Junior Police Patrol
- force of teen police officers in Angel Grove
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  • At the new outdoor cafe was a Junior Police Patrol recruitment sign which read, "Junior Police Patrol Wants You <cartoon police officer head> Join today."


  • At the Angel Grove Police Academy to enroll, Bulk and Skull told an officer that they would be two of Angel Grove's finest future detectives and that they wanted to wear uniforms to impress the girls; this motive didn't please the officer, but he let them pass when Bulk modified it to wanting to protect the girls.


  • There were Wanted posters of "Rita Repulsa" in the registration office, as well as a "Neighborhood Putty Watch" poster.
  • The Wanted posters of Rita read, "Approach with caution as she is extremely dangerous. If you have any information, please contact the ..."
  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull he was assigned to be their "tour guide."
  • Jogging cadets ran by Bulk and Skull for a third time, this time through the registration office.
  • Lt. Stone took Bulk and Skull to have their heads shaved.
  • Lt. Stone seemed to be watching over all of the trainees as they worked out but paid special attention to Bulk and Skull.


  • The real police officers attending the Junior Police Patrol graduation wore black uniforms, while the graduating Junior Police cadets wore blue shirts with black pants and hats, as would be their standard uniforms.
  • Lt. Stone told the audience at the graduation that the streets of Angel Grove would be safer thanks to these fine young people.


  • The Junior Police Patrol held an art benefit in the Youth Center; Bulk and Skull were assigned to guard the exhibits.


  • Bulk and Skull were hanging out in the Juice Bar in uniform.
  • Bulk and Skull were later walking through Ko's garden in the park, assigned to patrol the area.


  • Bulk and Skull were issuing parking tickets.


  • After Mr. Wilton's class had evacuated their classroom because of smoke caused by an incorrect chemical reaction, Bulk and Skull, in uniform, came along and helped usher the students back into the room until Mr. Wilton made them leave.
  • Bulk and Skull had been assigned to guard Rocky's uncle, the famous quarterback Joe Haley, who was there to give some pointers to the Angel Grove High football team; Bulk and Skull were his official Junior Police Patrol escorts back to his hotel after his talk.


  • Bulk and Skull sold tickets to the Junior Police Ball at school; the ball, called the "Flames of Love" Dance, was held in the Youth Center.


  • Bulk and Skull didn't have any assignments.


  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to watch the area where there had been a recent rash of car thefts and apprehend any suspicious suspects, then to report back at 1600 hours; the two eventually apprehended the car thief and returned Kim's stolen car.


  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull do their community service training at the Christmas Eve party in the Youth Center, with Bulk dressing up as Santa and Skull as a reindeer.


  • Bulk and Skull were assigned to work at the Junior Police Patrol bake sale, located in the main hallway in Angel Grove High.
  • Thinking they could eat whatever they didn't sell, Bulk and Skull ate the food at the bake sale until they were sick.
  • Lt. Stone had wanted to give the leftovers to the elderly home, so Bulk and Skull gave him money from their own wallets.


  • Bulk and Skull were on parking duty at the carnival.


  • Lt. Stone said there had been a rash of break-ins around the junkyard (the break-ins were actually due to the Cogs' construction of Silo), and he assigned Bulk and Skull to guard the area.


  • Lt. Stone's special assignment for Bulk and Skull (apparently assigned to them as a punishment) was to hand out textbooks at Angel Grove High.


  • Early one day at the fun park, Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to "Operation: Refuse Removal," giving them their TP-480's (trash-poking sticks) and T-140 receptacles (trash bags); Bulk and Skull were excited to be put on trash cleanup duty.
  • Lt. Stone planned to return at 1100 hours.


  • In the Youth Center, Kat present her finished civics project, the German Shepard Smokey trained for the police and given to Lt. Stone.
  • Lt. Stone officially thanked Kat on behalf of the Junior Police Patrol.
  • Lt. Stone made Smokey the new sergeant in the Angel Grove Search and Rescue unit.
  • Lt. Stone assigned Bulk and Skull to give Smokey a bath.
  • A different day, Lt. Stone, after discovering that Bulk had his missing sandwich in his pocket, told Smokey to escort Bulk and Skull (calling them "trainees") back to headquarters so they could start their new duty, cleaning every trash can between the Youth Center and city hall.


  • Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull pick up trash in the park left over from the police academy picnic, and he would be back within the hour.


  • Bulk's badge read "Police Officer," "Metropolitan," and "3226," before Rocky's mutant plant took a bite out of it.


  • When computer systems in Angel Grove went haywire, Lt. Stone called Bulk and Skull and told them to proceed immediately to the intersection of 3rd and Elm to help with the code blue traffic situation; they actually went to 4th and Maple.


  • Bulk and Skull were trekking through Angel Grove High with a compass; Lt. Stone had had them take a course in orienteering as part of their special training.


  • The police horticultural society was having its final judging on what seemed to be a Sunday afternoon, and Lt. Stone's "American beauties" had never lost; he assigned Bulk and Skull to guard his garden.


  • Lt. Stone had to give Bulk and Skull a psychological exam to see whether they were fit to be junior officers.
  • After the exam, Lt. Stone consulted a guidebook called I'm O.K. You Might Be Nuts by "Jacob" in conducting his psychological evaluation of Bulk and Skull.
  • Lt. Stone said the test showed that Bulk and Skull thought about almost nothing but monsters; in any other city, that would mean they couldn't be junior officers, but in Angel Grove, they needed people like Bulk and Skull, the book said.


  • Lt. Stone was giving Bulk and Skull an undercover test; in every one of their disguises, Lt. Stone failed to recognize them.


  • Bulk and Skull were sleeping in the doorway outside the resource center at Angel Grove High as Adam and Tanya studied alone one night; Lt. Stone had put them on night patrol.
  • The next morning, Bulk and Skull chased a black cat through the resource center, having been chasing her for days as an assignment from Lt. Stone.


  • Lt. Stone said he'd wanted to introduce Connie to two of his best officers, but since they were on assignment, Bulk and Skull had to do.
  • Chief Crandall referred to Bulk as one of Lt. Stone's men.
  • Chief Crandall fired Lt. Stone for the unacceptable behavior of Bulk and Skull; Bulk and Skull, then the chief's daughter Connie, quit the Junior Police as well.

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