- former student, teen ballerina
- former Pink Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (324-DSP3 through 336-CEvF)
- former Zeo Ranger One (402-AZB2 through 500-TPRM)
- former Pink Turbo Ranger (500-TPRM through 519-PTT2)
- future wife of Tommy Oliver? (426-ASTR)
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Full Name: Katherine Hillard (321-FCab)
First Appearance: 316-Cat1
Last Appearance: 525-WTFO
Pictures: young Kat, Kat, circa MMPR season 3 (shown at right), Kat, circa PRZ, Kat, circa PRT
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  • Aisha and Kim found P.C., a white cat, in the park and liked her a lot.
  • P.C. (a name Aisha would later think up) watched the Ninja Rangers fight Tengas and Rito from the window of the animal shelter, then morphed into Katherine.
  • Kat had blue eyes.
  • Kat's main wardrobe color was pink.
  • When discovered in the shelter by Dr. Wheeler, Kat said she was looking for a puppy to adopt.
  • When Dr. Wheeler guessed that Kat was new in the country, Kat asked Dr. Wheeler what had made her think that, but once the doctor had told her it was her Australian accent, Kat replied that she had just come here from Australia and that she'd thought an animal would help her be less lonely, away from her friends.
  • Kat hid and turned back into cat form when Tommy, Aisha, and Kim entered the animal shelter.
  • P.C. liked Tommy and Aisha but hissed at Kim and scratched her hand when Kim tried to pet her.
  • Aisha decided to call the cat "P.C.," for "Park Cat," since they'd found her in the park.
  • In Aisha's house after being adopted by Aisha and Kim, P.C. was lightly "punching" her paws into the couch while looking at Aisha and Kim; this faint squeezing of the claws is a gesture of feline contentment.
  • After Kim had left the door open to Aisha's room, P.C. went downstairs and left the house to report to Rita, who appeared near the bushes near Aisha's house.
  • P.C. transformed into Kat with pink energy.
  • Kat had been assigned to gather information on Kim's and Tommy's plans; when she told Rita that Kim was supposed to go to the movies with Tommy but that she and Aisha were looking for their car, Rita created a black Mustang convertible for Kat to use as part of the plan.
  • Kat seemed amused with Rita after she'd created the car for her.
  • After driving the car to the Youth Center, Kat went in and approached Tommy, saying she was new there and that her car had broken down; he first suggested a mechanic, but she got him to agree to look at it.
  • When Kat said she didn't know how to thank him after he'd fixed whatever was supposedly wrong with her car, Tommy told her not to worry about it, but then immediately looked at her convertible sportscar and idly remarked that he'd always wondered what it would be like to drive one of those; he initially tried to turn down Kat's offer to let him drive it, but he was soon shown squealing away in the convertible with Kat in the passenger's seat.
  • Once the car, with Tommy and Kat inside, had been sent hurtling through some sort of warp, Tommy exclaimed that he couldn't control the car, then seemed to extend his right arm just a bit, at which point Kat held onto his arm and leaned her head against his shoulder, saying she was scared.


  • When Rita called Kat to the chamber of command after Tommy had been knocked out, Kat teleported with a pink energy cat effect from the car to Rita's lap (in cat form).
  • Rita told P.C. to remind her to give her an extra saucer of milk.
  • Upon learning that Billy and Adam were walking to Billy's house, Rita activated her "plan B": she sent P.C. to Earth and used her wand to transform her into a cat monster.
  • Back in the palace, Kat walked in human form up to Rita and Zedd, then spontaneously turned back into her cat monster form.
  • After she was destroyed in the form of the giant cat monster, Kat was then back in human form in the park; she told the teens of the horrible experience she'd supposedly had while a prisoner of Rita and Zedd (not using the evil couple's name).
  • Kat described to the teens how she'd ended up in the park; exactly what she told them is unknown.
  • Katherine told the teens that all her friends back home called her "Kat."
  • Kat told the teens that she'd just moved in; supposedly her dad had been transferred, so they "all" came with him.
  • Kat left, saying she still had some unpacking to do.
  • Aisha found P.C. in the park just after Kat had left.


  • After Kim and Aisha had shown Kat around Angel Grove, Kat said that she had thought she liked to shop but that Kim brought a whole new meaning to the word.
  • Kat had three shopping bags with her when she got up to leave.
  • When Aisha asked Kat if she needed a ride, Kat said she didn't live far from the Youth Center.
  • Kat had a crush on Tommy and didn't like seeing Kim and Tommy hug and kiss.
  • The teens were going to the lake, and Kim, at first alone, invited Kat, who was reading at the outdoor cafe; she at first said she wasn't very fond of water but changed her mind once Tommy showed up, planning to go.
  • Kat seemed a bit uncomfortable with Rita when she stopped Kat in the park on her way to the lake.
  • Rita assigned Kat to steal a Power Coin without being caught.
  • When Kat told Rita she could count on her, Rita remarked that of course she could, saying she'd groomed Kat well.
  • Kat smiled as she headed toward the lake after Rita had left.
  • As the Ninja Rangers fought Tengas nearby, Kat removed Kim's Power Coin from her bookbag, suddenly weakening ninja Kim during the fight.
  • Kat also pulled out a photo of Kim and Tommy which was in Kim's bookbag.
  • Kat remarked that Tommy wouldn't be Kim's for long.
  • Kat started to go for Aisha's Power Coin was well, but Bulk and Skull inadvertently prevented her by supposedly leading her to safety (actually just running away after speaking to her).
  • Kat's possessing the pink Power Coin counted as the coin being held by evil hands, thus slowly draining the life from Kim.
  • In the palace presenting the pink Power Coin to Rita and Zedd, Kat hid behind her back the photo of Kim and Tommy that she'd stolen from Kim's bookbag.
  • On Earth, Rita appeared behind Kat as Kat was behind a tree watching White Ranger and Ninjor fight Tengas; she again seemed uncomfortable with Rita's presence.
  • Rita gave Kat Kim's Power Coin and had her use it to steal the Falconzord.
  • Kat smiled after Rita had left and she looked at White Ranger and the coin.
  • Kat teleported into the Falconzord cockpit behind White Ranger and sent a pink energy bolt from her index finger into morphed Tommy, knocking him out with pink energy claw marks running all over his body, then used the same pink energy bolt to teleport him out with a pink clawed teleport, sending him falling to the ground.
  • Kat was later sitting up in a tree; she looked at the pink Power Coin for a while, then looked at the photo and tore off Kim's half and crumpled it up, saying Kim would soon be out of the picture.


  • When Rocky, Adam, and Tommy were working out in the Juice Bar as Kim, in a deep sleep in the Command Center, was slowly dying from the loss of her coin, Kat cheerfully approached the three guys and asked where Kim was, saying they were supposed to meet for lunch; when Adam told her he thought Kim was busy, she asked Tommy instead.
  • Before walking away, Kat told the guys she hoped Kimberly showed up.
  • Zedd said he needed six pilots; if he indeed want a pilot for the Falconzord as well as the five Shogunzords, his plans for Kimberly would have made this quite difficult; perhaps there were plans to use a replacement (such as Kat) as the sixth pilot.
  • Rita used Kat as a decoy, making it look like Tengas were attacking her, to lure Kim into battle.
  • Kat seemed quite concerned when she saw Kim collapse; shortly afterward, her eyes pulsed red, as they had previously done regularly whenever she was feeling particularly jealous; her concern then seemed to fade.
  • On his, Bulk's, and Lt. Stone's monster stakeout in the park, Skull picked up P.C. when the cat walked by, and he then put her down when Bulk told him to do so; P.C. went around to the other side of the nearby bush and transformed into Kat, then walked by after saying hi to Skull; Skull was weirded out by something after Kat had left; he seemed to have seen Kat's eyes flash red, and he may have suspected that the cat had turned into her.


  • Kat teleported into the dimension where the power was being drained from the unconscious Kim; she watched Kim for a while, at first sarcastic about wishing it didn't have to be this way, but then once her eyes had flashed red and she'd appeared to clear her head, she seemed to sincerely wish it didn't.


  • Ernie brought a dish of milk to P.C., who was with Kim at the outdoor cafe.
  • Upon hearing of Kim's plans for the day (to meet Gunthar Schmidt), P.C. walked around back to the dumpsters of the Youth Center and transformed into Kat to report to Rita.
  • Kat devilishly told Rita that Kim was about to go downtown.
  • Rita's calling Kat an evil girl made Kat lose her wicked grin, and she remembered in her childhood her blonde teacher in Australia presenting her with the Good Samaritan award of the month for all of her help with the needy families of their community.
  • Kat's last name was Hillard.
  • Kat tearfully protested to Rita that she was good, not evil.
  • Rita gave Kat another dose of her evil spell with an orange energy bolt from her wand.


  • At one point in Kim's training with Gunthar Schmidt for the Pan Global trials, Kat watched Kim's practicing from a payphone at the gymnastics facility where Kim was training.
  • Shortly after reporting to Rita that Kim was practicing gymnastics all day, every day, for the Pan Global Games, Kat remembered diving off a diving board as a child, with an adult couple watching and cheering her on, most likely her parents.
  • As she was listening from behind a corner as Kim answered her communicator call, Kat's evil grin faded as she confusedly remembered more of her past.
  • Kat had been Australia's best hope for the diving portion of the Pan Global Games; she had been known as "the sweetheart of Surrey Hills."
  • Kat was wearing a pink one-piece swimsuit in the flashback of her dive.
  • After her flashback, Kat walked out of the Youth Center in confusion.
  • That night as Kim worked out alone in the Youth Center, P.C. appeared on a table of the outdoor cafe and then turned into Kat, who had an evil look for a moment but then lost it as she remembered more of her past.
  • Kat remembered talking to a guy in the park by the lake; she told him they'd arrived the previous day but didn't have a chance to finish her statement of, "And we'll be living here..."; Rita had been chuckling nearby, and she had turned the guy into a Tenga (most likely his original form); Rita had then backed the confused Kat against a tree, saying, "From now on, you will serve me and only me, Katherine! I command you in the name of all that is rotten and nasty!", and red energy in the shape of cat spirits flowed into Kat from Rita's wand.
  • Kat also remembered diving, in a pink one-piece, ruining her dive by hitting her head on the board and injuring herself, ruining Australia's hope for Pan Global gold.
  • Kat was suddenly quite concerned for Kim upon remembering her injury at the Pan Global Games, feeling remorse, and she rushed into the Youth Center and watched in horror as she was moments too late to save Kim from stumbling off the balance beam and knocking herself unconscious.


  • Kat had called an ambulance for Kim and, at the hospital, explained Kim's accident to the doctors, saying it was all her fault.
  • Rita demanded to know from Finster what had happened to the spell; holding a scroll of symbols before him, Finster concluded that the goodness of Kat's totally selfless deed of attempting to save Kim overcame and completely neutralized Rita's spell.
  • In the hospital, Kat was taking Kim's situation really hard.
  • Kat had changed clothes some time between coming into the hospital with Kim at night and being shown sitting in the waiting room the next morning.
  • After Tommy and Billy had ninja-morphed out of Kim's hospital room, Kat entered and confessed everything to Kim.
  • Kat told Kim that there had been a number of times that she wanted to confess everything, but every time she'd tried, the spell had prevented her from speaking; she blamed herself for Kim's being in the hospital and missing the gymnastics competition.
  • Kat had known all along that the teens were Rangers.
  • Tommy told Kat that he'd become a Power Ranger under one of Rita's spells that had made him do horrible things, nearly destroying the Rangers and his friends in the process.
  • As the five teens and Kat walked away from the hospital after Kim had told them she was quitting gymnastics for her Ranger duties, Kat got an idea to convince Kim not to quit.
  • When the Garbage Mouth monster appeared in front of the five teens and Kat and asked which one of them was Katherine, Kat answered that she was and asked what the monster wanted.
  • The Tengas teleported up beside Kat, grabbed her, and quickly teleported with her over to Garbage Mouth's side.
  • Kat eventually freed herself from Garbage Mouth's grip by stomping on his foot.
  • The guys had Kat go inside to wait with Kim, as if Rita and Zedd couldn't get her there.
  • Billy, Tommy, and Kat were walking by the lake after the Rangers had destroyed Garbage Mouth.
  • When Rita issued the teens an ultimatum to turn Kat over by the end of the day or they would throw Ninjor into the Sea of Sorrow, Kat said she'd been afraid of such a situation.


  • The five teens were in the Command Center discussing Rita's ultimatum; Kat would soon be shown visiting Kim in the hospital.
  • Kat told Kim she was supposed to have gone to the Pan Globals, as a diver; her coach had said she was the best she'd ever seen; she was supposed to bring Australia their first gold medal in years.
  • Kat showed Kim her scrapbook of newspaper clippings with headlines such as "Aussie Wins Again" and "This 'Kat' Loves Water."
  • Saying she remembered it like it was yesterday, Kat recalled the dive she'd messed up, only for this flashback of the fateful dive, she was wearing a blue multicolored one-piece rather than the pink one; she had a pink scrunchie in her hair.
  • Kat told Kim that on the last dive of the competition when she was in first and had the trials locked up, Kat, losing her concentration either out of excitement about winning or overconfidence, hit her head on the board on a dive she'd done perfectly in practice a hundred times; when she'd awoken at the hospital, they told her she'd lost the meet by one point.
  • Kat said she had been too scared to try again the next year, and water still scared her.
  • Although her loss at the Pan Global trials must have been at least two years prior, Kat looked the same in her flashback of the accident as she did in the present.
  • Kat met Tommy and Rocky at the Juice Bar and told them she'd decided that they had to trade her for Ninjor, feeling it was her responsibility to set things right; Tommy, however, thought to attempt to trick Rita during the switchoff.
  • Billy used a device to generate a blue forcefield around Kat to protect her during the attempted trade of Kat for Ninjor, but Kat was captured by Rito when the Tengas smashed the device.
  • After being captured, Kat was locked in a prison cell in the moon palace's dungeon.
  • Even though it repulsed her, Kat massaged Rito's shoulders to try to get free; when she asked what was in the chest nearby, glowing with pink energy, he was at first reluctant to tell her, but the massage felt so good and she urged him he could tell her, so he told her that inside it was the pink Power Coin but told her not to tell anyone he'd told her.
  • After Rito had fallen asleep from the massage, Kat took the keys from him and freed herself.
  • Kat opened up the box containing the pink Power Coin, and pink energy flowed up her arm.
  • When Rita walked in from another part of the dungeon and then demanded that Kat drop the Power Coin, Kat refused and began spunkily dodging Rita's pursuit.
  • Alpha suddenly got a reading on the pink Power Coin once it was in the hands of good (Kat's hands).
  • Billy teleported Kat and the coin to the Command Center.
  • Kat was awed by her first time being in the Command Center.
  • When asked how she'd recovered the pink Power Coin, Kat replied, "Let's just say I was in the right place at the right time."
  • Some time later, apparently a different day, Kat had asked Kim to come to the Angel Grove Community Pool, and Tommy came along.
  • Kat dove off the high dive in a pink one-piece to show Kim she could overcome her fears.
  • Kat was among the guests at the surprise party for Kim in the Youth Center at least a day after she'd won the Pan Global gymnastics trials.
  • Kim had Alpha teleport Kat to the Command Center to be the new Pink Ranger, having asked Alpha and Kat to be ready in case the teens and Zordon had convinced her to go to Florida to train for the Pan Global Games.
  • Zordon told Kat that her selfless bravery under extraordinary circumstances assured him that she would be a fine addition to their team.
  • Zordon warned that Kat might experience some side-effects from Rita's magic, as a spell that powerful didn't disappear immediately.
  • Zordon told Kat to listen to her fellow Rangers as they guided her in the use of her new powers; he said they would teach her well.


  • On Christmas Eve, seemingly before Kim had given her powers to Kat (see "When" section), before the teens embarked on their mission to save Santa's workshop, Kat, outdoors somewhere, told the teens through the Viewing Globe that she was sorry she couldn't be there with them; she was having Christmas with her family.


  • Kat now wore a communicator.
  • When Billy said he hoped all the changes going on in Kat's life weren't overwhelming, she replied that it was a lot to learn, and she was still nervous about the communicators going off.
  • After walking down a residential street with Billy and Adam for a while, Kat eventually split up from them to head home.
  • On her way home, Kat heard Rita's voice in her head saying, "Attack the White Ranger from the inside out."
  • When confronted by Tengas, Kat told herself to stay calm and remember what Zordon had told her, then she ninja-morphed.
  • When Kat ninja-morphed for the first time, she noted that Zordon had been right: she could harness the Ninja power of the Pink Ranger.
  • Ninja Kat had a great deal of fun with her increased agility and strength as a Ninja Ranger.
  • Kat soon joined the others at the Juice Bar, telling Billy she had felt the side effect of Rita's spell he'd been talking about.
  • Later, after she'd morphed into Ranger form with the other teens, Kat was thrilled that she really was the Pink Ranger.


  • For her landscaping class, Kat designed a house for a humanitarian housing project in downtown Angel Grove, where volunteers use donated supplies to build low-cost housing; her design had been chosen over all the others in the class; the house was basically done, but Kat needed some help that weekend landscaping and painting and repairing around the back wall.
  • Rita was upset that Kat had started out so evil but had now become such a "goody-goody."
  • That weekend, Kat was the team leader for the volunteers.
  • After their work on the housing project, the other five teens were going to the Youth Center for a snack once Kat called it a day, but Kat stayed behind to get some pictures for her scrapbook, saying she'd be along later.
  • Kat was furious when Rito and the Tengas began wrecking the landscaping the volunteers had been working on all day.
  • Kat had studied the various sources of building decay in her architecture class.
  • To free the shrunken four Rangers from the bricks in which Brick Bully had encased them, Kat worked with Alpha to design small chamber to simulate pollution to erode the bricks away from the Rangers without hurting them.
  • Once the four Rangers were free, Zordon told Kat she had maintained tremendous focus under pressure.
  • Mayor Carrington gave Kat an Outstanding Achievement Award for the housing project.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to give a ten-minute report on a language, Kat and Aisha tried to teach a chimp, Kelly, some sign language signals to demonstrate for the class.
  • Kat's aunt was visiting from Australia to lecture at the university, where they were experimenting teaching chimps sign language; Kat's aunt had let Kat take care of Kelly since her aunt didn't want Kelly to get lonely while she was off lecturing.
  • Like Kim had done frequently, Kat wore pink spandex shorts under her skirt.
  • In Aisha's house with Kelly, Aisha and Kat read sign language books.
  • When Aisha asked Kat if she was hungry, Kat replied, "Always."
  • Aisha and Kat left Kelly alone upstairs as they got something to eat, and Kelly left the house through the front door.
  • The day of the report, Kat's and Aisha's report went well; Kelly demonstrated a large number of signs.


  • After Zordon had told the Rangers that one of them would have to journey to the Caves of Deception beneath Rita and Zedd's palace to capture the Zeo Crystal to destroy it, Tommy volunteered, and Kat went with him to distract Rita and Zedd by telling them that she wanted to be evil again.
  • After morphed Kat had stood in the chamber of command and told Rita and Zedd that she wanted to be evil again, Rita said she'd known Kat still had evil in her heart.


  • Rita and Zedd put Kat in the Revivafier, which irreversibly drained the goodness out of people who were once evil and replaced the goodness with pure evil.
  • Once Kat had stepped into the Revivafier, red energy flames engulfed her legs, and redness crept up her body.
  • The meter on the Revivafier was moving to "Cruel" and the redness was up to Kat's neck when morphed Tommy appeared and used the Zeo Crystal to drain all the redness from her.


  • Kat was a bit startled when she first realized she and the other Rangers would be traveling to another galaxy to retrieve their Zords.
  • After their ordeal was over, Kat asked Tommy if he had been scared in the Caves of Deception.
  • Kat told Tommy that she had been scared, but that being a Ranger had given her more confidence.


  • Aisha entered herself and Kat in a contest for Angel Grove High's new school song.
  • Both Aisha and Kat could sing.
  • Kat wasn't confident about the song contest, but she agreed to work on their harmony after hearing the singing of Bulk and Skull, who were also in the contest.
  • Some time later, Aisha and Kat bought a lot of clothes at the mall in preparation for the singing contest.
  • Later still, the two girls were at Aisha's house practicing, using the same keyboard, headphones, and microphones as they'd used in the music room at Angel Grove High.
  • At the song contest, Aisha's and Kat's song was "Angel," performed with the same equipment as before, but without the headphones.
  • The lyrics to "Angel" were as follows: "Here we fly at Angel Grove High, and here we rise at Angel Grove High-y-igh. And we'll take on all the limits, and the obstacles of the roads ahead, the ways ahead, are always, they're always bright. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. Angel Grove High-y-igh-y-igh-igh. An... gel... Gro... ove.... High."
  • The judges chose Aisha and Kat's song for Angel Grove High's new school song.


  • Kat hadn't said anything to the teens about her upcoming birthday.
  • Rocky had only found out about Kat's birthday because he'd helped her register for school.
  • On her birthday, the teens blindfolded Kat and took her to the carnival, wanting her first birthday in America to be a special one.
  • Kat thought the carnival was wonderful, and she felt really lucky to have friends like the teens.
  • When the Orb of Doom turned back time, young Kat had shorter hair with her bangs cut, giving her the same hairstyle as her childhood self from her flashback in 321-FCab.


  • The six kids all went to Angel Grove Elementary School; while the others may have reasonably ridden home from Angel Grove Elementary to Stone Canyon or wherever Tommy lived at the time, Kat must have been missing from Australia for days.
  • Young Tommy and Kat rode together on the bus after school.
  • While the others were looking in one direction at Rita and Zedd, who'd appeared after Goldar had stolen the Power Coins, young Kat was looking in another direction and appeared to be smiling.


  • Billy had young Tommy and Kat watch his invention in the park while he ran to his lab; the invention, which analyzed the air to simulate Aquitian water, made young Kat nervous.
  • Young Kat was trying to understand what the invention was supposed to do.


  • Aurico sent young Kat off on her Zeo quest, telling her that her strength lay within.


  • For her Zeo quest, young Kat appeared in the Outback in an unknown time period.
  • Young Kat was walking down a dirt road with vehicle tracks in it when Agatha, a girl looking just like Kat's teenage form, dressed in pink, drove up in a jeep.
  • When young Kat mentioned looking for a crystal, Agatha replied, "The crystal? Yes, of course, why didn't you say so? I've been waiting for you."; she told young Kat it was hidden and that she would show her to it.
  • Agatha stopped the jeep by an old woman with a cane who looked just like Kat would as an old lady; the woman said she'd wandered away from her home and couldn't find her way back, but Agatha told young Kat that the crystal would be lost if they didn't get to it immediately; Kat got out anyway to walk the old woman home.
  • Just before turning away for young Kat to walk her home, the old woman smiled at Agatha.
  • Agatha watched young Kat and the old woman walk away, then after wishing Kat luck with a smile, vanished along with the jeep in pink energy.
  • At her farm house, the old woman insisted that she give young Kat a token of her appreciation; Kat tried to refuse, but the woman brought out from her house a black chest containing the pink Zeo Subcrystal.
  • The pink subcrystal was initially glowing pink when young Kat removed it from the chest, but the energy then flowed down her arms.
  • The woman told young Kat that when people sacrificed their need to help others, they were always rewarded; she told young Kat she was very proud of her, and they both hugged.


  • After watching in the Viewing Globe young Aisha send young Tanya back with the yellow subcrystal in her place, young Kat had a tear running down her cheek as she said she'd miss Aisha.


  • When the teens and Billy were asking a large number of questions about the Machine Empire, Kat's questions asked who the Machine Empire were, why they were coming here, and what they (the teens) could do about them.
  • The pink subcrystal suited Kat up as Zeo Ranger One.
  • Perhaps a later day, Kat and Tanya (with Tanya wearing trendy clothes and a communicator) joined the four guys at the outdoor cafe; they had enrolled Tanya at Angel Grove High, and Kat's parents had agreed to let Tanya live with them.


  • At school, Tanya called Kat her best friend.


  • Tanya and Kat were doing a kata with Tommy in the Youth Center.


  • As a school project, Tommy and Kat had to pretend to be married for a week.
  • Kat met Tommy at the resource center, bringing Joey, a child of her neighbor, to make the report more realistic.
  • When Joey's diaper needed changing, Tommy tried to leave with the other three teens, but Kat made him come back.
  • Later, Tommy left Joey in a baby room somewhere, once Joey had finally gone to sleep.
  • The next day, Tommy and Kat were exhausted, as though they'd gotten no sleep; this implies that they had slept in the same house to babysit Joey the previous night.
  • Tommy and Kat had to look something up on the Internet, so they took Joey into the resource center despite Bulk and Skull's attempts to enforce the new "no cry zone"; Tommy merely walked past the two, and Kat grumpily told them that Joey was asleep and that she'd take him outside if he started to cry.
  • After the teens, outside, had morphed to fight Boohoo and Cogs, Tommy told Kat to stay with Joey while he and the others did battle; Alpha soon teleported in to take Kat's place to allow Kat to join the others in battle.
  • When asked a different day what they were going to do now that their babysitting of Joey was done, Tommy and Kat simultaneously answered, "Sleep!"
  • Tommy and Kat both got A's for their project.
  • Kat said she was looking forward to having kids of her own one day.
  • Kat rather reluctantly accepted when Mr. Toggle needed a babysitter for Saturday night; Tommy chuckled and rubbed it in a bit that Kat would be babysitting again, but Mr. Toggle wanted him also, and Tommy reluctantly agreed.


  • After Shawn blamed his being struck out by Tanya on his lack of concentration and said he wasn't sure whether Tanya would do well at the game tomorrow, Kat had Tanya leave with her in response to the remark.


  • In the Youth Center, Kat present her finished civics project, the German Shepard Smokey trained for the police and given to Lt. Stone.
  • Lt. Stone officially thanked Kat on behalf of the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol.
  • Kat used to help the police department in Australia, training dogs.
  • When Kat later heard that Smokey had run away toward the forest, she set out for the forest to look for him.
  • Kat followed Cogs in the forest to the cavern where Digster was planning to send lava pouring into Angel Grove.
  • After observing Digster, Cogs, Klank and Orbus, and Sprocket in the cavern with a lava pool in it and hearing their plan, Kat morphed, simply planning on finding Smokey and getting back to the others.
  • After morphing, Kat rode around on her Zeo Jet Cycle looking for Smokey.
  • From above, Digster's energy blasts knocked Kat off her Zeo Jet Cycle, falling off a cliff, and rolling down the hill below; as she rolled down the hill, she demorphed for some reason and damaged her communicator; she also injured her ankle on the way down.
  • As she hobbled off into the woods, Kat's right ankle was hurt.
  • Injured and being pursued by Cogs, Kat, not knowing her communicator was damaged, tried to call the Power Chamber to report the attempted lava release, saying nothing about herself.
  • Kat's ankle was starting to swell.
  • The Cogs caught up to Kat and attacked her, knocking her Zeonizer off her wrist.
  • All but one of the Cogs climbed up a tree to flee from Smokey when the dog came running; Kat pulled herself free from the remaining Cog and then backhanded it in the face, making it backflip onto the ground and lie still.
  • Kat retreated with Smokey, apparently not realizing she'd lost her Zeonizer.
  • Kat put her communicator around Smokey's collar and told him to take it to her friends in the Youth Center, then to hurry back.
  • Morphing appeared to cure Kat's sprained ankle, but when she landed her foot in a hole after a kick, she sprained it again, in morphed form; a short while later, however, it appeared to be fine again.
  • A different day, Kat was talking with Lt. Stone in the Youth Center about how Smokey had apparently passed his first field test; Lt. Stone had heard of Smokey's helping the Power Rangers.
  • Kat had a large star pattern on the top she was wearing.


  • Kat, Tanya, and Rocky were extras in the Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface; they wore Ranger-colored togas and kept their communicators on their wrists.
  • While Kat and Tanya were extremely excited about seeing Biff Starr and being extras, Rocky wasn't particularly impressed.


  • When Rocky, acting goofy from his cells being replaced by plant cells from Pollenator's pollen, told Kat that she had nice leaves and that her branches weren't bad either, she worriedly (and perhaps with some embarrassment) told Alpha to hurry in his attempt to find a cure.


  • Kat wore a star necklace; she would wear this necklace again in 428-PwOG, 432-DIKY, 437-SOAW.


  • Mechanizer used his "blasters" to shoot blue energy bolts from his eyes; the explosions around Mechanizer caused him to drop a small metallic cone-shaped item which Tanya referred to as "one of his blasters"; she used her Zeo Laser Pistol to make the item dissolve with flaming red energy.
  • In the background while Tanya was shooting, Kat could be seen picking up something that appeared to be shiny, thin, and a foot or more long; after that, Kat and Tanya were absent for a bit while the guys fought Mechanizer.
  • After all of the Rangers but Tommy had flown out of the warehouse as it exploded, Kat tried to go in after Tommy, but the others held her back against her will.


  • Kat looked concerned and shocked as Adam read for Tommy Kim's letter in which she told Tommy that she'd met someone else; Kat insisted that that couldn't be right.
  • At the lake, Kat wished there was something she could say to make Tommy feel better, and she asked him to call one of them if he wanted to talk.
  • Billy had himself and Kat take Tommy for a vacation in the mountains to get Tommy's mind off Kimberly; they went skiing at Angel Grove Pines.
  • At the resort, Billy and Tommy had snowboards, while Kat had skis.
  • While Billy and Tommy went snowboarding, Kat had to get some hot chocolate before she went skiing, saying she wasn't used to the cold yet.
  • Kat somehow got through the crowd of people waiting for the ski lifts and was the only person in the lift right behind the Cogs'.
  • The Cogs went snowboarding down the Widowmaker, and Kat skied after them quite well.


  • Later that day, Heather rode with Tommy on a red snowmobile while Kat rode with Billy on a black snowmobile.
  • Kat eventually had Billy take her back to the resort, saying she had a bit of a chill; she and Billy then drove off, leaving Tommy and Heather alone.
  • Kat wanted a hot cup of cocoa.
  • Kat and Billy had told Heather a bit about Kim.
  • That evening, while Billy talked about how Heather seemed like a really nice girl and maybe things would work out between her and Tommy, Kat was staring off into space, not listening; when she snapped out of it, she noted that as long as Tommy was happy, that was all that mattered.


  • After hearing Zordon's warning of an impending battle, Tommy had himself, Kat, and Billy check out of the resort the next day, saying he didn't feel right having fun while Angel Grove was in trouble.
  • Later, after Kat, Tommy, and Billy had returned from their vacation, Billy and Kat came into the Youth Center together, where Rocky, Adam, and Tanya were; Tommy was by himself exercising.
  • After learning that Ernie was closing the Youth Center early and would be in the back room taking inventory all afternoon, Kat thought to have Heather come to Angel Grove for a romantic dinner with Tommy in the Youth Center.
  • Some time later, Kat had Ernie give Tommy an anonymous invitation to a formal dinner for two at "Chez Ernie" at 5:00.
  • Kat was wearing an attractive pink dress when Tommy came in for the dinner.
  • Tommy was pleased (although also confused) to see Kat when he arrived for the dinner, and he told her she looked amazing, very much pleasing her.
  • Tommy looked confused when Kat told him his dinner guest had arrived; he was startled to realize his guest was Heather.
  • Kat had called Heather, and Heather came to give Tommy one more chance.
  • Tommy gazed at Kat for a moment and sighed before sitting down at the table with Heather while Kat went to continue work on their meal.
  • Walking down a sidewalk with Tanya, Kat wondered if what she'd done was really nice or really stupid; Tanya didn't understand.
  • After Tommy had returned to the Youth Center and Heather had at some point (perhaps before his return) left, Tommy and Kat sat together at the table in the Youth Center.
  • Kat told Tommy she was sorry that things hadn't worked out, but Tommy told her that what she'd done was incredible, and that he was really lucky to have a friend like her.
  • Kat had thought it would help take his mind off things if Tommy had someone in his life; Tommy said it would just take some time.
  • When Kat remarked that she loved the song on the radio, Tommy asked her to dance, and she agreed.
  • Tommy and Kat slow-danced together, looked into each other's eyes, and then hugged as they continued to dance.


  • Kat loved scary movies.
  • At school, Tanya invited the teens over to Kat's house after school, saying she would provide the popcorn.


  • Kat painted a sign advertising the upcoming Toy-a-thon dance in the Youth Center.
  • As she, Tommy, and Rocky were distributing flyers for the dance, Kat wouldn't tell Rocky what she was going to wear for the theme to dress according to one's favorite decade.
  • Tommy told Kat it didn't matter what she was wearing to the upcoming dance, as she looked great no matter what she wore; this nauseated Rocky, but Kat told him girls loved it when a guy was sensitive.
  • At the dance, Kat was dressed as some sort of swing dancer, possibly from the 50's.


  • Morphed Kat thought to have a pie fight which wasted many pies from the delivery van of "Little Stevie's Pie Shop."


  • Kat brought shrimp for the international holiday celebration at the Youth Center, as her family had always barbequed shrimp for Christmas, since it came during the summer in Australia.
  • Decades in the future, elderly Kat wore glasses, and she appeared to have gray hair; she and Tommy were married with grandchildren, one of whom was a Ranger.
  • Elderly Kat's wardrobe color was still pink.
  • An older, maybe teenaged, grandson (who was a Ranger) came to the house to pick up his younger brother and thank his grandparents for babysitting; Kat told him they loved to do it.
  • When the older grandson's communicator went off, elderly Tommy looked at his own wrist and tried to get up, and Kat frowned and made him sit back down.
  • When his communicator went off, the older grandson told his grandparents and little brother that there was something he had to take care of; his little brother didn't seem to know about his identity, but whether he'd intended to hide his identity from his grandparents as well is unknown; also unknown is whether he knew that his grandparents had been Rangers.


  • All of the teens, including Kat, displayed expert martial arts skills while dressed as ninjas to spar with Adam.


  • Sprocket shrank morphed Tommy and Kat and put them in a terrarium with a tarantula; Gold Ranger eventually rescued them, and Billy restored their sizes in the Power Chamber.


  • Kat was a competitor in the Angel Grove Catch a Wave Competition, a surfing contest.
  • Tommy had waxed Kat's surfboard for her before she competed.
  • Kat could surf well.
  • Kat's hair was in a French braid, but her surfing stunt double had loose hair and looked nothing like Kat.
  • In the final heat of the day, Kat needed one more successful ride to take the lead in the surfing contest, but contamination of the water with Cog oil and a battle with Leaky Faucet ruined her chance at winning.
  • After failing to win the contest, Kat happily said she'd take clean water over a trophy any day.


  • Kat and Tanya still lived together; Kat brought Tanya a package from Aisha which had arrived at the house.


  • Kat choreographed the King Midas ballet the teens put on in the Youth Center; she taught a group of little girls, as well as Jason, Adam, Bulk, and Skull; during the ballet, she was one of the major dancers in the performance.
  • It was mostly Kat's idea to start a bet in which she and Tanya agreed to pay Bulk and Skull double their normal rate if they could find all the props for the ballet; since they didn't, however, the girls made them take Adam's and Jason's places in the ballet.
  • Kat chuckled but seemed mostly embarrassed or saddened by Bulk and Skull's tripping all over themselves and making a disaster of her ballet.


  • Kat was annoyed by the latest practical joke at Angel Grove High, a clown dummy in her locker which inflated and popped a balloon full of glitter.
  • Kat and Tanya discovered that the culprits behind the practical jokes at Angel Grove High and the Youth Center were actually junior detectives Humphrey and Bogart, and the girls brought Hank, the delivery man from the Angel Grove Novelty Shop, to the Youth Center to identify the detectives as his biggest customers.


  • Kat and Jason were at the lake as Tommy tried out his uncle's waverunner; Kat was afraid to watch.
  • Kat and Jason drove out onto the water on another waverunner, with Kat driving, after Tommy had vanished.
  • Alpha sent Kat and Jason back to the lake with a handheld molecular scanner so that they could search for particles of residual energy from the transport beam, and that would enable them to start a galactic search for Tommy.
  • Morphed Kat screamed very loudly for Jason after she'd been grappled, the scanner had been kicked into pieces from her hand, and she'd then been kicked down.
  • Morphed Kat angrily tried to rush Cruel Chrome to find out about Tommy, but Adam held her back.


  • When morphed Tommy continued fighting the Rangers, thinking they were evil, Kat thought to demorph to try to show Tommy that they were truly his friends.
  • Tommy ran forward to punch the unmorphed Kat (who didn't appear to flinch), then paused, then reared back to punch her again, but she grappled him with a hug.
  • Tommy, his resolve seeming to break down, told Kat he thought he knew her, but he still couldn't remember anything.
  • Jason and then the other Rangers demorphed as well, after Tommy had regained his will and tried to pull free from Kat's hug.
  • Seeing the unmorphed teens, Tommy felt like they were telling him the truth and wondered if it was possible that everything Gasket had told him had been a lie, but he still didn't know whom to believe.
  • Tommy angrily pulled away from Kat and collapsed, very confused.
  • Tommy pulled his Zeo Laser Pistol on the teens and walked toward them; Kat, unwavering, put her hands on the Zeo Laser Pistol and told him to come back to them, then lowered the weapon for him.


  • Kat was in an elementary algebra class.


  • For Detective Stone's whodunit party, Kat was dressed as a fashionably-dressed super-sleuth.
  • Kat was excited about being at a whodunit party, as she'd never been to one before.
  • To prove whose power was greater, Archerina challenged Kat to a battle in the Forest of Eternal Light; if Kat agreed to fight, Archerina said her captured friends would be her reward; Kat agreed, and then Zordon told her on the communicator that she had to fight Archerina while they tried to locate the other teens.


  • Kat told Tommy that she'd thought his singing while under Machina's singing spell had been kind of cute.


  • Kat was bummed in the Youth Center; she'd made a purse in her art class, and she was frustrated with the way it had turned out.
  • After recounting how he'd aged rapidly, old Billy suddenly got an idea and walked away into the northwest exit of the Power Chamber; he was soon at the Juice Bar with Kat looking through the lost-and-found box, explaining that although he hadn't lost any devices at the Youth Center before, he had to check all the possibilities.
  • Billy handed Kat a lost purse, actually the one she'd made and apparently discarded.
  • Kat put on some goofy glasses she found in the box, and they both had a chuckle before Billy experienced another aging burst.
  • From the moon, Rita's wand shot an orange energy beam to turn Kat into a monster, but because Finster accidentally bumped into Rita as she fired, she ended up turning Kat's purse into a monster, the Impursonator.


  • Delphine noticed that Impursonator was easily distracted, and Kat got a plan to retrieve the stolen Zeo Megazord and Super Zeo Megazord from Cog Changer and Impursonator.
  • For the first part of Kat's plan, the guys got Impursonator's attention, causing her to teleport out of the Super Zeo Megazord to look for the Rangers, at which point Rita angrily teleported the monster to the moon to scold her for not having made a dent in the Rangers; at this point, Tommy remarked that the plan was successful so far, but how Kat could have anticipated the monster's departure is uncertain.
  • As the guys used the Super Zeo Megazord to distract Cog Changer in the Zeo Megazord, Kat and Tanya, holding their Power Pod swords, leapt up to the Zeo Megazord, where Tanya used her sword to destroy Cog Changer's evil gear, and Kat used her sword to knock Cog Changer from the cockpit.
  • When Billy, days later, told the teens that he was staying on Aquitar, most of them were stunned, but Adam smiled faintly, and Jason chuckled while looking away; after learning that Billy was staying to be with Cestria, Kat told Billy and Cestria they were really happy for them, and the teens said their goodbyes.


  • In the Youth Center, Tommy asked Kat what she was doing that night; she replied she wasn't doing much, then asked Tommy, and he said he had no big plans, but then Kat left when he wouldn't follow up his attempt at asking her out; she looked back expectantly for a moment before walking out.
  • Tommy had been nervous, afraid that Kat wouldn't want to go out with him, but he was impressed when Tanya said it was obvious Kat was interested in him.
  • The day of the luau, Tommy was distracted from his sparring with Rocky as he watched Kat teaching a ballet class to several young girls.
  • With Kat's help at moving the conversation along, Tommy asked her out, and she accepted after asking whether it was a date.
  • At the luau, Tanya pulled the other guys back to prevent them from sitting at Tommy and Kat's table, so that the couple could be alone.
  • The next day, the four teens hadn't seen Tommy and Kat all day until they came into the Juice Bar together, laughing.
  • Tommy asked the teens what was up, and Kat, seeming to be in a hyper mood, said that Ernie sure threw some luau; the teens mischievously noted that the couple sure looked happy, and Tommy said they'd gone to the movies for a nice, quiet, safe date.
  • Kat happily noted that there had been no Cogs in the audience, and when Tommy joked that it had been a normal, boring time, she smiled at him with mock anger as they leaned together.


  • After Jason had walked off with Emily after talking to Tommy about losing his powers, Kat asked Tommy if Jason was okay; Tommy contentedly replied that there was more to life than saving the world, and she agreed.
  • As Tommy and Kat walked off together, Tommy took her hand, and she looked into his eyes.


  • Throughout the movie, Kat wore a considerable amount of eyeshadow, giving her a look she didn't have at any time other than in 500-TPRM.
  • On the Little Angel's Haven bus having the kids sing songs, Kat was concerned that young Justin didn't feel like singing.
  • In an African jungle with Tommy, looking for Lerigot, Kat said that the jungle reminded her of parts of Australia.
  • When a large python slithered onto Kat's shoulder from behind her, Tommy had Kat jump away while he wrestled the snake, and in doing so, she flung herself off a cliff, barely able to grab a branch in the ledge to catch herself.
  • Hanging onto the branch, Kat summoned her Zeonizers, and when the branch broke, she began to morph to save herself from the fall; she hit the water below while only semi-morphed, shorting out her morph.
  • Kat's fall and Tommy's dive were verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • When Tommy swam Kat to shore, she found that she had cut a gash into the inside of her left shin, making her unable to walk on that leg.
  • As Tommy later helped Kat hobble through the jungle, she had a splint on her leg.
  • After Tommy and Kat had found Lerigot and confirmed that they knew Alpha, Lerigot walked over to Kat, and orange sparkles from his hand healed her leg.
  • Kat became the Pink Turbo Ranger.
  • When Justin revealed at the Ghost Galleon's dock that he'd been sent in Rocky's place, he exclaimed, "Guys, I'm the new Blue Ranger! Isn't that cool or what? [underline added]"; Kat's immediate reply was, "What?"
  • The next night on the galleon, Kat went upstairs to the upper deck of the galleon to tell Justin it was getting late; they talked for a while about Justin missing his dad and how the teens were now Justin's family.
  • When Kat came up the stairs from the galleon's lower level, she should have seen the pulsating pod (a growing Putrapod) which was lying just beside the stairs; when she headed back downstairs a few minutes later, she most certainly should have seen the pod, now much larger and continuing to grow, as it lay directly in front of her; both times, however, she failed to react to the pod in any way.
  • After Justin had told Kat that he looked forward to his dad regaining whatever it was he'd lost when Justin's mom had died so that they could be a family again, Kat reminded Justin that the teens were his family now too.
  • Kat went back downstairs and told the others that Justin was okay.
  • Unmorphed Kat was now proficient at martial arts.
  • The next day, as the Ghost Galleon approached the Nemesis Triangle, Kat had the teens go down below while she retrieved the keys from the galleon's controls.
  • Kat and Tommy were holding hands briefly before they split up.
  • When the teens rushed up to the ring to congratulate the guys on their victory, Tommy reached through the ropes to hug Kat.


  • As the teens helped set up for their graduation ceremony, Kat wished Tommy could be there, but Tanya reminded her that working on his uncle's stock car crew wasn't something he could pass up; Kat agreed, admitting she was happy for him.
  • In the flashback of the teens' adventure in 500-TPRM, Kat was shown to have shrieked at a skeleton she discovered on the Ghost Galleon's dock, but this hadn't been in 500-TPRM.


  • Kat's fighting style primarily used kicks, with some flipping of her opponents as well.
  • When Rygog and Piranhatrons arrived at the power plant to prevent the Rangers from getting a detonator out of the area, Kat told Tommy to get the detonator out of there while they held the Piranhatron off.
  • Kat was the commencement speaker at their graduation.
  • The end of Kat's speech was as follows: "And although we won't be coming here every day, we take with us the knowledge of ourselves and the world, the confidence to face whatever life hands us, and friendships that will last forever. For this we will always be grateful. Thank you."


  • Kat was going to be working with the incoming freshman at Angel Grove High.


  • After their battle with the Shadow Rangers and the Chromite, Kat joined Tommy and Justin as their homing device led them to the Youth Center, where they discovered that Lt. Stone was the new owner and that his chimps had stolen all of their missing items.
  • Kat and Tommy held hands briefly while following Justin to the Youth Center.


  • Kat was mildly frustrated with the chimps' messing with the presents and decorations the teens were setting up for Justin's surprise party.


  • At Lt. Stone's volunteer car wash, Kat went to check on Justin after he'd left; she found him alone after thinking she'd heard Porto nearby.
  • In the Juice Bar after she'd sent Justin into the Juice Bar for some juice, Kat told Tanya that Justin was the most honest kid she'd ever met, but lately he'd lying blatantly; Tanya eventually figured out the association between Justin's lying and the appearance of Piranhatrons.


  • One day after the destruction of Pharaoh, Kat said she and Justin were off to class.


  • Kat auditioned with the Angel Grove Ballet Company for the lead role of Clara in the Nutcracker and got the part by impressing Madame DuBois with her fresh approach at the performance.
  • Tanya was at the audition with Kat for support.
  • Kat had wanted to play the role of Clara in the Nutcracker ever since she'd started dancing.
  • Myrtle made a comment to Kat about her "build," saying that next year Kat might be in better shape; after Kat had gotten the part, Myrtle told Kat she'd make a lovely Clara, if not a little bigger than most; these insults bothered Kat.
  • At the Juice Bar with Tommy and Tanya, Kat wouldn't eat anything; this surprised Tanya, who said Kat was always up for something to eat.
  • Kat said she wanted to look her best for the ballet.
  • Tanya told Kat she would need energy for the ballet, and she couldn't starve herself, and Tommy said she'd gotten the part based on her talent, not on the way she looked, but it didn't change Kat's mind, as she skipped lunch to prepare for her lesson.
  • Kat walked through a residential area, weak with hunger, reminding herself that she could eat after the ballet.
  • Numbor made Kat weightless, and she was blown away by the wind after Tommy and Tanya had let go of her.
  • Kat was later floating near the ceiling of the Power Chamber as the teens discussed the problem.
  • Kat dropped to the floor after realizing that it wasn't how she looked that mattered, but rather what was in her heart.
  • Morphed Kat fought Numbor alone and gave him quite a beating despite his throwing an exploding "9" at her.
  • Kat wore her communicator during her performance as Clara in the Nutcracker ballet.
  • After the performance, Madame DuBois told Kat that it was the finest performance she'd seen in a long time, and that she should be very proud of the style and grace that was all her own.


  • Kat was Miss Appleby's student teacher; during class, she appeared to be grading papers.
  • In the hallway after numerous fire alarms had gone off, Kat found Reggie and Junior confronting Justin, and they played innocent when asked what they were doing.
  • After school was dismissed early, Kat and Justin walked by a fountain and pond, with Justin telling Kat he'd have to defend himself when Reggie and Junior would try to fight him, and Kat told him he might be able to make friends with Reggie.
  • Kat and Justin caught two Piranhatron setting off an alarm outside a building, and after defeating the creatures, the two teens joined the others in the Power Chamber.
  • In the Piranhatron fight, one Piranhatron kicked Kat in the midsection several times, but she soon defeated it using kicks of her own.
  • In the Power Chamber when Justin teleported into the room and crashed into the ground, Kat was confused; when he told her that he'd had to teleport when stuck in a tree after being chased by Reggie and Junior, she was upset that he'd used his powers in front of them; he said he was pretty sure they hadn't seen him.
  • Still upset, Kat began to repeat that they weren't supposed to use their powers for personal gain, but he was able to finish her sentence for her, knowing he shouldn't have teleported; he explained he didn't know how to get through to the bullies, but Kat sweetly told him he was way too smart not to figure this out.


  • When Blue Senturion rode toward morphed Kat and Tommy and pulled out his laser pistol, Kat shoved Tommy aside as he fired a gold beam of energy from the gun, striking Kat's right ankle.
  • Kat said she'd twisted her ankle.
  • When Terrortooth attacked her, Kat yelled for Tommy's help even though he was busy fighting Blue Senturion at the time.


  • Kat and Tanya were taking turns practicing flipping Tommy in the Youth Center.
  • When Tanya mentioned the upcoming Stone Canyon game, Tommy began to explain that he would go but that he had to go to the race track, but Kat flipped him mid-sentence and finished his sentence for him, knowing he had to go to the race track.


  • Jenny was dancing in the darkened Youth Center when Kat came in and was impressed.
  • Jenny left without talking to Kat, despite Kat's compliments.
  • Kat nervously auditioned with the Royal Academy, a dancing school in London; she said she hated auditions, but she'd been talking about its importance with the teens non-stop, and she'd been practicing for months.
  • Tanya went with Kat to the audition.
  • Kat had told Tanya about Jenny's dancing ability and attitude.
  • After her audition, Kat was among the dancers asked to return at 5:00 for a final audition.
  • After the final auditions, the judges had Jenny and Kat stay because they thought they were the most promising two dancers.
  • Kat was invited to join the Royal Academy for the fall semester, which meant she would be going to school in London.
  • Outside, Kat sat beside Jenny, and when Jenny sarcastically asked if this was where they had their heart-to-heart talk and become best friends, Kat said she didn't even know if she'd want to be Jenny's friend, since Jenny was mean, rude, and alienated herself from everybody.
  • Despite not being able to identify with Jenny's problems, she still pointed out that Jenny needed all the friends she could get, and she invited Jenny to the Juice Bar, where the teens would be later.
  • In the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone gave Kat a large bowl of ice cream in congratulations.
  • Tommy was happy for Kat that she got to go to London and study.
  • Kat was reluctant to go, but Tanya reminded her that even though she'd given up singing to remain a Ranger, she, unlike Kat, could go back to it any time.


  • In the crowd at Angel Grove Cleanup Week, Kat either whispered a word into Tommy's ear or kissed him.


  • In a black pickup truck, Tommy drove Kat to join the other teens on their group camping trip.
  • When Tommy said he loved camping, Kat agreed that she did as well.
  • Kat said that Justin had been so excited that morning that he'd woken up at the crack of dawn.
  • As Piranhatrons on bikes shot at them, Kat dropped her Turbo Key upon leaping out of the truck on Tommy's insistence; Tommy soon leapt from the truck as it exploded, knocking him out.
  • After strangers Cassie and T.J. had been helping her fight the Piranhatrons, Cassie urged Kat to get away, but Kat was determined to find where Tommy had been taken by the Putrapod.
  • Kat looked pleased as she watched T.J. and Cassie fight the Piranhatron.
  • Before leaving after the Rangers had arrived, Cassie made sure Kat would be okay, telling her she'd stay with Kat if she wanted, but Kat let her go.
  • At the power transfer ceremony, Kat had selected Cassie to become the new Pink Ranger, due to her sense of loyalty and trustworthiness which had led her to come to Kat's defense.


  • Among the scenes during Clockster's time reversal to earlier the same day was footage of Kat diving in a pink swimsuit at the Angel Grove community pool, the same footage from her dive in 324-DSP3.


  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website, Kat pursued a career as an environmentalist.

    PRZ comic book

  • Around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, Kat invited Tommy to watch her ballet recital after school, but he was snatched away by Rocky and his zealous friend Justine, privately upsetting Kat.
  • At her recital, Katherine, usually in control and take-charge according to the narration, had accidentally caused the other dancers to fall into a heap, disgusting the teacher and upsetting the dancers, one of whom called her "clodhopper"; Kat apologetically said her mind had been elsewhere.
  • As the Rangers were later fighting an army of Cogs on Gamma-Vile, Tommy asked for some help, but Kat retorted that she had problems too, saying he wasn't the only one who needed a little support from his friends every now and then.
  • Not knowing what he'd said to upset Kat, Tommy nonetheless apologized, but she soon apologized, saying they had to concentrate on the fight; Adam would later remind them of the value of working together, a point of which Tommy took note.

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