- former student, Rocky's martial arts student
- former Blue Turbo Ranger (500-TPRM through 544-CIS1, also 618-TBTR)
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Full Name: Justin Stewart (506-RlyR)
First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 618-TBTR
Pictures: Justin, circa PRT (shown at right), Justin, circa PRiS
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  • A Little Angel's Haven bus was taking kids to the martial arts arena, where Tommy, Adam, and Rocky were practicing for the upcoming national championship; on the bus, Kat and Tanya had the kids sing songs, but Justin didn't feel like singing.
  • Justin wore blue.
  • Justin was very worried when the kids went into the martial arts arena and found that Rocky was being taken away on a stretcher.
  • That night, Justin quietly entered Rocky's hospital room and whispered Rocky's name, trying not to wake him; when Justin heard the other teens coming, he hid under Rocky's bed.
  • Kat told Rocky and the ohers that Justin was taking the news of the shelter's possible closing pretty hard; first he'd lost his mother, and now he had to face losing the shelter.
  • Justin was listening from under Rocky's bed when Zordon told the teens over the communicator, calling them Rangers, to come to the Power Chamber, as a powerful wizard (Lerigot) had come to Earth and might be in danger; Justin heard the teens call Zordon by name, then watched as the four teens teleported from the room.
  • Crawling out from under the bed and surprising Rocky, Justin assumed that Rocky was a Ranger as well, even though Rocky could merely have been a non-Ranger who knew the Rangers' identities.
  • In the Power Chamber some time after the other Rangers had left in their Turbozords the next day, Justin was helmetless in the Blue Turbo Ranger suit (still his normal size) as Zordon told him, "By accepting this honor, you are also accepting a great responsibility. As the newest Ranger, you must take your lead from the others and learn to use your new powers wisely. You will command the Mountain Blaster and be henceforth known as the Blue Ranger. Good luck, and may the Power protect you."
  • Justin was unmorphed when he got out of Mountain Blaster after driving up to the Ghost Galleon's dock; he was wearing different clothes from the ones he'd been wearing the previous night at the hospital.
  • Justin was wearing a blue-striped communicator when he drove up in Mountain Blaster.
  • Justin explained that Rocky hadn't been able to make it, so he'd sent Justin instead.
  • Justin said he'd been afraid he wouldn't make it; Alpha had had to give him a crash-course in driving; apparently, he didn't receive an instinctual knowledge of piloting his Turbozord.
  • Justin's revelation to the teens that he was the new Blue Ranger was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Justin didn't even know why they were at the Ghost Galleon's dock; presumably, then, he also didn't know about the quest to save Lerigot, Jason, and Kimberly, and to prevent Divatox from freeing Maligore; by this point, all he must have known about the mission was what he'd heard from under Rocky's bed the previous night: that a powerful wizard had come to Earth and might be in danger.
  • The next night, Justin was alone on the upper deck of the galleon, too excited to sleep, when Kat came up to check on him.
  • Justin said his dad would be so proud of his becoming a Ranger, and he then mentioned the kids at the shelter; Kat started to protest, but Justin recited what he called the Rangers' code of honor: "I know, I know. It's for me to know and them to find out."
  • Justin still didn't seem to understand the concept of a secret identity, as the point of one was for people not to find out; he did, however, tell Kat that he wouldn't tell anybody.
  • Justin told Kat that he guessed his dad was still up north; he'd had to close down his martial arts studio after Justin's mom had died, since he wasn't able to focus anymore after her death.
  • Justin looked forward to the day when his dad would regain whatever it was he'd lost and they could be a family again.
  • Kat reminded Justin that the teens were his family now too.
  • When Putrapods sneaked up on Justin once he was alone again, he was unable to scream for help, but he was able to spinning-kick a Putrapod directly in the face.
  • Justin was quite proficient at martial arts.
  • In the crow's nest after the Ghost Galleon had passed through the Nemesis Triangle the next day, Justin used a pair of black binoculars to spot Muiranthias.
  • Justin appeared to have light-colored, perhaps blue or green, eyes.
  • Justin had always wanted to cry, "There she blows! Land ahoy! Shiver me timbers!"
  • When the teens assumed their pre-morph stances, the four older teens faced toward their right, with their left arm flexed (as though in preparation to summon their Turbo Morphers onto their wrists); Justin, however, goofed by facing toward his left, with his right arm flexed (holding his key in the foreground, as would become the new pre-morph stance in 516-Shr1); Tommy glared at Justin with a look of disapproval and annoyance until Justin turned around to match the other teens' stances.
  • Justin was an excellent example of a recurring phenomenon whereby Ranger teens automatically knew poses, gestures, phrases, and equipment names, all apparently without being told.
  • Whenever Justin used his Turbo Morpher and key to morph, he would grow to adult size after being suited up in his Blue Ranger suit and helmet.
  • After Maligore had emerged from his lava pit, Justin told the other Rangers he thought it was time to break out the hardware (i.e. the un-introduced Turbo Weapons).
  • In the Power Chamber, Yara let Tanya hold Bethel, and Tanya then let Justin hold the baby.


  • Justin had to take a placement test to figure out which grade he should be in for his new school; Kat suspected that Justin had fallen behind in school from having been moved around so much, but he easily finished the placement test with over an hour left.
  • Justin rode up to the botanical gardens (where the other teens were preparing for their graduation) on a silver bike wearing a blue and black helmet.
  • Justin excitedly asked what he'd missed; he asked if they'd told Rocky about the Putrapods yet, then shadow-sparred with people nearby while he recalled, "Our backs were up against the wall, and I threw a front kick and a side kick..."
  • After the teens had told Rocky about their adventure on Muiranthias, Justin said he still couldn't believe Rocky didn't want his powers back, since it was so cool being a Ranger; Rocky explained that he had a lot of stuff to do with his karate school and that he thought the power was in good hands.
  • After the teens (Tommy absent) had gone to the Power Chamber for Alpha and Zordon's congratulations, the other three had to leave soon for their graduation, but Justin stayed behind for a bit, since Alpha had promised to teach him about the communication systems.
  • When a strange squealing transmission came in over the Power Chamber's audio system, Justin volunteered to check out the source on his way to the teens' graduation.
  • At the energy center, Justin discovered that two chimps (actually Bulk and Skull) were responsible for the transmission; he also found Elgar on the site.
  • Justin fought Elgar while unmorphed and did well.


  • Unmorphed Justin flipped Elgar onto the ground.
  • When Adam was concerned about Justin's lateness, Zordon told Adam that Justin had been given specific instructions to call if there were any problems, yet those instructions had not been in 501-SIT1.
  • Justin morphed and fought Elgar and the Piranhatrons alone rather than calling for help.


  • Mr. Caplan told Justin that, based on his test results, he was a prodigy, and as of that fall, he'd be attending Angel Grove High, but numerous instances in the future suggested that Justin and other students attended Angel Grove High during the summer.
  • Justin went over a jump in Mountain Blaster during the battle with Elgar's evil vehicles for no particular reason other than for fun.
  • Tommy sent Justin to deactivate the wormhole closer while the others fought Amphibitor, but Justin was stunned by Amphibitor, after which he joined the others in summoning the Turbozords again, apparently without tending to the device.
  • The wormhole closer shut off after giant Amphibitor had been destroyed, and Zordon and Alpha's gold streaks then finished passing through the wormhole.


  • Tommy and Justin worked on a different stock car in the Angel Grove Racing Technologies garage.
  • Tommy had Justin start the car and give it some gas while he monitored the diagnostics, but Justin's shoelaces got stuck beneath the gas pedal, preventing him from easing back on the gas; Tommy saved Justin from the car just as its engine blew up, and rather than being annoyed with Justin, Tommy said he should've checked the accelerator to make sure it wasn't still sticking.
  • In the garage was a CD player and a stack of CD's among which Justin expected to find a new CD he wanted Tommy to hear; Tommy and Justin had both noticed a lot of things disappearing in the last few weeks; it appeared that Tommy and Justin lived together in the Racing Technologies building.
  • Justin used a soldering iron to design a homing device from radio parts to catch the thief.
  • When the Green, Yellow, and Pink Shadow Rangers confronted Tommy and Justin at the construction site they were investigating with a Turbo Navigator, Justin cockily morphed despite Tommy's protests; his powers were then stolen to create the Blue Shadow Ranger, and Justin was quickly captured.
  • Justin knew that his morphing powers had been intercepted.
  • After being taken to the Chromite Cave, Justin activated his homing device, and when Tommy retrieved the base unit from the garage, it led him to the Chromite Cave where the others were being held.
  • With Kat joining them, Tommy and Justin later followed the homing device to the Youth Center, where they discovered that Lt. Stone was the new owner and that his chimps had stolen all of their missing items.
  • Tommy referred to the Racing Technologies garage as his and Justin's garage.
  • Out of boredom, the chimps had stolen, among other things, Justin's basketball, what looked like Rocky's Mexican Christmas decoration (from 426-ASTR), Tommy and Justin's CD player, and a karate trophy.


  • In this episode, Tommy and Justin were either together or both alone, as they weren't with the others except during Ranger business and in the Power Chamber immediately afetrward.


  • Justin, driving a blue racer named True Blue, raced against Warren, driving a black racer named Mean Machine, in a trial race for the Angel Grove Derby that was the next day; Warren made Justin crash into a straw wall and ruin his racer.
  • Justin's last name was Stewart.
  • Warren told Justin he didn't fit in, calling him an egghead.
  • Justin worked on repairing True Blue later that day in the Racing Technologies building.
  • Kat had told Tommy about what had happened between Justin and Warren, and Tommy, in the garage, gave Justin a pep talk not to let it get him down.
  • Justin sometimes wished he could be like the other kids, not so smart, but Tommy insisted that he should be proud of his intelligence.
  • Justin spent the night in the Racing Technologies building working on True Blue; he'd gotten permission to spend the night there, but it's unknown who had given him permission; apparently he'd been unsupervised the whole night, since Tommy hadn't seen the construction of the new version of the racer, True Blue Two.
  • After the battle with Porto, Justin returned to the derby and managed to race ahead of the out-of-control Warren, and he stopped them both with his brake; it's very implausible that Justin would have been able to race ahead so quickly (or even at all), given Warren's earlier start time and speed boost from the detonator in his racer.
  • Warren thanked Justin and told him he owed him one.
  • Warren later apologized for what he'd said earlier, admitted he was just jealous of how smart Justin was, then suggested they work on their racers together sometime, since he could probably learn from Justin.


  • Tommy and Justin had been in the Power Chamber charging the Turbo Navigators when one of them picked up a detonator in Angel Grove.


  • The four teens set up a surprise birthday party for Justin in the Racing Technologies garage, and when Justin returned early from "practice," Tommy wouldn't let him in yet, even though he was expecting a call from his dad.
  • Justin thought no one cared about his birthday.
  • Outside the garage, Justin found a new silver bike; the oversized card on the bike said the bike was to cheer him up and told him to take it for a spin; he did so, not knowing it had been sent by Divatox.
  • Tanya noted that it had to be hard on Justin to be so far away from his dad, especially on his birthday.
  • Big Burpa cast greenish-blue energy from her hands at Justin, making him unable to stop pedaling or remove himself from the bike.
  • After realizing that the bike was a detonator, Justin tried to dump the bike in the lake, but its tires continued driving right over the surface of the water.
  • Bluish-green energy crackles prevented Justin from removing his feet from the pedals.
  • On Justin's suggestion, morphed Tommy tried to shoot out the bike's tires with his Auto Blaster, but it didn't work, possibly because his two blasts only seemed to strike the silver frame of the bike.
  • Tommy leapt from the hood of the car-sized Red Lightning, tackling Justin off the bike; the bike soon crashed and exploded.
  • Tommy leapt from the hood of the car-sized Red Lightning, tackling Justin off the bike; the bike soon crashed and exploded.
  • When he summoned his Turbozord along with the other Rangers, Justin posed with his left hand formed into an L gesture which he would always use before firing the Turbo Megazord's chest ray.
  • In the Megazord, Tanya asked Justin if he wanted to deal with this loser (giant Big Burpa), making the L gesture with her hand, and he did the L back to her, saying, "Yeah, this one's personal!"; he then had the Megazord perform the same midair backflipping multiple kick that he'd done against Big Burpa earlier.
  • Justin was delighted by the surprise party, for which many people had shown up, including kids Justin's age.
  • The chimps gave Justin a banana as a gift.
  • Justin wished his dad could be there.
  • Justin's dad came down the stairs of the garage, telling Justin he wouldn't miss his birthday for the world.
  • Justin said this was the best birthday ever.


  • At Lt. Stone's volunteer car wash, Mouthpiece blasted Justin with his deception blaster, causing Justin to lie uncontrollably; unbeknownst to him, every time he said a lie, a Piranhatron appeared at the car wash.
  • When Kat came to check on Justin, thinking she'd heard Porto, Justin told he was fine, then when asked about Porto replied, "Port-who?" and said there was nobody there but him; this caused two Piranhatron to appear.
  • Working on the car wash again, Justin denied Kat's remark about Lt. Stone getting soaked; Justin said he was feeling fine, and when Kat suggested he go inside for juice, he agreed, then said he didn't like juice; a total of three Piranhatron appeared.
  • In the Juice Bar, Kat told Tanya that Justin was the most honest kid she'd ever met, but lately he'd lying blatantly.
  • Justin said he couldn't think of anything unusual that had happened that day, making another Piranhatron appear outside, and it hid with the others.
  • When Kat looked at some homework papers from Justin's bookbag (with one paper dated 6/9/97 and belonging to his second period class), she asked if he'd turned in his homework assignment today, and he replied, "No, I haven't turned my homework in all year."; when Kat asked him if he was sure he hadn't done his homework (a different question than originally asked), he shook his head; outside appeared to be only one additional Piranhatron after this interrogation.
  • Grappled by a Piranhatron in the fight outside, Justin answered Adam that he didn't need help, and another Piranhatron appeared; the same happened when Kat asked if he needed help.
  • After the girls had told him several times not to say anything, Justin, in the Power Chamber, said he was fine, and another Piranhatron showed up at the car wash.
  • When Dimitria suggested that he tell a lie that was also the truth, Justin broke the spell by saying that everything he said was a lie and that he couldn't tell the truth, but since this was the truth at the time he said it, the spell should have prevented him from saying it.


  • One day after the destruction of Pharaoh, Kat said she and Justin were off to class.


  • At 3 PM, Adam and Justin measured changes in the tide for Justin's science homework.
  • Justin wrote left-handed. (Source: Submitted by Catherine Johnson)
  • Adam smiled and waved at a girl in a bikini walking by, ignoring Justin, but he turned Justin's head aside when Justin was looking and waving at a girl his age with the girl Adam's age.


  • As Justin took a science test in Miss Appleby's class, two older kids named Reggie and Junior wanted to cheat off Justin's test, but he told them to do their own work.
  • For conversing during the test, Miss Appleby made the three wait in the hall until the test was over.
  • Reggie was close to beating Justin up when Justin told them to try studying.
  • Justin was later leaning against the stairs in the hallway as the fire alarm was going off; after two firemen had said it was a false alarm, Justin reluctantly told Miss Appleby that Reggie and Junior had pulled the fire alarm.
  • In Justin's locker was an Angel Grove Racing Technologies logo, as well as some cutouts of stock cars.
  • Reggie and Junior, just having gotten detention, later confronted Justin in the hallway, knowing that Justin had told on them.
  • As it seemed Reggie was about to beat him up, Justin reached into his back pocket and pulled out his Turbo Key, flipping out its blade and causing it to glow with blue light behind his back.
  • When the fire alarm went off and distracted Reggie and Justin, Kat, Miss Appleby's student teacher, asked the two bullies what they were doing, and they played innocent.
  • After school was dismissed early, Kat and Justin walked by a fountain and pond, with Justin telling Kat he'd have to defend himself when Reggie and Junior would try to fight him, and Kat told him he might be able to make friends with Reggie.
  • Kat and Justin caught two Piranhatron setting off an alarm outside a building, and after defeating the creatures, the two teens joined the others in the Power Chamber.
  • Reggie and Junior confronted Justin at the park while Justin was searching for a detonator without a Turbo Navigator.
  • Justin tried to walk away, but Reggie and Junior chased him, then Reggie knocked down Justin's bookbag and shoved him into a picnic table, then tried to punch him; Justin dodged the punch and pinned Reggie to the table and held back his left fist to punch Reggie as Reggie and Junior were both stunned, waiting for him to make a move, but he simply told them he didn't want to fight and ran off.
  • Justin climbed a tree to hide; when Reggie was directly beneath him, suspecting (but not knowing for certain) that Justin was in the tree, a small branch broke beneath Justin's foot, sending him falling from the tree; he teleported in mid-fall, crashing to the ground inside the Power Chamber.
  • Discovering that Kat was in the Power Chamber when he arrived, Justin nervously asked Kat what she was doing there, as though he knew he'd been caught doing something wrong.
  • When he told Kat that he'd had to teleport when stuck in a tree after being chased by Reggie and Junior, she was upset that he'd used his powers in front of them; he said he was pretty sure they hadn't seen him.
  • Still upset, Kat began to repeat that they weren't supposed to use their powers for personal gain, but he was able to finish her sentence for her, knowing he shouldn't have teleported; he explained he didn't know how to get through to the bullies, but Kat sweetly told him he was way too smart not to figure this out.
  • The next day when they were alone in the hall, Reggie planned to give Justin a five-minute head start before chasing him down to fight; when Justin refused to fight or run, Reggie mockingly asked if Justin was going to tell his parents on him; he suddenly mellowed out when Justin told him his parents weren't around to tell.
  • Justin said he wasn't living with his parents right now.
  • Reggie said he hadn't seen his dad in two years, and they both agreed that the situation stank; as they sat on the steps together, Justin told Reggie he hadn't wanted to get Reggie in trouble yesterday, but he couldn't tell a lie, and Reggie admitted he probably would've done the same thing.
  • Justin offered to help Reggie study for the makeup test next week, and Reggie, now friendly, agreed.


  • After opening Blue Senturion's back panel, Alpha snipped a yellow wire, causing Blue Senturion's right arm to go up; Justin snipped a different wire, raising his other arm; finally, they decided it had to be the purple one, and they disabled the detonator by cutting the purple wire.


  • At a soccer game with Tanya, and Kat as Adam coached, Justin had brought a Turbo Navigator in his backpack just in case Divatox tried to follow up her attack on Carlos and Ashley.
  • After following his Turbo Navigator, Justin reached inside the scoreboard and turned off the detonator inside.


  • Justin was already in the Power Chamber when Tommy had the other teens go there to get the Turbo Navigators to search for a detonator after hearing of the Piranhatron attack outside the audition hall; when the teens came in, Justin told them he had the Turbo Navigators charged.


  • While the teens were struggling to restrain Blue Senturion, Tommy sent Justin after the chimps, who were speeding down the road in Lt. Stone's car.
  • After the chimps had stopped and Lt. Stone had told Blue Ranger the chimps' driving days were over, Justin teleported back to the park unmorphed and found the shrunken Blue Senturion in the grass.


  • Kat said that Justin had been so excited about the teens' camping trip that he'd woken up at the crack of dawn that morning.
  • As Tanya and Adam mildly bickered over putting up a hammock at the campsite, Justin wandered off after hearing something, and he was then attacked by Flamite.
  • When Justin pulled out his key to morph, Flamite knocked it from his hand before he could use it.
  • Flamite pinned Justin to a tree but wasn't trying to finish him off.


  • In the Turbo Megazord, Justin performed a gun shape with right hand and then shifted his gearstick south to summon the Turbo Megazord Saber.
  • After the four retiring teens had explained their selections at the power transfer ceremony, blue energy moved up Justin's body, then teleported him in the energy spark effect, and he materialized beside the new teens, morphed but short and holding his helmet.


  • Since it had seemed that Justin might have been living with Tommy, it's unknown where Justin was living after the departure of the old teens.


  • While fighting Elgar, Dreadfeather, and Piranhatron unmorphed alongside T.J. to protect the space cars, Justin was captured, along with Storm Blaster, in Dreadfeather's net and taken to a warehouse.
  • Justin tricked Elgar into cutting his chains, then morphed.
  • After Storm Blaster had escaped with Justin inside, Justin knew Storm Blaster's name; presumably, Dreadfeather had mentioned the name, since Elgar only remembered "Storm something."
  • Justin seemed to be able to drive Storm Blaster expertly.


  • In the park, Carlos talked with Justin about wanting to ask a certain girl on a date, but Justin was bored with the topic of girls.
  • Carlos convinced Justin to give soccer a try even though Justin had math homework to do.
  • At the pizza parlor later, Nico stuck up for Justin when another kid called him a nerd for being smart and attending high school.
  • From Nico's description, Justin was good at soccer.
  • Justin and Nico both loved the games with the claws that dropped down to grab prizes.
  • As Justin was leaving, Nico invited Justin to come play next weekend.
  • Justin may have ignored his communicator's beeping while with Nico, as when Carlos called him over for them to leave, he said that for a while, he'd forgotten he was a Power Ranger.
  • In battle, Justin called Storm Blaster "Mountain Blaster."


  • Justin played soccer fairly well in the park with Nico.
  • In the woods, Nico showed Justin the spacecraft he'd found, after having Justin triple-duty promise not to tell anyone.
  • In the Power Chamber after Phantom Ranger's first two appearances, Justin wondered whether the Phantom would have a ship, but he wouldn't elaborate, due to his promise to Nico.
  • Back in the woods, Nico heard Justin's communicator go off, and Justin said it was his watch and that Nico had to go home now, but Nico said he had permission to stay out late.
  • After knocking down the Piranhatron holding him, catching Nico's attention, Justin shrugged to Nico and told him the creature had tripped.
  • Justin had Nico run while he stayed to fight Piranhatrons.
  • When the Rangers were pleased to discover that Phantom's ship hadn't been destroyed, morphed Justin exclaimed, "Yeah!" causing Nico to look at Blue Ranger suspiciously; Justin then corrected himself by saying, "I mean, good job," but immediately after Justin's, "Yeah," T.J. had also said, "Yeah!"
  • None of the kids at soccer but Justin would believe that the Power Rangers had saved Nico.


  • After morphing and teleporting to the cave of the freeze key, which had frozen time, Carlos and Justin only had a few seconds before they too would be frozen in time, but because Justin took a moment to gawk at the villains' being frozen in the cave, they too were caught by the time freeze until Phantom saved them.
  • In the Juice Bar, T.J., Cassie, and Ashley wanted the freeze key destroyed, but Carlos wasn't worried, as Justin had rewired it into a snowman freeze machine for the Juice Bar that was the fastest freezer Lt. Stone had seen.


  • In the Juice Bar, Justin was excited when Ashley gave him a ticket for the Angel Grove Monster Tour, which took people all around town to where Rangers had fought monsters; he, Ashley, and Carlos went on the tour together.


  • The blue Chromite, one of the pilots in the evil Turbo Megazord, did Justin's L gesture before firing the Turbo Megazord's chest ray.


  • The teens tested robot versions of themselves that had been built on Eltar by Zordon and Alpha Five; for a control subject, they made it so that robot Justin didn't know he was a robot, in order for the teens to study how real the robots were.
  • A different day after the teens had explained everything to robot Justin, the real T.J. and Justin were in the Power Chamber for the robots' departure to Eltar.
  • Justin apologized for scaring robot Justin.
  • Justin had wanted to teach robot Justin how to play soccer, and they got carried away with the things they could do together next time.


  • At a fountain in the park with the teens, Justin, making a wish, tossed in a special coin his dad had given him.
  • When Justin had been considerably younger, his dad had given him the special coin for luck while he was away on a job, saying he'd be back just as soon as he could.
  • Justin wished his dad would come back to stay.


  • When Bulk and Skull gave him Divatox's missing last wishing coin, Justin wished for Blue Senturion to be good again, rather than for his dad to come home.
  • Another day, Justin was depressed about wishes not coming true, but Carlos gave him some encouraging words after having been looking all over for him; just then, Justin's dad walked up, carrying a large luggage bag over his shoulder; Carlos nodded to him as he approached.
  • When Justin's dad said he'd gotten a new job, Justin was disappointed that he'd have to leave again, but his dad explained that the job was in Angel Grove and that he was there to stay.
  • Justin said that his wish had come true, and his dad said his had as well.


  • On the teens' search for Cassie's lost dog Jetson, Justin spent most of the time with Cassie, though he eventually stayed to keep searching the lake while Cassie and Jethro looked elsewhere.


  • When Strikeout confronted the Rangers, Justin tried to bat the monster's pitch with his Turbo Blade, but it curved down, bounced off the ground, and blasted him.


  • Carlos and Justin went together to Bulk and Skull's vampire movie in the Youth Center one afternoon.
  • The next day at school, Skull gave Justin some garlic to ward off vampires.
  • In the resource center with Carlos, Justin was explaining the garlic Skull had given him when he wondered about Carlos's shades.
  • Carlos was repulsed by the garlic, causing Justin to suspect him of being a vampire.
  • Later, T.J. and Cassie caught Justin looking up vampires in the resource center while Carlos watched from the table.
  • Nearly a week after Carlos had been cured, Justin and Carlos went to another of Bulk and Skull's movie showings.


  • Carlos helped Justin stretch before Justin's track tryouts.
  • Justin had wanted to be on a high school sports team for a long time; he'd been training for a while.
  • Justin could throw the shot-put only a few feet, and the javelin a few yards.
  • When Carlos tried to help Justin with his grip on the javelin, Justin interrupted him to say he understood, but he didn't change his grip at all.
  • Justin was teased for being puny.
  • Another day in the Youth Center, Justin was benchpressing a weight; although he had the weight lifted above its supports when the camera panned over him, he set it down and was then unable to lift it back up.
  • Justin said it was often hard being the only kid his age in high school, so he wanted to fit in by joining the track team.
  • An ant that had probably been sprayed by Bulk and Skull's "Ant Be Gone" formula bit Justin on the left forearm, giving him super strength.
  • Realizing he'd forgotten the tryouts and would be late, Justin tore off the solid wooden double doors leading out of the Youth Center.
  • Justin thought at first that his training had made him super strong.
  • With the track team and coach watching, Justin leaped at least ten feet high into the air and just beyond the longjump sand area.
  • Justin took the shot-put from a guy whom the coach was showing how to use it.
  • Carlos, Cassie, some spectators, and the track team and coach watched Justin throw the shot-put across the field and then leap over the pole vault bar at its highest position, without a pole.
  • Justin was planning on using his super strength to break all the school records, but Carlos had very strong feelings about Justin going to see Dimitria before he could use his super strength anymore.
  • Justin thought his strength was due to his recent workouts.
  • In the Power Chamber, Justin seemed annoyed with Carlos after they'd gone to see Dimitria.
  • Carlos seemed like the mystery of Justin's super strength was solved when he remembered Justin had been bitten by an ant.
  • Alpha used a handheld scanner to determine that Justin was one hundred times stronger than he should have been for his body size, just like an ant.
  • In the Youth Center as he waited for the results of Alpha's scan for side-effects, Justin easily popped open a jar of pickles that Lt. Stone had been struggling with.
  • Justin beat the arm-wrestling jock in the Youth Center and flipped him off to the side of the table in front of a crowd.
  • Justin was eager to show off his super strength.
  • Carlos was angry with Justin for using his super strength to show off.
  • When Carlos was angry that Justin had used his super strength to show off, Justin was happy to be good at something, and he felt Carlos was jealous of him.
  • Justin left his fellow Ranger teens at the Youth Center to get some food with two of his track teammates.
  • On a residential street after Piranhatron had appeared and scared away his teammates, Justin pulled out his key and tried to morph in the middle of the residential street, but his Morpher didn't appear, and his arm holding his key appeared to be in pain.
  • In the street, Justin picked up a Piranhatron by the arm and flipped it around, bounced off Piranhatrons, and flicked and punted Piranhatrons through the air.
  • Lying on the medical table in the Power Chamber, Justin learned that his Ranger powers were incompatible with his super strength.
  • T.J. pointed out that it wouldn't be fair for Justin to win trophies with his artificial strength, but that when he was bigger, he'd train hard, and it would really be him that set the records.
  • As the other teens prepared to morph, Justin said that being strong was great, but nothing beat being a Ranger; he drank Alpha's antidote and was immediately able to morph after drinking it.
  • Justin had chosen to be a Ranger and help others over being strong for himself.
  • Justin stayed on the track team as the technical advisor.


  • Cassie and Ashley told the guys they needed dates for the upcoming dance; T.J. and Carlos both had dates, so Justin volunteered to take them both, and they shrugged to each other, replying, "Deal!"


  • Justin's house number was 28713.
  • Justin lived with his dad.
  • Justin's dad left for a job interview; before he left, Justin gave him some encouraging words.
  • In the Juice Bar, Justin was awed by the news coverage of the live landing of a NASADA shuttle.
  • After the landing, Justin's dad talked with Justin about their having to move if he took the new job.
  • Saying he liked Angel Grove and his friends, Justin named T.J., Cassie, Ashley, and Nico, and then said Carlos was going to put him on the soccer team. (Source: Corrected by SirSTACK)
  • Justin even liked Bulk and Skull.
  • Justin's dad decided that they'd stay, but Justin caught his dad before he left and asked him to talk more later, then rushed off with the other teens for Ranger business.
  • After learning in the Power Chamber that Dimitria and Blue Senturion were leaving for Eltar to try to help Zordon, Justin hugged Blue Senturion, and the officer embraced him back; Justin then gave him his lucky coin, in case he needed it; Blue Senturion thanked him and told the Blue Ranger he would miss him.


  • After the Piranhatron army invading the Power Chamber had seemed to retreat, Carlos and Justin admitted to each other that they were scared.
  • After the teens had determined that the Earth was currently safe from Divatox once she'd been called to the Cimmerian planet after destroying the Power Chamber, Ashley warned that they'd be sitting ducks when Divatox returned, so T.J. decided they had to stop Divatox before she returned; without the Power Chamber and their powers, they needed a way to go after Divatox, and Justin apparently thought of NASADA.
  • While the other teens and Alpha hid in the bushes nearby, Justin sneaked past security guards into NASADA after they wouldn't let him in to speak to the commander.
  • As the guards were dragging Justin out of the mission control room, Justin got General Norquist's attention by shouting that he had a message from the Power Rangers.
  • Justin told Norquist the Power Rangers needed his help, and after Norquist asked what they needed, Justin replied, the space shuttle, causing the guards to chuckle.
  • Justin thought to whisper something into Norquist's ear, after which Norquist exclaimed, "Eltar!" and asked when the Rangers needed it; Justin replied right now, and Norquist accepted, causing his two fellow directors or scientists to look at each other, dumbfounded.
  • Soon afterward, Norquist told Justin that the shuttle was set to take the Rangers to Eltar, as Justin had requested, but the teens had earlier intended to go to the Cimmerian planet.
  • Speaking in third-person (prompted by T.J.'s use of the third person) after the four teens and Alpha had entered the shuttle, Justin told the teens from mission control that the missing person couldn't go with them; Cassie realized Justin wanted to stay with his dad.
  • Justin then watched the shuttle launch from outside.


  • On the deck of his new house one night, Justin, with shorter hair but still wearing blue, watched a shooting star and started to make a wish when his dad reminded him about bedtime.
  • Looking into the stars, Justin made a wish hoping that his friends were okay, wherever they were.
  • Justin remembered being with T.J., playing soccer with Carlos and Nico, being in the pizza parlor with Carlos, fighting Piranhatrons with superstrength, and watching the Megashuttle fly into space.
  • In his bedroom, Justin had a model space shuttle.
  • Justin's dad kissed Justin goodnight and turned off the lights.
  • Before leaving the room, his dad said apologetically that despite their plans tomorrow (Saturday), he was really far behind at the office; he promised they'd do something next weekend, but Justin didn't seem particularly hopeful.
  • On Justin's wall was a small Angel Grove sports flag.
  • In the driveway below, Storm Blaster flashed its lights, slightly lighting up Justin's window; Justin was delighted to see Storm Blaster outside.
  • In his pajamas, Justin crawled down from his second-story window and, saying it was great to see Storm Blaster, asked, "Whoa, how'd you escape? Did Lightning Cruiser make it?"
  • Storm Blaster revved angrily and opened its driver's door, then revved and flashed its light when Justin asked incredulously, "You want me to go with you??"
  • After a brief pause, Justin smiled and jumped in; the door closed, and Storm Blaster sped off and then flew away to Angel Grove.
  • Storm Blaster landed outside the warehouse where the Space Rangers were captured, and Justin sneaked in to look at the situation before he was attacked by Quantrons; he fought them off well before getting back in Storm Blaster.
  • Justin said the others needed them now, and Storm Blaster raced toward the warehouse's wall to burst in.
  • Storm Blaster's glove compartment opened, revealing a Turbo Morpher and key which Justin excitedly exclaimed were his.
  • Justin morphed and was then driving Storm Blaster as the Blue Turbo Ranger when it crashed into the warehouse.
  • When Justin, having freed the Rangers, was pinned by Quantrons, morphed T.J. caught one's leg with a chain and tripped him, letting Justin kick back the other.
  • When T.J. patted Justin on the back, asking if he was okay, Justin turned and nearly punched T.J., then asked, "Hey, who are you? I was blue!"
  • T.J. told Justin it was him, and Justin was happy for him, telling him he looked great in blue.
  • Justin had apparently been kept quite uninformed of the Rangers' adventures.
  • As the Rangers regrouped against Lionizer, Andros told morphed Justin that they needed more firepower; as Justin agreed, Storm Blaster came forward to blast Lionizer, and the Blue Rangers would add their lasers to overpower the monster's energy beam.
  • When confronted by giant Lionizer downtown one night, T.J. told Justin to wait until he saw this, and Andros said he'd like it; the five Rangers then summoned just Mega V-1, which Andros piloted until calling for the Mega Voyager.
  • Justin was awed by the Mega Voyager and said he'd never seen anything like it; Storm Blaster revved in agreement when asked whether it thought the Mega Voyager was cool as well.
  • As the Rangers joined Justin, Carlos told him it was great to see him.
  • Explaining how he'd known they'd needed him, Justin joked that Storm Blaster had come to his house and practically kidnapped him.
  • T.J. thanked Storm Blaster for its help but asked about Lightning Cruiser, and Storm Blaster flashed its lights.
  • Justin told everyone to hop in, as Storm Blaster could take them, but Carlos thanked him and said they had their own rides.
  • Justin was awed as the Rangers flew through space alongside Storm Blaster on their Galaxy Gliders.
  • Andros told Justin, calling him by name and speaking in a friendly manner, that if he liked, maybe someday they could teach him to ride a Galaxy Glider; Justin said they were pretty cool but that for now he would stick with his good friend Storm Blaster.
  • On the desert planet where Lightning Cruiser was chained up to haul a load for Piranhatrons, morphed Justin drove Storm Blaster around while the Rangers fought the Piranhatrons.
  • Piranhatrons climbed onto Storm Blaster, but Justin's driving threw them off.
  • After defeating the Piranhatrons and freeing Lightning Cruiser, the six teens were unmorphed as they spoke together.
  • Ashley hugged Justin, and he remarked it was just like old times, saying he thought about the teens a lot, wondering if they were okay; T.J. assured him they were fine.
  • Ashley dragged the silent Andros forward and introduced him as being from "the space colony"; Justin, impressed, said it was nice to meet him, and Andros thanked him for his help.
  • Justin began to say, "Once a Ranger," and Cassie completed, "always, always a Ranger."
  • Justin realized he had to get home, and Storm Blaster offered him a ride; once inside, Justin told the teens, "If you ever need me again, I'm always here," then drove off and streaked away once the teens had waved goodbye.
  • In the morning on Earth, Justin sneaked back up to his house as his dad headed back to his house after deciding not to go to work after all.
  • Climbing into his room through his second-story window and jumping into bed, Justin pretended to wake up when his dad came in.
  • Justin's dad asked if he wanted to go fishing, and Justin excitedly agreed.
  • When asked about work, his dad said Monday he'd be behind, but today they were going fishing.
  • On or just in front of his bedroom wall, Justin had something with a NASADA sign on it.

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