- super-strong female Time Force Officer from the year 3000
- current/future Yellow Time Force Ranger (since 902-Fut2)
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2


  • Among the Time Force Officers stationed about with their Chrono-Blasters aimed at the warehouse Ransik had overtaken, was Katie, a black female in her late teens, with shoulder-length, curly, dark hair, which was tied-back (with a silver band). Her height is above-average, and her eyes light brown. She had pierced ears, with a basic stud earring in each lobe.
  • Katie, Trip, Lucas, and several other Time Force Officers already shown to be stationed in front of the warehouse, were then shown amongst troops swarming past the side of the transport truck nearby.
  • Trip would usually be found in the vicinity of Katie, as the two had an apparent close bond.
  • Soon, Jen joined Katie's side in facing the warehouse, asking her if she was okay.
  • Moments later, Alex & Jen were happily reunited, prompting Katie to overemotionally hug Trip. He comedically struggled to break free of the tough woman's tight hold, but was unable to escape her strong clutches.
  • She tried to do the same to Lucas, but he managed to slip out of her firm grasp. She seemed let down, but playfully took out the rejection on Trip, by tightening her hold on him, turning the hug into more of a headlock.
  • At the trial of Ransik, Katie sat in the third row of the courtroom, next to Lucas, with Trip sitting in the row in front of them.
  • Katie turned to her fellow TF Officer, and grabbed his arms as she excitedly stated, "This is so cool, Lucas! Ransik is going down for sure!"
  • When Jen showed off her engagement ring to her friends, Katie appeared shocked and barely able to contain herself at the sight.
  • Sitting to Katie's left, was a female Aquitian.
  • That night, as part of the prison transport convoy, Trip & Katie drove Patrol Cycles, and rode slightly ahead of the transport truck .
  • Once outside of Millennium City, the convoy was halted when Katie and Trip stopped to check on the seemingly unconscious body of a woman, only to discover too late it was Nadira, who knocked both of them out with a slash of her fingernail-sword.
  • A short time later, gathered around the burning ruins of the transport truck with her teammates, Katie had her arm around Trip, comforting him gently (more motherly or older sisterly than romantically).
  • Katie attempted to speak up to Captain Logan during the teens' Holoscreencontacting with him, stating, "But sir...!", only to have him cut her off by saying there are no excuses for losing Ransik.
  • When Lucas roughed Trip up over his failure to read Ransik's mind, Katie stood up for her pal, pushing Lucas out of the way and yelling, "Lay off him, okay?!" She then held Trip close, babying him with a gentle hug as he pouted.
  • The next morning, while Jen and Lucas walked ahead of them on their way back to the city, Katie lagged behind, walking slower with her arms around Trip, helping him along comfortingly, as he seemed more shaken up than the others.
  • Katie cut off Lucas's rant, when she called attention to Trip, pointing out that he was receiving a signal.
  • Katie held him tightly, keeping Trip upright until his mental vision was through.
  • When Jen failed to commandeer a hovercar from a rude driver, Katie rushed over to help, acting overly pleasant. She explained to her teammate that she needed to be polite, just before grabbing the driver's shirt, tossing him out of his vehicle, and into the air, with one hand.
  • Katie smugly tapped Jen on the arm as she headed around to the passenger side, prompting her to roll her eyes in response to Katie's crude but successful method.
  • Soon, Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie raced up the stairwell to the launchpad for Funaro Maximum Security Prison, and once reaching the top, were all helpless witness to Ransik delivering a fatal blow to the Red Ranger.
  • As they watching somberly while Alex died, Trip appeared on the verge of tears, prompting Katie to put an arm around him in empathy.
  • When Jen declared that she and her teammates were going after the fugitives, Katie pointed out that they went through a time hole.
  • Soon, inside the Time Ship lower left capsule, Katie took a seat at a wavily shaped yellow round table, between Lucas and Jen.


  • According to the Fox Kids Brazil press release for the series, Katie's last name was Walker.

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