- former student, teen gymnast
- former Pink Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (101-DOTD through 324-DSP3)
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Full Name: Kimberly Ann Hart (155-TOrT, 315-PoNo)
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 500-TPRM
Pictures: Kimberly, circa MMPR season 1 (shown at right), Kimberly, circa MMPR season 2, Kimberly, circa MMPR season 3
See Also: Kim's relatives, Kim's house


  • Kim did gymnastics on the balance beam in the Youth Center.
  • Kim told Zack that she and Trini could handle Bulk and Skull.
  • Kim and Trini had enough martial arts knowledge to flip the oncoming Skull and Bulk, respectively.
  • Kim and Trini seemed to think Billy's attempt at martial arts was cute.
  • Zack and Kim didn't believe Zordon in the Command Center when he told them they had been brought there to save the world.
  • Kim didn't know what "morph" meant.
  • Kim had brown eyes.
  • Zordon described Kim as "graceful and [smart/small]."
  • Kim was the second of the five teens to walk out on Zordon.
  • Kim was the second to be knocked down by Putties in the desert.
  • Kim became the Pink Ranger.


  • Kim coined the expression "morphinomenal."
  • Kim suggested morphing when the teens were confronted with Putties.
  • Kim had enough martial arts skill to defend herself against Putties.


  • Kim and Trini held a petition at Angel Grove High to clean up the industrial waste site which was actually Rita's ambush.
  • Kim did handsprings to avoid a rolled recycle bin and an oncoming Bulk and Skull, when it would have been easier (and most likely, quicker) to merely step aside.
  • Following Trini's idea, Kim blasted the normal-sized Goldar and Putties with the Pterodactyl's energy bolts.


  • Kim was pleased that she could do a backward handspring on the balance beam.


  • Kim led a dance class in the Youth Center.
  • No one was particularly concerned when Billy's out-of-control cart hit the platform area of the Youth Center, sending him flying off it and rolling into the wall; Kim merely told him it wasn't the way to meet girls.
  • Kim had been doing her dance instructions in sign language for her deaf student Melissa, but after Melissa became confused and bumped into another student, Kim apologized for not signing the moves.
  • Kim and Melissa had a good laugh together at Billy's attempt at dancing.
  • After Melissa had led the teens to the Gnarly Gnome's cave, Kim signed to Melissa to "hide here, and wait for me, okay?" but then told Melissa to her back to hide behind the bushes and hurry.
  • Logging on in her Zord, Kim said she just loved "this part."


  • Kim worked with Jason and another girl at the American foods table at the food festival.


  • While the others were thrilled by Willy's hologame, Kim was frightened by the virtual roller coaster ride and had Willy shut it off.
  • Kim apparently always wore pink spandex shorts beneath skirts or dresses, as could be seen frequently during fight scenes.
  • Prior to the fight with Eye Guy, Kim and Trini took the liberty of washing, sterilizing, and shrinking Bulk and Skull's clothes; they showed no remorse while returning the tiny clothes to Bulk and Skull.


  • Kim wasn't very good at volleyball.
  • Kim and Billy were turned into punks from inadvertently drinking Baboo's punk potion.
  • Punk Kim and punk Billy were wearing punk clothes at school the next day.
  • Punk Kim and punk Billy shoved a nerd around for his lunch money.
  • Punk Kim told Skull he was her kind of man, and she asked him to go out Saturday night and tear up the town.
  • Punk Billy and punk Kim were merely glad to have something to drink when presented with the singing squash root, of which Zordon had spoken in their presence, not at all suspicious of the concoctions.
  • Kim held Billy's wrist as she walked him out of the force field area and over to the Viewing Globe.
  • Kim didn't remember the Terror Toad, which she had commented on earlier under the spell, so she and Billy must not have been able to remember anything that happened under the spell.
  • On Saturday, Kim helped Trini do a handstand in the Youth Center.
  • When Skull came to the Youth Center ready for their date, Kim rejected him, not remembering asking him out while under the punk potion.


  • At the dance, Kim was briefly shown dancing with Zack.


  • Kim called the Youth Center from a payphone at the airport to tell Trini she was going flying.
  • Kim had a blue backpack; she brought it along for her flight with her uncle Steve.
  • Kim didn't want Bulk and Skull coming along on their flight, but her uncle Steve told them they were welcome when Bulk asked.
  • Kim shouted at Bulk and Skull for screaming once Steve had passed out from the sleeping potion secretly in his soda.
  • With everyone else in the plane unconscious, Kim landed the plane with Alpha's verbal assistance; Steve then awoke to stop the plane.
  • Kim ran off immediately after the plane had stopped, saying she'd call Steve later.
  • Kim shot Putties with her Power Bow.
  • Matt, a guy with fairly long brown hair, hit on Kim in the Youth Center, impressed that she'd landed the plane by herself.


  • Kim did a handstand on Miss Appleby's desk as a gymnastics demonstration for Hobby Week.


  • Kim had let Billy listen to a music tape, and he was dancing around the Youth Center with the Walkman on his head.
  • Kim had photographs of people on the inside of her locker door.
  • Pretending not to have remebered Zack's birthday, Kim told Zack she'd forgotten her poodle's birthday.
  • After Jason and Trini had walked off, Billy waited for Kim to finish at her locker.


  • Kim said that she couldn't walk on stilts because the only thing she could balance was shopping bags on her arms.


  • In the Youth Center before discovering that Trini's uncle Howard had been kidnapped, Kim and Zack were looking at a collection of papers, one of which had what looked like large Japanese symbols on it.


  • Kim wore an unusually dark shade of lipstick the day she went to Billy's garage to see his thought transfer apparatus.
  • Kim understood Billy's technospeak explanation of his invention without anyone there to translate it.
  • Billy's thought transfer apparatus, sabotaged by Squatt, switched Kim and Billy's brains.
  • Billy and Kim apparently left the garage soon after the brain switch.
  • Since Billy and Kim were wearing different clothes at school, they must have changed clothes, and possibly showered, in each other's bodies.
  • Kim had some polaroids in her locker, along with a mirror on the door and what may have been a variety of colored pencils inside.
  • Kim (in Billy's body) was giving computer lessons in Billy's garage to a younger kid while Billy (in Kim's body) was at school.
  • In one of Kim's classes, Billy (in Kim's body) had to make a cheese souffle; he failed horribly.
  • Kim (in Billy's body) pressed a command on the computer which caused the monitor to shake and then explode.
  • Kim (in Billy's body) came to school eventually after the computer tutorial.
  • Kim (in Billy's body) was furious for the social impact Billy's behavior in her body would have.
  • Zack had never before seen Kim and Billy argue like they were doing.
  • Kim (in Billy's body) used the Blue Ranger powers and pose; she also piloted the Triceratops and sat in Billy's seat in the Megazord cockpit.


  • Kim and Trini had volunteered to be Big Sisters for Maria for the day.
  • Kim said that she was having a bad hair day.
  • When Billy showed the teens the RADBUG, Kim was the only teen not to react with surprise, probably because she may have seen the RADBUG upon going to Billy's garage to test out the thought transfer apparatus in 115-SwPl.
  • Kim was quite angry with Rita for kidnapping Maria, and Jason tried to calm her down.
  • Kim thought Ernie's veggie chili was great.


  • Kim thought Tommy was really cute.
  • At school, Skull offered to help Kim with her books, but she brushed him off.
  • Kim asked Tommy to meet her and the teens at the Youth Center after school.
  • After school at Billy's garage, Kim was sad that Tommy had never shown up at the Youth Center.


  • Kim, Jason, and Zack returned to Angel Grove in the RADBUG at some point after Alpha had been repaired from Green Ranger's attack, leaving Trini and Billy to make repairs in the Command Center to try to bring back Zordon.
  • At school a different day from the Rangers' initial fight with Green Ranger, Tommy hurt Kim's feelings a great deal with his reply to her inquiry about his not showing up at the Youth Center "the other day."
  • Zack and Kim went looking for Jason after Green Ranger had retreated from the Megazord.


  • As the teens were searching for Tommy after discovering his identity, Kim considered the possibility of Tommy being in Rita's palace.
  • Upon confronting Tommy, Kim seemed startled to realize that Tommy knew their identities.


  • Morphed Kim, Billy, and Zack were frozen in their tracks by Shellshock's stop-beam until Trini shorted out Shellshock's traffic light with dust from the Deandra flowers.


  • Kim had always wanted a little mouse for a pet; she thought Billy's white mouse, Jack, was adorable.


  • With a bit of Tommy's help, Kim built a model float for the Flower Power Peace Parade, a parade promoting world peace; they were building the float on the day the models were due.
  • During the Putty fight, Kim apparently punched a Putty in the face and seemed to backhand another.
  • Kim cried after the Putties had destroyed her model float.
  • When Trini told Kim there would be other floats she could design models for, Kim lamented that Rita would probably wreck those too.
  • When Tommy offered to drop off the bag of broken model pieces at her house house, Kim told him just to throw it away, since she didn't want to be reminded of it.
  • On the day of the parade, the others got her to watch it on TV even though she'd told them she didn't want to watch it.
  • Kim's float was an award-winning entry from Angel Grove High; it had competed against hundreds from all over the country.
  • Kim's float symbolized world peace and togetherness.
  • Kim hugged Tommy after learning he'd rebuilt and submitted her model in time.


  • Kim was painting signs in preparation for the upcoming masquerade party in the Youth Center.
  • Kim's costume for the masquerade party was a medieval maiden.
  • Kim agreed to dance with a guy who asked her to dance at the masqerade party.
  • Kim told Tommy he looked great in gray.


  • Kim played the protagonist in the class play of "Rumpelstiltskin."
  • Bulk apparently ruined Kim's grandmother's spinning wheel, a prop in the play, by making it get stuck.
  • Kim screamed at Bulk for ruining the spinning wheel.
  • Kim's grandmother, who was still alive, had loaned Kim her antique spinning wheel.
  • Ernie noticed that Kim was rarely sad.
  • Goldar and Putties stole Kim's grandmother's spinning wheel, and Rita then turned it into the Wheel of Misfortune
  • Shortly after the Wheel of Misfortune had been destroyed, the spinning wheel reappeared in the classroom from which it had been stolen; it was no longer stuck from Bulk's misuse as it had been before its transformation.
  • When Zack, as the play began, told Kim to break a leg, Tommy said, "Don't you dare," and winked at her; she smiled and gave him a lasting glance.


  • Tommy had his arm around Kim's waist as the five teens started to leave the Youth Center to find Zack.


  • Kim's illusion on the Island of Illusion was of Bulk and Skull dressed in white, with angel wings and halos, being kind to each other and what appeared to be a turtle; she said that if Rita could turn Bulk and Skull nice, she could do anything.
  • After Quagmire had alluded to her battle with the Terror Toad, Kim saved herself from vanishing by remembering having destroyed the monster in 108-PRPk.
  • After Kim had beaten her illusion on the Island of Illusion, Tommy put his hands on her shoulders, she put her hands on his arms, and they looked into each other's eyes.
  • After Tommy had beaten his illusion, Kim held his hand with hers and looked into his eyes.


  • After the Rangers' battle with Goldar and Scorpina, Kim knew that Jeremy had outsmarted the Putties, but she hadn't been around him to see him do so.
  • When Jeremy was describing his experience with the Rangers, Kim smiled when Jeremy praised the Pink Ranger, then smacked Zack on the arm when he asked Jeremy to tell them more about the Black Ranger.


  • In Kim's bedroom was an alarm clock that went off at 7:04 AM.
  • Kim broke a pink lamp by knocking it off her dresser while reaching for the alarm clock.
  • Kim wore her communicator to bed.
  • Kim fell out of bed, had a bad hair day, and discovered that one of her dresses was burned.
  • Kim's room had several cat decorations in it.
  • Once at school while it was storming, Kim was completely drenched and held a broken umbrella, indicating she may have walked to school.
  • Kim threw her broken umbrella into a recycle bin at school.
  • Kim apparently didn't want Tommy to see her disheveled appearance.
  • Ten minutes after arriving at school, Kim was supposed to show Mr. Caplan her pep rally plans.
  • Kim seemed excited and anxious about Tommy asking to walk her home.
  • Kim's bad day had started the previous night with a dream that Rita was her wicked stepmother.
  • Tommy caught Kim in his arms when she tripped over a rock as he walked her home.
  • Samurai Fan Man trapped Kim inside his magic bottle, where she remained until the Dragonzord Battle Mode made giant Samurai Fan Man drop the bottle, causing the cap to pop off, at which point Kim morphed.
  • After the battle with Samurai Fan Man, Kim walked up to Tommy in Billy's garage, sporting seemingly shorter hair and wearing a short dress; Tommy and Kim exchanged glances, and he told her it looked like her day was getting better.
  • Kim made the TV in Billy's garage explode when she tried to change the channel with the remote control.


  • At the beach, Kim was writing on what appeared to be a legal pad, and she seemed to have a pink boogeyboard behind her.
  • Kim wore to the beach denim shorts with a bikini top.


  • Kim helped with the organization of the talent show in the Youth Center.


  • Tommy hadn't yet asked Kim to the dance because he was nervous, but Zack insisted that Kim would say yes and that Tommy shouldn't put it off.
  • Planning on asking her to the dance, Tommy called Kim on the phone a different day and had them meet by the pond.


  • After Billy had designed the molecular decoders to allow the teens to retrieve the Green Candle from the Dark Dimension, Kim was enthusiastic toward understanding the plan and what the molecular decoders did.
  • After Tommy had given his powers to Jason to prevent Rita from obtaining them, Kim told Tommy he'd always be one of them.
  • A different day, Kim went to talk with Tommy as he practiced martial arts by the pond.
  • Kim told Tommy she missed him.
  • Tommy and Kim kissed for the first time.
  • For a long time, Tommy and Kim had both been wanting to kiss each other.
  • Tommy asked Kim to be his date for the dance Saturday night; she eventually said of course she would, but not before hesitating for a moment so it wouldn't be too easy for him.


  • Kim had always loved mirrors.


  • Kim thought Norman the pig was disgusting; she was also disgusted to learn that Pudgy Pig was in love with another pig.
  • Kim seemed to severely dislike Scorpina and said after learning of the villainesses's latest attack, "Wait 'til I get my hands on her!"
  • After Billy had returned Norman to normal, Kim finally thought the pigs were cute together.


  • When the teens went out to get something to eat, Kim just wanted a salad.
  • Kim's nightmare induced by the Crystal of Nightmares was of being captured by Samurai Fan Man, from 131-CKim.
  • Her self-confidence drained by the Crystal of Nightmares, Kim said she was hanging up her communicator, then tried to abandon the others after they'd teleported to destroy the Crystal of Nightmares.


  • Kim didn't want to ruin a perfectly good hair day, so she had a picnic by the pond with Billy (who had a fear of fish) rather than going scuba diving with Jason, Trini, and Zack.
  • Kim seemed to bring all the food for the picnic.
  • Kim laughed at Billy's story explaining his fear of fish; he didn't think it was funny.
  • Although Zordon had said Billy had to face his fear of the Goo Fish to break Rita's fear spell, Kim had herself and Billy fight Putties while the others confronted Goo Fish.


  • Kim thought the lost dog Jason had found was adorable.
  • The park was on Kim's way home from the Youth Center, so she joined Jason as he walked the dog he'd found.
  • Kim carried the dog, yet she and Jason were supposed to be walking it.


  • Kim submitted to Miss Appleby's time capsule clothes to show what people wore at the time, and to show that they had freedom of individual style.
  • Kim hoped that the people of the people of the future lived in a world with no hatred.


  • Skull asked Kim out, but she rejected him.


  • As Parent's Day began, Kim was sitting outside the front of the Youth Center, sad because her parents had hardly seen each other since the divorce; she sometimes felt the divorce was all her fault, and she doubted her dad would show up for Parent's Day.


  • Kim seemed fairly pleased to see Tommy.
  • When Dramole blew his gas at the Rangers, Kim told the others not to breathe it; this may explain why she was the only one not put under Dramole's control when hit by Dramole's energy swirls.
  • After Green Ranger had saved the others, Kim told Tommy she was quite glad to see him, and he replied it was good to be back.
  • Kim introduced Tommy to her parents.


  • Trying to console Billy over the B he'd gotten on a test in Miss Appleby's class, Kim said she got B's all the time.
  • After school, Kim played basketball with Jason and Zack.


  • Kim and Trini helped demonstrate for Tommy and Jason's women's self-defense class for the moms of Angel Grove.
  • Trying out a new flavor of tropical drink, Kim had Tommy taste her drink.
  • When Bulk and Skull planned on joining Jason and Tommy's women's self-defense class to meet babes, Skull gave Kim as an example of a babe they wanted to meet, and he smelled her hair, but Tommy nudged him away with his hand.
  • When Tommy left, Kim said goodbye in a very affectionate tone of voice.
  • Tommy had Ernie give him his one pamango by making up a story (which Ernie thought was romantic) about having bought Kim a parrot that liked pamangos; the next day, Ernie gave Kim a pamango for her parrot, and she didn't know what he was talking about.


  • Kim had told Tommy she'd meet him at the mall before it closed, and the others except Zack went with her; they were interrupted by Putties and Peckster on their way there.
  • When Zack mistakenly dressed up for a date when really accompanying Angela and the kids to a cartoon festival, Kim told Angela Zack always dressed that way to go to the movies, apparently forgetting Zack had taken Angela to the movies in 142-L&Bl.


  • Kim's younger cousin Kelly wanted to be a cheerleader like Kim had been.
  • Kim had been a legendary cheerleader at Angel Grove Junior High, and people still talked about her.
  • Starting with her attempt to talk Kelly out of feeling inferior, Kim began to demonstrate more wisdom than she had shown previously.
  • Kim and Tommy were together the entire episode.


  • Kim was selected to be a contestant on Trick or Treat, the most popular game show in America; Skull was her opponent.
  • Kim was dressed up as a princess to play Trick or Treat.
  • Kim's last name was Hart.
  • In an attempt to stump Monty, the host of Trick or Treat, Kim asked him the identity of the Power Rangers.
  • Kim had to forfeit her game for Ranger duties; she pretended to pass out, and the teens took her away, making Skull the winner by default.


  • Even though they were disappointed because it seemed Tommy hadn't made the football team, Kim and Trini clapped and cheered as Bulk was announced.


  • Kim's grandmother had told her that tying ribbons around one's wrist helped one remember things.
  • Kim erroneously referred to Commander Crayfish as a bug.


  • Zack invited Kim and Tommy to double date with him and Angela if she agreed to let him take her out on her birthday.
  • Zack and Angela, with Tommy and Kim, went to an outdoor French restaurant called "La TÍte D'escargot Restaurant" on Angela's birthday.


  • When Zack asked the five other helmetless Rangers in the Command Center whether anyone had a mirror, Kim bent over and produced a blue hand mirror (bearing the Triceratops symbol), possibly from under the control panel next to her, saying she never left home without one, then handed it to Billy.
  • After losing his disguise, Primator angrily smashed "Kim's" mirror.


  • Kim was in charge of the botany club.
  • Kim was envious of all the members who had joined Trini's volleyball club, while none had joined her botany club.
  • When Kim pricked her finger on one of her cacti, actually a duplicate of one of her cacti, containing jealousy potion and placed there by a disguised Putty, she fell under Zedd's spell and developed a case of severe resentment especially but not exclusively toward Trini.
  • When Tommy gave Kim some flowers Ernie had given to him to cheer her up, she stormed out after being very rude to him.
  • Kim was impatient with Zordon as he spoke with her over the communicator, but she put up a superficially sweet demeanor.
  • Trini inadvertently cut the ribbon of Kim's special weapon with her Blade Blaster blade mode while Kim had the Bloom of Doom trapped in the ribbon; this upset Kim.
  • The Power Daggers sent Kim and the Bloom of Doom back to Earth from the dimension in which Kim was trapped, and they also broke the spell over Kim.
  • Trini and Kim agreed that they were friends forever.


  • Kim, Jason, and Billy worked at a refreshments table in the Youth Center to thank the volunteers of the Clean Up Drive.
  • With Tommy not seen after having been teleported by Billy back to the Command Center, Kim told the others that Tommy's powers were getting really weak, but she thought he'd be okay.


  • Kim knew who Richie was, while Trini didn't; Kim said he was very nice.
  • Tommy and Kim later went jogging through the park.


  • Trini, Kim, and Tommy were at the beach with Trini's next-door-neighbor Hallie.
  • While building a sand castle, Hallie talked about imagining to be a sleeping princess waiting for a prince to rescue her and wake her up; Tommy thought it sounded sappy, but Kim nudged him and said it sounded very romantic.
  • Tommy, Kim, and Trini had changed out of their beach clothes before meeting the others in the Command Center after Hallie had been kidnapped by Goldar.


  • Kim could play the guitar and write and sing songs.
  • Kim wanted the help of Zack's skill with words for the lyrics to the song she was writing for Tommy.
  • The teens had to maintain control of their own thoughts at all times to resist Guitardo's spell; only Kimberly was able to resist, by telling herself she had to concentrate and seemingly by humming to herself.
  • As Tommy went to the fair in pursuit of Guitardo, he told Kim to stay with the others and contact Zordon to see if there was a way to break Guitardo's spell; after Kim had learned that Guitardo's destruction was the only solution, she had Alpha watch the others while she went to help Tommy, without any mention of the harp modification she would have on her Power Bow.
  • Having realized that they could fight music with music, Kim arrived at the amusement park with extra strings on her Power Bow, and she played it like a harp, shooting pink notes which counteracted Guitardo's music and apparently removed the heaviness spell from Tommy.
  • The lyrics to Kim's song for Tommy were as follows: "Down the road, we never know what life may have in store. Winds of change will rearrange our lives more than before. (Zack joins in) But you'll never stand alone, my friend. Memories never die. Within our hearts, they'll always live and never say goodbye."


  • When Jason was depressed about Tommy's Power loss, Kim decided that she, Zack, Trini, and Billy would go find Tommy, saying Tommy would want to help Jason.
  • Kim suspected that Tommy was at his uncle's cabin "on the lake," as he'd told her that he went there whenever he was down.
  • Kim wasn't exactly sure how to get to the cabin, and the four teens were following a map.


  • Zack invited Kim and Billy to the jazz concert, and Kim wished Tommy were there to see it; Billy seemed to scoff slightly at her comment, and she chuckled at him.
  • After the Rangers had fought a squadron of imaginary monsters, Kim remarked that it had been worse than the mall the day after Christmas.


  • Kim was in the Juice Bar with Billy.
  • Tommy had won Kim's blue hand mirror for her at a carnival.
  • With Green Ranger gone, Zedd planned to target Kimberly next, as she had always intrigued him with her courage and tenacity; he thought she would make the perfect queen.
  • Kim was intrigued with a newspaper ad for Madam Swampy, "fortune-teller extraordinaire."
  • Although Billy reminded her that there was no scientific data to support the practice of fortune-telling, Kim decided to go anyway, so that Madam Swampy could tell her about Tommy.
  • Kim was knocked out when Goldar threw golden magic dust in her face; he then took her to the Cave of Fantasy for her transformation into a queen.
  • While Kim was still asleep in the Cave of Fantasy from Goldar's knockout dust, Zordon told Trini, Billy, and Zack that Goldar had apparently placed Kim under a spell that made it impossible for her to leave on her own, but the only magic of Goldar's that seemed to work was the sleeping dust.
  • When Kim awoke in the Cave of Fantasy for her transformation into Zedd's "new queen," she became suited up in Rita's outfit with white sparkles; she was also given a wand that looked identical to Rita's.
  • After Goldar had merely asked her if she was ready to begin her training, Kim noted that Goldar thought his spell had worked, but she wouldn't have known of any spell other than her own previous state of unconsciousness caused by Goldar's magic dust.
  • Goldar wanted Kim to kneel to him as her master teacher, but, acting Rita's part, Kim began to scream at him, telling him he should be kneeling to her.
  • As part of her Rita act, Kim said she had a headache, somehow knowing of Rita's headaches.
  • Kim later remarked that she was glad Goldar's dust hadn't worked.
  • Curtis found Kim's mirror somewhere after Mirror Maniac had been destroyed.


  • Kim rushed into the Juice Bar to tell Billy and Trini that Tommy had sent her a letter and said he was coming home at the end of the week.


  • Kim fainted when she saw that the White Ranger was Tommy.
  • After regaining consciousness, Kim thought she had to be dreaming, she was so happy with Tommy being the White Ranger; they then hugged.


  • Kim had stood in her closet for an hour trying to figure out what to wear for her date with Tommy.
  • Kim had been telling Trini about her mother's purse, a clear box with a handle, which her mother had taken with her on her first date with Kim's dad; Kim had promised not to let the purse out of her sight.
  • Trini let Kim borrow her "siren song red" lipstick as requested.
  • Kim waited for Tommy to run home and change when he was late for their date after forgetting to wind his watch.
  • For their date in the park, Tommy and Kim cavorted along the park trail, with Tommy swinging and carrying Kim around, then they picnicked and walked by the lake.
  • Pursehead's compact ray froze morphed Kim's and Tommy's minds, but they were later unfrozen by Billy's reverse ocular dilator.


  • Kim and Laura wore green uniforms to take the Angel Grove Angelettes, a group similar to the Girl Scouts, on a hike in the woods.
  • When Laura showed concern over the solar storm Billy had mentioned, Kim reminded her that they had compasses, then asked what could go wrong.
  • According to Zack, Kim was quite familiar with the woods in which the girls went hiking.
  • During Magnetbrain's geomagnetic disruption, Kim told the others she was going to look for the forest ranger, but she was really just getting away to check in with Zordon.


  • Participating in the trick-or-treat chaperoning program in the Youth Center, Kim was dressed as a court jester.
  • Kim was excited about the upcoming Peace Conference, but she hadn't considered what would happen to their team if one of the teens were chosen.
  • Later, when all the kids had been accounted for and it appeared Tommy was still out trick-or-treating with his group of kids, Kim attempted to call him on the communicator to ask him which kids he had.
  • After asking, "Tommy?" twice into her communicator in three seconds, Kim gave up and said Tommy wasn't answering.
  • Watching Tommy fight monsters while unmorphed in the haunted forest dimension, Billy asked why he didn't morph, and Kim quickly answered that his Morpher was missing; how she knew this is unknown.
  • Later in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull had eaten too much candy; Kim and Tommy teased them with gummy worms, making them stagger out of the Youth Center.


  • A song on the radio with the lyrics, "She's got a hold on me," was one of Kim's favorite songs.
  • Kim did an unnecessary flip while saving Jacob; she and Aisha simultaneously stopped the runaway stroller just before it would've gone off a cliff.
  • Before she, Tommy, and Billy teleported from the Youth Center parking lot, Kim surveyed the area to make sure they were clear, but she didn't check the payphone entrance of the Youth Center directly behind them.


  • As Pink and White Rangers ran into the Cave of Despair with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to find Blue Ranger struggling with the Serpent of Darkness, morphed Kim called Blue Ranger "Billy" as she called out to him; she then called White Ranger "Tommy" as she told him to stand back as she blasted the serpent.
  • After Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had seen Blue Ranger helmetless, Kim and Tommy removed their helmets as well.


  • Kim found out that students would be selected any day now to represent Angel Grove in the World Teen Peace Conference; Kim seemed fairly sure Billy would be selected.


  • Kim wore no visible pink while on a picnic with the other five teens and the World Teen Summit members.
  • During the picnic, Kim was sitting by a tree with Aisha, eating a banana out of a picnic basket.
  • As Kim got up to fight Putties, the camera got a shot up one leg of her shorts, and she wasn't wearing her normal pink spandex shorts underneath; she was, however, wearing a pink spandex top beneath her short t-shirt.


  • In reference to Zordon's selection of Rocky, Adam, and Aisha as new Rangers, Kim told Tommy she didn't think they, the teens, could've made a better choice.


  • Miss Appleby told Kim and Billy they'd done a marvelous job on the vice-versa dance preparations.


  • Aisha told the amnesic Kimberly that she was Aisha's best friend; she said they went shopping together every day.
  • Kim had told Aisha they didn't need a reason to shop, but now in her amnesic state, Kim thought that it had been pathetic of her.
  • Discovering that Kim no longer liked to shop, Aisha remarked that Scatterbrain was more powerful than any of them had imagined.
  • In the Command Center, the amnesic Kim raised her hand and uttered the same "come back to Earth and pick me up" remark of confusion as she'd uttered her first time in the Command Center in 101-DOTD.


  • Kim and Aisha thought Firefighter Newman was cute.
  • Kim wore a plastic firefighter hat during and after Aisha's fire safety demonstration.
  • In the middle of Aisha's fire safety demonstration, Aisha and Kim had a vacuous discussion of gelling one's hair before curling.
  • After she, Kim, and Billy were shown Flame Head in the Command Center, Aisha stopped Kim and Billy from morphing as the two were reaching for their Morphers following Kim's call for the three of them; she said she would go to the park to fight the monster, which she said was hers, and she told Kim and Billy to stay in the Command Center to find some way to defeat it; Kim and Billy protested, but Zordon had them let her go alone.


  • Kim excitedly led Tommy and Adam around as they participated in the Angel Grove Scavenger Hunt.
  • Kim had apparently participated in the scavenger hunt the previous year as well.
  • Among Kim, Tommy, and Adam, it was Kim who ended up solving almost all of the scavenger hunt clues that the team was shown solving.


  • Kim was in a district gymnastics competition, competing against Aisha's old friend Shawna.
  • Yellow energy from Goldar's sword teleported Kim and Shawna to the Cave of Despair.
  • Shawna was impressed that Kim was so calm and wondered why she was so nice to her when she'd been so rotten to Kim; Kim explained that she thought she understood the abandonment Shawna felt.
  • When Kim's parents had divorced, Kim had felt really abandoned for a long time; whenever someone close to her left, she continued to be reminded of her dad leaving.
  • Kim had discovered that once someone had moved away, it didn't mean that person was lost for good.
  • Shawna and Kim held hands in the cave when startled by the Putties.
  • Kim waited for White Ranger to rescue Shawna before morphing out of the cave.
  • Kim and Shawna were the last two competitors in the gymnastics competition.
  • The music behind Kim's gymnastics routine in the competition was "All to Myself," a song which would be played at the "Flames of Love" dance in 315-PoNo.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Kim showed the class a photo of her (somewhere near seven or eight years old) in her first gymnastics competition when she was little; she'd lost, but it had taught her to be a good sport.
  • Young Bulk and Skull thought young Kim was the teacher's pet.
  • Young Kim got a bit of what looked like shaving cream on her new dress as a result of young Bulk and Skull's cream balloon prank; young Aisha gave her a tissue to wipe it off with.
  • While the six kids were in the park, young Aisha taught young Kim a dance.
  • To cause young Skull to trip up himself and Bulk while they were tangled in the string of young Billy's kite, young Kim asked Skull for a kiss.
  • After Alpha had told the kids they were Power Rangers and that he had to restore them to their proper ages, young Kim thought the superhero concept was very cool.
  • The teenaged Kim and Rocky both said that they enjoyed the simplicity of childhood.


  • The chaperon of the teens' exchange group in Australia gave the students two hours to shop; Tommy teased Kim twice about her shopping.
  • Kim had to buy presents for her mom, her brother, and her uncle Steve.


  • Pondering Miss Appleby's assignment to write about a time period in which she would like to have lived, Kim said she wanted to go back in time to the huge sale last year at the Galleria when she had been out sick with the flu.
  • Tommy and Kim took a walk by a pond, holding hands; he accepted her invitation to join her for her plans to read a book outside, but when he asked her to a movie, she had plans to go to the mall with Aisha; when she invited him to the mall, he said he was going to work out and that he'd meet them at the mall later.
  • During the Putty fight, unmorphed Kim threw a Putty against a chain link fence with an impressive amount of force.


  • Aisha convinced Kim to run against Tommy for class president, saying it would be a clean race and that they needed more women in student government.
  • Tripping over magic rope in the park made Kim and Tommy extremely competitive and hostile toward each other.
  • Kim's slogan was, "Win with Kim."
  • After Tommy had put up one of his posters over one of hers, she added "Don't" and "Du" to his poster, changing the slogan from "Vote for Tommy" to "Don't vote for dummy"; Tommy would later absently pull the "Don't" off the poster, changing it to "Vote for dummy."
  • Kim and Tommy followed Zordon's instructions to smell a bouquet of roses to defeat the spell, saying they were only doing it for the Rangers' sake.
  • While Kim sniffed the roses once to conquer the spell, Tommy sniffed twice.
  • When Tommy withdrew from the student government race, Kim became the class president, presumably for the upcoming junior year, as it was apparently the end of the teens' sophomore year; during the next school year, however, Kim would probably have been far too busy training for the Pan Global Games.


  • Kim loved fairy tales.
  • Kim always wanted to be a princess rescued by a handsome prince on a white horse, but when Tommy asked about a white tiger instead, she told him that would work.
  • Kim's dad used to read her Grumble the Magic Elf when she was a little girl.
  • Kim kissed Tommy on the cheek when he bought her a copy of Grumble the Magic Elf.


  • Kim had been looking for something special to finish up her garden, and Tommy brought her a cactus his dad had brought back from Arizona.
  • Kim loved surprises.
  • Kim was delighted by the cactus Tommy brought her; as she gave him a kiss on the cheek, the cactus vanished, leaving behind some mysterious slime.
  • When the six teens attempted to teleport from the locker hall of the Youth Center, all of them but Kim succeeded; after failing to teleport, Kim was confused, and eventually a multicolored energy tunnel, a time hole, opened up in the lockers behind her and sucked her in; Alpha would soon explain to the others that Kim's "teleport signal" had been accidentally sucked into a time hole.
  • Kim wound up near the mountains outside Angel Grove in the year 1880; she watched as the outlaws One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch attempted to rob stagecoach drivers Rocko and Abraham but were thwarted by the mysterious hero known as the White Stranger.
  • The White Stranger spotted Kim watching from behind a boulder, and she fainted when he approached and she saw that he looked like Tommy.
  • Rocko and Abraham took the unconscious Kim to Ernest's Juice Saloon.
  • When Kim wandered outside of the Juice Saloon to get some air, the people of Angel Grove may have thought she was a prostitute since she was dressed quite skimpily for their standards; this fits with the varied reactions of the passers-by, including disgusted women and curious young men.
  • Kim told the wild west teens her name was "Calamity Kim."
  • When she and the wild west teens were stuck up by One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch for their money, Kim kicked the guns from their hands, leading to their arrest and incarceration.
  • Kim told the wild west teens all about the Rangers and the monsters they fought.


  • When Goldar and Needlenose arrived, Kim had the wild west teens run while she fought the creatures.
  • After morphing and fighting the creatures briefly, Kim teleported to the 1880's Command Center and explained herself to 1880's Zordon and Alpha.
  • When the Pink Ranger first teleported into the Command Center in 1880, Kim and Alpha had the following dialogue:
    Alpha: "Zordon, intruder alert!"
    Kim: "Zordon, it's me, Kimberly!"
    Alpha: "Ai yi yi! A Power Ranger!"
  • Kim thought to give the four available 1880's Power Coins to the wild west teens; she took them the coins in the desert and explained the situation to them.
  • When William told Kim they weren't heroes, she told them that when she'd first gotten her Power Coin, she hadn't thought she was a hero either, but that they had to believe in themselves.
  • Yellow energy rays from Billy's device in the present-day Command Center opened up a time hole, through which Kim walked into the Command Center wearing a hat like William's; she then put it on Tommy's head.


  • In art class, Kim was painting something, and she hadn't realized it would be so hard.
  • Kim was upset with Billy (actually evil Billy) in the Youth Center for the apparent mood swing which had caused him to suddenly ignore Violet.
  • After catching evil Billy in a lie, Kim suspected that it wasn't Billy.
  • Kim thought to quiz the two Blue Rangers about Billy's holographic disc to discover which one was the fake.
  • A later day, Kim volunteered to be the first to show her art project.
  • Kim had made a rather good painting of the six teens together (and a communicator visible on Aisha's wrist).


  • At home in bed, Kim had the flu and a temperature.
  • On the nightstand beside Kim's bed was a glass of orange juice and her communicator; a teen not wearing his or her communicator while in bed was quite a rare sight.


  • Kim wanted Alpha to keep her posted about the Rangers, seeming to know that they'd gone to Edenoi.
  • Kim had her communicator on her wrist when Alpha called to tell her about the attacking Repellator.
  • Kim morphed to battle Repellator alone even though she was sick.


  • Zordon told Alpha Kimberly was very resourceful.
  • After Repellator had grown giant-size, Kim still confronted him, with the intention of slowing him down until the other Rangers arrived.
  • Kim apparently went back to bed after the Rangers had destroyed Repellator.


  • Kim appeared to be much more distressed than the other teens as they watched the destruction of the Thunderzords.


  • Her feet aching from walking through the Desert of Despair, Kim vowed never again to take teleporting for granted.
  • When Aisha suddenly sank chest-deep into the sand, Kim simply crouched nearby and yelled to Aisha while the guys formed a human chain to pull Aisha out.
  • During the Tenga attack beside the rock formation which was supposed to mark the entrance to the Temple of Power, Kim backed herself into a small crevice in the mountainside, and Billy saved her by pulling her attacker away from the crevice.


  • Kim was excited about her mom's engagement to a French painter; she thought her mom's fiancee was really nice.
  • The painter lived in Paris, and Kim's mom had told Kim that they were "all" moving there for good.
  • That night, Kim talked on the phone with Aisha, with Kim in bed and Aisha in the upstairs room of her house.
  • Kim told Aisha that she couldn't just quit being a Ranger, and Aisha told her to meet them in the park before school the next day and that they'd think of something.
  • After falling asleep, Kim had a nightmare about her mom's fiancee turning into a mole monster painter (later Artistmole), and the Pink Ranger behind a cell door telling her goodbye and to have a nice life.
  • The next morning, Kim said she'd had nightmares all night and was so tired she couldn't even think.
  • Kim didn't want to spoil her mom's happiness by telling her about her reservations about moving to Paris.
  • When Kim wondered at school where the other teens were, she thought to ask Zordon, but she then discovered that her communicator was missing; she backtracked her steps for that day and was eventually quite relieved to find it in the park, where it had fallen off during the Tenga fight that morning.
  • When Alpha wondered where Kim was, Aisha said that she might still be with her uncle.
  • Once Kim was in the Command Center, Zordon told her that "we all" tended to fear the unknown, and that she had to trust that her mother had only Kim's best interests at heart.
  • Kim later told her mom that she loved her very much and she was very excited, but, on the verge of tears, she blurted out that she was worried about losing her friends and changing schools and learning a new language, and her mom wished that Kim would have been honest about her feelings.
  • When Aisha and her parents invited Kim to live with them for the rest of the school year (her sophomore year, according to the Timeline), Kim decided to finish up the school year and then go to France; her mom agreed that it would be better for Kim to finish school in Angel Grove.


  • Tommy said Kim had been working so hard on her gymnastics lately that he hoped she had time to work on the new garden Aisha's parents had let her start at their house.
  • Kim accompanied the other teens in the Command Center when they told Zordon of Rito, Squatt, and Baboo's stealing of Ko's and Adam's Oriental lanterns.


  • When the teens had a research report due on the Kahmalan Face Stealer, Kim had gone to the museum during the week; on Saturday when the others went, she was busy with gymnastics, reportedly taking the Pan Global Games seriously.
  • Kim later joined the other teens in the Command Center as they discussed the Face Stealer legend with Zordon.


  • When she was accepted into the Angel Girls Club but Aisha was turned down, Kim kissed Aisha on the cheek, telling her to cheer up and that she'd find out why she hadn't make the club.
  • When Kim learned that Aisha hadn't been accepted because her parents didn't make enough money, she quit the club.
  • When Aisha mentioned that her grandmother was in town, Kim said she wanted to meet her sometime.
  • After Aisha had left, Kim asked the four guys if they were going home, and when they replied that they were, she asked if she could come.


  • Kim and Aisha joined the Angel Girls Club together after Veronica had been kicked out and the turning down of less wealthy girls had ceased.


  • Tommy and Kim were holding hands in the hall at school.
  • Kim nudged Tommy when Bulk asked when was the last time he'd taken her out for an enchanted romantic evening; he bought two tickets to the Junior Police Ball.
  • The invisible Miss Chief used love potion to make Kim fall in love with Skull because she was facing in his direction when sprayed with the potion.
  • Kim asked Skull to the ball.
  • When Tengas appeared to confront the teens in the park, Kim told herself she had to protect Skull.
  • Kim's middle name is Ann.
  • In the Command Center, Kim dreamily considered the names "Kimberly Ann Skullovitch" and "Kimberly Hart Skullovitch."
  • Later, Skull and Kim were leaning up against the lockers at school, flirting happily, when Finster's antidote cured Kim from the love spell; she jumped back with a yelp of "ew" and then inconsiderately excused herself, at which point Skull called out, heartbroken, "I'll miss you!"
  • Kim quickly went to Tommy and apologized urgently.
  • At the Junior Police Ball, Tommy and Kim danced together; she apologized to him for the way she'd treated him, then spotted Skull by himself; Tommy agreed with her that she hadn't been very nice to Skull, and when she asked Tommy, he said didn't mind her having a dance with Skull.
  • Kim asked Skull if he wanted to dance, but his feelings were still hurt; she apologized and asked him, wasn't it better that they were friends?; it took him a moment to believe that she really wanted to be friends, but once he did believe it, he cheerfully agreed to dance; Skull danced quite well with her, and she seemed to have a good time.


  • It was now summertime, and Kim had finished the school year, but she showed no intention of moving to France; rather, she was training hard for the Pan Global Games.
  • Aisha and Kim found P.C., a white cat, in the park and liked her a lot.
  • Kim had always wanted a pet.
  • After she and Aisha had adopted P.C., Kim got dressed for a date at the movies with Tommy; she'd been working so hard on her gymnastics that she'd had no time to see Tommy.
  • Kim stayed with Aisha to look for P.C., whom she'd accidentally let out by leaving the door out.
  • At some point, Kim left a message with Ernie to tell Tommy that they were looking for the cat and that she'd be right back.
  • Kim and Aisha later went to the Juice Bar without finding P.C..


  • Kim saw Tommy and Kat in Kat's car flying through a warp of some sort in the Viewing Globe and wondered who the girl was.
  • After the teens had met Kat in the park, Kim thought Kat was really sweet, and she loved her accent.


  • After Kim and Aisha had shown Kat around Angel Grove, Kat said that she had thought she liked to shop but that Kim brought a whole new meaning to the word; Kim had bought something for Tommy on their trip.
  • The teens were going to the lake, and Kim, at first alone, invited Kat, who was reading at the outdoor cafe; she at first said she wasn't very fond of water but changed her mind once Tommy showed up, planning to go.
  • As the Ninja Rangers fought Tengas nearby, Kat removed Kim's Power Coin from her bookbag, suddenly weakening ninja Kim during the fight.
  • The weakness she felt from her Power Coin having been stolen was a feeling Kim hadn't felt before; as part of the power drain, pink energy was running through Kim's hand.
  • After Kim had fainted in the Command Center, Zordon told the others that Kim wouldn't survive unless they retrieved her Power Coin.


  • Lying on a table or bed in the Command Center, Kim was in a deep sleep, her body having been very weakened by the loss of her coin.
  • Just before the alarm sounded to show that Kat was supposedly being threatened by Tengas, Kim stirred and awoke, much to Alpha's surprise.
  • Zordon wouldn't let Kim go to help Kat, saying that until they found an alternative energy source, any exertion could destroy her; Kim insisted that Kat was her friend and she had to help her, and Zordon eventually gave in, making sure she understood the risk, and then telling her she was a true Power Ranger.
  • Ninja Kim fought the Tengas rather than simply trying to lure them away from Kat; they had left Kat alone as soon as they'd spotted Kim.
  • In the middle of the fight, ninja Kim began to lose her balance, then she collapsed after apologizing to Kat.
  • Goldar teleported himself and the unconscious, demorphed Kim away with flaming energy.
  • After she'd been kidnapped, the unconscious Kim was in a cavern in another dimension, on a slowly rotating table as a device above her was slowly draining pink energy from her head, bit by bit.


  • Tommy rescued Kim from Zedd's dimension using Billy's PortalCom invention.
  • Some time later in the Command Center, Kim was awake and seeming to feel better, now that Alpha had removed the pink Power Coin's connection to her.
  • Near sunset, Kim and Tommy took a walk by the lake, with Kim scared, and Tommy reminding her what she'd told him when he'd lost his powers: that he'd be okay, and that he'd always have them all; Tommy told her that he'd always be there for her.


  • Kim had P.C. with her at the outdoor cafe as she read a newspaper.
  • It had been Kim's dream since she was a little girl to meet world-famous gymnastics coach Gunthar Schmidt; she was elated to learn that he was coming to Angel Grove.
  • Kim decided to take Tommy's advice to go try out for Coach Schmidt's Pan Global gymnastics team, or at least meet him, but first she went into the Youth Center to fix her hair, having Ernie watch P.C..
  • Kim owned a red compact two-seat car - what looked like a Honda; she'd parked it on the street beside the outdoor cafe.
  • When a car thief stole Kim's car, Bulk and Skull commandeered a cab to pursue him, and Kim rode along.
  • After the cab had been transformed into Crabby Cabbie, Bulk, Skull, and Kim were trapped within a dark, slowly warping car interior with multicolored light effects around them; they were eventually freed from the then-giant monster by Alpha's molecular scrambler.
  • After falling out the tailpipe of the giant Crabby Cabbie, Bulk, Skull, and Kim hid behind a bush and watched the Shogunzords battle the monster.
  • Kim had missed her meeting with Coach Schmidt but planned to try to meet him during tryouts.
  • Bulk and Skull drove up to the street beside the outdoor cafe in Kim's car after having apprehended the thief.
  • Kim hugged Bulk but didn't hug Skull when he outstretched his arms.


  • Gunthar Schmidt came into the Youth Center and watched Kim practice gymnastics, already knowing her name.
  • Coach Schmidt wanted to discuss Kim's training with her coach, but when she said she didn't have one, he offered to personally train her for the Pan Global trials, but he told her she couldn't let anything come between her and their practice.
  • Kim had the teens meet her in the Command Center to discuss her training for the Pan Global tryouts, worried that her training would interfere with her duties as a Ranger.
  • Zordon told Kim that her sense of loyalty and responsibility spoke well beyond her years; he said that integrity was one of her greatest assets, that he was certain she would keep everything in proper perspective, and that she had his complete support.
  • Coach Schmidt was shown training Kim by the lake and in a gymnastics facility, over an indeterminate amount of time.
  • Kim brought Coach Schmidt to the Juice Bar to try one of Ernie's special protein shakes.
  • When Kim's communicator beeped during practice, she told Coach Schmidt there was something really important that she'd forgotten to do; he reminded Kim that it was important that she remained on schedule and that his time was very limited, then told her to address any second thoughts she might be having.
  • That night, Tommy drove Kim to the Youth Center so she could work out on the beam, which Ernie had left up for her.
  • Kim said she was a little dizzy but that she was okay and said she didn't need a spotter since Coach Schmidt said he'd try to come after his workouts.
  • Tommy told Kim to let him know if Coach Schmidt didn't show up, but she said she'd be fine.
  • Kim practiced without a spotter after learning that Coach Schmidt had had an appointment and left a message with Ernie for her to keep practicing.
  • After stumbling a few times during practice, Kim eventually lost her balance on the beam and fell off, nearly knocking herself out, just as Kat rushed in, but Kat's presence didn't seem to cause the fall.


  • Kat called an ambulance for Kim and went along with her to Angel Grove Community Hospital.
  • Kim was semi-conscious at the hospital after her injury.
  • The next morning, Dr. Jacobs said Kim was awake and that there was no permanent damage and that Kim would be on her feet in no time.
  • When Zordon told Tommy and Billy, who were visiting her, of the others' needing help against Rito and the Tengas, she started to sit up from her hospital bed, but Zordon made her stay where she was.
  • After Tommy and Billy had ninja-morphed out of the room, Kat entered and confessed everything to Kim.
  • Kim was forgiving toward Kat, understanding that she'd been under a spell the whole time.
  • The doctor had said Kim would be out in a few days, and she could start practicing for the competition again, but she chose to quit gymnastics for her Ranger duties.
  • As the five teens and Kat walked away from the hospital, Billy said Kim had been doing gymnastics for years, and he never thought he'd see her quit.


  • Kim now said she was getting out later that day, but it appeared to be the same day as before.
  • Kim was with the other five teens in the Command Center after they had failed to rescue Ninjor and had in fact lost Kat to Rita and Zedd.
  • Some time after escaping from Rita and Zedd with the pink Power Coin, apparently a different day, Kat had asked Kim to come to the Angel Grove Community Pool, and Tommy came along.
  • Kat dove off the high dive to show Kim she could overcome her fears.
  • An indeterminate period of time later, Kim performed in the Pan Global trials one day and got a 9.95.
  • Some day after the trials, the five teens, Kat, Bulk, Skull, Ernie, and Coach Schmidt were among the guests at a surprise party for Kim in the Youth Center.
  • Coach Schmidt told Kim she was by far the best athlete he'd ever coached.
  • Coach Schmidt invited Kim to his facility in Florida to train full-time to compete in the Pan Global Games.
  • In the Command Center with the other teens, Kim discussed Coach Schmidt's offer, having already decided not to go.
  • Kim said "it" (presumably competing in the Pan Global Games) had been a dream her whole life, but when she'd become a Ranger, she'd made some promises, including standing by her fellow Rangers.
  • Trying to convince her to go, Zordon told Kim that the experience would prove invaluable to both her and the Rangers, since when she returned someday, she would be an even more effective Power Ranger; she chuckled that she really did want to go, but only if it was okay with the teens and Zordon.
  • Zordon told Kim that even though she wouldn't be with them, she would always be a Power Ranger in their eyes.
  • Kim had Alpha teleport Kat to the Command Center to be the new Pink Ranger, having asked Alpha and Kat to be ready in case the teens and Zordon had gotten her to change her mind.
  • Zordon told Kim that once again she had demonstrated wisdom beyond her years.
  • Kim told the teens they were the most amazing friends she'd ever had, and most of all she'd miss their being together.
  • All of the following events appeared to occur on separate days, with perhaps numerous days between some or all of the events: Kat's returning Kim's Power Coin, Kat's diving demonstration for Kim at the Angel Grove Community Pool, Kim's participation in the Pan Global trials, Kim's surprise party in the Youth Center, and Kim's decision to move to Florida with Kat as her replacement.


  • On Christmas Eve, seemingly before giving her powers to Kat (see "When" section), Kim worked with Aisha in the Youth Center to teach kids to sing Christmas carols for the Christmas Eve party.
  • Kim was thinking about how lucky she was to be able to spend Christmas with Aisha and her family, and she had Tommy too, but it was the first Christmas she'd spent without her mom.
  • After getting Tommy's help hanging the mistletoe, Kim closed her eyes, waiting for a kiss, but Skull kissed her instead.
  • After a number of previous distractions, Kim and Tommy finally got the chance to kiss under the mistletoe during the Christmas Eve party.
  • Kim's mom and the painter took a last-minute flight back from France because Mrs. Hart just couldn't leave Kimberly all alone on Christmas.


  • The return address on Kim's letter to Tommy appeared to read, "Kimberly / <short street address> / Florida / <zip code>."
  • Kim's letter, which arrived at the Youth Center, appeared to be addressed as follows: "Tommy Oliver / 4640 Angel Grove Way / Angel Grove <zip code>."
  • Kim's letter read:
    Dear Tommy,

        Everything is going great here in Florida. Coach Schmidt has me as ready as I'll ever be for the competition. Tommy, this is the hardest letter I've ever had to write. You've always been my best friend, and in some ways, you're like a brother. But something has happened here that I can't explain. It's both been wonderful and painful at the same time. Tommy, I've met someone else.

    Tommy, you know I would never do anything to hurt you. But I feel like I've found the person that I belong with. He's wonderful, kind, and caring. You'd really like him. Everything would be perfect if it weren't for hurting you. But I have to follow my heart. I will always care about you, Tommy. Please forgive me.

  • Tommy said that Kim hadn't ever mentioned anything in any of her letters, until now.


  • Just as Divatox was looking for two pure human sacrifices for Maligore, Jason and Kim went scuba diving from a raft off a shore near Angel Grove early one morning.
  • One of Divatox's Piranhatron-like warriors, swimming underwater, attacked the scuba diving Jason and Kim; the two were then in Divatox's subcraft, unconscious, and were dumped into the bilge.
  • Divatox's sensors told her that Jason and Kim were once Power Rangers.
  • Jason and Kim were shown removing their masks and looking around the bilge.
  • Kim commented that she wished they could morph.
  • Neither Jason nor Kimberly still had communicators; at least, they hadn't worn any while scuba diving.
  • From the bilge, Kim overheard Divatox's plan to feed them to Maligore as a wedding meal.
  • Under her wetsuit, which one of Divatox's lackeys had taken to use on their mannequins to trick the teens, Kim was wearing pink and black.
  • Jason and Kim had come back to surprise everybody and help out with the Little Angel's Haven shelter; how they had gotten together and why they were scuba diving is unknown.
  • Two days later, Jason and Kim were making weapons from pipes in the wall when Jason thought to try to pry off the large panel in the wall; his plan was for them to pry off the panel and swim to the surface once the subcraft had risen to 100 feet from its current depth of 435 feet.
  • Jason's plan was to wait until the subcraft had risen to 100 feet, but he and Kim then began loosening the hatch, allowing water to begin pouring in too soon.
  • Jason and Kim struggled to hold the water back until they crossed through the Nemesis Triangle, but the pressure from the water outside the subcraft would have been far too strong for two people to hold back.
  • After the subcraft had passed through the Nemesis Triangle, Jason and Kim then struggled to pry the panel off, but in the previous scene, they were just barely able to hold it on.
  • After they'd removed the panel and the bilge had filled up with water, Jason and Kim merely turned the wheel on the door connecting their room with Bulk and Skull's and then opened the door to let Bulk and Skull swim through; why they hadn't opened this door sooner is unknown.
  • The four teens simultaneously took a breath at the top of the bilge and then, underwater, swam out the exit one at a time while the others waited without getting another breath; this was a waste of lung capacity.
  • Even though Kim's shirt got stuck on the opening on her way out and Jason had to help her, she kept going without going back up to the air in the bilge for another breath.
  • Some time later, Kim was lying exhausted on a shore of Muiranthias, but Bulk and Skull, hiding behind some trees nearby, were not exhausted.
  • Kim was captured by the savage Malachians; soon, when the Malachians surrounded Divatox and crew outside Maligore's temple, they were carrying Kim, who was tied to a wooden plank.
  • The hole in Kim's shirt caused by getting it caught on the way out of the subcraft was now, and would remain, on the wrong side.
  • In Maligore's temple, Jason and Kim were tied up and suspended over Maligore's lava pit to be used as sacrifices.
  • Jason and Kim were lowered into the pit, then they appeared in clouds of flame back on the ledge, evil with growling low voices, red eyes, and enhanced strength; Divatox then told the two, calling them Maligore's children, to destroy those who would threaten the flames of unity.
  • Jason and Kim fought the Rangers.
  • When evil Kim was fighting morphed Kat, Tommy turned Kim around and pulled off his helmet, hoping that she'd remember him; she didn't appear to be fazed, however.
  • Evil Kim told Kat that pink was out, but she said this as she was wearing a pink shirt.
  • Evil Kim chanted for Jason to throw Tommy into Maligore's lava pit.
  • Yara and Lerigot released from their hands gold sparkling energy which turned Kim good again; her purification was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Kim called out for Tommy to hang on to Jason (whom Tommy was struggling to keep from falling into the lava pit), and she rushed forward, but she wouldn't arrive at Tommy's side until fourteen seconds later.
  • Kim got the Liarians while the Rangers fought Divatox's warriors.
  • Seeing that Kim was freeing the Liarians, Rygog said that the humans were turning pure again.
  • Kim and Jason fought a few standard Piranhatron-like warriors, then helped the Liarians flee.
  • Shortly after the Turbo Megazord had destroyed giant Maligore outside, Jason, Kim, Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel emerged from the jungle with Bulk and Skull and were picked up by the Turbo Megazord.
  • After Jason and Kim had come aboard the Turbo Megazord cockpit with Bulk, Skull, and the Liarians, Jason and Kim immediately went to morphed Tommy while Bulk and Skull weren't looking; Jason hugged the Red Ranger, then as Jason and Kim hugged, Tommy's body posture perhaps hinted at a bit of impatience or mild jealousy.
  • As Bulk and Skull examined the Megazord's controls, Tommy, Kim, and Jason appeared to be having a conversation in the background.
  • Kim, wearing dark blue, cheered for Tommy, Adam, and Jason with the teens at the national championship.
  • When the teens rushed up to the ring to congratulate the guys on their victory, Kim held both her hands up, and Jason held them.
  • In what seemed to be the evening after the national championship, the teens, Jason, Rocky, and perhaps Kim as well seemed to be saying goodbye to Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel in the Power Chamber after they had appeared to emerge from the northwestern hallway, the door of which slid shut behind them.

    Pilot Episode

  • While Jason and Zack were playing around as she was trying to bowl, Kim seemed annoyed by their ruining her concentration.
  • Preparing to bowl, Kim let the ball slip from her hand, breaking her nail and splashing chili all over a group of punks, initiating a large brawl in the bowling alley; she was more concerned with her broken nail than where the flying ball had landed.
  • Kim followed Zack as he left the Command Center; she pulled a reluctant Jason along with her.
  • Kim was the third teen to be knocked down by Putties in the desert.
  • Kim became the Pink Ranger.
  • When the other teens agreed to remain Rangers once in the Command Center after their battle, Kim said she had serious shopping to do, and that although the outfits were cool, her hair got tangled up in the helmet and that she couldn't do it; she then yelled, "Psych!"

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Kimberly's birthday was given as February 14, making her an Aquarius.
  • Kimberly's birthplace was Seattle, Washington.
  • Kimberly's favorite food was frozen yogurt; her favorite subject was theater arts.

    MMPR fan club video

  • On the topic of friends, Jason remarked that they were like family; he described sparring with Tommy at the Youth Center all the time, then said the girls were both really cool, both beautiful women, but that sometimes he'd have to play the big brother role and, for instance, tell an unwanted guy that Kim had a boyfriend, even though she didn't.
  • When asked about girlfriends, Tommy was unsure, but he noted that Kimberly was "kinda special" to him.
  • Being interviewed herself, Kim sat on the steps in the hallway of Angel Grove High, holding her guitar; she wore pink clothes and no communicator.
  • Concerning fears, Kim remarked that whenever she was afraid of something, it usually made her want to do it even more; some moves in gymnastics were quite scary, she said, but if it was done in a positive way, overcoming that fear was a major rush.
  • Asked about friends, Kim said she hung out with all of the teens but that Trini was her girl best friend, and they talked about everything.
  • Kim said she loved Zack, calling him fun and a great party guy who could always entertain people.
  • Kim said that Billy was great, because he was so smart, and she would always go to him for help with homework; he was such a giving person, he always helped out.
  • Kim said Tommy was one of her best friends, and they got along so well and were really great friends; she then added that, yes, he was cute, then giggled and changed the subject.
  • Kim remarked that Jason was great, like a big brother, and she felt safe and secure with him, much like she did with Tommy.
  • With regard to the future, Kim wanted to go to college, and she was thinking about being a teacher since she loved working with little kids, but she also wanted to own a gym and coach gymnastics, as well as write; she remarked that there were so many things she wanted to do, but she knew that whatever she did, she'd do it very well.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • A heartbroken Kim told the dying Zordon that ever since he'd come into their lives he'd been like a father to them all.
  • On the teens' journey on Phaedos, Kim spent some of the time thinking about Zordon and everything they'd been through together.
  • Dropped by a Tengu, Kim sustained what appeared to be roughly a twenty foot drop without injury.
  • Dulcea told Kim she was the crane, agile and light as a feather.
  • When the teens were attacked by an animate dinosaur skeleton, Kim backed herself into a giant ribcage and had Tommy rescue her.
  • When Ivan trapped the Crane Ninjazord in some sort of electromagnetic deadlock, it took Aisha to suggest using the thrusters before Kim did so and escaped.
  • Kim apparently wasn't sure which button controlled the Crane's thrusters, but she was able to activate them quickly.
  • When Billy thought to use Ryan's Comet to destroy Hornitor-Ivan, Tommy remarked that the idea was brilliant, but Kim didn't understand, so Billy and Aisha had to explain it to her.
  • Tommy had his arm around Kim as the teens watched the fireworks, and the couple gazed into each other's eyes for a moment.

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