- GSA officer, former Terra Venture navigator, currently living on Mirinoi (since 745-End3)
- former Blue Galaxy Ranger (702-QsQ2 through 745-End3, also 821-TrR1, 822-TrR2)
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Full Name: Kai Chen (701-QsQ1)
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2


  • Eight hours before Terra Venture's departure, Kai was not manning a station in GSA Command Headquarters as he usually would in the future, though Kendrix was hard at work in the Science Division as was standard for her.
  • Six hours before departure, Kendrix and Kai walked with Mike in the black uniforms which were worn underneath GSA soldier gear, and they each carried a battle helmet.
  • Kendrix was excited, unable to believe there were only six more hours left, but Mike reminded her of their one training exercise left.
  • The oval badge on Kai's uniform had a blue stripe.
  • In a large shuttleport facility, Leo accidentally slammed into Kendrix as she and Kai were on their way to meet up with other soldiers to go to the heliships.
  • Leo apologized and helped her up, and they gazed at each other as she thanked him.
  • Kai soon got between them and seriously told Leo he ought to be more careful; Leo picked up his bag and Kendrix's stuff and then left anxiously.
  • Moments later, two guards asked Kendrix and Kai whether they'd seen a guy, describing his height and shirt.
  • Kendrix asked what he'd done, and the guard said he was a stowaway; Kai started to tell, but Kendrix grabbed his arm and said they hadn't seen him, leaving Kai confused as she walked off smugly afterward.
  • Aboard the heliship to the moon, Kai handed out standard energy rifles while Stanton gave instructions to the soldiers.
  • During the exercise on the moon, Kai was a leader of one particular group; as his group ducked behind a hill, Kai told Kendrix and another soldier (secretly Leo) to stay while everyone else followed him, but moments later, Kendrix and Leo would be sent flying from that area by an explosive device they hadn't seen until it was too late.
  • Shocked, Kai ran back to check on Kendrix; seeing Leo, Kai angrily realized he was the stowaway, and Kendrix held him back.
  • When Mike ran up to check on them all, Kai was surprised to learn that Leo was Mike's little brother.
  • When three Stingwingers attacked after following the sudden arrival Maya through a strange portal, Kai was able to fight them moderately well; during the fight, he managed to grab a dropped energy rifle, but his blast missed a Stingwinger.
  • Sadly after telling her name and that she was from what was left of the planet Mirinoi (with which the teens were not familiar), Maya prepared to go back, saying Scorpius would destroy her world if he got the Quasar Sabers.
  • Leo wanted to help, but Kai thought he was nuts; Leo pleaded Mike that she needed their help, and Kendrix agreed.
  • Mike said Leo wasn't going, but Kai objected to their even going at all, pointing out that Terra Venture left in a few hours and wouldn't wait for anyone.
  • Mike went with Kendrix and Maya, leaving Leo with Kai, planning to be back soon.
  • After the others had left, Kai and Leo began to walk away, but Leo then suddenly bolted for the portal, which closed immediately after he'd run through. (Source: Although the portal's closing was omitted from the end of the aired version of this episode and merely referred to in 602-QsQ2, the video release of this episode did in fact show the portal closing immediately afterward.)


  • As the soldiers ran back to the heliships, Kai was holding his helmet, forlorn, making someone yell at him that the transport was leaving.
  • As the heliship approached Terra Venture, the soldiers were whooping and giddy, but Kai was remorseful, remembering Stanton's words about never leaving a team member behind.
  • After everyone else had left once the heliship had landed, Kai spotted a flyer for the Astro Megaship Museum; reading the flyer as though he'd never heard of the museum, Kai was intrigued, then inspired, and he rushed out.
  • Kai, then wearing his standard blue Type 1 GSA uniform with a blue-striped oval badge, soon ran up to the Convention Center housing the Megaship and went inside.
  • As Alpha Six stood by the lift waving and telling people goodbye on the bridge, Kai urgently but calmly ushered them out of the museum pleasantly telling them that they had to close early and telling everyone to leave calmly.
  • Alpha asked what was going on; Kai uninformatively replied that the ship was being recommissioned for a special top secret assignment, flashing a GSA ID card.
  • Alpha asked if that meant what he thought it meant, and Kai replied affirmatively that she was going to fly again; Damon, now standing in the doorway, thought it was a joke.
  • Damon said he knew the Megaship inside and out and insisted that it was a museum and not a spaceship; Alpha added that no one had told him about any secret mission.
  • Skeptical of the supposed GSA mission, Damon asked for Kai's orders, forcing Kai to admit as he attempted to figure out the controls that he didn't have any orders.
  • Kai said his friends had flown through a dimensional portal to save another world, but the portal had closed; Damon began to leave, not believing him.
  • Kai said the Megaship was the only craft that had a chance of "making it through," apparently somehow knowing about another portal in space.
  • Kai needed Damon's help, saying the Megaship had flown in there (Terra Venture) and it now had to fly out, but Damon doubted it could even get off the ground.
  • After Damon had left, Kai told DECA to close the exit ramps, and she did so; Kai then told Alpha he needed his help, and Alpha nervously agreed.
  • Kai tried to start the engines despite Alpha's reluctance but ended up overheating them, unable to maintain power; Damon then returned and took over.
  • Some time later, Kai spotted a portal on the viewscreen, saying it was just like the ones his friends had entered.
  • When Kai asked Alpha if the ship would survive the energy flux, Damon was upset that he'd waited until they'd gotten "this far" to ask if they'd survive, but he adjusted something near "Operations & Safety" and grudgingly resumed control.
  • Kai and Damon soon arrived in the Mirinoite village to help the others against Furio and Stingwingers.
  • When the teens pulled the Quasar Sabers to fight Furio, Kai pulled the Blue Galaxy Ranger's Gorilla saber.


  • As Leo, Maya, and Damon prepared to take the Megaship to help animals in trouble that Maya had heard (the Galactabeasts), Kendrix and Kai spoke through a monitor on the bridge from what appeared to be Kendrix's station in the Science Division, whispering while upset and glancing behind them often.
  • Kai insisted that the three couldn't just take off, as they had to conduct standard systems tests, finish charging the hyper accelerators, interrupting himself to glower that there were procedures.
  • Alpha casually walked behind Leo to do something at a rear station, not listening to Kai.
  • Kendrix told Leo that Kai was right, but Leo used controls at the rear right station to make the transmission fade out, pretending he couldn't hear them.
  • The three teens flew the Megaship to a planet where the Galactabeasts were being held, and soon, as the three faced Radster after morphing, morphed Kendrix and Kai arrived, having thought the others could use some help; presumably they had teleported to the others' location.
  • As the teens were flying back toward Terra Venture, they saw Radster and Furio attacking the colony in the viewscreen, and Kai and Leo both reached for the control sticks, shaking the ship until Damon shoved them both aside and took control.
  • During the fight on Terra Venture, Radster eventually ran off, and Leo chased telling the Rangers to go after him despite Kai's cry otherwise, but Kai then told the others that they had to help him, and they ran after Leo.
  • Later, in the guys' room after Leo had beaten Damon at a card trick, Kai sat with Leo to talk.
  • Kai told Leo he'd made the right decision, rescuing the Galactabeasts, but Leo attributed it to luck.
  • Leo offered Kai a card game in which the loser would vacuum for a week; Kai immediately refused but then changed his mind to teach Leo a well-needed card lesson.


  • Stanton had a special assignment for Kai, wanting him to train a new recruit with great leadership potential, handing him a GSA panel device displaying data on the new recruit; Kai was impressed by the recruit's high entrance test scores.
  • Stanton brought Kai over to meet him, where Leo was standing in a blue uniform.
  • Leo was pleased to see Kai and eager to get started, but Kai was stunned by the development.
  • As Kai was soon giving Leo a tour of the Science Division, coming to its horticulture area, Leo stopped by Kendrix's desk, and she asked him how training was going, interrupting Kai.
  • Kai sternly said the training was going badly, since Leo had trouble focusing.
  • In Command Headquarters, Kai presented Leo with a GSA "Rules and Regulations" handbook to have him start learning it.
  • As Leo began to eat a sandwich, Kai took the sandwich from him in a panic, shouting about what one crumb could do to the sensitive equipment; just then, Stanton entered and was apalled to see Kai with food in Command Headquarters.
  • Stanton took the sandwich and, treating it like a serious contaminant, placed it into a clear bag which had been dutifully brought to him by another officer; he then told Kai that he wasn't setting a good example for the new recruits.
  • In the GSA weapons dome structure, GSA officers were in a line handing laser rifles to Leo, and he put them on racks.
  • Pleased, Kai handed Leo a security card, telling him to lock up when he was done; he then drove off.
  • Elsewhere later, Kai frustratedly walked with Kendrix, saying Leo had no respect for the rules, was late to everything, and his uniform was always wrinkled.
  • Kai planned to tell Stanton to let someone else train Leo.
  • Kendrix suggested that he was overreacting, saying although Leo was a little undisciplined and didn't follow all the rules perfectly, he came through no matter what when it really mattered.
  • Kendrix delicately suggested that Kai was a little jealous, and he found it ridiculous, just because Leo had scored high on the written test or shot out all three bull's-eyes; he replied that he couldn't care less.
  • When an unscheduled storm hit the area, Kendrix was impressed, and Kai was perplexed but then realized Leo had done it.
  • In Command Headquarters, Kai angrily told Leo the colony wasn't a playground and that they had rules for a reason; Leo argued that all rules didn't work all the time, but Kai insisted they did in the GSA, and he couldn't just pick and choose which rules he wanted to follow.
  • Noticing a security breach in the weapons dome, Kai suspiciously asked Leo if he'd locked the weapons room.
  • Leo admitted he must've forgotten to lock it, and Kai rushed to the area, finding Horn stealing several laser rifles; Horn shot a laser beam at him but missed as he escaped with the weapons.
  • Leo entered as Kai found all the weapons were gone, and Kai said it was all Leo's fault; Kai planned for them to get to the others and find the blasters before they got off the space colony, but Leo ran out to fix his mistake alone.
  • Soon, Damon used the computer terminal in his and Kai's room to locate the weapons, Leo, and/or Horn as Kai nervously sipped from a canteen in the kitchen before joining Damon.
  • When the others joined Leo in fighting Horn, Leo planned to get back the weapons, but Kai pushed him back, telling him to let him handle it.
  • After Leo had been captured while refusing to surrender his Quasar Saber, Kai was then in the guys' room with the others; he lay on his bed distressed about being too hard on Leo and blaming himself for Leo's not letting go of his saber.
  • Kai got up and ran out the door to find Leo, and the others followed.
  • Some time after Horn's destruction, uniformed Leo was in Command Headquarters when Stanton entered.
  • Stanton told Leo, calling him by his first name, that he'd gotten a terrific progress report about him; Leo thanked him but admitted that this wasn't for him, as he wasn't very good about keeping a schedule or knowing all the rules.
  • Besides, Leo added, Stanton already had the best man in the whole space colony, Kai.
  • In the hallway, Kai caught up to Leo and apologized for being so hard on him; Leo apologized for being so hard to train and began to walk off.
  • When Kai joked that he'd been impossible to train, Leo humorously bet Kai ten dollars that he would never be late for duty again and that his uniform would never be wrinkled again; Kai accepted, never thinking he could pull it off, but Leo told him he'd just resigned, then asked for the ten bucks, making Kai smirk at him.


  • When the engines suddenly died out one day, Stanton asked why the ship had stopped, and Kai detected someone in Navigations; Stanton had Kai take a security team down there to find out who had stopped the ship.
  • Kai led three Terra Venture guards to the Navigations door, and after trying a security code and swiping his security card, Kai gestured to a guard who'd had his hand on a gray blaster in his holster, at which point the guard gave him the weapon.
  • As Kai aimed the blaster at the door panel, Damon pulled the blaster away, since he would have to fix it afterward; he then easily tampered with the door panel and opened the door.
  • Kai led the guards in, blasters aimed, but they found the startled Matthew, perhaps 13 years old, in the room.


  • In the guys' room after Mutantrum had been destroyed, Kai cooked chocolate chip cookie balls while the teens talked about the Lights of Orion.
  • Seeing a ball missing, Kai asked Damon his thoughts, and Damon couldn't speak from the ball in his mouth.


  • In a GSA training room, Kendrix and Kai sparred in workout suits.
  • Kendrix knocked Kai to the mat yet again, and he called it enough for today; she teased that he was just tired of hitting the mat, and he agreed but said he also had other things to do.


  • In Headquarters one day, Stanton told Kai he'd been doing a great job, above and beyond the call of duty, and now he had a special assignment and needed just the right person for the job; Kai agreed, no matter how dangerous and daring the job, but Stanton then had him take his daughter Jodie (whom Kai knew) skating that afternoon, telling him to videotape it.
  • At the rink with Jodie, out of uniform, Kai was clumsy on the rental rollerblades.
  • While videotaping Jodie, Kai got distracted by seeing a graceful girl named Hannah for the first time; he heard her name when Jodie greeted her in the rink.
  • Kai skated out to meet Hannah but was quite awkward; he fell after saying hi to her, and she came around smiling and gathered it was his first time, asking if he was okay.
  • As Kai continued to skate, his Transmorpher, suddenly on his wrist, beeped, making him crash into a short wall and flip over it.
  • Hannah worriedly checked on Kai, and he told her he was fine, then asked her to watch Jodie until he got back.
  • As the Rangers fought Quakemaker, Maya prepared to attack, but morphed Kai suddenly got in front of her and fought Quakemaker with the Cosma Claw until the monster flew off.
  • Morphed Kai then ran off; as the others asked if he was okay, he whooped that he was great, doing a little leap of joy.
  • Unmorphed Kai ran back into the rink with the handheld camcorder he'd had before.
  • As Jodie described her skates, Kai watched Hannah skating and daydreamed about skating romantically alone with her, both of them dressed in white; his daydream would be interrupted by Jodie just before imaginary Hannah had been about to kiss him on the cheek.
  • The dress Hannah wore in Kai's daydream was actually a shortened version of the dress worn by Dimitria and purified Divatox.
  • In the guys' room later, the four teens and Jodie were watching the videotape in the living area, with Kai in the kitchen.
  • After a bit of footage of Jodie, the camera followed Hannah around for the rest of the tape, upsetting Jodie.
  • Kai dreamily served the teens very burnt pancakes, then when asked about them, remembered he'd forgotten the syrup and poured ketchup on them instead.
  • With Kai back in the kitchen, the teens figured a girl had gotten him in this state.
  • As Stanton picked up Jodie and his camera, Kendrix interrupted Jodie before she could tell him about the videotape, and Stanton couldn't wait to see how much she'd improved; he had them tell Kai thanks.
  • Kai was oblivious to a small smoke explosion in whatever he was cooking.
  • Later near a plaza, Kendrix pointed out to Kai that he probably wouldn't be able to find Hannah again, but as he was putting mustard on a hot dog from a stand after splitting up with Kendrix, he saw Hannah in an area of outdoor tables below.
  • Watching Hannah, Kai accidentally put mustard on his hand and sleeve; as he went to the water fountain, it sprayed all over him, making him exclaim, and Hannah saw him above and giggled, waving him over excitedly.
  • After wiping himeself off, Kai slid down the railing of the steps leading down, then went to Hannah's table.
  • Both Kai and Hannah were shy with each other.
  • When asked, Hannah told Kai, using his name, that her book was just a silly romance novel.
  • Kai was surprised that Hannah knew his name, and she admitted she'd asked Jodie.
  • When an earthquake struck, Kai saved Hannah from a falling lightpost and then led her through a rubble-filled area where she was horrified to see someone unconscious in a car.
  • Johnny, an Asian guy in a black Terra Venture jumpsuit, was nearly unconscious in a black Earthen car as a giant electrical tower was ready to collapse onto the area.
  • Hannah tried to run to help Johnny, but Kai held her back; she told him the wedding was tomorrow and he'd gone to pick up her dress, and Kai was startled but soon told her to stay there, going in to save Johnny.
  • Kai helped Johnny out of the car and was carrying him and the dress box away when the tower collapsed into the car, and leaking gasoline then hit the flames, knocking the two guys forward with a large explosion.
  • Johnny and Kai were all right, and Hannah gave Johnny a long hug.
  • Kai handed Hannah her dress, then after a lasting look, ran off after she'd thanked him.
  • Two days later, Maya made a sandwich which Damon took, and she was concerned that Kai hadn't eaten a decent meal in two days, and Damon said neither had Leo and he, since Kai was the only one who could cook.
  • At the door, Jodie brought a special package for Kai, singing that it was from Hannah and she'd said it was really important.
  • Interested, Kai soon came and took the giftwrapped box; inside, a note read, "My sister's wedding was great. I was a beautiful bridesmaid. Thanks to you, my hero," and in the box was a piece of the wedding cake; Kai was elated.


  • Kai slept in a white overshirt, with his uniform shirt on a hanger nearby; to get dressed for unexpected company, he would merely pull his uniform shirt down over his undershirt.


  • Kai was working in Command Headquarters when the Scorpion Stinger attacked and began draining energy from the Mountain Dome; during the chaos, he would have Kendrix leave with him to meet up with the other teens.


  • Kai was working in Command Headquarters when Terra Venture received an emergency alien transmission; he was later (weeks or months later?; see "Missing time") at his post as the colony approached the stranded alien ship and Mike and Leo were among the soldiers to venture inside.
  • After Leo had found the mysterious Galaxy Book, Mike reported to Terra Venture that the message had been playing over and over and that whatever had been there was now long gone, but Kai suddenly detected an unknown lifeform rapidly moving in an erratic path through the tunnels toward the soldiers; Stanton urgently told Mike to abort the mission and evacuate, trying to tell him about the creature, but the signal was broken up.
  • After the rescue team had lost contact with Terra Venture, Kendrix subtly waved Kai over from the hallway outside Command Headquarters, and he got up to leave, having another Type 1 blue officer cover for him.


  • On a street, Kai was livid over his car being broken down, as dinner was on the stove; under the car, Damon fixed and improved the car by replacing the terminals.
  • As Damon drove the car, a spark explosion erupted in its rear, Deviot having shot his cannon from a ledge above; they would morph but would quickly be defeated and abducted to Deviot's planet.
  • The two awoke wearing electronic cuffs which forced them to fight each other to exhaustion.
  • On the wall of Kai's empty bunk bed was a page from a "SnowSport" article.
  • Kendrix was worried about Kai having missed his shift at Command Headquarters, saying he'd never missed a shift, but his abduction had occurred when his car had broken down on his way home that afternoon.
  • As Damon and Kai continued fighting after a bit of rest, the meter rose up to the yellow section; as it neared the red section, Damon managed to take Kai's Quasar Saber and was preparing to stab him with both sabers as Kai was on the ground.
  • Deviot shouted for Damon to destroy him, saying Kai's destruction would mean Deviot's domination, turning up the dial beyond 10, but Damon clutched his head, having dropped one Quasar Saber.
  • Kai pleaded Damon to fight it, but, drawing his saber back, Damon apologized; as he swung, the saber flew from his hand, impaling the control apparatus and destroying it.
  • Beside a beach in a dome, perhaps the Ocean Dome, the weary Kai and Damon ran over a hillside from Stingwingers and Deviot, apparently having teleported from Deviot's planet.
  • As they were aided by the other Rangers against Deviot, Kai and Damon were still exhausted, but they held their own, insisting they were fine.


  • When Kai and Leo, on their Astro Cycles to stop Deviot's evil Zords, encountered a group of Stingwingers having built a large pile of debris across the path to block them, Kai raced forward blasting his way through after telling Leo it was all up to him now.
  • After racing through the exploding debris, Kai weakly fell off his cycle, urging Leo to go on.
  • In Command Headquarters that same night, Stanton addressed numerous rows of blue and red officers, apparently four mixed groups of four, including Kendrix and Kai, with Mike in front.


  • After Scorpius's destruction, Damon suggested that Kai now had enough time to teach him how to cook, but Kai joked that he didn't think there would ever be enough time for that.


  • In the forest, unmorphed Leo and Kai, in civilian workout clothes, sparred with their Quasar Sabers before being attacked by Villamax.


  • Kendrix left work early to make dinner for Maya's long-lost friend Shondra, and Kendrix and Kai soon entered the girls' room with grocery bags, with Kendrix also holding a potted plant.
  • Kai was surprised to hear that Shondra was there.
  • Kendrix wanted to make them a special dinner, something they would have on Mirinoi, and Kai was intrigued, agreeing; one of the dishes he would prepare would be a toss salad.
  • As Kendrix was on the verge of tears after being stood up by Maya and Shondra, Leo and Kai excused themselves and Damon, Kai saying he had a long shift the next day; Leo tried to cheerfully tell Kendrix goodnight, and the other guys did as well as they left the saddened Kendrix.


  • Kai and Mike were working at Command Headquarters during Trakeena's ultimatum to Terra Venture following the abduction of High Councilor Renier.
  • After Damon had volunteered to go to the Scorpion Stinger, Stanton had Kai and Mike prep the heliship quickly, but Leo, rather than Kai, would accompany Mike on the flight.


  • When Stanton entered Command Headquarters as Terra Venture approached a red giant star, Kai noted their distance to the star and said GSA procedures called for a course change in 6 hours and 24 minutes, but Stanton asked what Kai's instincts told him.
  • Initially confused, Kai replied that they should change course immediately, as they couldn't be too safe around a red giant, and Stanton praised him, saying, "Procedures are fine, but you've gotta think for yourself. Trust your instincts."
  • Later, the Rangers chased off Icy Angel after she'd shot Stanton with an energy arrow in the park.
  • Later still, Kai was back in Command Headquarters when Stanton returned and had him shut down engines 3 and 4.
  • In his room with Damon and Leo, Kai was so deep in thought while cooking that he completely burned his food before Leo and Damon pointed it out.
  • Kai had calculated that they would now drift into the star, but Damon just thought Kai hated being wrong; Leo said Stanton had gotten them this far and knew what he was doing.
  • Back in Command Headquarters, Stanton had their course changed to 103.9, surprising Kai, as this would move them toward the star, but Stanton explained the low orbit's gravity would give them an incredible speed boost, letting them reach the New World far ahead of schedule.
  • Kai firmly insisted they'd be pulled in and burn up if they got any closer; at this point the other officers in the room murmured in anticipation, and Stanton asked Kai if he was refusing a direct order; Kai thought hard and boldly replied, "I won't change course, Sir!"
  • Stanton suspended Kai from duty, ripping off his GSA arm badge, then had two guards take Kai from the command tower.
  • At city level, the guards shoved Kai out of the administration building, and he walked away angrily.
  • Remembering Stanton's words about trusting his instincts, Kai looked back and watched Stanton emerge from the doors and walk through the park area Kai was in.
  • Behind a corner, Icy Angel told Stanton to keep doing as she said, and Terra Venture would soon be history, but Kai arrived to thwart her plans.
  • As Stanton left to resume his post, Kai wanted to run after Stanton, but he was stuck fighting Icy Angel until the Rangers and armored Mike arrived.
  • In an alley, Kai confronted Stanton, trying to tell him he was under Trakeena's control, but Stanton fought him viciously, twisting his arm, punching him in the gut, and trying to bludgeon him with a metal pipe.
  • Kai kicked Stanton's arm and grappled him, but Stanton elbowed him fiercely and threw him onto a barrel.
  • Against the wall, Kai found a door with a security keypad on it behind him leading into a dark room, so as Stanton charged, he rolled forward, kicking the door open, then delivered a powerful kick to Stanton, sending him flying back into the room, and Kai then shut and locked the door with the pad.
  • Following Icy Angel's destruction, Kai and Mike ran back to the alley, where Kai unlocked the door; Stanton, having regained his senses, was sore and confused.
  • Stanton asked if he'd been somewhere, but Kai would explain later, having to get him to Command.
  • Terra Venture was now dangerously close to drifting into the sun; Command Headquarters was red and uncomfortably hot.
  • Entering, Stanton had Kai and Mike, at the center controls, change course at maximum thrust, and they quickly flew out of danger.
  • In the park probably later that day, Jodie were playing with a blue football with Kai, Leo, and Maya when Stanton drove up in casual clothes.
  • Stanton presented Kai with a box containing a new GSA shirt.
  • Since Kai had done such an exemplary job, Stanton was taking the day off to spend some time with Jodie, and he officially put Mr. Chen in charge of the colony.
  • Kai was shocked, and Stanton jokingly asked if he was questioning his decision.
  • Kai entered Command Headquarters from the elevator, and everyone was standing around looking at him; one guy began clapping, and then the whole group applauded for him.
  • Kai had a complete systems check run on the engines, then called for, "projected course and speed report, environmental generators, fuel levels, main thrusters. Full speed ahead."
  • On Kai's old station was the black GSA rules binder.


  • As the four Rangers sneaked up on Runtus's cabin on Gwinnet while searching for the pink Quasar Saber, Kai distracted two monster guards with a very realistic bird crowing noise.


  • One night in the Science Division, Stanton and Kai had been watching from the corner when two scientists had inadvertantly unleashed an energy surge from the Galaxy Book with a certain spell.
  • Stanton ordered to Kai that the book was to be locked up, with no further research until they learned what was going on.
  • Later, as one of the blue-suited Terra Venture technicians (actually the mysterious Guardian) approached the Galaxy Book's case after leaving two guards unconscious in the hallway, Kai, blaster drawn along with four other guards, shouted for him to freeze.
  • In High Command, the Guardian later stood in handcuffs as Brody was unable to get an answer as to why he'd tried to steal the Galaxy Book.
  • When Kai and Stanton entered, the Guardian briefly looked at Kai, and Kai watched curiously as the man was taken away to a detention cell.
  • Outside the cell, guards were beginning to uncuff the Guardian when Kai took their place, unlocking him and taking him into the cell as the guards stood just outside.
  • When the Guardian calmly told Kai he'd known he would come, and that Kai had to help him recover the book, Kai approached, surprised; the Guardian explained the Galaxy Book didn't belong there.
  • Told that he had to help the Guardian, Kai asked why him, and the Guardian turned and replied, somewhat softly, "Because, you are the Blue Ranger"; alarmed, Kai quickly shut the door for privacy.
  • The Guardian explained his role as guardian of the book, mentioning the Keonta spell, and that it was Kai's destiny to help him.
  • In the guys' room with the other teens, Kai pointed out that the Guardian had known his identity, but Maya countered that only one of Trakeena's agents would know; getting no agreement, Kai was unable to explain his trust in the Guardian and the feeling that it was his destiny.
  • The next morning, Kai wheeled a breakfast tray into the Guardian's cell, but the Guardian now was weak with blue bloodlike droplets on his face and neck; Kai was concerned, and the Guardian said he couldn't survive in this atmosphere much longer.
  • Kai apologized, wishing he could help, and the Guardian said he would, explaining as he waved his hand in the air that he could see the future, as well as into the past.
  • A holographic projection appeared before them, showing Kai picking up the Galaxy Book from sand with the other teens behind him; the Guardian spoke, "Everything will transpire as written, in time."
  • As the Guardian groaned painfully, Kai looked at the curtain over the bottom portion of the breakfast tray, deciding the Guardian was getting out of there, and he sneaked him out past a guard into an elevator.
  • Emerging into an alley in the city, the weakened Guardian asked about the Galaxy Book, and Kai planned to meet in the Mountain Dome.
  • Before Kai could leave to get the book, the Guardian removed from his pocket five diamond-like gems, each perhaps the diameter of a quarter, and placed them in Kai's hands, saying they would protect him when he needed them.
  • In the dark Science Division with guards outside, Kai secretly swiped his security card through the slot on the Galaxy Book's case, then slipped the book into a metal box.
  • As morphed Kai drove his Astro Cycle down the tunnel to the Mountain Dome with the case, he hoped he was doing the right thing.
  • In the dome, Kai was blasted and attacked by Deviot until the Guardian arrived, pounding him.
  • After the Guardian had grown weak from the atmosphere, Deviot blasted him, making him fall back in agony amidst a large explosion.
  • As Kai cradled him, the Guardian told Kai he had to guard the book now, saying destiny waited for no one, and he then vanished into the sky as specks of energy.
  • After Deviot had mutated himself by reading the Keonta spell, Kai remembered the gems and handed them out to the Rangers, equipping them with the Galaxy Quasar Launchers.
  • Later, after Deviot's apparent destruction and another energy storm from the Galaxy Book which had demorphed the teens, Kai approached and picked the book up just like the Guardian's hologram had shown.
  • As Kai recalled the Guardian's words of seeing into the future as he flipped through the book, the sky grew dark again, and Leo had the teens go.
  • In the tunnel leading to the city dome, the teens stopped suddenly, realizing the surrounding space was full of brightly-colored nebulae, making the starscape a huge pattern of rainbow colors.
  • Thinking, Kai repeated the phrase, "Reality ends, time is tossed, as galaxies found become galaxies lost," and realized with astonishment that they were in the Lost Galaxy, and Damon couldn't believe it; how Kai (and probably the other teens) had known of the Lost Galaxy is unknown, though it's doubtful that their only experience with the term was the reference to "galaxies lost."


  • Shortly after Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, Kai was at Command Headquarters when Mike and Stanton arrived, reporting to Stanton that all systems were scrambled.
  • In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board, Stanton, Kai, and Mike watched from an overlooking ledge as people were cleared from the plaza below by soldiers.
  • After Mutiny had left, promising a machine that could send them home if they picked it up on his planet, the four teens left to check it out, thinking it was a trap, and Kai would accompany them on the morphed flight down.


  • In the plaza some time after the Rangers had destroyed giant Grunchor, Kai ran up to the other teens, saying it was gone; he'd had the coordinates, but Captain Mutiny's planet had just fallen off the scanner.


  • After sniffing the flowers Damon had gotten, Kai was suddenly tired and stayed behind as Leo left to meet up with Alpha in the Megaship; he then crawled onto his bed and fell asleep nearly face-down, entering Hexuba's nightmare world.
  • In the dream, morphed Kai joined Damon and was suddenly attacked by Swabbies for a while before the girls, and then Leo, joined them as well; they would awaken victorious later following Mike's destruction of Hexuba's crystal ball.


  • As the Rangers fought resurrected monsters, Kai knew the monsters would wear them down, so he thought to follow them to their source in his Jet Jammer.
  • Spying in the graveyard of Hexuba's floating mansion, Kai watched as Hexuba prepared to release Quakemaker's spirit, at which point he blasted the tombstone with his Transblaster.
  • Hexuba blasted an energy bolt, and Kai rolled forward to fire over the cauldron, but Hexuba made steam blow up from the cauldron, knocking the weapon out of his hand.
  • Hexuba fought Kai, knocking him into a tombstone which cracked open and released Hardtochoke's ghost.
  • Hexuba called out, "Quakemaker, arise!" and the purple ghost of Quakemaker arose from the cracked tombstone Kai may have landed on, but Kai grabbed the ghost, holding it in place.
  • Hexuba fought Kai, and Quakemaker's ghost slashed Kai in the back before flying off.
  • On the edge of the cauldron, Hexuba restrained him with a blue energy bolt from her crystal ball, but he drew his Quasar Saber, hooked it on the energy bolt, and yanked Hexuba forward by it.
  • Kai kicked the ball from the downed Hexuba's hands, then leapt and slashed through it with his Quasar Saber, and it dropped into the cauldron, horrifying Hexuba.
  • As Hexuba asked what he'd done, Kai replied he wasn't going to stay around to find out, and he ran off as explosions began to rock the area; he flew away just as the entire mansion structure exploded.
  • Late at night after Hexuba's destruction, Stanton walked down a GSA hallway, empty except for a few hardhat workers at a panel, and met up with Kai and Mike who'd been waiting at the elevator doors, not knowing what was going on; he had the two follow him.
  • In Command Headquarters, Renier sat alone at a control panel sipping from a canteen when Stanton entered with Kai and Mike.
  • Stanton apologized for getting Renier up at this hour, but she replied the hour was unimportant, asking for any news; Stanton said they had just discovered their fuel reserves had been tainted, with only one or two days left.
  • Once they lost engine power, they would lose their systems one by one until there was nothing left; when the environmental controls shut down, the colony would freeze, and nothing would survive.


  • The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines, as well as two adjacent thin-cylinder engines, shut off.
  • In Command Headquarters, the alarm was blaring as Stanton entered from the lift; Kai was at a console, with Mike at the control podium.
  • Kai showed exhaust pressure climbing into the red, and it soon hit critical and exploded, terminating Engine 4.
  • With an alarm buzzing in Command Headquarters shortly after the Rangers' destruction of Titanisaur, Kai and Mike rushed in and got into empty console seats, and Mike reported trouble in Engine 3; Kai said temperature was 600 Kelvin and rising fast.
  • Soon, Damon and the workers in the engine room managed to avert a second disaster, although the center engine cluster did blow out.
  • On the monitor before Kai, a red bar dropped, and the yellow engine cluster returned to green.
  • Kai said the temperature was returning to normal, but Stanton grimly added, "For now," saying they were running out of time.


  • After Mike had allowed himself to be kidnapped to infiltrate Barbarax's slave camp, Leo and Kai were alone in their room.
  • Getting the Galaxy Book from his bunk, Kai said the book had gotten them into this mess and would get them out; he'd apparently been keeping the book ever since stealing it from the Science Division in 735-EnLG.
  • Kai flipped through the pages to find the Keonta spell which Deviot had read, and he soon found the page.
  • Kai read the four words, "Karontu, Karova, Melanite, Hakova," but nothing happened, perhaps because the first word was supposed to be "Keonta."
  • Leo thought to try reading the spell backwards to reverse it, grabbing a blank GSA notebook with lined paper inside.
  • Leo wrote the four words in backwards spelling as Kai read them out in his improper pronunciation again.
  • The two began to read the backwards spell, alternating words: "Avokah," "Etivalem," "Avorak..." at which point Leo nervously gave Kai the notepad to finish, sliding back a bit.
  • When Kai spoke the final reversed word, "Atnoek," nothing happened, but then suddenly a blue energy bolt sent them both flying back.
  • Leo and Kai watched from behind the couch as the violently crackling Galaxy Book then vanished out the window and tore open a portal in space.


  • As the teens stood looking at the beautiful sunrise from behind Mirinoi, Kai suddenly realized he was going to be late for his shift, saying if they wanted to get to the planet, he had to help land the colony, and the teens lightheartedly shooed him away.
  • Later that morning, Kai and Mike manned a console as Stanton entered from the lift.
  • Stanton had Mike begin landing procedure, and Mike agreed, announcing he was sealing all domes.
  • Kai changed thrust angle to 109.4.
  • After the Scorpion Stinger had destroyed the Industrial Dome and their last remaining engine cluster, Stanton came in from the hallway, and Mike announced they'd lost all power; Kai said they were headed straight for the moon below.
  • After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, Command Headquarters was completely trashed, in massive ruins, with fires in various places, as people groaned and helped each other up from the wreckage.
  • Kai used a fire extinguisher on a small fire.
  • Helped up from the control table, Stanton wanted a full damage report, ordering that all medical teams should be moving out now, and some blue-suited officers including Kai and Mike ran out.
  • Soon in a hallway, Mike and Kai told Stanton they were losing atmospheric pressure, as the main dome was cracking faster than they could fix it, and he would soon decide to abandon Terra Venture.
  • During the evacuation, Kai told Stanton and Mike that they had incoming fliers, and as they and others looked at the screen, Kai told Stanton he believed they were Stingwingers.


  • Morphed Kai was soon with the others to fight the exploding Stingwingers.
  • In the city afterward, people were being led to shuttles by soldiers and the five unmorphed teens.
  • Kai caught a blue-jacket teen who had a bag and a family photo in a frame, and he apologized urgently that she couldn't take anything with her.
  • The girl begged to take just this picture of her mom and dad; after a pause, Kai told her not to miss her shuttle, and she thanked him.
  • As Mike took Stanton, the final person remaining, to the last shuttle, Kai and Leo were alone in the wreckage.
  • According to Kai, the regulation book said nothing about abandoning ship, and Leo guessed they'd never thought it could happen.
  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Stanton held his arm around morphed Kai, patting his chest and telling him what sounded like, "Thank you. You were marvelous."


  • Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Kai still wore his blue GSA uniform.
  • Shortly after Leo's journey to Mariner Bay, where Trakeena was gathering life energy, morphed Kai and Maya arrived in an alley to help unmorphed Red Lightspeed Ranger Carter and his young friend Heather against a gang of Ghouls.


  • As the teens stood together as Trakeena's hostages were freed following her destruction, Leo thought it had been kind of fun getting back in the action, and Kai teased that only he would think that had been fun.
  • When Dana asked if the Galaxy teens could stay for a while, saying Mariner Bay could use another team of Rangers, Kai looked consideringly to Leo, but Kendrix happily told them they'd love to, but they were needed back on Mirinoi, and Maya nodded.

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  • The following bio comes from the Fox Kids website:
    Straight-laced, sensible, and ambitious, Kai is the classic overachiever. Having been brought up in a strict military family, he always does things by the book and likes everything in its place. However, his orderly world is turned upside down when he becomes the Blue Ranger. Now he must learn that sometimes rules are meant to be broken when it comes to saving the universe.

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