Jet Jammers
- single-man flight craft used by GalaxyRangers
Jet Jammers
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First Appearance: 705-Hmsk
Last Appearance: (red) 1034-FRed, (others) 822-TrR2
Pictures: front (shown at right), Blue Jet Jammer


  • As Furio and Stingwingers were stuck in the elevator leading up to Command Headquarters, Alpha called the Rangers to tell them of Furio's attack but told them he had something to help them against Furio.
  • The Megaship's workbay had been redesigned; it was now darkened and lacked the tables in the center, with the five Jet Jammers now residing there.
  • The Jet Jammers were small open spacecraft the size of go-carts.
  • Introducing the Jet Jammers, Alpha said they were the only other way to get to the command tower, since Furio was stuck in the elevator, but why teleportation had been ruled out is unknown.
  • The teens were not familiar with the Jet Jammers.
  • The left side of the Jet Jammers' cockpit displays were controls, and the right side were diagrams of the Jammer.
  • Alpha said DECA and he had just completed building the Jammers for the Rangers.
  • When the Jammers' thrusters were activated, blue flame jets lit up on the Jammers' two rear boosters.
  • Once the bay doors were open, the Rangers flew off by pushing their dual joysticks forward.
  • In space, the Rangers destroyed attacking Stingwingers by blowing them to pieces with red lasers from the wing cannons of the Jet Jammers.


  • As the girls flew toward the Mountain Dome to investigate energy readings, Kendrix got a lock on them, and Maya downloaded them into her Jammer.


  • After Chillyfish had frozen all of Terra Venture and the Megaship, the Jet Jammers had no power; everything would return to normal following the monster's destruction.


  • On the center of Maya's Jammer readouts, the top diagram of the Jammer had been replaced by a green radar-like display alerting Maya to approaching Stingwingers.
  • As the Rangers were blowing up Stingwingers with their Jammer lasers, one landed on Damon's Jammer, so Leo, flying toward him, fired the silver tip of his wing's missile-like protrusion, making the Stingwinger fly off in order to dodge the projectile.


  • As Mike piloted the Megaship and located the Scorpion Stinger on an alien planet, the Rangers received the coordinates as they accompanied the ship in their Jammers.


  • The Jet Jammers, having been parked on the surface of another planet as the Rangers did battle, rested directly on the ground rather than hovering above it.
  • Although only the four Rangers had flown their Jet Jammers to Kirassa and Karone had arrived in an unknown manner, she would fly to Terra Venture alongside the others in her own, pink Jammer after becoming the new Pink Ranger.


  • Flying up to Magnetox in her Jammer, Karone fired pink lasers, then rammed the monster, shoving him back some distance into a railing, where the Jammer's engines died out, although it remained hovering.


  • In a dream induced by Hexuba, morphed Damon was falling when he called out for his Jet Jammer, and it flew up and caught him.
  • As blue and gold energy bolts crackled from Hexuba's hands into her crystal ball, identical lightning bolts in the dream struck the Jammer, sending it smoking in a dive, and it crashed, majorly wrecking it and apparently crushing Damon's legs in the front of the mangled vehicle.
  • In the Megaship, the green Jet Jammer was mangled from the crash in Damon's dream.


  • Flying his Jet Jammer toward the source of arriving monster spirits, Kai locked onto the molecular trail to lead him to Hexuba's floating mansion.


  • As the Rangers prepared to evacuate the Megaship, Damon's Jet Jammer was now repaired.
  • The Rangers got into their Jammers, Alpha standing behind Leo on his Jammer.
  • The Megaship erupted in a huge explosion as the Rangers flew away, with Leo and Alpha being the last out; in the blast, Alpha flew from Leo's Jammer, and the five Rangers were hurled out of control by the enormous fireball.
  • Leo spiraled down to the moon and crashed, his Jammer sliding along the surface and crashing into a hill.
  • On Mirinoi after the shuttles had landed, the four unmorphed teens helped an upside-down Alpha out of a bush; how they'd all survived the fall is unknown.
  • Unmorphed Leo crawled from the smoking wreckage of his Jammer and abandoned it.


  • Learning Leo's location, the four teens ran off to get their Jammers, and the four Rangers flew up to the city dome in space.
  • As the four Rangers arrived, Trakeena blasted Maya's Jet Jammer, making her jump out, and the Jammer crashed into some rubble; the others would then depart from theirs, perhaps leaving them there as the city dome slammed into Mirinoi.


  • Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, the Galaxy Rangers would travel to Earth somehow after reclaiming their Quasar Sabers, perhaps through a portal connecting the planets, and likely in their Jet Jammers.


  • As the Lightspeed teens drove down a mountain road, the Galaxy Rangers flew overhead in their Jet Jammers and waved; they then flew up into the sky and began to glow with Ranger-colored light, presumably vanishing.

    - Phrases used to activate thrusters prior to launch from Jammer bay
    705-Hmsk Damon: "Thrusters online!"
    713-ORet Leo: "Thrusters on!"

    - Phrases used to summon Jet Jammer
    739-DrBa Damon (in dream world): "Jet Jammer!"

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