- young GSA scientist currently living on Mirinoi (since 745-End3)
- former Pink Galaxy Ranger (702-QsQ2 through 731-PPnk, also 822-TrR2)
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Full Name: Kendrix Morgan (701-QsQ1)
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
Pictures: Kendrix, circa early PRLG (shown at right), Kendrix, circa late PRLG


  • Checking up on ship systems eight hours before Terra Venture's departure, Commander Stanton walked through the GSA Science Division, taking a left into an area being used for horticulture research.
  • A girl in a red uniform was apparently scanning a small tree near the entrance, and at a table, Kendrix, also in a red uniform, had been holding a box device close to a small shrub with orange grapefruit-sized fruit on it.
  • Kendrix wore a red Type 1 uniform with a pink-striped oval badge.
  • Kendrix appeared startled and anxious when Commander Stanton addressed her, calling her "Miss Morgan," and asking how it was going.
  • Kendrix wore an analog wristwatch.
  • Standing, Kendrix replied cheerfully but with some apparent apprehension that these were the last of the experimental hybrids and that they were running ahead of schedule by 20 minutes; Stanton and Mike pleasantly teased her in passing about being ahead by only 20 minutes.
  • Two hours later, Kendrix and Kai walked with Mike in the black uniforms which were worn underneath GSA soldier gear, and they each carried a battle helmet.
  • Kendrix was excited, unable to believe there were only six more hours left, but Mike reminded her of their one training exercise left.
  • In a large shuttleport facility, Leo accidentally slammed into Kendrix as she and Kai were on their way to meet up with other soldiers to go to the heliships.
  • Leo apologized and helped her up, and they gazed at each other as she thanked him.
  • Kai soon got between them and seriously told Leo he ought to be more careful; Leo picked up his bag and Kendrix's stuff and then left anxiously.
  • Moments later, two guards asked Kendrix and Kai whether they'd seen a guy, describing his height and shirt.
  • Kendrix asked what he'd done, and the guard said he was a stowaway; Kai started to tell, but Kendrix grabbed his arm and said they hadn't seen him, leaving Kai confused as she walked off smugly afterward.
  • During the exercise on the moon, Kai was a leader of one particular group; as his group ducked behind a hill, Kai told Kendrix and another soldier (secretly Leo) to stay while everyone else followed him.
  • Soon, Leo looked and saw a blinking detonator not 20 feet from them, and he had them run, just managing to save them from a massive explosion which flung them forward.
  • Leo took off his helmet and asked Kendrix if she was okay, and she thought so, taking off hers as well.
  • Kendrix wore pink under her soldier uniform.
  • Okay as Leo helped her up, Kendrix was quite pleased to find it was him.
  • Kai ran back to check on Kendrix; seeing Leo, Kai angrily realized he was the stowaway, and Kendrix held him back.
  • When Mike ran up to check on them all, Kendrix was startled to learn that Leo was Mike's little brother.
  • When three Stingwingers attacked after following the sudden arrival Maya through a strange portal, Kendrix was able to fight them moderately well.
  • Kendrix said had never heard of Maya's home planet Mirinoi.
  • Sadly after telling her name and that she was from what was left of the planet Mirinoi (with which the teens were not familiar), Maya prepared to go back, saying Scorpius would destroy her world if he got the Quasar Sabers.
  • Leo wanted to help, but Kai thought he was nuts; Leo pleaded Mike that she needed their help, and Kendrix agreed.
  • Mike went with Kendrix and Maya, leaving Leo with Kai, planning to be back soon.


  • As Maya led them through the jungle, Kendrix told Mike he hadn't mentioned he had a little brother, and Mike said he was a handful.
  • Kendrix thought Mike was a little hard on Leo, but Mike said Leo sometimes did the craziest things, and he just wanted to make sure Leo was okay.
  • When the teens pulled the Quasar Sabers to fight Furio, Kendrix pulled the Pink Galaxy Ranger's Wildcat saber.


  • As Leo, Maya, and Damon prepared to take the Megaship to help animals in trouble that Maya had heard (the Galactabeasts), Kendrix and Kai spoke through a monitor on the bridge from what appeared to be Kendrix's station in the Science Division, whispering while upset and glancing behind them often.
  • Kai insisted that the three couldn't just take off, as they had to conduct standard systems tests, finish charging the hyper accelerators, interrupting himself to glower that there were procedures.
  • Kendrix told Leo that Kai was right, but Leo used controls at the rear right station to make the transmission fade out, pretending he couldn't hear them.
  • The three teens flew the Megaship to a planet where the Galactabeasts were being held, and soon, as the three faced Radster after morphing, morphed Kendrix and Kai arrived, having thought the others could use some help; presumably they had teleported to the others' location.


  • As Kai was giving new recruit Leo a tour of the Science Division, coming to its horticulture area, Leo stopped by Kendrix's desk, and she asked him how training was going, interrupting Kai.
  • Kai sternly said the training was going badly, since Leo had trouble focusing, and as the two left, Kendrix watched dreamily.
  • Elsewhere later, Kai frustratedly walked with Kendrix, saying Leo had no respect for the rules, was late to everything, and his uniform was always wrinkled.
  • Kendrix suggested that he was overreacting, saying although Leo was a little undisciplined and didn't follow all the rules perfectly, he came through no matter what when it really mattered.
  • Kendrix delicately suggested that Kai was a little jealous, and he found it ridiculous, just because Leo had scored high on the written test or shot out all three bull's-eyes; he replied that he couldn't care less.
  • When an unscheduled storm hit the area, Kendrix was impressed, and Kai was perplexed but then realized Leo had done it.
  • As Kai rushed off, Kendrix chuckled and wowed again at the storm brewing overhead.


  • When Alpha introduced the Jet Jammers and nervously told the Rangers to be careful, Kendrix cheerfully told him they'd let him know how they performed.


  • Shocked when a Mike impostor gave Furio the case to the Lights of Orion, Kendrix knew Mike wouldn't do that, and she was kicked back before Mutantrum revealed himself.
  • If during a fight one of the Rangers were to inquire about Leo's well-being, the odds were quite high that it would be Kendrix.
  • Later, in the guys' room as the others were ready to eat, Kendrix saw Leo alone at the window and went to talk with him, knowing he was thinking about Mike.
  • Leo missed Mike, and Kendrix did too, saying he would've been so proud to see the way he'd fought for him; she knew she was.
  • Leo thanked her and decided he was a little hungry after all.


  • In a GSA training room, Kendrix and Kai sparred in workout suits.
  • Kendrix knocked Kai to the mat yet again, and he called it enough for today; she teased that he was just tired of hitting the mat, and he agreed but said he also had other things to do.
  • The other three teens entered to show Kendrix a magazine featuring Carolyn Pickets, who looked identical to Kendrix.
  • As the teens were approaching Carolyn Pickets' photo shoot in a mountain park, Wisewizard sent a glowing blue page flying from a notebook onto the camera, making it explode and knocking Carolyn and her manager down nearby.
  • As the teens ran up, with Kendrix calling for the monster to hold it, he pulled out another page, and it flew, glowing blue, and stuck to Kendrix's left thigh.
  • The page exploded with a spark explosion, knocking Kendrix down.
  • As the teens helped, Kendrix groaned clutching her leg, in which the glowing blue remnants of the Japanese symbol from the page faded out.
  • After Wisewizard had left, Kendrix managed to stand.
  • Carolyn initially told her manager she was fine, but she suddenly feigned an injured ankle.
  • The teens were impressed that Carolyn looked so much like Kendrix, and the manager was amazed, realizing she could take Carolyn's place.
  • Kendrix said she wasn't an actress, but the manager laughed and looked back at Carolyn, saying there was nothing to it.
  • As the manager begged, Kendrix agreed.
  • During an office scene on her first day of filming, Kendrix's character was looking at some folders with her back to her future love interest Bobby when he approached her and put his hand on her shoulder; Kendrix gasped and flipped him onto the ground, shocking everyone.
  • Kendrix desperately apologized, saying it was a reflex.
  • At some points during her acting, Kendrix's leg would give way from pain, ruining the scene.
  • On a hillside in the park some time later, the last shot of the movie was preparing to be filmed.
  • Carolyn watched as Kendrix had to sit down from leg pain while reading her script; remembering the monster attack, Carolyn went up to her, knowing it was her leg.
  • The symbol glowed faintly with pink energy in Kendrix's thigh, and Carolyn insisted she tell them she had to quit, as she was hurt, but Kendrix said she was going to do what she'd told them she'd do.
  • On repeated takes, Kendrix came up the hill as directed; by the fourth take, her leg was aching, and by the eighth, she was limping badly and collapsed partially up the hill.
  • The director was fuming, but Kendrix pleaded him for another try, and he gave her one more.
  • From the bottom of the hill, Kendrix limped with determination up the hill, with Carolyn watching with concern, wishing she would just quit.
  • Kendrix finally reached the top and gave a moving final line, then embraced her co-star, and the director was astonished, calling it perfect.
  • After praising Kendrix's performance, Carolyn admitted to always quitting when things got tough, seriously admiring Kendrix.
  • Kendrix explained that making a promise was easy, but keeping it was what was hard.
  • When Wisewizard attacked and the crew fled, Kendrix stood her ground, with Carolyn cowering behind her.
  • Kendrix jump-kicked the notebook out of Wisewizard's hand, grabbed it, and threw a glowing blue page at him, but he held out his hand and made the page fly back at Kendrix, where it stuck to her right leg and exploded, knocking her down.
  • Watching as Kendrix hobbled away, Carolyn took off her shades and scarf so her outfit was quite similar to Kendrix's.
  • Wisewizard went around the other side of the movie truck and found Carolyn with his notebook while clutching her legs on the ground.
  • Wisewizard told her she'd interfered with his plans for the last time, but the real Kendrix emerged from the back of the truck and side-kicked him back, then took a defensive stance until Carolyn joined her.
  • After the four Rangers had arrived and chased Wisewizard away, Kendrix helped Carolyn up and thanked her; Carolyn promised that Kendrix could count on her any time.
  • Kendrix began to hobble away painfully, and when Carolyn asked if she was okay, Kendrix gave a cheerful reply of being fine.
  • In a forest, the Rangers fought Wisewizard and his array of flying pages before morphed Kendrix hobbled up clutching her left leg.
  • Wisewizard pummeled Kendrix, knocking her into some bushes, but she suddenly leapt down from a tree with her Transdagger and destroyed his notebook with energy blasts, curing her leg and making the pages vanish.
  • Perhaps days or weeks later, Kendrix was preparing a sub sandwich portion for herself in the kitchen of the girls' room as she went over one of the lines from the movie; the other teens came in and caught her reciting the line, chuckling at her.
  • Taking half of the sandwich, Damon jokingly asked Kendrix if she was going to give up science for acting.
  • When Carolyn was on television winning an award, Leo told Kendrix he thought Carolyn wished she could be more like her, but Kendrix doubted Carolyn even remembered her; Carolyn then proceeded to dedicate the award to her friend Kendrix, who had taught her the value of keeping a promise and working hard.


  • Stanton's young daughter Jodie was helping Kendrix in the Science Division when Stanton told Kai to take Jodie skating.


  • After finding an egg-shaped stone in a cave, Leo brought it to Kendrix, and she examined it with him in the darkened and deserted Science Division.
  • Unable to crack it open even with a laser, Kendrix impatiently took the rock from Leo as he was tossing it around casually.
  • As Kendrix driving the next day with the rock in a metal case to take it to another lab, she was attacked by Ruptor.
  • After blasting Ruptor, Magna Defender insistently approached Kendrix for her to give him the stone, but she clutched it close, shaking her head; when the four Rangers arrived to back her up, Leo shouting for him to keep his hands off her, Magna Defender aimed his Magna Blaster at Leo.
  • After Ruptor had stolen the stone, Magna Defender began to walk off, but Leo grabbed his shoulder, causing Magna Defender to turn and punch him in the gut.
  • Restraining the others, Kendrix asked why he wanted the Lights, and he replied before walking off that he had his reasons.


  • In the girls' room, Kendrix got a vase for some large sunflowers on the counter which Maya said were gorgeous.
  • Kendrix thought there was something really special about sunflowers, and Maya agreed, saying they were beautiful and yet so powerful.
  • Kendrix said that sunflowers lit up the world, and Maya said that on Mirinoi, they had sunflower statues on their temple gates, as it was believed the flowers held the secrets of the universe.


  • In the girls' room, Leo prepared a pile of wrapped gifts, and Kendrix iced a cake in preparation for a surprise birthday party for Damon; he'd thought they'd all forgotten his birthday.
  • Later, Kendrix entered and was furious to find Maya messily finishing off the last of the cake; Maya innocently asked since when she needed permission to eat.
  • Kendrix yelled that maybe in the jungle, people ate whatever they wanted, but here they asked first; Maya retorted that in the jungle, people were happy to share.
  • Maya blamed Kendrix for there not being anything else to eat since she hadn't gone shopping, so she took her purse to go shopping, and Kendrix angrily threw the last chunk of cake at her; just as the door was opening for her, revealing eavesdroppers Leo and Kai, Maya dodged, making most of the cake hit Leo.
  • Downtown, Maya and Kendrix were irritatedly walking with groceries, planning to divide the refrigerator.
  • When the girls slammed into an invisible forcefield, they concluded it was Scorpius's doing and eventually came to the white halfpipe building, where Destruxo had put his staff into the ground to find the Lights of Orion.
  • While the girls fought Destruxo but were being overwhelmed, the air in the forcefield began to grow thin, making it difficult to breathe.
  • Maya wanted to stay and take care of Destruxo, but Kendrix told her they had to leave and save the colony.
  • Maya charged but was slashed back, and Kendrix shot blasts from her Beta Bow into the ground, making a distraction after which the two had vanished.
  • Inside the open doorway of a building, Kendrix and Maya were unmorphed.
  • Kendrix went to dab a scratch on Maya's cheek with a cloth, but Maya knocked her hand away, angry that she had retreated rather than helping her fight.
  • Kendrix said Destruxo was too powerful, but Maya left to stop him herself, flipping off a ledge outside and running off.
  • Examining the forcefield alone, Kendrix saw two little girls in blue and red Terra Venture jumpsuits: the one in blue had long curly brown hair like Maya, and the one in red had blonde hair in a ponytail with glasses, like Kendrix.
  • The girls, barely able to breathe, were scared and asked Kendrix if she could make more air; she apologized that she couldn't.
  • The girl in blue had a small cut on her left cheek, just like Maya had gotten somehow during the fight with Destruxo.
  • The red girl said they'd be okay, as they had each other, and they were holding hands.
  • Kendrix left, promising she'd figure the situation out.
  • Elsewhere, Maya caught sight of a bakery shop window with birthday cakes on display, and she realized with regret that she'd eaten a birthday cake.
  • Stingwingers sneaked up behind the distracted Maya, but Kendrix fought them off.
  • The Mirinoites didn't celebrate birthdays; Kendrix apologized for overreacting, and Maya agreed to help make another cake.
  • Fighting Destruxo together, the girls attacked with two sets of Delta Daggers, then two sets of Beta Bows, but it wasn't until Maya occupied the monster with her weapons and Kendrix then struck him that they scored a hit and managed to destroy his forcefield generator.
  • The two little girls resembling Maya and Kendrix jumped and then victoriously hit their forearms together, and nearby, the morphed girls did the same.


  • Kendrix slept in a pink V-neck top with a pink-striped oval badge on it.


  • Kendrix was working in the Science Division when the Scorpion Stinger attacked and began draining energy from the Mountain Dome, and Kendrix would watch worriedly at the doorway of Command Headquarters; during the chaos, Kai would have Kendrix leave with him to meet up with the other teens.


  • At a hillside outside the city, Leo was looking at his Quasar Saber thoughtfully, waiting for Mike, when Kendrix drove up and spoke with him; she thought he should be jumping for joy over Mike's return, but she then realized he was wondering whether he should keep his saber.
  • Mike arrived, and Kendrix thought for a moment as they walked off before she herself left.


  • Stunned by the beauty of Mike's companion Tracy (secretly Trakeena in disguise), Leo inadvertantly bumped Kendrix aside to get closer to Tracy.


  • After a GSA rescue team (including Leo and Mike) inside a dead alien ship had apparently been attacked by an alien creature and had lost contact with Terra Venture, Kendrix subtly waved Kai over from the hallway outside Command Headquarters, and he got up to leave, having another Type 1 blue officer cover for him.


  • In the Science Division, scientists were all over working on various displays from the Galaxy Book, an ancient tome recovered from the alien craft.
  • A Type 3 blue officer, calling Kendrix by name, gave her a color copy of a page from the book.
  • Meanwhile, Kendrix was flipping through pages of the actual book, filled with symbols and diagrams when she stumbled upon a torn page with the remaining left half showing a color drawing of the five Galactabeasts.
  • After hours, alone in the Science Division, Kendrix continued looking through the book's pages, again coming to the torn Galactabeast page, which she looked at after making sure no one was nearby.
  • Kendrix took off her glasses, and with sudden inspiration, looked through the loose photocopy pile beside her, finding the other half of the torn page.
  • The other half showed three more Galactabeasts, a red humanoid shape with the body of a rhino, a standing blue phoenix, and a grayish-blue shark above them.
  • Someone entered, making Kendrix hide the loose page elsewhere in the book and flip to a different spot, but it was only Maya.
  • Presumably later the same evening after Deviot's evil Zord attack, Kendrix and Kai worked alone on a Science Division computer to attempt to translate the symbols on the page of the Galaxy Book showing the Galactabeasts, but Kai said it looked like it was impossible to decode.
  • Kendrix thought the book might be the only way to stop the evil Zords, though she didn't yet realize that they were the three lost Galactabeasts shown in the book.
  • The Galaxy Book was now in a glass case in the front of the lab by the windows, turned to the Galactabeast page with the loose half lying next to its other half.


  • In the guys' room, the teens attempted to think of a way to stop the evil Zords; Kendrix attempted to translate a copy of the torn page from the Galaxy Book on the computer terminal, assuming that it contained the answer to the Galactabeasts' refusal to fight.
  • After Kai had approved of Leo's plan to blow himself up, the teens left to enact the plan, with Kendrix heading to the Science Division to keep trying.
  • During chaos in Command Headquarters due to the evil Zords second attack, Kendrix slipped into the darkened, empty Science Division to work on her computer decryption.
  • As Kendrix worked, her terminal "Searching" while on the Galactabeast page, Mike entered, and she told him of the guys' plan and her concern, so he went to help.
  • A while after displaying "Searching" while on the Galactabeast page, the computer continued searching with images of the three evil Zords slowly replacing the drawings of the three missing Galactabeasts while Kendrix urged, "It's gotta be there. Come on..."
  • Suddenly, the computer displayed, "Found," and showed the three Galactabeast drawings beside images of the three evil Zords, then made an equals sign between them to indicate that they were one and the same, startling Kendrix, and she rushed off to tell the others.
  • As morphed Leo raced toward the ramp to self-destruct his Astro Cycle, morphed Kendrix jumped out calling out for him to stop, but he struck her before stopping, then helped her up as Damon and Kai drove up.
  • Kendrix told the three Rangers that the Zords were the missing Galactabeasts, and it was Deviot who had made them evil; the five Galactabeasts knew their friends and wouldn't fight them.
  • In Command Headquarters that same night, Stanton addressed numerous rows of blue and red officers, apparently four mixed groups of four, including Kendrix and Kai, with Mike in front.


  • After Scorpius's destruction, Kendrix was glad she could finally concentrate on the Galaxy Book; she was the first person to speak the book's name, which scientists in the Science Division would later use as well.


  • After the Rangers had arrived on an alien planet to help Leo against Trakeena and they'd destroyed a monster together, Leo hugged Kendrix.


  • After discovering her old best friend Shondra from Mirinoi on Terra Venture, Maya went to introduce Shondra to Kendrix, her best friend, correcting herself by adding that it was her best friend on Terra Venture.
  • In the Science Division, with a red Type 3 officer at another table and a labcoat scientist nearby, Kendrix was studying the Galaxy Book.
  • Maya, giving Shondra a grand tour, brought in Shondra, whom Kendrix had heard about.
  • Calling for a celebration, Kendrix decided to leave early to make dinner and gave the Galaxy Book to a labcoat guy, who immediately put it in its clear case.
  • Kendrix and Kai soon entered the girls' room with grocery bags, with Kendrix also holding a potted plant.
  • Kai was surprised to hear that Shondra was there.
  • Kendrix wanted to make them a special dinner, something they would have on Mirinoi, and Kai was intrigued, agreeing.
  • Around 7:00 that evening, Leo and Damon entered, excited to meet Shondra, but Maya and Shondra didn't show up.
  • As Kendrix sadly blew out the candles later, she sat down on the verge of tears.
  • Leo and Kai excused themselves and Damon; Leo tried to cheerfully tell Kendrix goodnight, and the other guys did as well as they left the saddened Kendrix.
  • Kendrix was later resting in the chair with the lights dimmed when Maya and Shondra came in giggling about old experiences.
  • That night, Kendrix awoke to hear Shondra sneaking out of the room, and she would sneak back in later, around midnight, hobbling on her injured right leg as Kendrix pretended to sleep.
  • In the Science Division the next morning, Kendrix and Commander Stanton walked up as a guard described the monster he'd shot in the leg when it had tried to steal the Galaxy Book the previous night around midnight.
  • Shocked, Kendrix ran to the girls' room and told Maya about the connection between Shondra's excursion and leg injury, but Maya stormed out thinking Kendrix was simply jealous of the girls' friendship.
  • After Maya had confronted Shondra and discovered she was a monster, morphing to fight her, the other Rangers arrived to help, and Maya told Kendrix she'd been right.
  • The Scorpion Stinger's video archives in 729-Cham would show Pink Ranger attacking Rykon repeatedly in the city; the only time such a fight apparently would have been possible would have been just after the Rangers' arrival.
  • Later, Kendrix walked up to Maya as she sat on a tree branch; Kendrix apologized about Shondra, and Maya apologized for not listening to her.
  • Someday Maya knew she would find Mirinoi again and bring everything back to life; Kendrix said someday she would get to meet the real Shondra.


  • Some time after Leo had joined Maya as she'd been listening to the Wolf Galactabeast, both Maya and Kendrix were morphed to confront Motor Mantis when he attacked Terra Venture.
  • During the struggle, Motor Mantis turned morphed Kendrix and Maya into gold trophies; they were later restored when the monster was defeated by the Red Capsular Cycle.


  • Leo had a crush on and briefly dated a girl named Ginger, apparently ruling out romantic interest with Kendrix at the time.


  • In the near-empty Science Division during the Space Rangers' stay on Terra Venture, Kendrix was flipping through the Galaxy Book when she came to a page bearing a drawing and information of the Savage Sword, the name of which she then exclaimed to herself right after a fellow scientist had left another workstation.
  • At a computer, Kendrix was now apparently in a GSA administration building on city level despite having been in the Science Division earlier.
  • Kendrix brought up a solar system display and found that the Savage Sword was on planet Rashon, practically next door to Terra Venture according to her.
  • Suddenly, Psycho Pink partially emerged from the monitor, grasping Kendrix's forehead and draining pink energy waves, reading her mind, then shoved Kendrix back and vanished into the monitor.
  • After tracking Psycho Pink to the Industrial Dome, Kendrix ran out of two double doors and across the halfpipe bridge.
  • Cassie, in uniform, was walking alone in the plaza, perhaps in the Industrial Dome, when she spotted Kendrix running by and stopped her.
  • Kendrix said Psycho Pink was alive, and they ran off; at the kiosk area which looked quite similar, Psycho Pink emerged from the kiosk monitor, and Kendrix and Cassie ran up and morphed.
  • After Psycho Pink had escaped, Kendrix described the Savage Sword to Cassie as more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined, having seen it in the Galaxy Book.
  • Kendrix started to run off, blaming herself for the knowledge Psycho Pink had stolen from her, but Cassie told her they Pink Rangers had to stick together, and Kendrix thought and agreed.
  • As the two flew through space, Kendrix in her Jet Jammer and Cassie on her Galaxy Glider, Kendrix called the others and told them of their chase to Rashon.
  • Searching the planet's surface, the two girls came upon Psycho Pink pulling the Savage Sword from a stone despite their cries to try to stop her.
  • Repeatedly knocking Kendrix back, Psycho Pink fought Cassie with the Savage Sword, draining her energy through the sword.
  • After many energy-draining slashes from the Savage Sword, Psycho Pink delivered a final blow which demorphed the extremely weakened Cassie with a pink gleam, her Morpher rolling aside in the sand.
  • Approaching to finish Cassie off, Psycho Pink suddenly saw the Morpher and told Cassie she'd get her later; morphed Kendrix and demorphed Cassie were too weak to get up as Psycho Pink stood over the Morpher.
  • Psycho Pink said the Astro Morpher held much power, and that power would be hers; she thrust the Savage Sword into the Morpher, impaling it, and a large red column of energy vapor whirled up around the sword, tossing Psycho Pink out and morphing her into monster form.
  • As Psycho-monster Pink approached Cassie, planning to drain every last ounce of Cassie's strength and use her power, Kendrix blocked her path.
  • In the energy cyclone, the Savage Sword glowed pink, draining energy from the split Morpher, and Cassie groaned in pain and weakness; Psycho Pink then grew to giant size with pink energy.
  • As the Galaxy Megazord, and soon the Astro Megazord, fought giant Psycho Pink, Kendrix reassured Cassie that they'd get her powers back.
  • As the Galaxy Megazord, and soon the Astro Megazord, fought giant Psycho Pink, Kendrix reassured Cassie that they'd get her powers back, but numerous energy drains crippled Cassie in agony, leading Kendrix to decide she had to do something, as she was the only one who could help.
  • Cassie screamed as Kendrix pressed against the energy wall but was knocked back by a blast; she continued pushing again, however, despite repeated bursts and Cassie's screams of protest.
  • After giant Psycho Pink's destruction, Kendrix continued pushing through the blasting energy barrier.
  • As the eight teens ran toward the area, Leo heard Kendrix's transmission saying she'd almost reached the Morpher; she finally fell through the barrier, having made it inside, and she said it was the only way to save Cassie.
  • Although Psycho Pink had been destroyed, the energy storm was continuing to wreak havoc on Terra Venture and drain the life from Cassie.
  • As Kendrix stood facing the Savage Sword, Cassie screamed for her to get out of there, but Kendrix said she had to destroy it forever; meanwhile, the eight teens ran up, the Galaxy teens yelling.
  • Shouting that this had to work, Kendrix struck the hilt of the Savage Sword with her gleaming Quasar Saber, and a pink explosion engulfed her a second later.
  • The Savage Sword collapsed in two halves, in its original form, and the energy storm dissipated, leaving a small glowing white column of light.
  • The limp, glowing white, translucent morphed form of Kendrix, holding her Quasar Saber, hovered in front of the teens, and it demorphed with a gleam into Kendrix, initially appearing unconscious.
  • Opening her eyes, Kendrix looked around and then smiled, and told them, apparently with a bit of disbelief herself, that she was okay, and she reassured the teens that she would always be there.
  • Kendrix's ghost was absorbed by the floating Quasar Saber as pink energy, and as the glow vanished, the saber turned upward and streaked into the sky with a sparkling trail.
  • On the ground, Cassie's mangled Astro Morpher reassembled with pink energy.
  • Later, Cassie was forlorn as the Space Rangers prepared to leave for Earth; consoling her, Andros told her that they'd all taken a risk upon becoming Power Rangers, saying Kendrix had known that.
  • Cassie wished she could stay and help, but Andros reminded her of their mission: Kendrix had sacrificed her powers, he said, to get Cassie's back, and she would want Cassie to go on.
  • Andros referred to the loss of Kendrix's "powers," while it had certainly appeared that she'd lost her life in the battle.


  • Some time later, the pink Quasar Saber flew down to the planet Gwinnet and was found by a short humanoid named Runtus who'd been working in the field.
  • In a dark dream forest, Kendrix's ghost told Maya she had to find her Quasar Saber, as it had fallen into the wrong hands on Gwinnet.
  • Maya asked about Kendrix, she replied that she was in a wonderful place, but she stressed that Maya had to protect her saber, at which point Maya woke.
  • On the planet Kirassa where the Rangers had been lured and Karone had brought the pink Quasar Saber to help them, Trakeena grabbed the saber and kicked Karone off a cliff.
  • Falling, Karone caught a rock ledge, but none of the other Rangers were free to come to her aid; she struggled until her fingers finally slipped.
  • Karone fell, but something invisibly caught her by the arm, stopping her fall, and a glowing bluish-white spectral image of morphed Kendrix appeared, giving her a cheerful, "Hello Karone," to which the shocked Karone replied, "Kendrix...??"
  • As Kendrix waved her ghostly hand over Karone's wrist, a Transmorpher appeared from gold energy, and Kendrix told her she would become the Pink Ranger.
  • Kendrix flew Karone back up to the cliff, telling her the others needed her help and that she'd be there if she needed her.
  • After setting Karone back on the mountain, Kendrix looked skyward and spread her arms like an angel, flying up and vanishing.


  • Recalling the loss of Kendrix, Leo said it was the worst thing that had ever happened to them, but Leo knew they'd see her again someday.


  • As Leo and Kai tried to figure out how to use the Galaxy Book to escape the Lost Galaxy, Leo wished Kendrix were there, as she'd know what to do, but he soon thought to read the spell backwards, freeing the colony.


  • As the colony neared Mirinoi, the impromptu New World which was now in the normal universe, Maya wished Kendrix were with them to see it.
  • After the Rangers had returned their Quasar Sabers to their stone on Mirinoi, demorphing them and restoring the Mirinoite village, Leo suddenly called their attention to an area of blue light streaks, from which Kendrix's ghosly image walked smiling, and she became solid as the light faded.
  • Kendrix beamed happily, "I knew you'd make it here."; shocked, Maya ran and hugged Kendrix, saying she didn't know how many times she'd wished she would come back.
  • Kendrix happily told Maya she'd missed her, and the teens, minus Karone, hugged her happily.
  • Kendrix thanked Karone for everything she'd done, and Karone said she wouldn't have missed it for the world.
  • As the Galactabeasts watched a fireworks display in the sky, Leo put a hand on Kendrix's shoulder, and she happily glanced at him during the show.


  • Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Kendrix still wore her red GSA uniform.
  • On Mirinoi a while after Leo, Maya, and Kai had gone to Earth with their Quasar Sabers to help the Lightspeed Rangers against Trakeena, Damon and Kendrix simultaneously pulled the two remaining Quasar Sabers.
  • As the teens stood together as Trakeena's hostages were freed following her destruction, Joel signed a publicity flyer of himself and assumed Kendrix and Maya would want one, but they giggled and Kendrix replied she didn't think so.
  • As the others chatted, Joel continued trying to concvince Kendrix, but she kept looking around and politely declining.
  • When Dana asked if the Galaxy teens could stay for a while, saying Mariner Bay could use another team of Rangers, Kai looked consideringly to Leo, but Kendrix, escaping from Joel, happily told them they'd love to, but they were needed back on Mirinoi, and Maya nodded.

    Other Sources

  • The following bio comes from the Fox Kids website:
    Highly intelligent and analytical by nature, Kendrix has an interest in all things scientific. She always has a logical explanation for everything, and that sometimes prevents her from seeing the wonder that's all around her. Her blossoming friendship with free-spirited Leo teaches her to be more fun loving and spontaneous.

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