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  • Upon first entering the Megaship's bridge, Alpha brought up a display of a planet that looked just like Jupiter, and when T.J. asked Alpha what planet it was so they could try to figure out where they were, Alpha replied (with his broken speech board), "O-yu Retipuje," which is the phonetic reversal of "Jupiter," but the shuttle should have taken them far beyond Jupiter on their voyage toward Eltar.
  • When the Megaship crash-landed on a rocky orange-skied planet, at least three Jupiter-like planets were visible in the sky.


  • One of the badges on the teens' Megaship uniforms was a square white patch with a Ranger-colored diagonal line passing through a gray circle; a red dot (always red, regardless of the wearer's Ranger color) was located on the lower half of the circle, making the patch look like a representation of Jupiter with its rings and Great Red Spot.


  • The rocky volcanic planet Kalderon looked quite like Jupiter from space.

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