- extreme athlete
- former or current Yellow Lightspeed Ranger (801-OpLs through 840-FLs2, also 933-TFLs)
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Full Name: Kelsey Winslow (801-OpLs)
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs


  • Kelsey Winslow was climbing up a rock face on a tall mountain or canyon wall as two men in black, secretly working for Lightspeed, approached her on a ledge or peak, speaking her name and requesting she come with them; she was astonished, asking who in the world they were.
  • Kelsey was wearing a yellow and black spandex top with gray spandex shorts, and yellow headphones around her neck; this would be her traditional outfit at Lightspeed.
  • Soon, a white helicopter with the teens inside flew out to sea, where a huge black submarine was surfaced; Carter figured they were going in the submarine, and Kelsey looked excitedly.
  • Kelsey's Lightspeed file photo had her standing, almost caught offguard by the photographer, in a yellow shirt in the mountains with rope or something over her shoulder.


  • When Miss Fairweather introduced the Rail Rescues, Kelsey was initially skeptical of the idea of trains.
  • Kelsey appeared to have green eyes.
  • After giant Magmavore had landed downtown, Mitchell had the teens put the Rail Rescues to work, although Chad was unsure; Kelsey reminded Chad that none of them were.


  • On the wall beside Kelsey's yellow bed in the girls' quarters were personal items such as a yellow skateboard, a helmet, and her rollerblades.
  • For the teens' training mission, Kelsey packed climbing gear and another helmet into a gray bag.
  • As Dana asked what her family had said, apparently speaking of her rockclimbing fascination, Kelsey replied, "'What are you, crazy?'" as everyone had said to her since she was a kid.
  • Kelsey said she always answered, "You have no idea," describing the rush she got hanging 1,000 feet up from a cliff.


  • Nancy Cooper, actually an astronaut for Mariner Bay's space program, was jogging with her little dog Dorsie when Dorsie ran into traffic and sat in the middle of the street as Nancy paused to tie her shoe.
  • Suddenly, Kelsey leapt out on rollerblades in the nick of time, grabbing the dog, and she then suddenly skated under the trailer of a passing truck to get out of traffic.
  • On the other side of the street, the two girls happily introduced themselves, joined by the gathering crowd which had held Nancy from rushing after her dog.
  • Nancy thought Kelsey must be crazy, but she smiled that she was very glad she was, and Kelsey replied that "crazy" was her middle name; Nancy laughed in a pleased manner, and Kelsey gazed back at her, her attention seeming much more focused on Nancy than the rescued dog.
  • As Kelsey suddenly said she had to go, Nancy replied with a soft lingering "awww..."; Kelsey then skated off backwards while waving eagerly at them, and Nancy sweetly waved her dog's paw in front of her face after Kelsey.
  • In the girls' quarters, Dana was sitting on the couch eating pretzels and reading a magazine while the TV showed a special report on an upcoming space shuttle launch.
  • Kelsey walked in with a towel and gray bag, snagging a pretzel cheerfully.
  • Kelsey had a small set of hand weights by her bed.
  • While unpacking her bag, Kelsey was excited to see Nancy on TV, realizing that the young woman was an astronaut for the impending space shuttle launch.
  • Kelsey had told Dana about the girl and her puppy, but Dana didn't remember her name.
  • After fighting the Ranger, Whirlin retreated in his tornado and terrorized the shuttle during its descent through the atmosphere.
  • The Rangers below blew up Whirlin with the Unilaser, but the shuttle was still going down; Mitchell told Joel the shuttle and Aero Rescue Three would both crash if he tried to help, but Kelsey got a crazy idea, calling Rescuezords, and Carter let her call the shots.
  • Kelsey had Joel fly to the shuttle as Dana followed her in MedRescue Five.
  • Nancy told Joel that most of her controls were jammed, including landing gear, so Kelsey had him attach his cable magnets.
  • The magnets latched on, and Joel pulled up, leveling off the shuttle, but Carter said it couldn't land at that speed, so Kelsey had Dana clear the freeway to become a landing strip.
  • Once the freeway was clear, Kelsey drove down the freeway and told Joel to put the shuttle on her roof, alarming both Joel and Nancy, but when Kelsey replied that "crazy" was her middle name, Nancy realized who she was.
  • With determination, Nancy agreed if Kelsey thought it would work, and Joel proceeded to bring the shuttle down toward HazRescue Four; as planned, Joel released once close, and Nancy glided the shuttle down for a rough landing on Kelsey's roof.
  • Carter warned Kelsey she was running out of freeway; the shuttle briefly came up off the roof but slammed down again, and Kelsey engaged full reverse, HazRescue Four coming to a stop right at the edge of a broken freeway bridge, presumably broken by Whirlin's earlier tornado.
  • As the copilots celebrated, Kelsey admitted that had been crazy, even for her, and Nancy laughed.
  • Amidst nearby rubble after Whirlin's destruction, Nancy met the Rangers face to face, Kelsey without her helmet, and Nancy waved excitedly to the Yellow Ranger.
  • The girls hugged happily, Kelsey delightedly squealing Nancy's name, and they talked while breathlessly excited.
  • Nancy exclaimed that she should have known Kelsey would turn out to be a Power Ranger, asking what it was like to be a part of Lightspeed Rescue; Kelsey loved it but admitted to always having dreamed of flying the space shuttle, and Nancy amusedly suggested they keep their own jobs after seeing the kind of rescues Kelsey had to do.
  • The girls giggled, and Kelsey affectionately put her arm around Nancy, smiling to the others and then grinning at Nancy.


  • Joel and Kelsey were particularly rude in response to General McKnight's announcement that the Cyborg Rangers were their replacements.
  • When the retired teens saw a billowing explosion behind a building downtown, Chad and Carter agreed they should check it out even though they weren't Rangers, but Joel and Kelsey argued it wasn't their job and that they should let the Cyborgs handle it; they would all end up going to help.


  • Early one morning, Chad rapped on the girls' door, calling for Kelsey to wake up and meet him in the galley.
  • A groggy Kelsey in a yellow robe peered out and gave a bleary response as he left.
  • In the Aquabase's galley, Chad was already clothed, just finishing his breakfast as Kelsey entered yawning and tying her hair back, dressed in normal attire.
  • Kelsey tiredly said good morning to the galley chef, who blended up fruits in some orange juice for her.
  • Taking the blender cup the chef had made, Kelsey headed to the table as Chad talked happily about making friends with a huge grouper fish; Kelsey couldn't believe Chad got up every morning to swim with the fish.
  • As Kelsey tried to drink from the blender cup, Chad cheerfully dragged her off to teach her something new.
  • At a large open shrine, Chad showed Kelsey slow tai chi moves, but she was awkward and unsure, thinking skateboarding was more her thing.
  • Chad said this would help her achieve inner peace, which she needed; she was insulted, and as he stammered about her being adventurous and totally fearless, but sometimes overexited, she play-hit him.
  • Pulling up on a motorcycle, Brian confronted the two Ranger teens, saying he thought they fought monsters, not each other.
  • As the obnoxious, bullying Brian challenged Chad to fight, Chad pulled the aggressive Kelsey away, explaining that he didn't have to prove himself to anyone, as he knew who he was.
  • After Chad had pulled his towel from under Brian's foot and tripped Brian after dodging his attacks, the two teens were called away on their Morphers and ran off.
  • Joined by Carter in HazRescue Four to rescue people trapped in an underground parking garage, Kelsey approached a wall underground, through which she slammed to reach the parking structure, and the two then rescued the people inside as the Zord lifted up fallen girders with its claw arm.
  • Emerging from the garage, HazRescue Four's front right wheel struck a silver minivan parked on the side of the road, sending it flying.
  • As the Rangers regrouped outside, Chad congratulated Kelsey on her stunt, and Carter noogied her helmet playfully over it.
  • Smogger and Batlings attacked, and as Smogger rolled off while the others were grappled, Carter sent Chad and Kelsey after him.
  • Chased by Chad and Kelsey into a run-down old industrial area, Smogger rolled into a building, the doors slamming shut behind him.
  • Kelsey drew her Rescue Blaster to blast him out, and Chad tried to have her think this through, but she replied she knew what she was doing, blasting dozens of holes into the door.
  • Thinking she'd gotten him, Kelsey approached, but Chad spotted the white gas briefly emerging from the holes but being sucked back inside, shouting it was a backdraft.
  • Kelsey barged in to see the gas flowing away quickly, but a violent explosion then blew her and Chad back, causing Brian to cover his face from the heat.
  • A singed Chad and Kelsey demorphed, and Chad went to Kelsey, who groaned that she was sorry for not listening to him; she humorously asked if that was what he meant by getting overexcited, and she then passed out.
  • With burns, scrapes, and a bandaged head, Kelsey slept on a hospital bed as Chad checked on her; the doctor had earlier said Kelsey would be fine.
  • Outside, the four jacketed teens conversed: Chad blamed himself, but Joel said no one could stop that girl from doing anything.
  • As Mitchell called over the teens' Morphers, Kelsey turned her head and listened to the device on her nightstand as the other teens left the hospital.
  • Soon, the injured Kelsey somehow made her way to the Aquabase, pulling off her head bandage as she took her jacket.
  • Miss Fairweather confronted Kelsey, gently asking if she was supposed to be in bed, and Kelsey replied the others needed her; Miss Fairweather knew she couldn't talk Kelsey out of it, so she gave her something that would help, having the lift bring the red Lightspeed Cycle equipped with a Rescue Speeder which she'd thought might come in handy.
  • Kelsey excitedly thanked and hugged her, and Miss Fairweather told her to be careful, but then instead told her more nonchalantly to bring the vehicle back in one piece.
  • Kelsey raced up in the cycle to help the others, deflecting Smogger's explosive sphere.
  • After helping destroy Smogger, Chad told Kelsey she was supposed to be in bed, but she replied that he should know her better than that.
  • In a recreational area another day, Kelsey, healed, did some smooth, calm, tai chi with Chad, but then excitedly bounced that she'd done it.
  • Kelsey told him not to laugh, but she actually felt a lot calmer, and Chad was happy.
  • Kelsey and Chad noticed Brian jogging with a team of yellow and orange belt children, and Chad called and waved, and he happily waved back saying it was good to see them; Kelsey was amazed that people really could change.
  • Kelsey said they now had to think of something she could teach him; just then, a girl called to watch out, and Chad sidestepped a flying tennis ball as it instead smacked Kelsey straight in the forehead.
  • Chad apologized, got the ball, and met the cute female tennis player who owned it, but he stammered and didn't know what to say, then awkwardly returned the ball.
  • As the girl left, Kelsey figured out she'd teach him how to talk to girls, and she grabbed him away by the wrist.


  • Trifire blew his flame breath, then roasted morphed Kelsey when she leapt; she was unharmed but said she now knew how a burnt marshmallow felt.


  • When Ryan attacked the city again after the teens had promised Mitchell they wouldn't fight his son, the teens debated fighting Ryan: Kelsey didn't want to, but Chad and Joel said they had to do something.


  • In the galley as the teens discussed Ryan, the girls took two mugs of perhaps coffee and some sugar from the counter.


  • One morning, Kelsey clumsily skated past people in the hall and through Ops, knocking people aside, making it into the conference room just in time for a meeting with Mitchell.
  • At the beach on the teens' day off, Chad and Kelsey surfed in wetsuits with Ranger-colored surfboards bearing their Ranger crests.
  • Kelsey later wore a yellow bikini top and orange flowered shorts.


  • Chad and Kelsey were out rollerblading together when they saw a black cloud billowing in the sky, and they returned to base.


  • As Kelsey controlled the Omega Crawler's robot claw arm to position an explosive canister which was to blow up Olympius's asteroid, Joel reminded her she did not want to drop that thing, but she replied she was already nervous enough.


  • As the four teens drove in the Rover, Chad coyly suggested going for a dive when they got back, and Joel objected that the water was cold and salty, but Kelsey cheerfully agreed.
  • Although Leo, having wandered in front of the teens' path, initially had his head lowered, Kelsey saw the Lion Quasar Saber in his hand and realized, "Hey, you're Leo! The Red Ranger!"


  • Kelsey was delighted with Dana's idea for the Galaxy Rangers to stay a while to help protect Mariner Bay, but they had to return to Mirinoi.


  • In the conference room, Mitchell slid the teens a newspaper which reported the fourth Starlight Crystal stolen, but Carter wondered what it had to do with them.
  • Vypra had been stealing one of the five crystals after another, and Special Agent Myers said his agency wanted to use the fifth to set a trap for her, handing out printouts of the fifth, green crystal.
  • As Dana wondered how they would find the fifth Starlight Crystal, Myers looked to Kelsey, who admitted her grandmother had it, surprising the teens.
  • Myers told Kelsey she had to get it for them, as the entire city depended on it.
  • Together, Carter and Kelsey walked up to the extravagent mansion of the very rich Grandmother Winslow.
  • Kelsey hadn't talked with her grandmother for years, as they didn't have a lot in common.
  • Carter observed Grandmother Winslow had been into some cool sports, but Kelsey said maybe a long time ago, as she'd personally never known her grandmother when she'd cared about anything but her money.
  • Grandmother Winslow said a prim hello to Kelsey, and Kelsey rushed over and hugged but had no response, so she introduced her friend Carter.
  • Prepared to walk out as Kelsey told her they needed her help, Grandmother Winslow matter-of-factly asked how much she needed, removing money from her purse, but Kelsey protested that they needed her Starlight Crystal.
  • When the crystal was eventually brought out, Kelsey promised her it would be safe, and her grandmother delicately handed it to her, and the two teens left after Kelsey kissed her grandmother on the cheek.
  • After the Starlight Crystal had been put in a case and handcuffed to Kelsey's wrist as she wore a security guard uniform, Myers and two other guards accompanied Kelsey into an armored van to depart from the lobby of a building.
  • On the drive, Kelsey called progress checks to the Rangers as they waited in the Rescue Rover nearby.
  • Soon, Vypra caused the van to swerve aside; Batlings opened the back of the stopped van, at which point Kelsey flipped out and fought them.
  • After the Rangers' arrival had caused Vypra to retreat, leaving them with all five Starlight Crystals, morphed Carter handed Kelsey the tray of crystals.
  • Just then, Myers weakly emerged from the van, and Kelsey presented the crystals to him, but Moleman emerged from the possessed agent and vanished with the crystals.
  • Back at the mansion, Grandmother Winslow was furious, and Kelsey tried to apologize that they had been tricked.
  • Saying she never should have let Kelsey have it, Grandmother Winslow remarked she couldn't be more disappointed in her, shouting goodbye while pointing at the door.
  • Outside, Kelsey cried to Carter that all she'd ever wanted was for her grandmother to like her, and Carter said he was sure she loved her, but Kelsey protested that she didn't, blaming herself for letting her down.
  • On a road after she'd run off, the sobbing Kelsey saw two Batlings driving a camouflage military transport truck; with determination, she removed her rollerblading gear from her yellow backpack and skated after the truck, leaping into the back.
  • As Moleman, in his compound, charged his laser with the five crystals, Kelsey fought off Batlings who found her spying, and she then skated through the warehouse fighting off many at once.
  • As Kelsey rollerbladed past the Batlings' lasers, Moleman threw a fireball, knocking her over, and Batlings grappled her and pulled off her rollerblades.
  • As Moleman had the Batlings push the laser cart closer to the open warehouse door while Kelsey was restrained to watch, Grandmother Winslow suddenly burst in driving a forklift while wearing sports padding and wielding a hockey stick.
  • Grandmother Winslow rammed through Batlings, and the initially shocked Kelsey fought her captors in her socks.
  • Outside following the destruction of the laser and apparently the Starlight Crystals along with it, Grandmother Winslow said she had come to get the most precious thing in the world to her; Kelsey disappointedly thought she meant the crystal, but she replied her granddaughter, and they hugged.
  • At that point, Carter called needing help, and Grandmother Winslow happily reassured she'd be fine, telling her to go help her friends.
  • As Kelsey arrived to help the others, Olympius and Loki both wanted a piece of the Rangers, with Moleman arriving with a grudge against her as well, so she replied she'd take them all on.
  • As Moleman charged, Kelsey flipped back with her V-Lancer, shouting for him to freeze as she aimed and cocked the handle, but as he struck her, she blasted a beam through him and followed with more blasts.
  • As the four teens ate lunch at an outdoor table, Kelsey whizzed up on rollerblades joined by her whooping, rollerblading grandmother on their way to a picnic.
  • Grandmother Winslow giddily challenged Kelsey to a race to the park, and they dashed off.


  • Back at the base after Mr. Tamashiro had told Chad his decision to become a Ranger was a waste, Kelsey understood that Chad felt really bad, as he'd said Mr. Tamashiro had been like a second dad to him.
  • As Mr. Tamashiro walked away from the teens for the second time, following his shaming of Cyclopter, Kelsey told Chad to go follow him, but he wouldn't, so she did instead.
  • Catching up to Mr. Tamashiro, Kelsey noted Chad really looked up to him, asking why he couldn't appreciate him for what he really was, the Blue Power Ranger, but Mr. Tamashiro replied it wasn't what he should be, walking off.
  • Kelsey made a face but then left when the man looked back.
  • In his room after finding Cyclopter training with Mr. Tamashiro, Chad, in a different outfit from his jogging clothes and tossing a shirt into his closet, ranted about his sensei's stubbornness, but Kelsey soon interrupted that Mr. Tamashiro was in trouble and all Chad could think about was his pride; Chad agreed and rushed out to find him.
  • As Chad and Joel were talking in their room later, Kelsey popped in asking if everyone was decent, having a surprise.
  • Mr. Tamashiro entered and politely asked if it was too late to have a tour of the Aquabase, and Chad was dumbfounded until Kelsey prompted him by nodding.


  • In the galley the morning before Carter's flight, Kelsey rollerbladed in but accidentally knocked into a chef, dumping over his oatmeal, and the teens laughed.
  • Kelsey apologized guiltily, and the chef gave her his rag to clean it up; as Joel took Carter out, Chad and Dana helped Kelsey.
  • When Carter relived the day, he grabbed the chef aside as Kelsey skated up, and she then sat cheerfully with the others as Joel took Carter to test the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.
  • As had happened the first time around, Kelsey called Carter for help as the Rangers battled Olympius and Mantevil, although she apparently called considerably earlier this time than she had originally.


  • Later in the day after the teens had gotten an urgent warning from Ryan from the tomb, Dana was worried about her brother, but Kelsey told her Ryan was tough, as it ran in the family.


  • As the teens walked through the base, Chad said their new Mega Battles were awesome, but Kelsey added, "Almost as awesome as Clark!" and Dana girlishly hung on Kelsey upon spotting Clark in the galley, saying, "There he is!" and they both giggled.


  • On a street of vendor shacks in front of a convention center, jacketed Kelsey rollerbladed up to the fruit stand of a man she knew named Mr. Litton.
  • Spotting a teenager named Artie putting apples into his backpack, Kelsey shouted, and he fled in irritation on his skateboard; she chased on her rollerblades.
  • Skating down stairs, Artie knocked over bins which Kelsey dodged, shouting repeatedly for him to stop.
  • On a pier, Artie held up a rope across Kelsey's path, and when she hit it, he pulled it taut, sending her rolling back.
  • As Artie escaped on a truck, Kelsey chased on her rollerblades, but Artie rolled out many apples from his backpack, making Kelsey stumble.
  • Her arm a bit sore, Kelsey skated around looking for Artie and soon heard him cry for help as he was surrounded by Jinxer's Batlings.
  • Kelsey bladed up and punched the various villains and morphed, soon joined by the others.
  • Finding a stray apple when it was discovered the villains' egg was missing, Kelsey suspected Artie.
  • After ransom fliers had rained down on Bird Bane outside a supermarket, Kelsey spotted Artie running on the roof above, discarding his fliers, and the teens would chase him as he got down from a ladder on the other side of the building.
  • Surrounded elsewhere, Artie gave up and handed Kelsey a paint can, but when she opened it, fake snakes sprang out, and Artie escaped during the distraction.
  • In ambush for the ransom exchange, the teens loitered in various disguises: Kelsey was a dottering old woman with fake wrinkles on her face.
  • As Artie made his getaway on a jetski, Kelsey ran off down the pier after him, peeling off her wig, dress, and mask disguises.
  • As Batlings attacked Artie at a pier, morphed Kelsey defended him.
  • Once the Batlings were all defeated, Artie hoped Kelsey didn't think she was taking the money, as he'd earned it; raising her visor, Kelsey retorted that he'd stolen it and was nothing but a common thief, saying he should be ashamed - people were in trouble, and all he could do was think of himself.
  • As Artie looked out at the water, Kelsey gave a "whatever" and lowered her visor, running off.
  • Artie called out that she was wrong about him.
  • As Bird Bane was beating the five Rangers, Artie called out and hurled the egg, having the Rangers destroy the monster as he ran for it.
  • Following the monster's destruction, Artie whooped that that had been awesome; her visor open, Kelsey giggled, thanks to him.
  • To make him pay for interfering, Jinxer shot his cane end at Artie, making spark explosions around him, and Kelsey helped him until the monster grew.
  • Another day near the street vendor area, Kelsey saw Artie under a stairwell giving three homeless people some food.
  • After she'd learned of Artie's giving to the homeless and working for Mr. Litton another day, Kelsey called out that maybe later he could show her some of his moves on his skateboard, but he playfully told her she'd never keep up.


  • Kelsey (in her floral beachwear) and Chad were at the beach, although apparently doing their own things, before being called back to base by Mitchell.
  • When Chad awoke after emerging unconscious from the water following a diving mission, Kelsey remarked he'd really scared them, and he confusedly recalled someone saving him.
  • At sunset after Marina the mermaid had briefly spoken with Chad, the others watched from the Rover, thinking he couldn't stay out there all night, but Kelsey, disagreeing, went to talk with the saddened Chad.
  • Chad told her Marina had been the right girl, and Kelsey consolingly put an arm around him.


  • Hooked up to a memory restoration apparatus, Chad remembered stumbling as Kelsey attempted to teach him how to rollerblade; this would have taken place in 819-QRet before the two saw Queen Bansheera's dark clouds.
  • Kelsey herself was prompted to remember encountering the men in black on the mountain (in 801-OpLs).
  • As more personal memories were targeted, Kelsey was prompted to remember giggling and clasping hands with Dana during practice (803-TByF), rescuing Nancy's dog (804-REdg), crying with Carter by her grandmother's fountain (823-FiCr), and rollerblading after Artie (829-EggC).
  • As Kelsey and Chad awoke with their memories restored, Miss Fairweather asked their Ranger colors, and they confusedly told her.


  • As Chad sat on the shore with his surfboard nearby while the others went into the water, Kelsey knew something was wrong when he didn't want to surf.
  • Chad said the ocean reminded him of Marina, and Kelsey knew he missed her, putting a comforting hand on his back.


  • As Carter teased the others (especially the girls) about being afraid of spiders, Kelsey protested that Arachnor had been at least seven feet tall, but he said she was exaggerating.
  • After Joel's toy-spider-on-the-shoulder joke, Carter amusedly attacked Kelsey with the spider, making her giggle.


  • In the girls' room, Dana used a pointer to name the bones in the human body on a skeleton model as Kelsey checked them in a book.
  • Kelsey congratulated Dana and remarked she would make a great doctor some day, but Dana was discouraged by the thought of trying to afford medical school.
  • Finding Dana in their room primping herself following the others' challenging fight with Treevil, Kelsey asked if she was okay.
  • Dana began to excitedly describe being the new Glitz girl and her fashion shoot, but she then noticed Kelsey's smudges from battle, and Kelsey replied with irritation that they'd tried to call her.
  • Initially angry as Dana woefully realized she didn't have her Morpher, Kelsey sat beside Dana and guessed she could forgive her once; Dana giggled and hugged Kelsey before realizing Kelsey was a little dirty, making Kelsey lunge to tickle her, and Dana giggled and fled.
  • As Kelsey and Dana left a carnival giggling arm-in-arm and holding yellow and pink balloons, Dana was amazed to see the latest Glitz Magazine with her on the cover.
  • Mobbed by excited fans, Dana signed autographs and talked on a cell phone with Koko Kashmere before a limo pulled up for her.
  • Amazed, Dana rushed to the limo, leaving Kelsey alone in dismay as Dana's pink balloons drifted away.
  • As the teens watched Dana sign her magazine covers for a crowd of Aquabase techs during her greatly successful modeling career, Chad was astonished to consider that Dana was a supermodel.
  • Meanwhile, Kelsey drew on Dana's magazine cover with a black marker.
  • At a team workout in a park, Dana held a rope pulley as Kelsey climbed it over a mud pit, but Dana let go to answer her cell phone, letting Kelsey fall into the mud below.
  • As Kelsey stormed over to her, Dana held up a hand to silence Kelsey, then finally hung up in irritation; Kelsey was outraged that she'd dropped her for her hair, but Dana replied snobbily that she cared how she looked, unlike some people.
  • With insincere cheeriness as her limo arrived, Dana walked off prissily, and the others held Kelsey back.
  • As Dana joined the others in battle against Treevil, Kelsey asked about the fashion show, and Dana replied her modeling days were over, as being a Ranger was much more important.
  • At a later time, Kelsey joined Dana outside the library as she was speaking with Koko from Glitz Magazine.
  • Koko was mesmerized by Kelsey's eyes and face, telling her she would be her new Glitz girl, but Kelsey and Dana laughed and firmly declined.


  • As the six waited anxiously in the dying Rescue Ops dome with Batlings pounding outside, the seated Kelsey inched nervously as water crept closer to her across the floor.
  • Turning to sit beside Kelsey, Chad asked if she was scared; she said a little, and he answered he was.
  • Chad bumped shoulders in a friendly gesture and said at least they were scared together, and she smiled faintly and put her arm around him, the two leaning their heads together.
  • As the Rangers, Mitchell, and Miss Fairweather watched the skull castle disintegrate downtown following Bansheera's defeat, Kelsey smiled at Chad.
  • Returning her Morpher to Captain Mitchell another day, Kelsey cheerfully said there was an extreme sports competition she had to start training for.
  • Just as the teens were parting ways, a fire truck raced by toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon.
  • Carter dashed off after patting Chad on the arm; Chad and Kelsey then exchanged excited glances and followed.

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