, the lights cut off, and Detective Stone returned, revealing himself as the culprit.


  • Detective Stone took Bulk and Skull on a fishing trip on their day off as a lesson on finding criminals, saying fishing taught patience, concentration, and how to listen.
  • Having heard Detective Stone talk about his secret (fishing) weapon, Gasket and Archerina planned to wait for Stone to reveal the weapon, at which point Gasket would use it to ensure his rightful place on the throne.
  • Detective Stone's secret weapon was a fishing lure called the "armor-plated, fully-automated Mechaterpillar 2000."
  • A blue energy gear fired from the Machine Skybase turned Detective Stone's "armor-plated, fully-automated Mechaterpillar 2000" fishing lure into the Mechaterpillar robot monster, which emerged from the lake, terrifying Detective Stone, Bulk, and Skull.
  • Another day, Bulk and Skull came into the Juice Bar smelling fishy, having spent the last twenty-four hours cleaning fish.


  • Bulk and Skull were studying in the Juice Bar, as they were going for their detectives' licenses to become full-fledged detectives.


  • Immediately after Detective Stone stepped out for an hour right after having Bulk and Skull start their tests in the agency, the city's monster alarm went off; Bulk figured the alarm was part of their test, and they continued working on the test to show they could concentrate under fire.
  • In the Juice Bar a different day, Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that they'd passed their detective's exams, but only because the examiners had given them extra points for completing their test during a monster attack.


  • Detective Stone's desk was covered with a large pile of bills; the agency was near bankruptcy, and as Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that they desperately needed a case, the power was shut off.


  • Bulk was unhappy that even though they were real detectives, they were still doing housework, since Detective Stone, Bulk said, didn't trust them enough to give them a real case.
  • Just as Bulk and Skull planned to find themselves a really tough case to earn Detective Stone's respect, a balloon with a note from a French detective named Inspector Cousteau drifted into the agency office; the note read, "Meet me at the northmost bench in Angel Grove Park in 1600 hours. Don't be late. -- I.K."
  • Bulk and Skull took Inspector Cousteau's case in France to prove themselves to Detective Stone, but rather than telling Stone of their case, they merely told him they were quitting since they'd gotten a better offer.
  • Detective Stone was furious at Bulk and Skull for quitting, and he told them not to bother coming back if they walked out the door, not caring how much they would beg or plead; as the two detectives walked out on him, he said, still bothered, that they would be back, but once they had left and he had resumed his paperwork, he looked up sadly at the door.


  • Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull were doing security jobs at the baseball stadium in black uniforms which looked like police uniforms.
  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull that he didn't have to remind them of their luck in getting re-hired.
  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to relieve him of his duties at the International Dance-a-thon at 1900 hours.
  • Skull accidentally sprayed Lt. Stone's face with mustard.
  • No mention was made of the detective agency or Bulk and Skull's trip to France.
  • Bulk and Skull were abducted by Divatox before they could relieve Lt. Stone that night; they were brought back to Angel Grove by the Turbo Rangers days later.


  • Bulk and Skull were now wearing their normal uniforms again, with their shirts light blue rather than black.
  • Lt. Stone had told Bulk and Skull that the only way they'd get back to the police force permanently was if they put tickets on fifty cars by the end of the day, but they'd gone to a parking lot near the lake, where there were no cars.
  • Lt. Stone drove a blue sedan.
  • Captain Crandall had decided to give Lt. Stone one final chance, making Lt. Stone decide to give Bulk and Skull one final chance as well.
  • Lt. Stone sent Bulk and Skull to the Angel Grove Energy Center to take over for the private security company that had been let go; he said this was their last chance; on this mission, they would disappear, never to be seen again until 520-StWi.


  • Lt. Stone found two chimps (actually Bulk and Skull, who'd been transformed into chimps by Elgar) outside the Youth Center, and they brought him inside.
  • Lt. Stone thought the chimps were trying to tell him something.
  • Rushing to stop Bulk from eating a banana split, Lt. Stone bumped a male waiter and sent a banana split flying onto his own face.
  • Lt. Stone told the chimps there was something awfully familiar about them.


  • Since Ernie had been recalled to the Amazon by his foreign service unit, Lt. Stone was now the owner and manager of the Youth Center; as the main server, he wore a floral shirt and a "Jerome" nametag.
  • Discovering that the chimps had stolen many items from Tommy and Justin and taken them into what looked like the outdoor cafe, Lt. Stone guessed he had to keep a closer eye on the chimps until he could figure out what to do with them.
  • Everyone continued to call Jerome "Lt. Stone."
  • A thrown ball from Bulk sent a pizza flying onto Lt. Stone's face.
  • Lt. Stone still got the feeling he knew the chimps.


  • Lt. Stone had Tanya's radio program on KAGV FM playing on the radio in the Youth Center.


  • Lt. Stone was the announcer of the Angel Grove Derby and its trial races.
  • The derby was sponsored by "Ernie's Juice Bar."
  • Lt. Stone brought the chimps with him on the day of the derby.
  • Lt. Stone had brought a smoothie machine to the derby.
  • Lt. Stone had brought the chimps to the derby for some fresh air, but threatened to put them back on banana peeling duty in the Juice Bar if they didn't be quiet.
  • After the derby was rescheduled to another day after Warren's accident, the chimps drove off in the Slippery Shark, the previous year's derby winner, and Bulk crashed the racer into the derby's smoothie stand, dumping smoothie all over a pageant winner who had been attending the race and seemed to be a part of the smoothie stand.
  • Lt. Stone took the chimps away, and then the pageant winner dumped papaya smoothie on Lt. Stone's head for what his chimps had done.
  • Bulk licked smoothie off Lt. Stone's cheek.


  • The chimps had left the Youth Center after sitting behind the Juice Bar, and Lt. Stone eventually found them at Angels' Bluff after having looked all over Angel Grove for them.
  • After asking the chimps why they always managed to be in the middle of any trouble, Lt. Stone told the crowd which had shown up for Tony's and Rob's nearly disastrous drag race, "You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear that this--"; at this point, he realized the chimps were driving away in his sedan.


  • As the teens set up for Justin's surprise party in the Racing Technologies garage, Lt. Stone had gone to get food, leaving the chimps with the teens.
  • After returning to the garage, Lt. Stone remembered that he'd left the rest of the balloons at the Youth Center, but before he left to get them, the teens put a large plastic box of something into his trunk.
  • Lt. Stone's blue sedan was a Chevrolet Malibu.
  • Lt. Stone later came into the garage with balloons and was speechless at the disaster the chimps had caused.


  • Outside the Youth Center, Lt. Stone organized a volunteer car wash which charged $2.00 per car to keep the baseball team going; he was washing cars along with the teens.
  • After Lt. Stone had run inside and frantically told Tanya, Kat, and Justin there were monsters (Piranhatron) in the parking lot, the three teens ran outside, where they fought the Piranhatron.
  • Later, in the Juice Bar, after the car wash had made enough money, the chimps were making drinks; Lt. Stone had Tanya, Justin, and Kat taste disgusting-tasting smoothies to make sure he wasn't going crazy in suspecting the chimps had added a few ingredients of their own when he wasn't looking.
  • Bulk was mixing fruit and sardines into a smoothie which splashed up in Lt. Stone's face when he rushed to put the lid on.


  • The chimps had painted all over a wall behind the Youth Center, but no one understood the meaning of the painting; the chimps then proceeded to paint Lt. Stone's face.


  • Skull tried to use the tiny periscope from Divatox's subcraft (poking up from Kat's glass of water) as a straw; Lt. Stone got water splashed on his face when the periscope was retrieved quickly, and he then, by reeling back from the water splash, knocked over all the dishes the chimps had stacked in an attempt to impress him.
  • Tommy and Tanya sat with Lt. Stone in the audience of the Nutcracker ballet in which Kat had the lead role of Clara.


  • When the Youth Center's fire alarm went off, Lt. Stone, with the chimps holding his hands, told everyone to evacuate to the parking lot while he checked out the premises, but the alarm then stopped.
  • Lt. Stone examined the alarm system and found nothing wrong, but told everyone to treat the next fire alarm as the real thing.
  • When another fire alarm went off, the chimps, doing as Lt. Stone had just said, treated the alarm like the real thing and splashed water from one of the water buckets on him.
  • Lt. Stone wished the chimps wouldn't take him so literally.


  • Lt. Stone served the chimps a bowl of mashed bananas at a table, but Bulk was sick of bananas.
  • When there was an earthquake, Bulk threw the bowl of mashed bananas threw the air, and it landed on Lt. Stone's head.


  • As his teenaged niece Jenny left the Youth Center, Lt. Stone greeted her on her way out but got no response.
  • Lt. Stone's sister had been having problems with Jenny and thought she needed a firm hand for the summer, so she'd sent Jenny to stay with Lt. Stone until school started.
  • Lt. Stone said he hadn't seen Jenny since she was little, so he was hoping she just needed to adjust to living in a new place.
  • Lt. Stone later tried to balance the Youth Center's records in frustration, wondering how Ernie had managed to do so.
  • When the money from the entire weeks' receipts disappeared, Lt. Stone was quite upset, especially since it had been taken from right under his nose, and he had been a police officer.
  • Since Emily was back east visiting her grandmother, Jenny was the only other person that knew where the keys to the safe were; when Lt. Stone asked her if she'd borrowed money from the safe, she was insulted and told him he was just like her mom.
  • Later, Lt. Stone gave Kat a large bowl of ice cream in congratulations for being invited to join the Royal Academy.
  • When Jenny came in after the chimps had returned the missing money, Lt. Stone apologized to her, and she told him to forget about it, as she would probably blame her too; they then hugged.


  • Lt. Stone attended Angel Grove Cleanup Week.
  • Later, in the Youth Center, which was being used as a recycling center for the cleanup week, the chimps were playing chess at a table, but they left after Bulk had stolen Lt. Stone's keys.
  • The chimps drove off in Lt. Stone's off-white sedan.
  • Lt. Stone reluctantly paid a little girl $50 to borrow her bicycle and helmet to chase after the chimps.
  • After the chimps had stopped the car, morphed Justin spoke in the presence of Lt. Stone and the chimps, talking directly to Lt. Stone; they made no particular reaction to his childlike voice.
  • Lt. Stone told Blue Ranger that the chimps' driving days were over; after Blue Ranger had teleported away, Lt. Stone scolded the chimps, "Now how many times have I told you guys? Don't drive without me in the car!"


  • Lt. Stone sat on the hood of his car by the beach, wondering what he was going to do with the chimps.
  • Lt. Stone was down that the chimps didn't act like chimps should, and that he was talking to them as if they understood.
  • The chimps left with their trash they'd collected (as well as the can-shaped detonator they'd found), and left without Lt. Stone noticing, to prove their humanity; this was the last time Lt. Stone would see the chimps.


  • Lt. Stone was delighted to see Bulk and Skull in the Juice Bar, saying they'd just dropped out of sight; Bulk told him they'd just been monkeying around.
  • When Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull it was great to see them, Bulk thanked him, calling him "Jerome."


  • Lt. Stone's cousin, presumably the man named Joe, was doing Lt. Stone a big favor by hiring Bulk and Skull.
  • In the end, Bulk and Skull were mostly buried in the concrete, and Joe complained to Lt. Stone that monkeys could've done better.


  • Bulk and Skull tried to sell a Total Vac 8000 to Lt. Stone, as they were salesmen for the Total Vac Corporation.
  • The vacuum cleaner made Lt. Stone spill shakes onto his face and shirt, then the vacuum blew feathers onto him.
  • In the Juice Bar, T.J., Cassie, and Ashley wanted the freeze key (which Divatox had used in her attempts to freeze the sun and the Earth) destroyed, but Carlos wasn't worried, as Justin had rewired it into a snowman freeze machine for the Juice Bar that was the fastest freezer Lt. Stone had seen.
  • Bulk and Skull tried to sell Lt. Stone the Total Vac 9000, a much more powerful version, as they had to sell one or get fired.
  • The vacuum sucked off Lt. Stone's shirt.


  • Lt. Stone was the owner of the Angel Grove Monster Tours, which took people all around town to where Rangers had fought monsters.
  • Bulk and Skull were tour guides on the monster tours.
  • Lt. Stone had heard Bulk and Skull's "alien spacecraft in the lake" story (referring to Divatox's subcraft in 501-SIT1) multiple times.
  • Lt. Stone planned for Bulk and Skull to try again the next day, as their first monster tour left its customers disappointed.


  • Lt. Stone joined the tour group the next day.
  • When the tour group was upset that the brochure had promised that they'd see the Rangers or a monster, Lt. Stone tried to appease them, saying it was a misprint.
  • Lt. Stone led the group into a skyscraper, from the top of which they could see the entire city; this building, with a large, curved bottom side, would soon be severely damaged by Metallasaurus.
  • Bulk and Skull left Lt. Stone, with Bulk saying the building had the best food on the 43rd floor.
  • Lt. Stone's tour group ran upon seeing Metallasaurus outside the window, then Lt. Stone ran as well.
  • In the Youth Center after Metallasaurus had been defeated, but not without cutting in half the skyscraper Bulk and Skull had been in, T.J. helped Bulk and Skull suit up with protective padding for their next monster tour.
  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull they were giving tour from a big yellow bus, not a battle tank, but Bulk took him out to the parking lot to show him otherwise.


  • Lt. Stone had hired Bulk and Skull to run a tennis ball machine and videotape people's lessons, but they were trying to proposition Ashley and Cassie for tennis lessons of their own.
  • Skull accidentally knocked a tray from Lt. Stone's hand, splashing shakes all over Ashley.


  • Lt. Stone gave Bulk and Skull the address to Martha's plant nursery so they could get jobs there.
  • Lt. Stone later had men haul out the pinball machine Bulk and Skull had demolished with their coin.


  • Lt. Stone didn't have that hard of a time getting up at sunrise to make T.J. a protein shake for his jog, but T.J. was still very sleepy.
  • T.J. had told Lt. Stone he'd jog six miles, but now he said two.


  • Overhearing Cassie and Vicki's discussion about having auditions for a band, Lt. Stone told the girls they could have the auditions in the Youth Center.
  • Many days later, Lt. Stone kicked Bulk and Skull out of the Youth Center when they were playing tubas loudly to audition for Cassie and Vicki during the Youth Center's business hours, disturbing its patrons.


  • A blood drive was held in the Youth Center; Lt. Stone was serving drinks for the donors.


  • Plagued by ants in the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone tried using an "Ants Away" monster ant figurine that was supposed to scare the ants away for one week.
  • When Bulk and Skull, working for the "Get the Bugs Out Exterminator Company," came in and began spraying Juice Bar with their special "Ant Be Gone" formula, Lt. Stone made them leave, not wanting them to spray the chemicals all over the place.
  • Lt. Stone and others saw a superstrong Justin accidentally tear off the Youth Center's solid wooden double doors.
  • Some time later, Justin easily popped open a jar of pickles that Lt. Stone had been struggling with.


  • Lt. Stone sold tickets for the upcoming dance that Saturday, presumably in the Youth Center.


  • Working for a delivery company, Bulk and Skull gave Lt. Stone a delivery that was supposed to be the new blender he'd ordered, but the wrapped package was empty, the blender having been stolen by Piranhatrons.
  • Another day, Lt. Stone helped the teens prepare packages in the Juice Bar to help T.J. and Bulk and Skull with a major stakeout.
  • When Bulk and Skull's boss had brought two police officers to arrest Bulk and Skull in the Juice Bar, not believing their story that aliens had stolen their missing deliveries, the Turbo Rangers teleported into the Juice Bar for Red Ranger to clear their names and present the evil Zord remote created by Porto from the stolen parts; Red Ranger then personally thanked Bulk and Skull for helping to discover the thieves, and Lt. Stone looked on in gleeful astonishment.


  • Lt. Stone knew Justin's dad (Doug) by name.


  • Upon returning to Earth, the teens took Andros to the Surf Spot, which impressed them all; based on the identical layout to the Youth Center and the very similar exterior, it can be inferred that some shortly after the ex-Turbo Ranger teens' departure from Earth in the Astro Megashuttle, Adelle bought the Youth Center from Lt. Stone and remodeled it into the Surf Spot.

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