- former or current stunt pilot; husband of Ms. Fairweather (since 933-TFLs)
- former or current Green Lightspeed Ranger (801-OpLs through 840-FLs2, also 933-TFLs)
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Full Name: Joel Rawlings (801-OpLs)
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs
Pictures: Joel (shown at right), Joel's flyers


  • For the Green Ranger candidate, Lightspeed had a dossier on Joel which contained a flyer of "Sky Cowboy Joel Rawlings," wearing his standard dull green shirt with a brown vest and a beige cowboy hat; these standard clothes would also include off-white pants and brown cowboy boots.
  • Dressed the same as shown in his flyer, Joel happily flew a stunt prop plane for an audience as an announcer worked up the audience.
  • Later in a crowd of fans, mostly women, Joel smoothly autographed his flyer for people.
  • Joel was left-handed. (Source: Submitted by Jaj820)
  • Joel wore an earring.
  • Approaching, two men in black, secretly with Lightspeed, asked, "Joel Rawlings?", confusing Joel and making the fans apprehensive; Dana then watched from a black limo in an isolated area nearby as the two men in black brought the protesting Joel to the car, one man with a firm grip on his arm.
  • Soon, a white helicopter with the teens inside flew out to sea, where a huge black submarine was surfaced; Carter figured they were going in the submarine, but Joel was nervous.
  • Inside Rescue Ops, Joel began pressing buttons curiously, making the alarm sound before Dana turned it off with a cross look and dragged him away.
  • Dana led the teens into the conference room, where Captain Mitchell welcomed them to the Lightspeed Aquabase.
  • Joel, not knowing who Mitchell was, protested that this was illegal, kidnapping; introducing himself, Mitchell explained that none of them would be held against their will, as they were free to go.
  • Joel began to leave, but as a guard held out his hand, Mitchell added they could leave after they'd heard him out, and the four sat as requested.
  • Having heard out Mitchell's story behind the demons and the Aquabase, Joel got up calling him nuts, but Carter told him to wait, remembering the demon he'd seen in the recent apartment fire.
  • After Mitchell had shown scenes of chaos in Mariner Bay, the other three teens agreed; they then looked to Joel, and he seriously asked what to do first.
  • Morphed, Joel generally performed more aerial and flip moves than his fellow Rangers in combat.
  • After the Rangers' first victory, Mitchell waited in Ops as the teens made their way through the cheering personnel; the teens stopped for him to speak, although Joel kept talking like a hotshot to people behind him before bumping into the others.


  • Greeting two girl cadets in a hall, Joel accidentally walked backwards into Miss Fairweather and a cart of a few items she was pushing.
  • Joel apologized but was instantly lovestruck at the beautiful young woman.
  • Joel quickly helped Miss Fairweather, telling her his name, and she curiously pulled her hand from his grip and told her name, noting Joel was in quite a hurry.
  • As Miss Fairweather listened amusedly, Joel explained he had a top-secret meeting with Captain Mitchell, probably another apparently life-or-death mission; she humored him, as would be her default attitude toward him in the future, saying it sounded very dangerous.
  • Saying danger came with the job, Joel showed Miss Fairweather what he explained was his Morpher, as he was the Green Ranger.
  • Dana called Joel, upset that he was late again for their meeting, and Joel fumbled with the Morpher reporting, "Green Ranger out," amusing Miss Fairweather.
  • In parting, Joel said maybe they'd see each other again, and Miss Fairweather told him she felt they were destined to meet again.
  • As the teens were given a tour of the Weapons Lab and Transport Bay, Joel was buying a bouquet of roses from a street vendor in Mariner Bay when a meteor flew overhead and crashed in the city.
  • It was unknown what vehicle Joel had taken, although the Rescue Rover was not seen in Transport as usual.
  • As the four teens hurried down a hallway, Joel saw them as he returned with a bouquet of flowers, but he was confronted by Captain Mitchell.
  • Joel tried to make up a story about having been on a secret mission, but Mitchell, seeing the flowers, told Joel insistently he was just lucky there was no time, having him join the others in deploying the Rail Rescues.
  • After grabbing his jacket, Joel joined the other teens on the platform in Transport.
  • Upon first lifting off in Aero Rescue Three, Joel was excited to try some stunts in it, but Mitchell told him to stay focused.
  • As the lava pool downtown was creating a danger, Carter asked Joel if he could go in to cool the rock, and Joel laughed that he could go anywhere in this thing.
  • Mitchell told Joel to hold on to work together; Joel was sure he had enough power, but Mitchell passed on a negative, prompting Joel to ask, "Says who?" and Mitchell replied it was the expert who designed the Zord, insisting that they combine their Rescue vehicles.
  • Joel insisted he could do it alone, but he did it Mitchell's way if it would make him happy, lifting Aqua Rescue Two to form the Lightspeed Megazord's torsoless legs mode.
  • Later, as Pyro Rescue One was buried in rubble, Miss Fairweather had Mitchell send Joel in, but when Joel had a different idea, Miss Fairweather shouted for him to just obey the order, and he did so.
  • After their victory, the teens walked through the base out of their jackets as Joel still had his bouquet.
  • In the base after their victory, Carter told Joel the only way they'd beat the demons was if they worked as a team, like they did today; Joel planned to concentrate, no more goofing around, but he then dreamily saw Miss Fairweather, rushing over with his bouquet.
  • Joel talked with Miss Fairweather one of the Weapons Lab booths; when he asked if she was allowed to be in there, Miss Fairweather replied in a sweetly mocking tone (which was her trademark) that she worked there.
  • Joel congratulated Miss Fairweather and presented her his bouquet of flowers, as well as a signed Sky Cowboy flyer; humorously excited, she remarked she had her own pinup.
  • Miss Fairweather asked how the mission had gone, and Joel mockingly talked about the expert, some "dilletron designer," like he needed help from a computer geek.
  • Miss Fairweather angrily told him the next time the "Sky Cowboy" wanted to overload his engines and explode, this dilletron computer geek would just let him, thrusting the flowers back at him and storming out.
  • As Joel was stunned to realize she was said designer, the teens said she'd designed everything - from their Morphers to their Zords, as Dana described, and the teens laughed at Joel.


  • As the teens discussed crazy stunts in the past, Joel said when he was eight, all he'd wanted more than anything was to fly like a bird, so he'd built himself a set of wings and jumped out of his second story window; Carter laughed that that wasn't just crazy, it was stupid.
  • When the alarm sounded later, Joel wondered when he'd get to drive the Rover.


  • Watching a shuttle launch with the others after he'd stolen Dana's bowl of pretzels, Joel answered his Morpher chime with a response of, "Go."
  • Later, the Rangers below blew up Whirlin, but the shuttle was still going down; Joel offered to help, but Mitchell replied the shuttle and Aero Rescue Three would both crash if he tried to help; Kelsey then got a crazy idea.
  • Kelsey had Joel fly to the shuttle and lock on his cable magnets to level off the shuttle.
  • Carter said it couldn't land at that speed, so once Dana had cleared the freeway, Kelsey kept pace in HazRescue Four, having Joel set the shuttle on her roof, alarming Joel severely.
  • Lowering it down, Joel was reminded of his air show days.
  • Joel released the shuttle near position, as planned, and Nancy glided the shuttle down onto the roof roughly.


  • In the lab, Joel asked Miss Fairweather if later they could-- but he was interrupted by an alarm.
  • As Joel joined the teens in the descending Rover, Chad teasingly tossed Joel his jacket which he'd forgotten.
  • Later, Miss Fairweather was quite busy in the lab as her crew worked to assemble a new project when Joel asked what she was doing later, saying she was making a surprise.
  • Joel guessed it was for him, and she smiled yes, in a way, and he left so as not to spoil the surprise.
  • On the legde behind the gray couch in the guys' room, where Joel may have slept, was a blue model sailboat, a scuba diving flag, a framed picture of Miss Fairweather, two model jet fighters, a jet pilot's helmet, a green similar helmet, and perhaps a green model helicopter; most, if not all, of the objects presumably belonged to Joel.
  • Joel fell into the couch looking at his Miss Fairweather picture, and he told the guys of the surprise for him, which he suspected was a supersonic jetpack.
  • Joel had hung a horseshoe on one of the gray paneled closet doors for decoration.
  • Joel said Miss Fairweather had the whole lab working around the clock, feeling almost guilty for turning on the charm too much.
  • Chad wished he had Joel's touch with girls, and Joel told him it wasn't too late - just keep an eye on him.
  • In the booth overlooking Transport, the teens met Mitchell Miss Fairweather after their second encounter with the Vyprari.
  • Joel reminded Chad to act surprised, and he nodded excitedly.
  • Miss Fairweather explained that every now and then, her job got personal, and this was one of those times; she then happily turned on the lights which revealed the Lightspeed Cycles, the latest weapon in the Rangers' arsenal.
  • Miss Fairweather noted that Joel didn't seem to like them, but he replied disappointedly that they were great, stomping Chad's foot to silence him about what he'd thought the surprise would be.
  • Later that day following the Rangers' victories, Joel proposed he and Miss Fairweather take his Lightspeed Cycle out for her to give him a private lesson.
  • Speaking in a sultry tone, Miss Fairweather calculated he was asking her on a date; she told him he was one of the most handsome, charming, courageous young men she knew, but she cited (the made-up) Lightspeed Regulation #322.1: "There shall be no fraternization between squad members."
  • Miss Fairweather agreed when Joel asked if they'd have a great time if not for the rule.
  • Miss Fairweather had Joel take the cycle and give it a test for her, and he happily took it out.
  • Racing the cycle on a street at sunset, morphed Joel whooped happily.


  • Joel and Kelsey were particularly rude in response to General McKnight's announcement that the Cyborg Rangers were their replacements.
  • When the retired teens saw a billowing explosion behind a building downtown, Chad and Carter agreed they should check it out even though they weren't Rangers, but Joel and Kelsey argued it wasn't their job and that they should let the Cyborgs handle it; they would all end up going to help.


  • Miss Fairweather was sitting in thought at a terminal as Joel arrived, assuming she was done for the day, but she was actually going to check the volcano.
  • Joel suggested Miss Fairweather take a break some time and do nothing, but she coyly knew he meant do nothing with her.
  • As the two techs accompanying Miss Fairweather spoke with her about equipment, a dismayed Joel walked away.
  • Near the volcano when they heard something had happened to Miss Fairweather, Joel ran ahead of the others, finding the Rover abandoned before they came to Miss Fairweather's assistants who told them of her being trapped in the cave.
  • Batlings attacked, and as the other four morphed to fight, Joel ran to the cave.
  • To enter the cave sealed by boulders, unmorphed Joel blasted through the rock with his Rescue Blaster; finding no monsters inside, he then "holstered" his blaster offscreen and entered, although he was wearing no holster.
  • Miss Fairweather exclaimed, "Joel!" and he replied, "No time for autographs," helping her.
  • Miss Fairweather paused a moment to smile into Joel's eyes, and they left as Joel snapped out of it.
  • Just as the Rangers prepared to help Joel, he arrived with Miss Fairweather, and she had them get back to the Megazord; she had a plan but told the Rangers to buy her some time; Joel said they'd do it, and the two smiled at each other.
  • As the Rail Rescues accelerated toward the giant ramp which would send them skyward, Carter announced they were approaching flight speed, and Joel exclaimed, "Yeah, baby!!"
  • On his couch after the destruction of Trifire and Magmavore, Joel looked at his Miss Fairweather picture before lying with his hat over his face, putting the picture face-down on the table.
  • Telling someone at his door to come in, Joel was startled to find it was Miss Fairweather who entered.
  • Miss Fairweather had come to say thank you for having saved her.
  • Miss Fairweather was afraid that sometimes she got so wrapped up in her work, she forgot what it was all for, but he had reminded her perfectly, so tonight she thought she'd relax and invite him to dinner.
  • Joel was a bit amazed, and she chuckled with a smile, telling him the galley at eight; as she left, Joel gave a hearty "oh yeah" and put her picture upright on the table again.
  • That night, Joel skidded down a hallway in a black tux and hat with a bouquet of red flowers, and a few techs giggled at him.
  • In the galley, Joel found Miss Fairweather seated at a table with the four teens, who all laughed at him.
  • Miss Fairweather regretfully asked if he'd thought it would be just the two of them, and he awkwardly said of course not; the teens laughingly brought him back in and consoled him.


  • When Ryan attacked the city again after the teens had promised Mitchell they wouldn't fight his son, the teens debated fighting Ryan: Kelsey didn't want to, but Joel said they had to do something in the emergency.


  • As the teens welcomed Ryan to Lightspeed and gave him a jacket, Joel told him girls loved a man in uniform, although they'd loved him before he'd had a uniform, making two tech girls in the background make faces.


  • In the galley, Joel and Chad didn't like Ryan being ordered not to morph, but Dana and Carter disagreed, as the tattoo could destroy him.


  • At the beach on the teens' day off, Joel signed giggling girls' autographs.


  • As he and Joel drove in the Rover, Carter was enjoying some pop music on the radio, but Joel changed it to a country song and sang along loudly; Carter minded Joel's singing more than he did the music.


  • In the room of a brilliant inventor kid named Simon, the boy got a new telescope working and had Joel take a look; Joel was impressed.
  • Simon asked if Joel thought he was ready to work at Lightspeed, but Joel told him they did serious work, but that someday if he worked hard enough, he could work wherever he wanted.
  • Joel then left to get back to the Aquabase, disappointing Simon.
  • Entering a meeting "late as usual" the next morning, Joel had a bouquet of white flowers behind his back for Miss Fairweather, but when his Morpher chirped, he accidentally brought out the flowers while looking at his wrist, and the teens laughed as he hid them again.
  • Hearing Simon calling him over the Morpher, Joel covered the device and rushed out to answer it.
  • Joel was upset, but Simon explained he'd hacked into the frequency and had an emergency.
  • Standing above, Mitchell was sternly upset, asking, "A friend of yours?"; Joel saluted with his bouquet of flowers, then resignedly handed them over.
  • Joel drove up to Simon's house in the Rover, and the waiting Simon got in with a backpack.
  • Joel chastized Simon that his Morpher was just for emergencies, but Simon explained a giant asteroid was headed straight for Mariner Bay; Joel was skeptical, but Simon gave him a binder containing a notebook full of calculus equations, and Joel looked worried as he seemed to understand them.
  • As Joel brought Simon into Transport, Miss Fairweather was too busy with a series of tests to listen to Joel's important news, and Simon sneaked into the control booth and locked the door, accessing the computer.
  • As the test program was interrupted, a tech, Joel, and Miss Fairweather tried to open the door as Simon kept working at the computer, referring to his notebook.
  • As they rushed in and Joel grabbed Simon, the boy hit Enter, bringing up a zoomed shot of the approaching asteroid cluster.
  • As the alarm sounded, an astonished Miss Fairweather thanked Simon and kissed his cheek, making Joel jealous, but Miss Fairweather had him go.
  • As the Rangers later rode the lift down from Transport to launch the Omegazords, Joel raised his visor and saluted Simon, telling him to keep an eye on them.
  • During the celebration in Ops, Joel met up with Miss Fairweather and Simon, and Miss Fairweather congratulated the boy.
  • Putting his hat on Simon, Joel secretly had Simon ask Miss Fairweather on a date.
  • Finding Miss Fairweather in the crowd, Simon talked with her, then returned saying she'd agreed to take him (Simon) to the planetarium.
  • Miss Fairweather escorted Simon away, and the teens laughed at Joel's misfortune.


  • As the Rangers battled an apartment fire, Carter called to find out where Joel was, at which point he flew up from behind a building in Aero Rescue Three.
  • As Joel manuevered into a better position, Aero Rescue Three roared over the Rangers' heads, causing them to fall over, and Carter scolded him that he could've hurt somebody; Joel apologized, saying he still got carried away sometimes.
  • Joel exclaimed that he loved water bombs, dousing the fire with a string of them.
  • As Aero Rescue Three turned and flew off, it left a cloud of paper fliers which rained down on the rescue crowd, and people clamored for the fliers.
  • Carter incredulously picked up a flier and told Joel he was such a hot dog.
  • The flier was quite similar to Joel's original Sky Cowboy flier, but with him in his Rescue jacket and with Aero Rescue Three in the background rather than a plane.
  • Later, the teens watched by the Rover as unmorphed Joel signed flyers for an excited civilian crowd.
  • Carter asked Joel why he always had to be the center of attention; he replied he didn't have to be, just that he usually was.
  • As the four teens drove in the Rover, Chad suggested going for a dive when they got back, but Joel objected that the water was cold and salty.


  • As the teens stood together as Trakeena's hostages were freed following her destruction, Joel signed a flyer of himself and assumed Kendrix and Maya would want one, but they giggled and Kendrix replied she didn't think so.


  • When asked by Joel, Chad figured his sensei was still disappointed in him, and Joel conceded that he couldn't help what others thought.


  • In a simulation room as Joel and Miss Fairweather stood nearby, Carter attempted but failed to master the controls of the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle in a sky simulation.
  • Removing his helmet, Carter gasped over the simulation's intensity, telling Joel he made it look so easy to fly; Joel assured him that simulations could seem pretty darned real but that he'd get the hang of it.
  • As Miss Fairweather asked pressuringly if he would be ready to fly the next day, Joel put his hand on Carter's shoulder and said he'd be ready.
  • In the galley the next morning, Chad asked if Carter was ready to fly; Joel said flying it would be a handful, but he was ready.
  • Carter entered a bit uneasily, and Joel invited him over.
  • After Dana had read a joke from the newspaper and Kelsey had crashed into the chef upon rollerblading in, Joel took Carter out to earn his wings.
  • In Transport as Miss Fairweather briefed Carter, Joel told him just to go easy until he got the hang of it.
  • When Carter's engines malfunctioned, forcing him to land, Joel removed his hat tensely beside Miss Fairweather.
  • Having gone back in time, Carter screamed and convulsed beside the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle the previous day during the flight simulation, prying off his helmet and gasping as Joel urged him to calm down.
  • Carter exclaimed that Joel was alive, but Joel replied it was just a simulation; Carter stammered about trying to get there in time, but Joel reassured him that simulations could be pretty darned real but that he'd get the hang of it.
  • As Carter was quite shaken, Miss Fairweather asked if he would be okay for his flight the next day; Joel replied he would, a bit of uncertainty in his voice.
  • In Transport, Joel again told Carter to go easy until he got the hang of it, this time in a more soothing tone, presumably due to Carter's apparent anxiety.
  • When Carter's engine malfunction forced him to land as it had before, Joel now stood away from Miss Fairweather looking at a different monitor above as he tensely removed his hat.
  • As Carter barrel-rolled overhead after destroying Mantevil in the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, Joel remarked that that guy could fly; Carter then outmanuevered the flying Olympius.
  • As the teens congratulated Carter later, he said he'd learned from the best, and Joel mirthfully agreed.
  • Joel gave Carter an identical version of his hat, saying he'd earned it.


  • Joel lost his hat into space during the expulsion of spores in the Solarzord, but he then had one again when the teens then confronted Vilevine downtown; perhaps Carter's had been in the Rover.


  • As the four teens were freezing inside Freezard's snow world, Joel weakly put his arm around the girls, telling them to try to stay warm.
  • Joel had his hat upon being released from Freezard's snow world despite not having it inside. (Source: Submitted by Jaj820)
  • As Miss Fairweather later recovered from her freezing, Joel sat beside her, taking her hand and offering her a little warming up; as she pulled her hand away thanking him, she spilled her mug on herself.
  • Apparently looking around for something following the spill, Joel peeked under Miss Fairweather's sheets, making her whap him with laughing astonishment; Carter asked him what he was thinking, and he explained he was looking for a towel, which Carter replied was on the chair.


  • As Infinitor was reflecting the Rangers' blasts back at them, Joel flipped over the monster and aimed his V-Lancer, but as Olympius blasted at him from behind, Joel rolled aside, allowing the blast to strike the monster, stunning him for the Rangers to hit him with the Spectra Blast.
  • As Olympius vanished with Infinitor, Joel suspected they hadn't seen the last of him.
  • Later, the teens credited their close victory to Joel's quick thinking.
  • As Mitchell said they needed something more, Miss Fairweather proudly told Joel he'd been very brave; when he asked her to repeat it, he saw her in a dreamy sequence of flowers surrounding her.
  • When reality returned, Miss Fairweather actually seemed to be up close with Joel dreamily telling him she felt almost like-- but then broke away when Mitchell asked about Clark's new technology.
  • Joel was shocked as he heard of this brilliant scientist Clark who would do anything for Miss Fairweather.
  • In the guys' room, Chad took Joel's picture of Miss Fairweather and teasingly imitated her saying Clark would do anything for her, but Joel left with a bouquet of yellow flowers saying Clark didn't stand a chance.
  • Walking down the hall, Joel practiced different lines, deciding on "your smile is like a ray of sunshine."
  • In the hallway, Clark asked Joel where Miss Fairweather's lab was.
  • Outside, Joel watched in alarm as Clark went in and twirled Miss Fairweather around, calling her Angela, and Joel repeated her name, perhaps not having heard it before.
  • After Clark had used his "sunshine" line and given Angela a bunch of flowers in a box, Joel stood back and looked at his flowers, but when a departing tech opened the door, Miss Fairweather invited him in to meet Clark.
  • Joel stood unamused as Miss Fairweather introduced Clark, but Clark took his hand and shook it.
  • Praising Clark's genius further, Miss Fairweather then led Clark away, arm in arm, saying she just loved a guy with a complex mind, and Joel threw his own bouquet into a trash can.
  • As Angela and Clark worked together, Joel entered in a labcoat and goggle-like fisheye glases, without his hat; he had pencils and pocket protectors, as well as his ID card, on his coat.
  • Joel asked his fellow scientists how "our" project was coming along.
  • Clark and Angela approached grinning, and Joel explained he'd thought his scientific expertise might come in handy.
  • When Miss Fairweather asked cheerily if he knew anything about science, he laughed boisterously and then replied science was his life.
  • Miss Fairweather began to turn down his offer, but Clark took him aside telling him they were about done, but there was only one more test.
  • In the booth, Clark asked him to help with some very complex wiring, which he said should be no problem for someone with his skills, and he grinned as he shut the door behind Joel.
  • At a complex wire setup, thin red wires were hooked up to a panel in the control booth, some going up into the nearby blue Mega Battle torso armor.
  • As Joel wielded pliers, Clark knocked on the glass and told him just to hook the wires up into standard configuration.
  • Miss Fairweather was concerned, asking Joel if he could handle this, but he replied he was all done, he guessed; Clark had him try it, and Angela panicked to stop him, but Joel mashed the red test button, making sparks fly, and the Aquabase momentarily blacked out.
  • When the lights came back on, Miss Fairweather quickly opened the door to the booth as it was opaque with smoke; Joel emerged sooty and frazzled, thinking it had been a faulty wire.
  • In the bushes as Clark and Miss Fairweather had a picnic in his convertible, Joel watched with binoculars; beside him, Chad was bored and looking up and around until Joel handed him the binoculars which were around Chad's neck.
  • As Miss Fairweather ate with Clark in the car, Chad observed that guy was smooth, and Joel thought he was going to throw up.
  • Dismayed, Joel dropped his gaze and suddenly saw a sprinkler beside the car, and he had Chad come with him to turn them on.
  • Braving the water, Miss Fairweather confronted the two as they were turning knobs on water pipes, ordering Joel to turn it off immediately; they turned off the water, and Miss Fairweather asked what in the world he'd been thinking.
  • As Joel stammered about the grass being dry, a volley of missiles struck the car, making an explosion which left Clark unconscious in the burning car.
  • Joel and Chad held Miss Fairweather back as she panicked.
  • Sharing a nod with Joel as they were confronted by Infinitor, Chad leapt in and fought Infinitor unmorphed as best he could while Joel rushed in after Clark.
  • As Joel pulled the semi-conscious Clark from the car, it exploded behind them, knocking them forward.
  • Recovering, Joel tried to stir Clark, but he stood back as Miss Fairweather sobbingly tried to wake him, hugging him tearfully as he groaned her name.
  • Joel intensely put on his hat and looked down, and Miss Fairweather looked up at him as he panted; he remarked Clark would be all right, smiling faintly before running off to help Chad.
  • The two morphed and fought Batlings and Infinitor, losing until Miss Fairweather called out for them to use code 8-6-1 for the Mega Battles.
  • Joel was quite pleased with his Mega Battle armor; as he admired it, he noted they'd gotten the color right and everything.
  • In the galley later, Clark politely asked Joel to have a seat, but Joel just wanted to thank him, as the Mega Battles had really saved them out there.
  • Clark instead thanked him, but added it had all been worth it to spend some time with Angela.
  • As Miss Fairweather admiringly watched Clark leaving, Joel asked, "You really love him, don't you?" and she smiled after Clark and replied she couldn't live without him.
  • Joel told Miss Fairweather he was really happy for her, saying she deserved the best boyfriend in the world; confused, she replied Clark was her brother, and the teens laughed (although at least Chad had thought the same as Joel).
  • With increasing disbelief, Miss Fairweather said, "You didn't think that he and I were--" and Joel stammered about only joking, saying anybody could see that was her brother.
  • Miss Fairweather thanked Joel for watching out for Clark, kissing him on the cheek, and the teens stood in amazement, snapping fingers in front of his face and catching him as his knees buckled, and he whooped with joy.


  • To ambush Bird Bane during a ransom, the teens loitered in various disguises: Joel was an old woman, and he fluffed his fake breasts while amused over Kelsey's fake wrinkles.


  • Remembering only his civilian life, Joel was confused and wary as he was wheeled on a stretcher into the Aquabase infirmary.
  • Miss Fairweather asked Joel if he didn't remember her, and he replied (calling her "lady") that if he'd seen her before, he'd know it.
  • Hooked up to a memory restoration apparatus, Joel was prompted to remember being taken aside by men in black at the air show (in 801-OpLs).
  • As more personal memories were targeted, Joel was prompted to remember first meeting Miss Fairweather (802-LsTm), saving Miss Fairweather from the volcano cavern (810-RAsh), and saluting Simon from the lift while morphed (820-OPrj).
  • When Joel awoke with his memories restored, Miss Fairweather asked if he remembered being a Ranger, and when he did, she hugged him, making him trail off as he asked where his hat was; it was then given to him.
  • When the teens returned from their victory over Memorase, Mitchell planned a very difficult training session to toughen them up, but when Joel faked amnesia, Miss Fairweather left sighing she'd been thinking of asking the Green Ranger out on a date, and he ran after her.


  • When Mitchell planned a hike rather than recreation following the Rangers' defeat of Olympius, Joel complained the loudest of all.
  • As Mitchell said there was no time for recreation, having planned some sort of test for the next day, Joel sneaked behind him and dangled a stopwatch like a pendulum to hypnotize him.
  • Surprised that it was apparently working, Joel commanded Mitchell to give the teens the day off, and he replied, "I will give the Rangers the day off... except for Joel, who will now go on a ten mile hike!"
  • Mitchell shouted for Joel to move it, doubletime, and the teens and techs laughed as the two left.


  • After being freed from Arachnor's web by Carter, the others fought Batlings while morphed Joel (on Chad's suggestion) ran up a stairwell and freed Miss Fairweather from the webbing with his baton, causing her to fall into his arms.


  • As the Mobile Armored Vehicle was being prepped for his mission into the Skull Cavern, Dana and Joel visited Carter briefly to wish him well: Joel joked that if he had known he was going to do this kind of thing, he'd have never taught Carter how to fly, and they shook hands soberly.
  • After being kicked by invading Batlings and losing his hat in a hallway, Joel was dragged into a lift; inside and nearly buried by Batlings, Joel managed to reach his Morpher and morph to fight the villains off.


  • As the six waited anxiously in the dying Rescue Ops dome with Batlings pounding outside, Joel sat staring at the floor as Miss Fairweather gently approached; she told him they'd be okay, but Joel replied worriedly they were trapped in there, and the place was going to cave in any minute.
  • Miss Fairweather, however, replied she hoped not, saying once this was over she was hoping they could actually go on that date, assuming he was still interested; uncertain, Joel told her not to joke with him about this.
  • Crouching beside him, Miss Fairweather smiled and seriously replied she wasn't joking.
  • Trapped with the others in the submarine left hanging over its pool after their winch had been jammed by Batlings, Joel refused to take this, having a date to keep.
  • Mitchell resignedly told him it was no use, as the sub couldn't work out of water (it being a submarine and not an airplane), but Joel had the others fire the torpedoes to blow open the giant front door and flood the sub bay.
  • As the Rangers, Mitchell, and Miss Fairweather watched the skull castle disintegrate downtown following Bansheera's defeat, Miss Fairweather smiled at Joel.
  • While the teens turned in their Morphers to Captain Mitchell in the park, the others wearing their Lightspeed jackets, Joel was dressed up for a date, and he had a new hat to replace the one he'd lost in the Aquabase.
  • After all five teens (but not Ryan) had returned their Morphers, Carter bet they were all ready to return to normal life, and Joel agreed.
  • As a sleek black Mustang convertible honked and pulled up, Joel smiled upon realizing it was Miss Fairweather.
  • Angela called out, "Let's go, cowboy!" and Joel excused himself from the others.
  • Joel opened Angela's driver's side door for her as they prepared to leave.
  • Just then, a fire truck raced by toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon.
  • Joel and Angela slowly turned their heads to look at the others, and as Carter and the others dashed off, Joel exclaimed, "Man!" in frustration, and Angela giggled.
  • Putting his hat on her, Joel told Angela not to go anywhere and ran after the others.

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