- assistant to Villamax
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First Appearance: 721-Heir
Last Appearance: 744-End2


  • On a staircase in the Onyx Tavern, Kegler said a happy, "Well, goodbye then," to a red alien, then hobbled down the steps.
  • Kegler was a squat being with a wrinkled white face, green round shades, and a partial barrel for the back part of his outfit; his "hair" was slicked back in wavy stripes on the side.
  • As Kegler's friend Villamax was watching the rude new arrival Trakeena, Kegler annoyedly asked Villamax to concentrate on his card game.
  • As Villamax spoke with Trakeena after beating up some thugs who had been threatening her, Kegler wanted to go, but Villamax stayed and spoke with her, agreeing to train her.
  • In the Onyx desert, Trakeena endured a long training session of indeterminate time under Villamax, probably lasting weeks or months (see "Missing time"), with Kegler rooting her on.
  • As Trakeena joined Villamax outside the Onyx Tavern after showing off her new strength, Kegler worriedly hobbled up, telling Trakeena that her father had been in an awful battle and was in bad shape.
  • Trakeena had to go back, and Villamax offered to escort her back; Kegler worriedly didn't want to stay after escorting her, but Villamax calmly assured him everything would be all right.
  • On the Scorpion Stinger, Villamax and Kegler arrived with the sobbing Trakeena just before the dying Scorpius would have passed on his powers to Deviot, but Trakeena was then given the powers.


  • In a storage area in the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot found Kegler and Stingwingers pushing the chained-up cocoon into the corner.
  • In a warehouse apparently on Terra Venture, Deviot was assigning two monsters two assassinate Trakeena when Kegler came in, and Deviot had the monsters run, with Kegler innocently wondering who the vanishing figures were.
  • Kegler told Deviot that Trakeena wanted him to help Villamax capture the Red Ranger.
  • Later on the Scorpion Stinger after Deviot had destroyed the assassin Kubak (secretly sent by Deviot), Villamax presented Deviot with a dagger shaped much like his sword, in appreciation for his coming to Trakeena's aid.
  • After Villamax had left, Kegler secretly watched as Deviot bent the dagger into a U shape, saying Villamax's loyalty was as worthless as the "two-bit dagger," tossing it aside.


  • Kegler was heading toward the Scorpion Stinger's engine core when a meteoroid penetrated the ship and impacted with the engine core.
  • After showing the meteoroid to Trakeena in the throne room and telling them of an approaching field consisting of larger rocks, Kegler returned to the engine room, where he discovered another fried circuit board and tossed it to Villamax, shrieking to Trakeena once she'd arrived that it would take two or three centuries to fix, as he'd never worked on anything like it before; they needed a real mechanic, giving Deviot an idea.
  • When the Stingwingers brought the mechanic that had been flown there, Trakeena was shocked to find it was Green Ranger Damon, but she had Kegler and Deviot take him to the engine room nonetheless.
  • After Damon had finished repairs, the villains rushed to the main lair, where Kegler accessed the alien keyboard, saying they would be up and running in a few moments.
  • Soon, Deviot reported engines were at full power, and Kegler made the Scorpion Stinger fly out of the meteor storm.


  • As Terra Venture was near a red giant star, Kegler attempted to explain gravitational physics to Trakeena, and Villamax explained that if Terra Venture were to lose power while close to the star, the gravity would suck them in.


  • Deviot, presenting Motor Mantis, said it was the perfect monster: sneaky, underhanded, and devious; Kegler remarked that it sounded a lot like Deviot.


  • Mike was jogging in the Forest Dome when he heard something; investigating, he saw Villamax and Kegler instructing Stingwingers as they were moving massive parts somewhere.
  • Tripping, Kegler (thinking he'd split a slat) left behind a miniature disc which Mike retrieved before being confronted by Chameliac.
  • The teens followed two Stingwingers who were carrying some tubing and supplies over a swampy pond; nearby, Kegler was supervising the Stingwinger construction of a massive laser dish, holding a manual.
  • When Villamax was alerted to the Rangers' presence by a Stingwinger, Kegler sent Chameliac to hold them off.
  • Later, as the Galactabeasts were arriving to fight giant Chameliac, Villamax armed the dish to blast the beasts, but Magna Defender arrived, blasting the dish with his rifle; Villamax attempted to leap in front of the dish but was too late, as the entire structure exploded into fragments around Villamax and Kegler.


  • After retrieving the Psycho Ranger's data cards, Deviot approached a digital reanimator apparatus on the Scorpion Stinger as Trakeena, Villamax, and Kegler watched; Kegler had thought they'd been destroyed, but Deviot angrily explained they hadn't been destroyed, but rather digitized.


  • During the demonstration of Decibat's powerful soundwaves, Kelger's glasses shattered, revealing beady black eyes underneath; he would have new glasses the next time he appeared.
  • After Decibat's speaker had been damaged, the monster lay on a table as Kegler worked on the speaker, with Stingwingers as assistants; Kegler told the impatient Deviot that he was tweaking Decibat to make him louder than ever, pleasing the monster.


  • After Deviot had activated the Galaxy Book's Keonta spell on Terra Venture but had apparently been destroyed, a large area in front of the Scorpion Stinger was normal space intitially, but as lightning flashed through the area, the multicolored nebulae of the Lost Galaxy were lit up inside.
  • Villamax planned to pursue the Rangers, but Trakeena exclaimed, "You fools! Don't you realize they've entered the Lost Galaxy?!" and Kegler added, "It's the most mysterious place in the universe! People go in, but they never come out!"
  • Villamax gladly realized that the Rangers were gone forever, but the ship began to be sucked in; Trakeena used the controls, and the Scorpion Stinger flew away.


  • Kegler made a strange electronic scuffling sound when he walked.
  • Kegler watched as Trakeena ordered Villamax to destroy the treacherous Deviot, but the robot would then fling himself and Trakeena into the cocoon, merging the two villains.
  • The next day, a cockroach-sized black bug buzzed around Trakeena's head, and she looked at it and then snatched it out of the air, making Kegler clap gleefully, but she then crunched her teeth down on the flapping insect.
  • Disgusted, Kegler said that could have been her relative, but he took it back, saying he was just kidding, when she belched at him.


  • With Kegler and Villamax, Trakeena prepared to blast the evacuating Terra Venture shuttles out of the sky.
  • Kegler watched worriedly as Villamax refused to fire on the shuttles.
  • After Villamax had been blasted through a wall, Kegler scurried over to him asking if he was all right, but Trakeena ordered him to get away from him, blasting Villamax in the chest and making Kegler scurry away.
  • After Villamax had vanished after being apparently fatally wounded, Kegler rushed up sobbing and felt the floor, asking what she'd done to him.
  • With her sword, Trakeena asked if he wanted to join him, and he sobbingly begged no, following her out in despair.
  • Kegler was presumably killed in the Scorpion Stinger's crash against Mirinoi's moon following the explosion of the Megaship.

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