- demonic sorcerer allied with Queen Bansheera
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: close-up (shown at right), long shot, Jinxer's hypnosis pendant, Mr. Mesmer (human form)


  • Jinxer was not present as the demons arrived in the skull castle following their release from the Tomb of Forever; there would, however, be Batlings which accompanied Ghouligan during his attack on Mariner Bay.


  • Jinxer was now present for the next time the demons were shown scheming.
  • After learning they couldn't reach the Rangers' base underwater, Diabolico had Jinxer come forth, needing a monster.
  • Jinxer was a sniveling white-faced man-demon with black hair and a black body, resembling a fly theme; he wore glasses, white gloves, and had black insect wings.
  • Diabolico wanted a monster evil enough to wipe "this whole city" off the face of the Earth, and Magmavore would then land in Mariner Bay.


  • When Diabolico mentioned Queen Bansheera, Impus spoke, "Mama," making Jinxer protest that he'd gotten Impus all upset.
  • After Vypra's quake stakes had been destroyed, Loki told Jinxer that perhaps she could use a little help; from five monster cards in his hand, he selected one to give to Jinxer.
  • Approving, Jinxer threw the card into the demon maw and recited an incantation: "From the bowels of the evil light, create a monster the Rangers must fight!"
  • When the Rangers chased Vypra into the mountains, Jinxer, nearby, spotted her, and Loki, on a peak nearby, had Jinxer do his stuff.
  • Jinxer recited, "Rocks and pebbles down below, I call on you to grow!", at which point monster chunks on the ground transformed into white-necked vampire bats which flew up in a huge black cloud and formed giant Quakemon when ordered to "unite and destroy!"; this process was normally used to reassemble and enlarge destroyed monsters from their remaining chunks, but Quakemon had just been summoned.


  • Telling Jinxer it was time to create, Diabolico summoned a monster card for Whirlin and gave Jinxer the card, at which point Jinxer threw the card into the demon maw and summoned the monster with an incantation: "Tornado winds, blow from the east. Transform this card to a monstrous beast! Bring us a demon that will make the queen proud... now!"
  • Looking over Whirlin's smoking chunks a few minutes after his destruction, Jinxer remarked, "The things I have to do..." and tossed a standard growth card into a chunk as he told Whirlin his task wasn't finished yet.
  • Triggering the standard bat growth, Jinxer recited, "Demon of wind, demon of bats, pull yourself together and defeat those brats! Rise, Whirlin. Rise and destroy!"


  • As Diabolico planned to steal the fuel cell the teens had been sent to protect, Impus whimpered, and Loki angrily hoisted him up into the air, crazy from his crying, but Jinxer quickly took the child, saying he thought he was maturing and was ready to create his first monster.
  • Impus formed Fireor's card, and Jinxer set him down, congratulating him, and he then summoned the monster in the demon maw with the incantation, "Little child Impus, frail and small, create us a demon, the evilest of all!"
  • To later reassemble and enlarge Fireor, Jinxer remained in the castle as a standard growth card struck the monster's chunks; Jinxer's incantation was, "It's not that easy to put out this fire. Flames reignite - this time burn even higher!"


  • Given the card for Elestomp, Jinxer approved and threw it into the maw, chanting, "Like the elephant who will never forget, make the best Ranger-stomper yet!"


  • Jinxer was tending to the whining Impus when the others entered, Loki furious with the crying.
  • As Impus whimpered, "Mama," Jinxer held a silver rattle and despaired that he'd tried everything, but Impus missed his mother.
  • Jinxer hoped Queen Bansheera returned quickly, as Impus needed the comfort of his mother.
  • From a rooftop, Jinxer later reassembled and enlarged Strikning with a standard growth card, using the incantation, "Strikning, Strikning all over the floor, pull yourself together to fight some more!"


  • Given the card for Smogger, Jinxer threw it in and recited, "Hocus pocus, bullfrog croakus, bring this monster into focus!"


  • As the demons looked at a rippling image of Mt. Jasmine soon after Bansheera's first appearance, Jinxer said that Impus had the excellent idea to cause the dormant volcano to erupt and destroy Mariner Bay.
  • Jinxer created Trifire from Impus's monster card with the incantation, "From all three heads to its pinkie toe, make me a monster with lava flow!"
  • From the castle, Jinxer used a growth card to reassemble and enlarge Trifire, speaking, "Volcano smoke and lava flow, make the Trifire monster grow!"


  • On a balcony above after Liztwin had been destroyed, Jinxer held a special growth card which he threw into the chunks below with the incantation, "Liztwin, get up off the floor, and grow more powerful than before!"; Liztwin would grow into an advanced form, titan-sized.


  • As his last-ditch effort to defeat the Rangers, Diabolico summoned a box which contained three monster cards, and Jinxer nervously told him those were the only monsters he had left.


  • As Loki wondered what Diabolico would do now that his monsters hadn't been successful, Jinxer recalled Bansheera's threat to replace him with Impus.
  • Diabolico had a surprise for the Rangers, presenting a mirrored demon card for Demonite which startled the others and pleased Jinxer.


  • Approaching to destroy Impus before he got his powers, Diabolico was interrupted when Jinxer arrived and innocently asked what he was doing.


  • Jinxer was among the others present to see the arrival of the cocoon which contained Impus's new Star Power form, Olympius.
  • As Olympius approached Carter after capturing the other Rangers, he suddenly wailed in pain, and Jinxer rushed to help him.
  • Jinxer advised his prince he shouldn't use all his new powers too soon, as he needed time to get used to them; Jinxer had him come with him to take care of him, and they swirled away in purple specks, followed by the other villains.
  • In the skull castle, weakened Olympius clutched a column as Jinxer remarked on how proud his mother would be over his captures.
  • As Olympius shapeshifted into the four captured teens for his plan to infiltrate the Aquabase, Jinxer was quite impressed with Olympius's powers, lifting his glasses to show his beady eyes.
  • When Olympius infiltrated the Aquabase and told Vypra to attack the gate, Vypra asked Jinxer for some extra muscle, and, ahead of her, he presented Thunderclaw.
  • Jinxer accompanied the others to the entry gate, and then to the shore where Olympius washed up later, at which point Jinxer rushed to care for his prince before they all vanished together.
  • The Rangers destroyed Thunderclaw, but Jinxer nearby used a standard growth card to resurrect and enlarge him with the incantation, "Though you may have bit the dust, grow to fight again you must!"


  • Jinxer threw a growth card to reassemble and enlarge Shockatron with the incantation, "Cable and electron flux to and fro, recharge this monster and make him grow!"


  • In a black somewhat alien telescope from the lair, Jinxer watched very pleased as the planets were nearly in perfect alignment.
  • Jinxer's view through a telescope from the skull castle showed the solar system vastly out of scale, with the Earth among the planets.
  • Vypra excitedly told Jinxer to get Olympius, as it was time to go to Mariner Bay for the ceremony, and he did so eagerly.
  • At the ceremony site, Loki told Spellbinder he'd be in charge, soon ordering Olympius back to the Skull Cavern; Olympius left telling Jinxer he wasn't yet strong enough to stop them, but he would be soon, and Jinxer nervously followed.
  • From the skull castle, the two watched, but Olympius was reluctant to celebrate before the ceremony was over; they would watch as the ceremony was ruined but Bansheera then returned in a hovering mass.


  • As Olympius confronted the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers, he was joined by Loki, Vypra, Jinxer, and Batlings.
  • Soon, a golden beam formed from blasts from eight of the Rangers struck Jinxer, Olympius, and Loki with little ill effect.


  • As Vypra, Olympius, and Loki sat at a banquet table in the skull castle, an aproned Jinxer oversaw a chef-dressed Batling cooking a pheasant on a rotisserie.
  • Jinxer fretted as Loki and Vypra rose confrontationally when Olympius insulted Loki.
  • Jinxer later threw a growth card into the maw.


  • Jinxer threw a growth card into the maw to resurrect and enlarge Mantevil, saying, "You're not done yet, Mantevil. Queen Bansheera you still serve. Rise and give the Rangers what they deserve!"


  • Bansheera told Jinxer to bring in Vypra and Loki; when asked about Olympius, she replied he'd failed too often and that Vypra and Loki would be in charge.
  • Jinxer later used a growth card on Vilevine when instructed by Olympius, using the incantation, "Back together Vilevine. Destroy them - do it right this time!"


  • As Olympius was skating on thin ice with Queen Bansheera, Jinxer threw a card into the maw to resurrect and enlarge Freezard, saying Olympius couldn't fail again.
  • Jinxer's incantation was, "Freezard, you're in chunks. Grow up big and beat these punks!"


  • To enlarge Infinitor, Jinxer threw a card with the incantation, "Like the pieces on the floor, you re-form, come back for more!"


  • After Olympius had summoned a monster egg, Vypra offered to hatch the egg, but Olympius replied that Jinxer was the only one he could trust, and Jinxer emerged.
  • Olympius told Jinxer the egg had to be hatched underwater, having him care for it.
  • At a tiny pond in Mariner Bay, Jinxer, with his cane, threatened the Batlings carrying the egg to treat it with utmost respect or they'd deal with Olympius himself.
  • Jinxer had the Batlings set the egg gently into the water in a wire cage, unable to emphasize its worth enough.
  • When teenager Artie was caught spying, Jinxer asked who'd sent him there, but Kelsey arrived, and Jinxer told her this didn't concern her.
  • Jinxer lifted his glasses to watch as the other Rangers arrived.
  • Carter ordered Jinxer to get out of there now, but he blasted at them with green energy pulses from the end of his cane.
  • A Batling whispered to Jinxer that the egg was gone, and he and the four Batlings splashed knee-deep into the water in panic, finding the little cage empty.
  • Neither Jinxer nor Batlings suffered any obvious ill effects from wading knee-deep in a small artificial pond of water.
  • Jinxer had them get back and track it from the Skull Cavern.
  • As Jinxer and the Batlings vanished, their teleports seemed to vanish down into the water.
  • Alone in the lair, Jinxer panicked over what Olympius would do if he found out.
  • Jinxer thought to use a bird to find an egg, throwing in Bird Bane's card for what he figured would be just the monster to help him, using the incantation, "Demon forces, I'm in trouble. Give me help on the double!"
  • When Jinxer threw in Bird Bane's card and recited an incantation, nothing happened, but suddenly Bird Bane emerged and knocked them both down.
  • Jinxer lamented that he'd ordered a warrior and instead gotten a cuckoo bird.
  • Bird Bane announced he was Bird Bane, king of all winged demon creatures; Jinxer gasped and apologized to his majesty, not having known.
  • To make Artie pay for interfering after he'd thrown the egg, resulting in the egg's splattering and Bird Bane's destruction by the Rangers, Jinxer shot his cane end at Artie, making spark explosions around him, and he fell clutching his chest but not seriously injured.
  • Angry that they'd ruined his plans, Jinxer threw an advanced growth card with the incantation, "Mighty king, you're done done. Rise up and fight until you've won!"
  • In the lair following Bird Bane and the egg's destruction, Jinxer hid behind a pillar as Olympius called out for him, smelling him nearby.
  • Jinxer tried to tiptoe away, but Olympius fireblasted the column beside him; Jinxer anxiously pleaded, but Olympius fireblasted him twice in the butt and chased as he ran away.


  • To resurrect and enlarge Diabolico's Memorase monster, Jinxer threw a card into the maw with the incantation, "Your work's not done, Memorase. It's time for you to unerase!"


  • Needing to prove himself, Olympius knew Jinxer held the key to the monsters' Shadow World, demanding he give it to him so he could go there.
  • Startled, Jinxer exclaimed it was a horrible, desolate place, but Olympius ordered him to hand over the small golden skeleton key.
  • As Olympius left with the key, Jinxer wiped his brow with a sigh and scurried away.


  • As Jinxer was trapped in the Shadow World, a flickering Jinxer image in the sky told Olympius he'd found a way out in an ancient book, but it was quite dangerous.
  • At the time, Jinxer stood in a dark lair with four electrical orbs on posts surrounding him, and on the podium before him was a book with crisp white pages and black neatly printed text, but in alien text, and along the top margins of the pages was apparently a demon head drawing.
  • The book was later shown to bear colored gems like the demon cards and what looked like the face of Queen Bansheera.
  • Jinxer said the only way out of the Shadow World with the portal closed was to conquer all of the defeated monsters and absorb their powers, but this would not appear to be the case in practice.
  • Jinxer considered that once Olympius was free, he would need more power, and he knew just where to get it, removing a star medallion from his pocket.
  • At a small stage at a carnival, Jinxer was in the human disguise of Mr. Mesmer, a hypnotist in a black tuxedo, white gloves, and tinted glasses like Jinxer; his hair was spiked up the same, and he had the same long thin curled moustache.
  • Behind Mr. Mesmer was a nicely painted "Mr. Mesmer - Master of Hypnotism" background for his stage.
  • Mr. Mesmer boasted of amazing hypnotic powers, selecting Captain Mitchell for a volunteer from the audience.
  • Mr. Mesmer dangled a gold pendant for the obstinate Mitchell while slipping his star medallion into Mitchell's pocket, and he spoke with eyes briefly glowing red under his glasses, "Listen closely, and do as I say. You can't resist - you must obey! You must obey..."
  • Mr. Mesmer commanded Mitchell to cluck like a chicken, but Mitchell snatched the pendant and left as the audience booed in disappointment.
  • Watching, Mr. Mesmer jingled his little pendant chime, making Mitchell pause, his irises briefly red, but he said he was fine, and Mr. Mesmer gleefully ran off as Jinxer around a corner.
  • In a cemetary, Jinxer scurried up with his book and calculated if Olympius and Gatekeeper got free, it would be nearby, and they then burst up from the ground.
  • To supply a new power source for Olympius's Star Power in his advanced form, Jinxer used his chime trinket and the repeated words, "You must obey," to control Captain Mitchell from afar.
  • Part of Jinxer's trinket was a gold eye shape; the main part was a clear oval-shaped crystal.
  • In the Aquabase, Mitchell diverted the base's energy into Jinxer's medallion, powering Olympius remotely.
  • During a fight, Kelsey and Chad wrapped their ropes around Jinxer's wrists and hurled him, but he blasted them with his cane upon landing.
  • Fighting the Rangers' Megazords, Olympius told Jinxer he needed more power, and as the medallion continued beaming, his powers increased.
  • When the medallion was smashed with an axe in the Aquabase, Jinxer's trinket burst apart in his hand as Olympius's powers failed, and he was then destroyed in battle.
  • In the flaming rubble below, Jinxer found the groaning Olympius in normal form, seeming to have barely survived, and he was startled to find the prince's Star Power gone.


  • Jinxer was spying behind a column as Diabolico and Vypra considered Olympius out of there way, and he giggled not to be so sure of that.
  • At a cave near Mariner Bay, Jinxer furtively approached and entered, but not before bumping his head on the rock opening and muttering, "This blasted cave."; the cave happened to look like the Orion cave on Terra Venture.
  • Jinxer brought Olympius a vial of green liquid.
  • Jinxer told Olympius to rest and that he'd nurse him back to health; after drinking the liquid, Olympius had Jinxer return to the skull castle before the others suspected anything.
  • Jinxer agreed, saying the others would think he'd perished in the Shadow World, and he'd then return stronger than ever.


  • When Diabolico needed a monster, Loki added he'd been looking for Jinxer all day.
  • In the cave, Olympius, now without his sling, stood despite Jinxer's urging to conserve his energy.


  • Hearing Bansheera's echoing laugh in the skull castle, Jinxer curiously rounded a cavern corner and found the queen within a massive pillar of flames.
  • Jinxer gleefully realized Queen Bansheera was transforming, and she agreed, it was finally happening.
  • Alarmed, Vypra escorted Jinxer away in secrecy.
  • Hurriedly dragging Jinxer through the woods outside Mariner Bay, Vypra told him now was her chance, ordering him to make her a monster, and he reluctantly agreed.
  • Jinxer threw a card into a tree trunk, and the incantation, "Bark and roots, transform with branches, then let Vypra take her chances!" caused Treevil to emerge from the tree.


  • While searching for Vypra, calling her a venemous witch under his breath, Jinxer found himself locked outside two large doors.
  • As Jinxer pounded on the doors, the floor gave way, and he landed in Queen Bansheera's transformation chamber.
  • Jinxer seemed confused and awed upon seeing Bansheera's pillar of flames in which she was transforming, yet he had walked in on her in 836-Lime and learned of the transformation.
  • After gaping, Jinxer eventually remarked Bansheera's transformation was coming along nicely.
  • When Vypra entered asking why Bansheera had summoned her, Jinxer replied he didn't know, but he did tell her that the queen's transformation was nearly complete and that she needed just one more burst of energy.
  • As Vypra trembled upon learning Bansheera intended to take her life energy, Jinxer remarked, "Better you than me! Sorry!" and lifted his glasses to watch as she was pulled screaming and kicking into Bansheera's flames.
  • In Bansheera's new lair, the queen approved a request from Loki, but when Jinxer asked about her choice, but she retorted she was merely using him to trap the Rangers; he, like all of them, was expendable.
  • After Jinxer had rushed to the cave to tell Olympius the latest news, Olympius confronted the spying Carter outside; the prince's Star Power was somehow restored by this point.
  • Weakened in the wilderness with Jinxer following Bansheera's disappearance in battle with the Lightspeed Megazord, Olympius swore revenge for his mother, but Jinxer reassured him she'd merely vanished and might be all right; he was indeed correct.


  • Downtown during an eclipse, Jinxer spoke the, "Darkened sky with electric shower, give these two unbeatable power!" causing lightning bolts from the sky to pour into giant Diabolico and Olympius.
  • As the eclipse then ended, Jinxer spoke, "Turn nighttime into day, and say goodbye to Mariner Bay!"; the sun shone down brightly, and the two giant demons' eyes gleamed with power.
  • As the Lifeforce Megazord confronted the two giant demons, Jinxer remarked with what seemed like a mix of giddiness and/or woe that this didn't look good.
  • The shockwave from the two demons' destruction sent Jinxer flying.
  • In the lair, Bansheera had her tentacles wrapped around Jinxer, demanding a monster, but he replied nervously he didn't have any more monster cards; the last one he had been shown using was to create Treevil for Vypra.
  • Saying she was of no further use to her, Bansheera forced him to his knees, but he suddenly remembered sticking a Batling card on the Lifeforce Megazord's leg.
  • In the flashback, Jinxer had stood behind the towering Lifeforce Megazord's right foot; having been out of monster cards and having only had a Batling card, Jinxer had embedded the Batling card into the metal hide to give the Rangers a surprise when they returned to their base.
  • Jinxer had then scurried off, pleased; when this had occurred during the battle is unknown, although the recap before 839-FLs1 would show the Megazord lifting off immediately after the card had been thrown; why, then, he had so easily forgotten such a recent act is unknown.
  • Releasing him, Bansheera was pleased that the Rangers were taking Batlings into the Aquabase with them.
  • As Bansheera turned and exclaimed his name, Jinxer shrieked in panic, but she told him he'd finally done something right, and he thanked her happily, he guessed.


  • Overseeing Batlings in the skull castle, Jinxer observed they were making some progress, presumably in preparation for her ceremony to release all the monsters from the Shadow World.
  • After capturing Ryan, Bansheera told Jinxer it was time to release the Batlings to prevent the Rangers' interference.
  • Jinxer spoke, "Little Batlings, take to the wing - rise up and destroy everything!" causing Batlings to flood out from the stowaway card in the Lifeforce Megazord's holding bay.
  • Jinxer appeared to stand near Bansheera as she addressed her army of thousands of Batlings (independent from the force invading the Aquabase).
  • Near the skeletal coffin to be used for the ceremony, Jinxer reported everything was going as planned, and she had him go to put the stones in place (see "Golden Key").
  • Hijacking the fallen but somewhat repaired Omega Megazord downtown, Jinxer remarked, "I've wanted to fly one of these since I was a kid!"
  • The Omega Megazord soon walked downtown carrying a giant tapered stone structure, slamming it into place in the city.
  • From the castle, Queen Bansheera happily told Jinxer he'd done it, and he thanked her proudly, reporting he was putting the stones in place as instructed.
  • The Omega Megazord shoved over a skyscraper in its way and planted a second tapered stone in its place.


  • Downtown, the Omega Megazord walked downtown with another stone; in passing, the Megazord casually shoved over another building.
  • As the fourth of six stones was planted, Jinxer reported that the circle of stones was almost complete, at which point Bansheera landed her castle in the center; Jinxer then placed the fifth stone, nearly completing the circle formation.
  • As the eclipse began, the Omega Megazord prepared to place the sixth and final stone, but it was interrupted by blasts from Carter and Ryan on the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.
  • Circling around, the duo fired together multiple times, and the Omega Megazord returned fire with a double-barreled cannon, blowing up buildings in the background as it missed.
  • As Jinxer went to place the last stone on Bansheera's orders, the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle slammed into the Omega Megazord's back with a large explosion, making the torso completely explode.
  • Despite the two Rangers' efforts, however, the stone fell into place as the Megazord's exploding legs collapsed.

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