Justin's relatives
- relatives of Justin Stewart
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  • Justin's last name was Stewart.

    Justin's dad
    - Justin Stewart's father
    Justin's dad
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    Full Name: Doug Stewart (506-RlyR, 544-CIS1)
    First Appearance: 508-BBFB
    Last Appearance: 618-TBTR


  • Justin was taking the news of the Little Angel's Haven's possible closing pretty hard; first he'd lost his mother, and now he had to face losing the shelter.
  • On the Ghost Galleon on the voyage to Muiranthias, Justin told Kat that he guessed his dad was still up north; he'd had to close down his martial arts studio after Justin's mom had died, since he wasn't able to focus anymore after her death.
  • Justin looked forward to the day when his dad would regain whatever it was he'd lost and they could be a family again.


  • As the teens set up the Racing Technologies garage for Justin's surprise birthday party, Adam told someone (presumably Justin's dad) over the phone that it would be great if he/she could make it; Justin had been expecting a call from his dad.
  • Tanya noted that it had to be hard on Justin to be so far away from his dad, especially on his birthday.
  • During the party, Justin's dad, wearing a light blue shirt, came down the stairs of the Racing Technologies garage, telling Justin he wouldn't miss his birthday for the world.


  • When Justin had been considerably younger, his dad had given him the special coin for luck while he was away on a job, saying he'd be back just as soon as he could.
  • Justin wished his dad would come back to stay.
  • Carlos was sure Justin's dad wished he could come back as well.


  • Another day, Justin was depressed about wishes not coming true, but Carlos gave him some encouraging words after having been looking all over for him; just then, Justin's dad walked up, carrying a large luggage bag over his shoulder; Carlos nodded to him as he approached.
  • When Justin's dad said he'd gotten a new job, Justin was disappointed that he'd have to leave again, but his dad explained that the job was in Angel Grove and that he was there to stay.
  • Justin said that his wish had come true, and his dad said his had as well.


  • Justin's house number was 28713.
  • Justin lived with his dad.
  • Justin's dad left for a job interview; before he left, Justin gave him some encouraging words.
  • Justin's dad drove a nice silver car.
  • At the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone knew Justin's dad by his first name, Doug.
  • After the teens had watched the live NASADA shuttle landing in the Juice Bar, Justin's dad talked with Justin about their having to move if he took the new job.
  • When Justin said he liked Angel Grove and his friends, his dad decided that they'd stay, but Justin caught his dad before he left and asked him to talk more later, then rushed off with the other teens for Ranger business.
  • Justin's dad said Justin was more important than any job.


  • When the teens and Alpha blasted off into space in the Astro Megashuttle, Justin remained behind to stay with his dad.


  • On the deck of his new house one night, Justin watched a shooting star and started to make a wish when his dad reminded him about bedtime.
  • Soon in Justin's room, Justin's dad kissed him goodnight and turned off the lights.
  • Before leaving the room, his dad said apologetically that despite their plans tomorrow (Saturday), he was really far behind at the office; he promised they'd do something next weekend, but Justin didn't seem particularly hopeful.
  • Leaving the room, Justin's dad was sad about disappointing Justin.
  • The next morning, as Justin's dad prepared to go to work with a briefcase and folder, he looked at a father and son across the street preparing to go fishing; after a moment of thought, his dad returned to the house.
  • Going into Justin's room where it appeared Justin was just waking up, Justin's dad asked if he wanted to go fishing, and Justin excitedly agreed.
  • When asked about work, his dad said Monday he'd be behind, but today they were going fishing.

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