Key warrior
- otherworldly warrior; former owner of armorkeys (until 733-FPst)
Key warrior
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First Appearance: 733-FPst
Last Appearance: 733-FPst


  • As the teens tried to think of a way to restore Leo's powers, Karone thought of a possible solution.
  • Karone recalled that as Astronema, she'd once fought a powerful warrior, an awesome opponent whose power came from two keys.
  • Beside a cave in a jungle on a bright green rocky planet with white cloud wisps, probably before 601-FON1, the warrior, a man with long black hair and primitive, minimalist battle gear, had battled Astronema with a sword.
  • Scattered near the cave opening were two gray boulders, each having a metal sword stuck into it, like the Quasar Sabers.
  • Astronema had knocked the sword from the warrior's hand and kicked him back.
  • The warrior pulled off the two keys from his bicep bands to combine them, a process which would make him invincible according to Karone's narration.
  • To avert the combining of the keys, Astronema had blasted the warrior with a purple energy bolt from her staff, turning him to stone just before he could merge the two halves.
  • Years later, Karone and Leo made their way toward the cave where spiderweb-covered skeletons (apparently three) now lay near the cave, one with an old sword and shield lying on him, and another against a rock with its arms splayed out as though recoiling from something; although their cause of death is unknown, Astronema cannot be ruled out as the killer.
  • Karone knew the stone warrior was inside the cave, although he'd actually been turned to stone outside the cave.
  • As they approached the cave, a cobwebbed skeleton lying against the boulders came to life, speaking in the voice of an old man.
  • Parts of the skeleton looked gray and old, whereas others looked fresh, tannish-white.
  • The skeleton accused Karone, calling her Astronema, of having struck down the warrior and daring to return.
  • A purple energy bolt from the skeleton's hand pinned Leo to the ground.
  • The skeleton told Karone that she had to face her past, and Astronema appeared from a purple gleam beside him, walking up laughing; if Karone was truly good, he said, she would prevail.
  • Astronema told Karone that one once evil was always evil, but Karone protested, acrobatically dodging Astronema's attacks and eventually wrenching Astronema's Wrath Staff from her hands after a few kicks.
  • Astronema pulled a sword from a nearby stone, and Karone fired at her with a purple energy bolt from the staff.
  • Rolling forward, Astronema grabbed Leo and prepared to stab him, grinning evilly; she laughed deeply that it was Karone or him, but she was stunned when Karone dropped the staff and surrendered herself.
  • Astronema vanished in purple energy, and the skeleton told Karone she'd passed the test, releasing Leo with purple energy.
  • The skeleton told Karone she had proven her worthiness and could now enter, and he then shuddered and collapsed to the ground; all of the surroundig torches then suddely lit, and Karone lit a torch stick to enter the cave with Leo.
  • In the dark cave, the stone warrior stood frozen in the same position from years ago, but the keys were gone from his hands, startling Karone.
  • Nearby against another portion of the cavern wall, a skeleton lay, with a chain draped in front of both the skeleton and the stone warrior, almost as though they were part of some museum exhibit; this skeleton was apparently the fourth skeleton in the area, excluding the gatekeeping sorcerer skeleton.
  • Telling the regretful Karone it wasn't her fault, Leo had them start to leave, as there was nothing more for them there, but Karone stopped sadly and spoke to the warrior.
  • Karone tearfully told the warrior, although she didn't know whether he could hear her, that she'd done a lot of bad things in her past, maybe angry at the whole universe, but she cried with sorrow over having done this to him, as he'd been fighting for justice.
  • As Karone wished she could take the warrior's place, her tears fell on his hand, and soon, as she apologized to Leo, blue fissures of light formed in the statue, and he transformed back to normal with a moving barrier of yellow energy.
  • The warrior forgave Karone and presented the merged keys, saying it was now time for her to forgive herself.
  • Giving Leo the keys, the warrior told Leo to take them and carry on his mission as only the Red Ranger could, perhaps implying that he himself was a Red Ranger.
  • Knowing that Leo was a Ranger who had lost his powers despite no such topic having been spoken by Leo and Karone, the warrior told him his powers would be restored beyond his imagination, and Leo thanked him, honored.
  • With a red gleam, Leo's Transmorpher was restored after he'd taken the keys.
  • After Leo had powered up as the high-tech Red Armored Power Ranger to destroy Magnetox, Karone told him the warrior would be proud.

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