- Cassie Chan's golden lab, once turned into human form
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First Appearance: 538-CBFr
Last Appearance: 538-CBFr


  • Cassie played with her golden lab Jetson at the lake while the other teens were on a picnic with her.
  • Jetson, later in the Juice Bar with the teens, liked cheese.
  • Overhearing that Bulk and Skull needed a newspaper, Cassie sent Jetson to buy one with a dollar from the Youth Center's hallway; after returning with the paper, the dog slipped Cassie two quarters as change from his paw.
  • Cassie told the others she had to go, but then she was shown at the lake sitting with Jetson, saying that sometimes she wished he was a person, wondering what he'd say.
  • When Mr. Goorific confronted Cassie at the lake, Jetson tried to attack the monster, but his leash got stuck on a sprinkler; once he got free after Cassie had morphed, he lunged at the monster, sending them both tumbling down a hillside.
  • Goo's goo, in the fall, transformed Jetson into an unclothed male teenager with long blond hair.
  • On Jetson's tag was "Jetson," the tag number 30036, and the phone number 555-6262.
  • Human Jetson stole some clothes lying on a bench for himself to wear.
  • After seeing a flyer Carlos had put up at the Seventh-Day Baptist Church to help Cassie find her lost dog, human Jetson went to the Youth Center, where he sniffed the air and then went over to Cassie.
  • Human Jetson could talk.
  • Jetson started to tell Cassie his name but said Jethro instead.
  • Cassie was excited that Jethro had Jetson's collar, and he agreed to take her to look for him.
  • Jethro took Cassie and Justin to the lake on their search for Jetson.
  • As Cassie and Justin looked around, Jethro was frollicking with a dog in the park.
  • Cassie offered Jethro a ride home, but Jethro said his family was here on vacation, and he didn't have anything else to do, so he could help them look some more.
  • Jethro mysteriously knew about Dr. Simon, Jetson's vet, despite claiming to be there on vacation.
  • Jethro knew that the dog Bulk and Skull had found was Elmo, that he was lost, and that he lived by the high school; he said he knew it since he'd seen him over there one day, playing.
  • After returning Elmo to his owner, Jethro and Cassie ate hamburgers at a table at the lake, with Jethro eating three cheeseburgers.
  • When Cassie mentioned missing playing with Jetson, Jethro had her play frisbee with him, and then he made a comment about himself which T.J. had made earlier about Jetson.
  • Later, as he and Cassie were approaching the Youth Center, Jethro noticed that his hands had turned back into paws.
  • Inside, Jethro explained that his family was leaving for home, and Cassie and Jethro had a warm, close goodbye.
  • Jetson, now back in dog form, knocked Goo over in the park just as he was about to goo morphed Cassie.
  • In the Juice Bar, Cassie curiously realized the similarities between Jetson and Jethro; she tried to ignore them, but she did find them odd.

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