- sister of Andros, abducted by Darkonda as a child; formerly Astronema (until 643-CTD2)
- substitute Pink Galaxy Ranger (732-PQsS through 745-End3)
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First Appearance: (in childhood video) 605-NvSS, (as Astronema) 601-FON1, (without costume) 623-Date
Last Appearance: 745-End3
Pictures: young Karone, Karone, in honorary Ranger uniform, Karone, circa PRLG, close-up (shown at right), close-up #2, medium shot


  • Alone on the Megaship bridge, Andros looked around, then pulled out a round locket, of the same shape and size of Astronema's, and from which came a tiny reflective disc which he inserted into a player on the controls in front of him; it then played a video of the kidnapping of his sister Karone, secretly Astronema's childhood identity.
  • The video showed Andros and his apparently younger sister Karone as children, playing with a hovering sphere, perhaps levitated by their telekinesis, in a park on KO-35.
  • Young Andros had the same hair and wore all red, with the same belt as from his Megaship uniform, and wearing the same locket he had in present day; on his shirt was a black star on the chest near the left shoulder, and across the whole chest, where the Space Rangers' chest stripes would've been, was a black stripe.
  • Karone had messy light brown hair with a headband, a sparkly gold suit like Andros's red suit, and also wore a round locket, bearing a design like Andros's rather than her future jagged M symbol she would wear as Astronema.
  • When the ball had flown off to one side and young Andros had run after it, a growling figure (actually Darkonda, but not shown clearly in the video) whisked a screaming Karone away.
  • At the time, Karone had been missing her front teeth.
  • Being carried away, Karone had kept screaming for Andros's help.


  • The park from which Karone had been kidnapped was within or right beside the main city on KO-35.
  • Something told Andros he was really close to finding Karone; he stood on a rooftop holding his locket in his hands as he looked at the park from which Karone had been kidnapped.


  • On a nightstand by Andros's bed in his quarters on the Megaship was a lamp and photos of himself and Karone as children, with a red border around his own picture and a gold border around Karone's.
  • When a stranger (secretly a cloaked Andros) paid Darkonda keycards in exchange for information, Darkonda amusedly whispered to Andros about a little job he'd done before KO-35 was deserted, kidnapping a little girl while she and her "little brother" were playing.
  • Darkonda said that he'd already taken anything that had been of value on KO-35.
  • Stepping back from the bar, Andros asked what had become of the girl; Darkonda answered, "Oh, she's alive and well. And you'd never believe where she is now! She's--" but then spotted the Morpher on Andros's arm as he stood in anger.


  • Astronema, having a crush on Zhane, watched him from around a corner as he left a movie theater with the other teens.
  • Astronema then ducked behind the wall and morphed herself with purple sparkles into a beautiful teenager form which would eventually be shown to be Karone's true form; as such, her actions in this teenager form will have her named Karone, even though she was still Astronema (albeit a love-stricken Astronema) inside.
  • Karone had chin-length straight blonde hair, and she wore casual clothes, as well as Astronema's locket around her neck.
  • As Zhane turned to walk away after dreamily staring at the poster for Star Crossed Lovers, he collided with Karone, who was now carrying a purse and books, dropping her books all over the sidewalk.
  • Zhane apologized and helped her pick up her books.
  • Shyly picking up her books as well, she said she was so clumsy, and he said it was totally his fault.
  • The two bumped heads while picking up the books.
  • Looking at her, Zhane was in awe, and when she asked, "What?" he said he'd thought he was someone else.
  • Karone adjusted her pursestrap and necklace before he helped her up.
  • Smiling and awestruck, Zhane said he had to catch up with his friends and said "see you," then trotted off.
  • Happy, Karone then found something folded-up which he'd dropped, but he didn't hear her calling after him to tell him; disheartened, Karone looked at it and found that it was a photo of her as Astronema, making her gasp and grin as she walked off.
  • As Zhane joined the teens, Astronema was back in normal form as she created energy bolts around the teens as a distraction and then shot a note into the tree beside Zhane from an archer's bow.


  • On Andros's nightstand in his sleeping quarters were silver picture frames of himself and Karone as children, with his picture having a red border and hers having a gold border.
  • In the photo, Karone was wearing the same outfit as she'd worn when kidnapped, and she was missing her two front teeth; she also had blue or green eyes, although she would have brown eyes in teen form. (Source: Teen eye color submitted by Eva Kortekaas)
  • Just as Andros had awakened from a nightmare of Karone's kidnapping and was looking at the two childhood photos on his nightstand, Astronema was in her room on the Dark Fortress looking at the two pictures inside her locket, later revealed to be photos of Andros and Karone as children.
  • When Ecliptor entered, Astronema asked him to tell her again where he'd found her; he replied that she'd been left on his doorstep as a little girl, and he'd taken care of her as his own daughter ever since.
  • When asked about her family, Ecliptor replied that her parents and brother had both been destroyed by the Power Rangers; she told him he was the only one she'd ever trusted, then looked out the window and said softly that something told her that her brother was alive.
  • Ecliptor told Astronema not to be distracted, as she was the princess of evil; she sat in her command seat, gave a quick frustrated sigh, perhaps annoyed with herself, then agreed in an evil voice and ordered to attack Earth.
  • Watching the Rangers fight Batarax and Quantrons, Astronema appeared to be watching Red Ranger in particular.
  • When morphed Andros defended a mother and her two young children (Andrew and Karen) from an attacking Quantron, a purple energy bolt from Astronema's staff stopped the Quantron dead in its tracks, making it fall backward stiffly, its back apparently sizzling.
  • Andros and Ecliptor were both puzzled, and Astronema, shocked herself, walked off despite Ecliptor's asking her to wait.
  • When morphed Andros soon returned after a fight in the forest with Darkonda, Astronema blasted him in the back, planning to take out a Ranger herself, then proceeded to fight Red Ranger personally.
  • During the intense fight, Andros's Spiral Saber tore the locket from her neck, and the Rangers surrounded her before she could go after it, and she retreated after having Batarax enlarged.
  • After the Astro Megazord had destroyed Batarax, unmorphed Andros surveyed the rubble and found the locket, which he opened despite Astronema confronting him, and he saw the identical childhood photos which were in his own locket.
  • Shocked, Andros asked Astronema where she'd gotten it, but she snatched it from him and said she'd always had it; as she inspected it, he asked himself if it was possible she could be Karone.
  • Astronema turned toward him, still angry, but was startled when he opened his locket and said he'd always had his as well.
  • Andros told Astronema she was his sister Karone; although confused by the mention of her original name, she argued that he'd destroyed her family and her brother, but he insisted that he was her brother.
  • Astronema thought for a moment, clutching her locket, but then slyly told him it was a nice try but his tricks wouldn't work on her, and she teleported away, paining him.
  • Ashley warned Andros that his sister might not have any good left in her, but Andros insisted somewhere inside Astronema was Karone and that he just had to figure out how to reach her.


  • On KO-35 the next day, Astronema walked through a city courtyard, looking around curiously and hearing children's giggles in her memory; she then recalled a woman's voice, perhaps her mother, calling, "Karone... dinner will be ready soon!"
  • Astronema remembered Andros looking at her locket, then him telling her she was his sister Karone; she looked at the open locket in her hand and recalled the motherly voice calling out, "Karone, it's starting to get dark. You kids better come in now!"
  • Once Astronema had wandered into a park area, she remembered a woman's voice sounding just like DECA (perhaps the same as the previous voices, but more like DECA than before) saying, "Now go on and play with your brother," and she and Andros had played as kids with the hovering sphere.
  • Astronema remembered being kidnapped by Darkonda, then while she was remembering young Andros calling out for her, Andros in present day called her Karone, saying she remembered; she threatened him with her staff with skepticism, but he told her she'd come there because she remembered her last day as Karone, when Darkonda had kidnapped her.
  • With a sudden change of heart after remembering her kidnapping again, Astronema blasted at Andros with her staff repeatedly, then was gone.
  • A short while later, after taking another of Darkonda's lives, Ecliptor stormed onto the Dark Fortress and, bringing urgent news, went to Astronema's room where she lay on the bed.
  • Rising, Astronema interrupted, asking why he hadn't told her about her brother; Ecliptor thoughtfully explained that although they were both evil, they were very different.
  • Ecliptor said he had been built evil, every cubic centimeter of him; she, on the other hand, had been born, born to be good, and it had only been after years under his supervision that she had risen to become evil; thus, he had feared that if she'd known the truth, she would become good again.
  • When asked if she would become good again, Astronema said she was confused.
  • Ecliptor explained that he had come to tell her that Darkonda had spied on her and the Red Ranger and then spoken with Dark Specter.
  • Outraged by Darkonda, Astronema was angry at herself for not listening to Ecliptor's warnings about him.
  • Knowing Dark Specter would test her loyalty, Astronema planned to pass with flying colors, saying, "Evil is what I am, and evil is what he'll get."; she then told the needle monster she'd summoned to destroy the Red Ranger.
  • Andros was looking through the courtyard calling out for Karone when the needle monster attacked him; he fought without morphing but did poorly and was flipped.
  • When Andros brought up his arm to morph, the monster hit his arm, sending the Morpher flying; nearby, Astronema watched with pleasure as Andros did poorly, and she then picked up his Morpher and smiled.
  • As Andros continued to lose but kept fighting, Astronema ducked behind a wall and watched with concern; as the monster stepped on Andros's chest, Astronema remembered him telling her she was his sister Karone, then him shaking her and shouting that he was her brother.
  • Astronema softly spoke Andros's name and tossed him the Morpher, then walked away; surprised, Andros called after her, calling her Astronema and then Karone, but she continued walking as she looked back.
  • After morphing, Andros again called out for his sister, this time calling her Karone and then Astronema, but she was gone.
  • Later, as she spoke with Dark Specter, Astronema swore not to stray from evil, and after a moment of thought, she agreed with his orders to destroy her brother to prove her loyalty.
  • Soon, Astronema sent a secret message to the Megaship in KO-35 orbit; Astronema (in gear), in a cavern, looked around in worry and then quietly told Andros to meet her on KO-35, as she had to speak to him alone.
  • On KO-35, Andros was in the plaza when he spotted Astronema (in gear) looking around innocently, and he soon went to "Karone" after hiding for a moment.
  • Andros assumed Astronema remembered who she was, but she sadly told him she didn't know who she was right now.
  • Andros told Astronema that when they had been children, they'd dreamed about being Power Rangers; the Astronema persona, he argued, had been forced upon her.
  • Despite not remembering much, and despite the danger of Dark Specter's wrath, Astronema offered to take the Rangers to Zordon, as she knew where Dark Specter was holding him.
  • Soon, as the Megaship flew through space, Andros returned to the bridge, startling and upsetting the others when Astronema entered behind him.
  • Astronema was a bit timid, but with a defensive attitude; she no longer wore her battle gear.
  • When Andros explained her presence by saying she knew where Zordon was, T.J. said of course she did, as she'd helped kidnap him, but Astronema coolly denied the accusation, saying she would help them rescue him.
  • Cassie just wanted the coordinates, saying they didn't need her help, but Astronema said there was a forcefield around the planet which she could get Dark Specter to lower.
  • As the teens were extremely suspicious, T.J. said that if they took her, she had to be restrained; Andros was upset by the idea, but Astronema calmly told him it was okay, then told the teens that Zordon was in the Kirak Galaxy, on the jungle planet of Yotoba.
  • After setting the course, T.J. hoped Astronema was telling the truth, and Astronema gave the teens a distrustful look.


  • Shackled to a post in the engine room, Astronema sighed sadly.
  • Andros entered with a tray of an assortment of food, and she looked at him before looking down again sadly.
  • Andros soon apologized for her being tied up, and she bitterly acknowledged that his friends didn't trust her; when asked if he trusted her, Andros said he did.
  • Asked if she trusted him, Astronema replied almost mockingly that trust was a tough one, but she then tenderly said she was working on it.
  • As Andros started to leave, Astronema asked about their parents; he didn't know whether they were alive, but he hoped they'd escaped KO-35 before the battle and said they would be so glad to learn he'd finally found her.
  • Andros told Astronema he could see a lot of Mom in her; Astronema wished she could see her now, then asked what their parents had been like, and Andros replied they'd been the best any kid could hope for.
  • Andros and Astronema joined the others on the bridge, with Andros bringing five sets of shackles and explaining that it had to look like she'd captured them; T.J. didn't think it was a good idea, but he agreed and said they'd make it look real.
  • Once the teens had reluctantly snapped themselves in, Astronema summoned her staff from purple energy.
  • To get Alpha's attention, Astronema spoke, "Robot," and Alpha politely asked her to call him Alpha; she told him to open a communication channel, and as he did so, he grumbled to himself that it wouldn't hurt her to say please.
  • Staring straight ahead, Astronema politely said, "Please, Alpha," causing Andros to smile to himself.
  • On the viewscreen, Dark Specter, in a space background, told Astronema he'd been trying to find her; she replied that she'd been busy, as she was coming in with all five Rangers.
  • Dark Specter greatly approved and told her to bring them to him at once, then lowered the planet's forcefield for her.
  • As the Megaship flew down through the clouds, DECA announced approaching Velocifighters, and Astronema said they were escorts which they had to follow.
  • T.J. decided to follow them, and Andros led Astronema out.
  • The Megaship flew after the group of Velocifighters through a fierce thunderstorm until T.J., unrestful, suddenly veered away and lost the Velocifighters, but the ship was soon hit by lightning, disabling the lights and the engines.
  • Carlos ran out and did something inside an access panel in the hallway, holding a spotlight; Andros soon returned to the bridge, having left Astronema in the engine room after she'd told him something was wrong.
  • The Megaship crash-landed in the jungle; Andros ran back to check on Astronema, but only her shackles remained, and the cargo bay doors were ajar, leading the others to conclude she'd been trying to lead them into a trap.
  • As Darkonda approached morphed Andros after striking him during a battle in the jungle, Ashley grappled him and had Andros go after Zordon; Darkonda blasted the departing Red Ranger in the back, knocking him down, but Astronema helped him up and carried him away.
  • Suddenly, Ecliptor blocked their path menacingly, telling one or both of them, "You're history."
  • Astronema pleaded for Ecliptor not to attack, and Andros shielded her, telling Ecliptor to leave her alone; Ecliptor paused, looking at Astronema's pleading face, and couldn't.
  • Astronema didn't know what to say, but Ecliptor told her to just go; as she continued helping Andros along, Ecliptor told her, "Be careful, my princess."
  • In a clearing, Astronema and Andros came to Zordon's energy-draining setup, where Zordon weakly said Andros's name, and Astronema was happily pleased by Andros's appreciation.
  • When Zordon's image suddenly shimmered into Dark Specter's laughing image, Astronema was shocked.
  • Darkonda and Piranhatrons surrounded the area, having captured the other four Rangers, and Darkonda had them sieze Andros.
  • Andros was horrified, asking Karone how she could have tricked them, and Dark Specter was curious as well; after some contemplation, she evilly said it had been her pleasure.
  • Cassie shouted at Astronema that she was an evil liar, and T.J. said he'd known they shouldn't have trusted her.
  • Darkonda accused Astronema of trying to help the Rangers save Zordon, but she slammed him to the ground with the end of her staff and nearly pinned him to the ground, telling him it seemed she had him fooled as easily as the Rangers.
  • Astronema said her trap had worked perfectly, and Dark Specter, rising from the tube into a giant face in the sky, agreed but said she now had to destroy them and be done with them forever; he vanished laughing.
  • Once Dark Specter had vanished, Astronema told Darkonda to destroy the Rangers, but as he considered which one to destroy first and then reared back to strike Ashley, Astronema blasted him in the back, making him twitch and then fall over.
  • Astronema told the Rangers to duck as she threw her boomerang; they did so, and the boomerang slashed all the Piranhatrons holding them, causing the Rangers to realize as she freed them that she was on their side after all.
  • Back up, Darkonda prepared to attack the traitor, but Ecliptor, arriving, blasted him repeatedly with his eyebeams; reeling from the beams, Darkonda fell and exploded.
  • As Ecliptor staggered through the Piranhatron crowd, Astronema rushed over to him while the Rangers kept the Piranhatrons at bay.
  • Astronema refused to leave Ecliptor like this, but he told her to get going, as Dark Specter would be back for her and he would survive.
  • Ecliptor told the Rangers to get Astronema out of there, and they did so as Ecliptor tried to hold back the Piranhatrons.
  • Once the Rangers were inside the Megaship's hatch, Astronema blasted at the incoming mass of Piranhatrons, making a large explosion, and the ship then lifted off once the hatch had sealed her inside.
  • As the Megaship flew through space, Andros and a guilt-ridden Astronema (no longer with gear) entered the bridge from the lift, and the others came up to her, feeling bad themselves.
  • The teens apologized; Astronema told them she didn't expect them to like her, as she'd never had a friend or been deserving of one, but she only hoped that one day they would believe she didn't want to hurt them.
  • The teens sincerely believed Karone, and T.J. told her she had five friends; holding Astronema's hand, Ashley added that she deserved every one of them.


  • As the Megaship continued to fly through space probably the next day, Andros gave Karone (still dressed as Astronema) a tour of the Megaship, but she was a bit overwhelmed and pensive.
  • Karone was glad to be with the teens, but she wondered whether the others would forgive her for all the terrible things she'd done.
  • When DECA told Karone that the other Rangers wanted to see her on the bridge, she suspected they probably wanted to throw her into the nearest black hole; Andros jokingly said there was one nearby.
  • On the bridge, the others stood seriously as Karone and Andros walked in; Karone was awkwardly friendly with them.
  • The teens had made an important decision: based on her actions, they had decided to make her an honorary Power Ranger, startling her.
  • Cassie presented a dark gray version of the Rangers' flight suits, with purple versions of three Ranger badges on it: the five-square badge (with five purple squares), the triangle badge, and the Jupiter badge.
  • On the folded-up suit was a purple ribbon and a communicator with purple wristband stripes.
  • Soon, fidgeting nervously, Karone entered the bridge from the lift, and the teens were amazed at how she looked: she wore the flight suit with a purple turtleneck, with her locket around her neck, and her short blonde hair looking as it had when she'd met Zhane in teenager form; she also wore little makeup, a great contrast to the large amounts she'd worn as Astronema.
  • As the Megaship was flying through space back toward Earth, an enormous asteroid dwarfing the ship overtook it in a near miss, at which point Dark Specter came in over the viewscreen and told the teens that Astronema belonged to him; if they returned her, he would spare them.
  • Ashley pointed out that his asteroid had missed them, and he replied, "Of course. It's headed for Earth!"
  • After the Megalasers and explosive devices had failed to have any noticeable effect on the asteroid, the Rangers struggled to think of something they could do, at which point Karone said Dark Specter had sent the asteroid, which meant it had been programmed to hit Earth, in which case she could get on the Dark Fortress and reprogram it.
  • Andros didn't want to lose Karone again, but she said it might be the only way to stop the asteroid; after a thoughtful pause, Andros agreed to the idea.
  • Soon, Karone radioed to the Megaship from the Dark Fortress with an earpiece microphone; she was in the form of Astronema again, but without the extravagent makeup, and with bright red hair the same length and style as her Karone hair.
  • Astronema had made it onboard and then headed to the main control room, where she viewed the asteroid's trajectory on the viewing screen.
  • Ecliptor, with silver cyborg modifications all over his body, found Astronema and approached her; Astronema was initially relieved that it was Ecliptor, but as he said he was better than ever, she noticed his new form.
  • When Astronema asked with concern what they'd done to him, Ecliptor replied while approaching her, "The same as will be done to you, my princess," and as her headset fell to the floor, she screamed in protest; with this, the teens lost contact with Karone.


  • After sneaking aboard the Dark Fortress, Andros and Zhane entered the control room and found Astronema sitting in her strategy seat in her quarters.
  • As they removed their helmets on their Quantron disguises, Andros talked to Karone, but she didn't respond; instead, she turned to them blankly with circuitry along the right side of her face, and her suit had been modified for a more mechanical look; she still wore her locket.
  • Astronema's face was pale, and with a calm, evil smirk, she told Ecliptor to get them.
  • As Zhane struggled with Ecliptor, Andros told Karone he was her brother, but she blankly replied that she was Astronema.
  • On the Megaship later, Andros looked at a display of the circuitry on Karone's head as DECA told him Karone's emotions had been overridden by computer programming; Karone was still inside Astronema, but she was no longer in control.


  • After Dark Specter had been destroyed, putting Astronema in supreme command, Zordon addressed Karone, making the smirk vanish from Astronema's face; he told her she was no longer under Dark Specter's command, and she approached him, listening.
  • Zordon told Karone to search her heart and her powers to stop this madness; as Astronema continued approaching him, intrigued, Ecliptor shouted at him to be silenced, but Zordon continued, telling her she was not evil.
  • Astronema was intrigued, but purple electricity crackled along her head circuitry, making her clutch her head in pain.
  • Ecliptor asked his queen if she was all right, and she looked at Zordon evilly and said, "I'm not just evil, I'm the queen of evil!"


  • After morphed Andros had locked Ecliptor out of the control room, found Zordon, and learned that only by destroying Zordon could he destroy the forces of evil which had conquered most of the universe, Astronema emerged from her room to destroy Andros while he refused to destroy Zordon.
  • Andros begged Karone to stop this, telling her he was her brother, but she blasted him with her staff, making him drop his Spiral Saber.
  • Astronema said victory was at her fingertips and that he couldn't stop her.
  • As Astronema continued her relentless attacks, trashing the control room and her quarters in the process, Andros begged Karone to listen, telling her he was Andros, her brother and her own flesh and blood.
  • Astronema seemed to be entranced for just a moment, listening suspensefully, but she angrily shouted "no" and shoved him back, then continued her fierce attacks.
  • Soon, Astronema stood over the weakened Andros as he tried to crawl away from her; readying her energy blast, she mockingly said, "Goodbye, 'brother!'"
  • As Astronema blasted with her staff, Andros desperately grabbed the Spiral Saber on the floor behind him and held it up to block; the blast bounced off the hilt of the weapon and struck Astronema powerfully in the stomach.
  • With a blank look of shock on her face, Astronema recoiled, standing up straight, then dropped to her knees, dropping her staff, and collapsed onto the floor, apparently dead.
  • Andros desperately rushed to Astronema and tried to help her, but she wasn't moving at all; rushing in and kneeling over her, Ecliptor was unable to wake her, and her cracked eyelids revealed still, glazed-over eyes.
  • Landing the Dark Fortress in Angel Grove after the destruction of Zordon had wiped out the forces of evil but left Astronema's body unchanged, Andros walked outside carrying Astronema's limp body; then near tears, he set her on the ground.
  • Leaning over her, Andros cried, and two tears ran off his nose and landed on her cheek; she then morphed from Astronema into Karone and opened her eyes, stunning Andros.
  • Andros asked, "Karone?" and she replied, "Andros?"
  • Karone was wearing her locket and a black top with a zipper in front; her blonde hair was now down to her shoulders.
  • Karone sat up and looked around in confusion, asking how she'd gotten there, and Andros chuckled with tearful delight that it was a long story.
  • Karone was happy to see the teens.
  • Probably another day on KO-35, the four teens prepared to fly home in the Megaship while Andros, Zhane, and Karone were planning to remain on KO-35.
  • Karone was wearing a black bodysuit.
  • As the four teens readied for liftoff, Andros got in to go with them, saying his home was with them, and Karone and Zhane went with him.
  • As the teens and Karone talked happily, Zhane sat at a command station and kicked his feet up, making the teens and Karone laugh.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, the Space teens had recently visited Terra Venture but had returned to Earth with their powers after Pink Galaxy Ranger Kendrix had sacrificed her life to save Cassie, at which point her Quasar Saber had flown away.
  • As Deviot, having mislead the four Galaxy Rangers to the planet Kirassa for an ambush after they'd come to Gwinnet seeking the saber, sent word to Trakeena via a monster that the Quasar Saber was on Onyx, Karone was secretly listening in the bushes nearby.
  • At an auction on Onyx, the pink Quasar Saber was being sold to the highest bidder; sitting at the bar with long black hair, Astronema called out one million, stunning everyone.
  • Astronema wasn't wearing her locket.
  • How Karone had traveled from planet to planet is unknown, although she may have retained the power of teleportation.
  • Stunned by Astronema's presence, the auctioneer composed his wits and welcomed her, trying to confirm her bet; approaching slyly, she offered instead that everyone present would get to keep their lives if she got the Quasar Saber, shocking the crowd.
  • The auctioneer took the Quasar Saber from his stunned assistant and presented it nervously to Astronema, and she told him to continue, casually spinning the saber in her hand and in turn making his trousers drop.
  • As Astronema prepared to leave, Trakeena stood with Villamax on the upper balcony as she shouted down that Astronema had betrayed the darkness and become good; before revealing the secret, she appeared to be the only person present who knew that Astronema was now Karone.
  • Villamax leapt down and approached Astronema, and two Piranhatron grabbed her as she tried to step back; knocking the Piranhatron back, she pinned a guard to the wall with the nearby piano, and then dodged Villamax's sword.
  • As Astronema dodged backwards over a railing, her black wig fell off, revealing the long straight blonde hair of Karone.
  • After Karone had lost her wig, she'd also somehow lost her Astronema makeup.
  • When Karone actually swung back at the attacking Villamax with the Quasar Saber, Villamax was sent falling into a chair, and she was surprised by the strength of her blow.
  • Karone fled the building as Trakeena ran down the steps after her.
  • Outside, Trakeena was angry with Villamax, but Deviot's monster Ironite ran up and told her of the trap for the Rangers; hiding around the corner, Karone realized she had to help the Rangers.
  • On Kirassa, the Rangers were being beaten by Deviot when the pink Quasar Saber flipped through the air and struck his hand, then returned to Karone, who helped the Rangers flee.
  • Karone was wearing black leather, including a sleeveless busty leather top, still without her locket.
  • As the Rangers hid behind a rock formation, Leo asked, "Karone?" and she smiled that it was her.
  • Karone wanted to return the Quasar Saber to the teens, admitting that she'd had to pretend to be Astronema on Onyx; she explained that she'd done a lot of evil things when she'd been Astronema, and she now wanted to do something good for a change, having thought recovering the saber was a good start.
  • Leo didn't know how to begin to thank Karone, but she told him they didn't have to.
  • As the Rangers and Karone ran toward the four landed Jet Jammers, Trakeena materialized in front of them, and Villamax and Ironite joined her, as did Deviot and Spikaka.
  • Defended by Leo after a blast had caused her to lose the Quasar Saber, Karone fetched the saber and dodged Trakeena's swings, running up a mountainside.
  • Frustrated, Trakeena shot a pulse of energy from her sword, then fought Karone and shot another blast, sending her teetering on the edge of the cliff.
  • Trakeena mocked the "mighty Astronema" and grabbed the saber by the handle before Karone could fall.
  • With her sword to Karone's neck, Trakeena spat for her never, ever to mess with her, then kicked her off the cliff.
  • Falling, Karone caught a rock ledge, but none of the other Rangers were free to come to her aid; she struggled until her fingers finally slipped.
  • Karone fell, but something invisibly caught her by the arm, stopping her fall, and a glowing bluish-white spectral image of morphed Kendrix appeared, giving her a cheerful, "Hello Karone," to which the shocked Karone replied, "Kendrix...??"
  • As Kendrix waved her ghostly hand over Karone's wrist, a Transmorpher appeared from gold energy, and Kendrix told her she would become the Pink Ranger.
  • Kendrix flew Karone back up to the cliff, telling her the others needed her help and that she'd be there if she needed her.
  • As Trakeena prepared to stab Leo with the pink Quasar Saber, Karone confidently grabbed her arm, forcing it down slyly; she then threw Trakeena's arm back and kicked the saber into the air, and caught it after kicking Trakeena back into Villamax's arms.
  • Holding the Quasar Saber above her head, Karone was morphed into the Pink Ranger with a pink gleam.
  • Immediately after first becoming the Pink Ranger, Karone knew how to call for the Rangers' Orion armor as soon as Leo mentioned there being five of them again, and she then called for their power-up mode fireball.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Spikaka with the Orion fireball, they demorphed and were pleased; Karone couldn't believe she was a Power Ranger.
  • Although only the four Rangers had flown their Jet Jammers to Kirassa and Karone had arrived in an unknown manner, she would fly to Terra Venture alongside the others in her own, pink Jammer.
  • On Terra Venture, Ironite grew, and Damon had Karone call the Galactabeasts, telling her she could do it, but she then hopped up and down and waved her arms, calling, "Galactabeasts, over here!"; correcting her, Damon held her arm out and cupped his mouth, demonstrating the posture, and she was then able to summon them perfectly with the phrase, "Galactabeasts, arise!"
  • Karone was thrilled as the Wildcat leapt in, and, told by Damon to transform, she leapt onto the Wildcat's head and called for Zord transformation with her Transdagger, then had the Orion Galaxy Megazord formed.
  • Inside her cockpit, Karone was amazed.
  • After Ironite's destruction by the slash called for by Karone, the Rangers congratulated Karone.
  • Later, Maya cheerfully brought Karone into their quarters, introducing it, as they both carried shopping bags.
  • Karone continued regularly wearing her black leather suit after becoming the Pink Ranger; the only pink she would wear would be the frequent use of pink hair clips.
  • Karone was amazed with Terra Venture.
  • Maya showed Karone her bunk, the center pink one, and said there was food in the kitchen.
  • Maya told Karone this was her home now, but Karone caught sight of the picture of Maya and Kendrix, unsure whether she could be as good as Kendrix, although she would do the best she could.
  • Maya reassured Karone, saying Kendrix would be honored to have her take her place; apparently Maya wasn't aware that Kendrix's spirit had personally selected Karone.
  • The guys and Mike rolled in a cart of food including a roasted chicken, a special feast for the ladies.


  • In the Forest Dome, Karone was playing with some Terra Venture kids when Leo arrived, and the kids excitedly wrestled him to the ground before he laughingly got up and told them their parents were waiting.
  • As the kids happily went to their parents, they yelled goodbye to Karone and Leo, knowing Karone's name.
  • Leo took an inflated ball from Karone and kept it from her; as they laughed over it, he called her a big kid.
  • Karone remembered her kidnapping, saying Darkonda had kidnapped her when she'd been about the kids' age, and it had been because of him that she'd become Astronema and hadn't really had a childhood, so she figured she was now making up for it.
  • Magnetox arrived, making people run, and Leo yelled for the fleeing people to get out of there as Karone helped people evacuate.
  • Karone cradled Leo after his powers had been drained; the other three Rangers arrived ready to fight, but Karone made them retreat, and they went to the Megaship to care for Leo.
  • As the teens tried to think of a way to restore Leo's powers, Karone thought of a possible solution.
  • Karone recalled that years ago as Astronema, she'd once fought a powerful warrior, an awesome opponent whose power came from two keys, and to prevent him from combining the keys, she'd turned him to stone.
  • As Karone was sad after her story, Leo hobbled over to her weakly, asking if she thought the keys still had power; she didn't know, saying it had been years ago.
  • When Mike rushed in and told them of another attack, the three teens wished Leo good luck, leaving him and Karone in the Megaship as they left to fight Magnetox.
  • The Megaship, flown by Leo and Karone, soon lifted off from Terra Venture.
  • On the green planet, Karone and Leo made their way toward the cave where spiderweb-covered skeletons now lay against rocks near the cave.
  • Karone knew the stone warrior was inside the cave, although he'd actually been turned to stone outside the cave.
  • As they approached the cave, a cobwebbed skeleton lying against the boulders came to life, accusing Karone, calling her Astronema, of having struck down the warrior and daring to return.
  • The skeleton told Karone that she had to face her past, and Astronema appeared from a purple gleam beside him, walking up laughing; if Karone was truly good, he said, she would prevail.
  • Astronema told Karone that one once evil was always evil, but Karone protested, acrobatically dodging Astronema's attacks and eventually wrenching Astronema's Wrath Staff from her hands after a few kicks.
  • Astronema pulled a sword from a nearby stone, and Karone fired at her with a purple energy bolt from the staff.
  • Rolling forward, Astronema grabbed Leo and prepared to stab him, grinning evilly; she laughed deeply that it was Karone or him, but she was stunned when Karone dropped the staff and surrendered herself.
  • Astronema vanished in purple energy, and the skeleton told Karone she'd passed the test, releasing Leo with purple energy.
  • The skeleton told Karone she had proven her worthiness and could now enter, and he then shuddered and collapsed to the ground.
  • In the dark cave, the stone warrior stood frozen in the same position from years ago, but the keys were gone from his hands, startling Karone.
  • Telling the regretful Karone it wasn't her fault, Leo had them start to leave, as there was nothing more for them there, but Karone stopped sadly and spoke to the warrior.
  • Karone tearfully told the warrior, although she didn't know whether he could hear her, that she'd done a lot of bad things in her past, maybe angry at the whole universe, but she cried with sorrow over having done this to him, as he'd been fighting for justice.
  • As Karone wished she could take the warrior's place, her tears fell on his hand, and soon, as she apologized to Leo, blue fissures of light formed in the statue, and he transformed back to normal with a moving barrier of yellow energy.
  • The warrior forgave Karone and presented the merged keys, saying it was now time for her to forgive herself.
  • Returning to Terra Venture, morphed Karone fired lasers at Magnetox as she flew in on her Jet Jammer, then rammed the monster and shoved him back some distance into a railing, where the Jammer's engines died out, at which point she got out.
  • Later in the park, the four guys played football in civilian clothes.
  • As the girls watched happily, Karone said this was the first time in her life that she felt like her past was behind her, and her future a clean slate; she felt so alive.
  • Watching the guys play, Maya thought of a mischievous idea, even though Karone wasn't evil anymore, and the two proceeded to spray the guys with a garden hose.


  • Damon was working on a GSA-style wall panel wearing headphones when Karone ran down the hallway, dragging him away excitedly.
  • In the Comet Cafe, Karone dragged Damon up to the Job Postings board to read the flyer seeking a chief mechanic for the GSA.
  • As Baxter and friends mocked Damon, Karone replied that Damon was going to come up with a device that would blow everyone away.
  • As Damon walked in the plaza, Karone asked what kind of device he was going to design, but he annoyedly asked her, as it was her idea.
  • When Alpha called the two and told them of trouble, Karone was giddy as they prepared to morph.
  • As Damon was working on his blueprints late at night after eleven for the deadline the next day, Karone casually stopped by to check on him and give encouragement.
  • As Karone left, someone snuck by in the shadows, knocking over a bucket, and she cheerfully called out, then left, finding no one there.
  • The next morning, Karone consulted a pocket watch while waiting for Damon.
  • Damon and Karone ran up to the ceremony, but Baxter had already won the position with identical plans to Damon's.
  • Karone started to protest, but Damon stomped her foot, congratulating Baxter calmly, telling him he must be really proud of himself, and Baxter awkwardly thanked him before Damon walked off.
  • When Karone asked why Damon hadn't said anything, Damon replied that if Baxter wanted the job badly enough to cheat, then he felt sorry for him, and he could have it.
  • With Damon as he worked on something in the workshop after helping Baxter successfully operate the transmitter against Decibat, Karone was galled that he'd let Baxter get away with it, but Damon said the funny thing was that Baxter was actually a pretty good guy.
  • After Baxter had apologized to Damon, having resigned and recommended Damon for the position, Karone considered that maybe he wasn't such a jerk after all.
  • With Karone along, initially holding Damon's arm, Stanton showed Damon his new office, a smallish GSA-style suite with a space window, design boards, and a desk.
  • When Stanton showed the stunned Damon his new white uniform, Karone held the suit up to Damon, saying it would look great on him.
  • When Baxter casually strolled by the doorway, Damon eagerly grabbed him, leaving after convincing Stanton to hire him instead.
  • Still holding the uniform beside Stanton, Karone called out for him to wait, and Stanton looked at her, smiling, before she ran after him.


  • In the Lost Galaxy, Karone knew nothing about Captain Mutiny from her experience as Astronema.


  • Needing more power against giant Grunchor, Damon suggested their Ranger powers, but Karone warned it was too dangerous, yet Leo agreed anyway.


  • After the teens had rescued Leo and Damon from Mutiny's planet hours after their departure without notifying the others, Damon asked how the teens had found them, and Karone replied dismissively, "With great difficulty."


  • The girls were laughing when they came up to their door and found a bouquet left for them; Maya joked she was sure they were for her.
  • Seeing the tag, Maya remarked, "Oh, they're just from the guys," but Karone told her never to complain about getting flowers.


  • In Leo, Damon, and Kai's quarters on Terra Venture was a multi-tiered chess set like the one Alpha had used with DECA aboard the Megaship in 640-IWeb, as well as a plastic extenda-sphere just like the one young Karone and Andros had played with as kids on KO-35.
  • As Leo, Kai, and Karone prepared to lift off in the Megaship from Mutiny's planet after rescuing Barbarax's former slaves, Leo asked if they were ready to lift off, and Karone replied they were.


  • As the colony neared the impromptu New World (secretly Mirinoi), Karone wondered what they'd find on the planet, and she was excited to see every bit of it.


  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Bulk and morphed Karone immediately hugged.
  • Bulk and Professor Phenomenus were excited, and Bulk high-fived with Pink Ranger.
  • After the Rangers had returned their Quasar Sabers to their stone on Mirinoi, demorphing them and restoring the Mirinoite village, Leo suddenly called their attention to an area of blue light streaks, from which Kendrix's ghosly image walked smiling, and she became solid as the light faded.
  • Kendrix happily told Maya she'd missed her, and the teens, minus Karone, hugged her happily.
  • Kendrix thanked Karone for everything she'd done, and Karone said she wouldn't have missed it for the world.


  • Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, the original five Galaxy teens retrieved their Quasar Sabers to aid the Lightspeed Rangers on Earth; Karone was absent.

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