Karovan humans
- humans from the planet KO-35; known as Rebels during period of refuge from Dark Specter (until 643-CTD2)
Kinwon and Taikwa (leaders)
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First Appearance: 624-ZhnD
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
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  • Andros, the Red Space Ranger, had long brown hair with several blond streaks in it, and he wore two earrings in his left ear.
  • Ashley was surprised that Andros was human and yet not from Earth, and he condescendingly replied that Earth wasn't the only place where humans lived, and that he was from a space colony on the planet KO-35 in the Karova system.


  • Andros possessed telekinesis, but only after years of practice.


  • When Cassie explained the Ninja Turtles' curiosity about the Megaship by saying not everyone grew up with a spaceship in their garage, Andros corrected that they had skyports, not garages.


  • Picking up a lifeform in the Karova system on KO-35, Andros suddenly deduced that his lost sister Karone would go home to KO-35 since she wouldn't have known that the colony was deserted years ago.
  • Returning to KO-35 to search for Karone, Andros had never thought he'd be back home again.
  • Andros remarked that the place looked so strange, so deserted, and that if Karone had returned, she'd be very confused.
  • Carlos explained to the other teens that Andros's long-lost sister wouldn't know that KO-35 had been attacked and abandoned years ago.


  • After examining a dead bug unleashed by Darkonda, Andros concluded that it was definitely a Barillian Bug.
  • Andros explained to T.J. that huge swarms of Barillian Bugs had once attacked KO-35; they had been everywhere, stinging without warning; in hours, people stung would turn into Barillian Bug monsters.
  • Andros said the only hope for Carlos, who had been stung, was an antidote developed by scientists on KO-35, and the teens headed to KO-35 in hopes of finding some antidote left.
  • On the Dark Fortress, Darkonda said the Rangers had gone after the antidote to the Barillian sting; Ecliptor insisted there was no antidote, but Darkonda laughed that there was, on KO-35.
  • In a lower room of a blue triangle-shaped hospital, Andros blasted open a medical cabinet, fully-stocked with medical equipment and supplies, where Andros found a white case containing an injection gun with what looked like two small canisters of Barillian antidote along with it.
  • Oddly, none of the architecture in the KO-35 city was damaged, and the landscaping even remained neatly-trimmed.
  • When the five Rangers, cured, confronted Darkonda, he was pleased by their timing, saying they could all watch as he destroyed the last of the antidote, and he threw down and stomped on a plastic capsule of antidote, but surely the Rangers still possessed some antidote, as even if the canister sprayed by T.J. had had only two doses in it, there had been a second canister in the case they'd retrieved.


  • After recalling his kidnapping of Karone prior to KO-35's becoming uninhabited, Darkonda said that he'd already taken anything that had been of value on KO-35.


  • Introducing Justin to Andros, Ashley said he was from "the space colony"; Justin, impressed, said it was nice to meet him.


  • The Karovans didn't celebrate birthdays.


  • Andros began to explain his and Zhane's story from two years ago to the teens, recalling, "We were a team. Invincible. Until the day Dark Specter attacked our home planet, KO-35."
  • The villains had been everywhere, relentless, Andros described; in the streets of a city under siege, with rubble and burning cars strewn about, white-striped Piranhatrons had fought KO-35 troopers, as well as Andros and Zhane, morphed as the Red and Silver Rangers; meanwhile, flying ships flew by and blasted at buildings.
  • This invasion was presumably what caused KO-35 to be abandoned.
  • A "KO-35 Planetary Defense" tank had been under siege by Piranhatrons, defended by troopers.
  • People in robes of various colors had tried to take shelter during the onslaught, all of them appearing to have dark hair with gray streaks in them.
  • One of Dark Specter's monsters, the only monster shown in the flashback of the attack, was an orange monster with fish fins on his head, wielding a sword.
  • Zhane had told Andros there was just too many of them.
  • When Andros had been knocked down defending some troopers from the monster, the monster had prepared to deliver a final blow to him, but Zhane, having been fighting Piranhatrons, had rushed in and tackled the monster, causing a large explosion.
  • Amidst all the flaming city rubble, morphed Andros had carried the lifeless Silver Ranger over his shoulder between two rows of troopers as civilians walked nearby.
  • Andros had then brought Zhane to the Megaship and frozen him in an attempt to save his life.
  • When Zhane's heart apparently stopped for a moment before he emerged from the cryogenic tube, Andros, outside, was able to sense that something was wrong with Zhane, thinking his friend had died.
  • When Ashley introduced herself to Zhane and extended her hand, Andros explained that the gesture was called "shaking hands" and was a greeting, but Zhane not only said he knew that, but had also almost extended his hand in return before Andros's explanation.
  • Zhane remarked that he'd never met a female Power Ranger before.


  • Zhane, like Andros, had the power of telekinesis.
  • Zhane remembered himself and Andros walking through a field in their Megaship uniforms, where they vowed to fight as a team forever; this happy alliance had to have occurred prior to Dark Specter's invasion two years ago.
  • While fighting Ecliptor, Zhane saw a psychic image of Andros and the other Rangers tied up in Darkonda's lab.


  • On the desert planet Centaur B, Zhane and Andros were in brown cloaks in a fierce sandstorm wearing facemasks, with Zhane using a scanner to lead them to the first of several energy sources the teens had detected.
  • Soon, having departed from the Megaship in orbit, the other four teens, wearing cloaks and masks like Andros and Zhane, searched for another strong energy reading.
  • Cassie found an odd patch of coral growing on a rock, despite the lack of oceans on the planet.
  • As they went to rejoin the others, T.J. and Cassie were held up by two Rebel soldiers, armored men with small blasters, and their AmScanners were taken.
  • The general known as Yatru, along with more soldiers, some with rifle-sized blasters, brought in the captured Carlos and Ashley as well and had the four taken away.
  • A Rebel guard with negroid characteristics ("African" on Earth) locked the four teens in a cell in the Rebels' underground colony; he wore the same uniform as Yatru.
  • Through a cell window, the teens could see people being carried around on stretchers, and through another window was an infirmary chamber where many people were sick from a coral disease; one man who was just carried in was initially covered with white foam on his shoulder which suddenly grew into giant coral coverings; other people had coral growths and even clawlike arms.
  • Soon, Yatru presented to leaders Kinwon and Taikwa the four handcuffed teens, who wore tan flight suits with Ranger-colored undershirts and five-square Ranger badges; Yatru insisted these were the spies responsible for turning their people into coral.
  • Kinwon, the leader of the Rebels, was an older man with white hair, and his female companion Taikwa was younger than him, with brown hair streaked with blonde areas, like Andros's hair.
  • When T.J. claimed innocence, Yatru replied that they'd been on the surface with surveillance equipment, showing Kinwon a confiscated AmScanner.
  • Kinwon told Yatru to let them speak, and Carlos insisted they were merely tracking an energy source; Kinwon wondered why a search party would come to Centaur B, saying the planet was nothing but an ill-tempered rock.
  • T.J. said they were looking for someone, and when this received only unmoved murmuring from the crowd of Rebels, Ashley nodded to him, and he declared that they were Power Rangers; this surprised the people a bit, at which point Yatru violently pretended to take something from behind Ashley, a small canister.
  • Yatru smashed the canister against a wall, and the liquid inside turned into white foam, which then turned into a cluster of coral.
  • Ashley insisted the canister had been planted, but Yatru declared that they were guilty as charged and ordered for them to be taken away to be destroyed.
  • Kinwon argued that this had not been a trial; Yatru insisted they were destroying their people, and Taikwa asked Kinwon how much more evidence he needed, but Kinwon insisted that their guilt was not for Yatru to decide; if they threw out their laws, chaos would reign.
  • Kinwon told Yatru he would hold him personally responsible if any of the teens were harmed, and Yatru grudgingly had the teens taken away.
  • Back in his cavern, Yatru was told by Dark Specter not to fail, and Yatru insisted it was only a matter of time.
  • Once the hologram had faded, Kinwon suddenly confronted Yatru, having heard the conversation and learned that the teens actually were Power Rangers and Yatru was in fact the spy.
  • The teens identified themselves to the Rebels, and the Rebels referred to the teens, as "Power Rangers" rather than "the Power Rangers," indicating a seldom-seen awareness of multiple Power Ranger teams in the universe.
  • As Yatru said Kinwon's discovery would be his own undoing, Coralizer grappled Kinwon from behind and dragged him away.
  • Using tools of some sort, T.J. and Cassie chipped away at the rock holding a bar on one side of their cell, and the four soon escaped through the hole once the bar was removed; the guard outside the other end of their cell soon saw they were gone and called more guards to the scene.
  • Upon reaching a dead end in the tunnel, the teens were startled by a coral-covered hand reaching from around the corner, but they quickly discovered it was a barely-conscious Kinwon, having been struck by the coral plague.
  • Yatru and guards confronted the teens, and Yatru declared that they'd gotten Kinwon.
  • Later, the teens were in front of an angry mob who all wanted the destruction of the spies.
  • Yatru ordered for them to be taken to the surface and destroyed, but the cloaked and masked Zhane and Andros stormed in and ordered them to be released; Yatru said they were more spies and told the guards to capture them, but the two pulled Astro Blasters and aimed them at the guards.
  • Andros declared that they weren't spies, and nor were the four teens; he and Zhane then removed their masks as he declared they were Power Rangers, stunning the crowd.
  • Taikwa knew Andros and Zhane, and Andros was surprised to see her there; she explained that they had been in hiding since escaping from KO-35.
  • Yatru insisted that the teens were spies and ordered for them to be destroyed, but Andros and Zhane again aimed their Astro Blasters at the guards; the guards were confused and reluctant to act, so Andros had them lower their Astro Blasters.
  • Frustrated, Yatru said he'd destroy them himself if he had to, and Coralizer stormed in.
  • As the crowd panicked and the guards prepared for action, Coralizer coated three guards with the white foam to paralyze them with the coral plague.
  • As the guards aimed their weapons at the fight, Andros and Zhane attempted to fight Coralizer while unmorphed.
  • Several guards unchained the other four teens; meanwhile, Yatru fled with Zhane on his heels.
  • The five teens fought Coralizer poorly, and once Coralizer had suddenly left, Taikwa threw the four teens their confiscated Morphers which had been on a table, calling out Andros's and T.J.'s names.
  • The teens put on their Morphers and morphed, then fought the monster on the surface.
  • The Astro Delta Megazord's flying power punches destroyed giant Coralizer, at which point all of the coralized Rebels were instantly cured.
  • Elsewhere in a tunnel, Darkonda, having revealed his true form, was pounding morphed Zhane, and he knocked the Silverizer from Zhane's arm and then slashed him back.
  • Kinwon threw Zhane his Silverizer, calling out his name, and Zhane slashed Darkonda in the stomach, causing him to reel back and explode after declaring that he'd be back.
  • Morphed Zhane thanked Kinwon, telling him he'd saved his life, and Kinwon hugged him.
  • Some time after the destruction of Coralizer and Darkonda, the six teens met up with Kinwon and Taikwa amidst elated Rebels in a bunker area.
  • Kinwon addressed the teens as, "Andros, Zhane, all the Power Rangers," asking how they could thank them enough; T.J. replied it was their honor, calling him "sir."
  • Wearing a headset, the guard which had earlier watched the teens' cell now entered and told Commander Kinwon that evacuation was underway.
  • Kinwon told the teens that the Rebels had to leave Centaur B soon, since Dark Specter knew their location and would be back.
  • The teens offered to help, and Kinwon thanked them, saying there was much to carry.
  • Soon, Zhane had decided to stay to help the Rebels, as they were building weapons to defend themselves against Dark Specter.
  • Kinwon thanked the teens, saying the Rebels would return to KO-35 someday.


  • In a courtyard overlooking the hospital pyramid on KO-35, some vines had overgrown certain structures, but for the most part, there were no vast signs of desertion.
  • In Astronema's memories, the voice of a woman who had cared for Andros and Karone as children (perhaps their mother) at one point sounded just like DECA.
  • Andros told Astronema that when they had been children, they'd dreamed about being Power Rangers; which Ranger team they'd known about is unknown.


  • When Karone asked about their parents, Andros didn't know whether they were alive, but he hoped they'd escaped KO-35 before the battle.


  • Mega Winger, Silver Ranger's robot Zord which was quite similar to (and compatible with) the Mega Vehicles, was mostly white; on its chest was a large yellow V with the Mega Voyager's MV symbol inside.
  • Mega Winger's cockpit was identical to the V-Zord cockpits, except with MW symbols rather than MV symbols, with "Mega Winger" written in various locations.
  • On the Megaship, Zhane explained that the Rebels had built the Mega Winger and that it was awesome.


  • Controlling the Data Laser as the Rangers and Psycho Rangers fought, Zhane watched the blue and red dots dance around the monitoring screen on the controls and remarked, "I knew all those years of playing video games would pay off one day!"


  • Andros alluded to the lovely Stella Quazinella, an intergalactic star in all the big holographic films.


  • As Astronema organized Dark Specter's forces in taking over the universe, Quadrafighters and Cogs invaded KO-35, crashing through a forest.
  • In a desert was a massive army of Cogs, above which flew a gear ship and a swarm of Quadrafighters.
  • With Quadrafighters heard flying overhead, Taikwa entered a large command tent and told Kinwon that the villains had penetrated the outer barrier and that the inner defenses were already being pushed back; she handed him some documents.
  • Other generals, also in brown like Kinwon and Taiwka, were with Kinwon, as was Zhane, in his Megaship uniform.
  • Kinwon said they couldn't resist Astronema's attacks much longer and needed reinforcements, so Zhane left, planning to return with the other Rangers.
  • Outside the tent was a rock wall.
  • In the preview for this episode after 641-LITS, Piranhatrons and Cogs had been shown chasing a team of Rebel soldiers near a rocky cliff; this scene was not shown in the actual episode, however.


  • Hours later, Astronema told the people of Earth that the rest of the universe had surrendered.
  • Finding the teens in the ravaged Angel Grove that night, Zhane said that the Rebels had surrendered.
  • The next Earth morning, a wave of gold energy from Zordon's destruction radiated outward from the Dark Fortress near Earth as a ring of energy which spread throughout the universe; when the wave passed over the armies of evil, they were dissolved into piles of sand.
  • Probably another day, the Megaship was landed in the KO-35 main city as Karovan soldiers loaded silver square cases into it.
  • Once the last of the cargo, whatever it was, had been loaded up, Carlos, Cassie, and T.J. spoke with Taikwa and Kinwon.
  • Taikwa happily suggested that the teens spend a while on KO-35, as they'd definitely earned a vacation, but they were a bit homesick, and Kinwon certainly understood.
  • Nearby, Ashley was deeply saddened by Andros's decision to remain home on KO-35.
  • Later, the four teens said goodbye from the Megaship's hatch and waved to the crowd, at the front of which were Kinwon, Taikwa, Andros, Karone, and Zhane; behind them, officers saluted the four as the crowd waved.
  • Among the crowd were Karovans whom on Earth would have been described as Asian and African.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Terra Venture, a massive space station, was in Earth orbit as the last of its Earthen crew arrived to begin their search for a New World.
  • The origin of Terra Venture is unknown, as the technology required to construct such an advanced station lay centuries beyond Earthen technological levels; it may have been begun prior to 643-CTD2.


  • The Keonta spell in the Galaxy Book, the spell which took Terra Venture into the Lost Galaxy, began with four words, the second of which was "Karova," the name of KO-35's star system.


  • In Leo, Damon, and Kai's quarters on Terra Venture was a multi-tiered chess set like the one Alpha had used with DECA aboard the Megaship in 640-IWeb, as well as a plastic extenda-sphere just like the one young Karone and Andros had played with as kids on KO-35.

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