King Mondo
- robot king of the Machine Empire
King Mondo
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First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: (alive) 643-CTD2, (statue) 1034-FRed
Pictures: medium shot (shown at right), long shot, giant King Mondo


  • Bulk and Skull were asleep as a gear ship hovered over their field while Mondo and Machina observed the two on their viewing globe; they were pleased with the uselessness the humans demonstrated.
  • Mondo said if this were any indication of the kind of lifeforms on this planet, they should have no problem conquering them; then, Machina said, they would strip the planet of their resources and complete their Machine Empire.
  • When the governor of California later went on TV to inform the public of the approaching threat and to issue a plea to the Power Rangers, wherever they were, Mondo said the Earthlings' leader was scared and they hadn't even begun yet, and Machina said the governor's reign over Earth was almost at an end.
  • Mondo wasn't familiar with the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," but the fact that he knew their full title indicated that he'd heard more than just the governor's broadcast.
  • Mondo planned for all of the Earthlings to bow down before him and obey him.
  • Machina said their eons of planning had led to this moment, when they could finally say the universe was theirs; Mondo told her to have patience; the Quadrafighters had just returned from their scout, and it wouldn't be long until they were ready.
  • Mondo couldn't believe it, but he suddenly saw Rita and Zedd in the viewing globe; he pointed out to Machina that they had a bit of a problem, telling her to look at who was already here.
  • Machina was startled, saying she'd thought Rita and Zedd had retired eons ago; she said they should have no mercy on them, and Mondo agreed, for they were the only obstacle between them and the complete obliteration of the Earth and all the beings that inhabited it.


  • When Finster said that they were defenseless against the armies of the Machine King, Squatt told Baboo that they should leave before King Mondo turned them into socket wrenches.
  • After the Machine Empire had begun attacking Rita and Zedd's moon palace, Mondo was excited about having an entire galaxy just begging to supply its resources to his Machine Empire.
  • Machina, Mondo's wife, reminded Mondo that Rita and Zedd claimed this galaxy as their own, but Mondo showed her that Rita and Zedd, whom he called "piteous peasants," were fleeing.
  • Mondo had the Machine Empire symbol on a square plate that was a part of his body.
  • Rita said that the most evil person she and Zedd knew aside from King Mondo and Queen Machina was Master Vile; she said that if she and Zedd lived with Master Vile, no one would touch them.
  • Master Vile said that King Mondo and Queen Machina were the only creatures in "the galaxy" more evil than himself; he said they destroyed everything they touched.
  • As he and Machina enjoyed the view of Earth, a view they thought was lovely, Mondo said that very soon, all that they saw would be theirs to rule with an iron hand.


  • When Rita, Zedd, and crew made it to Serpentera during a lull in the Quadrafighters' attack, Mondo smashed his staff against the balcony railing, causing Prince Sprocket and Klank to cower; Mondo bellowed that he had specifically ordered for Rita and Zedd to be destroyed, and he wondered how they would ever complete their Machine Empire and conquer the universe if his Cogs couldn't stop the likes of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd; Sprocket blamed Klank for the blunder.
  • Machina tried to calm Mondo down, telling him his oil was boiling.
  • Mondo was furious with Klank for rejecting Sprocket's blame, with smoke coming from his head and sparks shooting out of the sides of his head; he shouted that excuses were for the weak and that he demanded strength and resolve from those in his service; he appeared to calm down tremendously once Klank had apologized.
  • Mondo told Klank to regroup the Quadrafighters to continue the assault on Rita and Zedd.
  • Mondo told Klank that if he failed again, he'd spend the next thousand years sweeping up tin shavings on the dark side of Alpha Centauri.
  • Zordon referred to King Mondo as the supreme ruler of the evil Machine Empire.
  • Mondo and Machina had broken away from the United Alliance of Evil and had set out to invade this galaxy.
  • Prince Sprocket was Mondo and Machina's son.
  • Sprocket was heir apparent (meaning, under existing circumstances, future king after Mondo) to the throne of the Machine Empire.
  • To begin the ground assault, which he said would surprise the people of Earth, Mondo targeted Angel Grove, saying they would begin right where Rita and Zedd had left off.
  • After the Zeo Rangers had defeated a group of Cogs, Mondo decided it could be an interesting diversion to have a formidable enemy; Machina agreed, saying that their journey toward galactic domination had been getting boring.
  • Machina asked Mondo whether the Rangers worried him after he'd said it would be quite an endeavor, he replied that they didn't him, as although they would be difficult to defeat, it would make it that much sweeter when he scattered them to the far reaches of the galaxy.
  • Mondo and Machina were always pleasant and polite to each other, without exception.


  • Sprocket asked Mondo whether the Quadrafighters had found the secret location where Zordon was keeping his fleet of Zords; they had, and Mondo remarked that Zordon insulted him by thinking he could hide the Zords from him.
  • Mondo and Machina thought that not being challenged was growing tiresome.
  • Mondo sent a platoon of Cogs to infiltrate the Zords' hiding place and sabotage the Zords before they were completed.
  • After the Cogs had been defeated by the Rangers, Mondo said that his policy was always to have a plan B; he told Machina that Klank was upgrading the artillery on their savage Staroid.
  • After being told about Staroid, Machina said in a sultry voice that Staroid was so destructive and that Mondo could be so cruel; Mondo asked her please to restrain herself, since Sprocket was there.
  • After Klank had completed the upgrade on Staroid, Mondo was amazed that Klank had once again managed to save himself from the scrap heap.
  • Mondo planned for Staroid to destroy the "Command Center."
  • Once the Rangers were victorious, Mondo couldn't believe that the Rangers had destroyed Staroid.
  • Mondo declared that he wouldn't rest until he had defeated the Power Rangers, conquered the human race, and caused the Earth to be ruled by his Machine Empire once and for all.


  • As Cogs created Silo's body in a junkyard in Angel Grove, Mondo planned to program Silo and banish the Rangers from Earth forever.
  • Mondo eventually decideded to use Rocky and Jennifer's combat/trivia computer game (featuring robot characters that looked identical to Silo) to program Silo; he had Cogs steal the system password from Rocky and then steal the game for use in Silo.
  • Rocky and Adam morphed in front of the Cogs, perhaps with Mondo watching from the Machine Skybase; this would have been most likely the first time the Machine Empire learned of the Rangers' identities.
  • Mondo stood on a cliff on Earth and personally oversaw the battle of Silo against the Rangers.
  • Mondo commanded Silo to banish the Rangers.
  • After the Rangers had formed the Zeo Megazord to fight giant Silo, Mondo found it quite sporting to see his own victories up close, and he felt he should get out more often.
  • After Silo was destroyed, Mondo still planned to have the Rangers bow to his greatness one day, then banish them.


  • Mondo thought to increase the volume of baby Joey's crying, realizing that the sound waves could be used destructively.
  • Mondo apparently knew the Rangers' identities by this point.
  • Mondo planned to destroy Angel Grove.
  • Pleased with Klank's suggestion of sending Boohoo the Clown, Mondo told Klank that there might yet be hope for him.
  • After Joey's initial burst of destructive crying, Sprocket tried to claim the volume amplification plan as his own, but after Orbus and Sprocket were done insulting each other, Mondo and Machina agreed that the plan was Mondo's.
  • Mondo planned to have Boohoo further increase Joey's destructive power.
  • Mondo sent Klank and Orbus to the electric plant to meet Boohoo and Joey there so the baby could destroy Angel Grove's source of power.


  • When Machina told the others to come up with a plan, Klank pointed out that he had come up with quite a few plans but they were all ignored; Mondo offered Sprocket the chance to come up with a plan.
  • Sprocket planned to send down a special pitching machine (People Pitcher) which, when a pitch was hit, would trap the batter inside; Sprocket planned to use Rocky, Adam, and Shawn as bait to catch the other Rangers, which would leave Mondo free to rule the world.
  • Mondo told Sprocket he was an evil little machine and that he didn't know how a father could be any prouder.
  • Mondo soon sent Cogs to get Rocky's exposed Zeonizer from his bookbag, but first Machina talked with Mondo to make sure Sprocket wouldn't mind.


  • After Klank, Orbus, and Sprocket planned to use the lava beneath Angel Grove to destroy the Rangers, Mondo said he had the perfect monster to get the lava out of the ground: Digster.
  • After the Cogs had fled from Smokey the dog, Mondo noted that they could be so inept sometimes.
  • Machina nervously waved her fan and said she grew weary of the delays; Mondo ordered Klank to tell Digster to ignore Kat and continue digging.
  • When Sprocket, in the cave, later heard Kat calling out for Smokey, he sent Digster and the Cogs after her, despite Mondo's earlier having called off the pursuit of Kat.
  • Once Digster had been destroyed, Machina was upset, asking whose idea it had been to destroy Angel Grove with lava; when Sprocket said it was Klank's idea, Mondo was furious, and Machina reminded Mondo of his oil pressure.


  • Mondo and Machina hated the sound of the laughter of human children; Machina said it made her oil boil.
  • Mondo planned to get the children on their side since it was said that children shaped the future of the Earth.
  • Machina called Mondo her "lovebot."
  • Puppetman, Captain Pete's robotic sidekick, gave Mondo an idea; when Machina said she was sure it was brilliant, he told her that her compliments meant the world to him.
  • Sprocket wanted to plant the transmitter Klank had built to control Puppetman, but Mondo told him maybe next time and had Klank send the Cogs instead.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed evil Puppetman, Mondo said the Zeo Rangers had once again defied and shamed the "Royal House of Gadgetry."


  • Looking in his Viewing Screen at Cestro's spacecraft on Earth, Mondo asked whose alien spacecraft it was; Machina said that it appeared to belong to "one of those dreadful creatures from Aquitar" and that he had some nerve landing on Earth without Mondo's royal authorization.
  • None of the members of the Royal House of Gadgetry were familiar with the Hydro Contaminator, but Mondo sent Cogs to help him fight the Rangers.
  • Watching the Hydro Contaminator fight the Rangers as part of the deal he'd made with the creature, Sprocket was impressed, and he said that after this, maybe Mondo would let him rule Detroit.


  • Mondo sent Sprocket to Earth so they could use Rocky's metal-eating mutant plant to their advantage.
  • Once the Cogs had stolen the plant (now in two pots, one being a flower taken from the original) Mondo turned the plants into two monsters in his balcony room in the Machine Skybase, with the mouthless one called Pollenator; Pollenator would eventually call the other monster (the one with large eyes) Adrian.
  • Pollenator was hungry, but Mondo sent the monsters to Earth anyway after touching his staff to Adrian and giving him some extra power in the form of multicolored energy.
  • When Mondo teleported the monsters to his balcony room, only Pollenator was shown teleporting; Adrian was apparently standing blankly behind Mondo when Pollenator arrived.
  • Looking around in confusion, Pollenator asked what Mondo thought he was doing, as they had been about to finish the Rangers off and get back to lunch; he slowly caught sight of Adrian, who, standing behind Mondo, agreed, "Ja, lunch."
  • Mondo ordered either both monsters or only Pollenator that he/they could eat all he/they wanted after defeating the Rangers.
  • Mondo told Pollenator he'd brought them back because Adrian was inept; he then angrily ordered Pollenator to move as he struck him with his staff.
  • Adrian was Pollenator's cousin.
  • When Mondo struck Pollenator, Adrian started to rush forward, but when Mondo waved him back and told him to stay there, he stopped and replied that he could do that.
  • Mondo told Pollenator to go alone this time to finish the job, at which point Adrian was startled.
  • Pollenator realized that he had to choose between Mondo and his cousin, but Mondo declared that Pollenator never had a choice; Cogs then used their spears to hold back Adrian as he and Pollenator called out to each other (with Adrian calling Pollenator "Pollie").
  • Pollenator saved Adrian and fought off the Cogs until Mondo shouted "Enough!!" and blasted the monsters with a blue energy bolt from his staff; he then ordered Pollenator to get down there and finish the Rangers before he ground them both (emphasis on "both") into mulch for his petunias; this was the last time Adrian would be seen.


  • Sprocket reminded Mondo that it was Machina's birthday and told him that he should get her a musician of her very own, and when Mondo planned send the Cogs after Angel Grove High's mystery pianist (actually Skull), Sprocket revealed that he'd already sent the Cogs.
  • The day after the Cogs' initial failure, Mondo sent them again after school.
  • After the Cogs' second failure, Mondo noted that he shouldn't have sent the Cogs to do a monster's job, at which point he turned Angel Grove High's piano into Fortissimodo.


  • When Sprocket told Mondo that the failed computer virus scheme had been Klank's idea, Mondo furiously swung his staff at Klank, hitting him once.
  • Mondo managed to overhear both ends of Billy's transmission with the Power Chamber from Aquitar.
  • Machina and Mondo planned to do away with Billy on his way home to make it easier to destroy the Rangers.


  • After the teens had raised the Power Chamber's tractor beam transmitter dish to attempt to stop Billy's drifting toward the Machine Skybase, Mondo had Sprocket blast at the tractor beam; this sent Billy's ship hurtling toward the sun, shorted out the tractor beam dish, and made the Power Chamber quake.
  • Mondo sent Klank to set up an ambush and to destroy the Angel Grove University warehouse if the Rangers got too close to the spare fuel cells (which they needed to repair their tractor beam), and Klank asked to take Mechanizer, saying he was good at this type of thing.
  • After the Rangers had retrieved and installed the fuel cell, Mondo sent Quadrafighters to stop Tommy from aligning the tractor beam dish on the rock formation where the dish was located.


  • After Tommy had been crushed by Kim's breakup letter, Mondo wanted to exploit the humans' emotional weaknesses, and Klank pointed out that they had a monster, Robocupid who had a love ray.
  • Sprocket again got credit for Klank's idea.
  • Robocupid's ray would cause the humans to fall in love with the first machine they saw; this was good, Mondo noted, because the Rangers wouldn't fight his soldiers while eternally devoted to them.
  • Most likely a different day, Mondo had Klank test Robocupid on Earth.
  • When Sprocket whined that he wanted to go, Mondo said to was too dangerous and that he'd have his fun once they were sure Robocupid was fully functional.
  • Mondo's orders for Robocupid were to make everyone in Angel Grove fall in love with machines.
  • To keep the Rangers at half strength, Mondo then had Klank send Cogs to Angel Grove Pines, where they removed warning signs on the Widowmaker to endager lives and force Tommy, Kat, and Billy to remain out of the way.


  • Mondo initially tried to blame Klank for the Cogs' failure, but he then decided that Robocupid could easily destroy three Rangers.
  • After Klank and Orbus had enlarged Robocupid, Mondo remarked that he found it best to keep things unfair, as it made winning much easier.
  • Mondo again gave Klank an assignment despite Sprocket's whining.
  • Mondo sent Klank to use Defoliator, but Machina must have already started her Defoliator plan days prior to telling Mondo of the plan.


  • Mondo said that, due to Defoliator's warming, the heat shields to the "Power Chamber" would eventually melt, rendering Zordon helpless.


  • Mondo watched from nearby as giant Main Drain fought the Zeo Megazord.
  • During the fight, Mondo waved a white flag on his staff, saying they surrendered, begging them not to destroy his beautiful monster; giant Main Drain got on his knees and begged for a moment, but then slipped a tentacle beneath the ground and grappled the Zeo Megazord, tapping directly into the Megazord's main power supply.
  • After Main Drain had been destroyed by the new Red Battlezord, Mondo was upset, but Machina reminded him that the Zeo Megazord had been crippled.


  • Mondo apparently didn't approve of Sprocket's releasing Adam, as promised, after the Rangers had won the contest against Punchabunch.


  • When Sprocket asked Machina whether she knew that one of the Ranger teens had a brother, Machina chuckled and told him, "That's not so strange, dear. Humans do that sort of thing."; she acted as though the concept of siblings were foreign to Sprocket, but, as later revealed in 440-TJOB, Sprocket had an older brother, Prince Gasket.
  • When Sprocket discovered that a Ranger's brother had given the Ranger a magical arrowhead, Mondo was intrigued, and he congratulated Sprocket on his excellent work.
  • Mondo knew that it was Tommy who had the brother, but Sprocket hadn't mentioned which Ranger it was.
  • Mondo planned to use humans' fondness for each other to kidnap Tommy's brother, exchange him for the arrowhead, and harness the arrowhead's power for the Machine Empire.
  • Mondo had Klank send the Cogs to kidnap David.
  • Machina wanted to raise the stakes before delivering their ultimatum to trade David for the arrowhead, and Mondo thought to use Mace Face.
  • Mondo and Klank, with Cogs, watched from nearby as giant Mace Face fought the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord.
  • When Tommy was unable to teleport down to the cave David was in, Mondo teleported in bluish-white lightning to Tommy's location.
  • Tommy gave Mondo the arrowhead to free David.
  • Mondo noted that the humans' sentimentality would lead their planet to certain destruction.


  • Mondo blasted Tommy with a blue energy bolt from his wand when Tommy demanded that he let David go, then he made several white energy bolts arc through the air and strike Tommy from above.
  • Before leaving, Mondo declared that he planned to keep David for an eternity.
  • When Klank reported that the arrowhead appeared to be part of a magical stone, and if the two pieces were reunited, it could have the power to control monsters, Mondo sent Klank with Cogs to find the magic stone.
  • Klank soon reported that they were still searching for the stone, but that a creature (the Autochthon monster) was forming in a cave (the cave where David was being held); Mondo told Klank to teleport it to the surface, suspecting it would have evil on its mind.
  • Mondo went to Earth to express his appreciation to Autochthon personally; Autochthon didn't know him.
  • After Tommy had freed David from the Cogs, Mondo was unconcerned, as he still had the arrowhead.
  • Back in the Machine Skybase after Tommy and David had teleported to another area of the desert, Mondo had somehow apparently overheard David's telling Tommy of the magic stone's location in the forest; Mondo ordered Klank to send out Quadrafighters to scout the forest.
  • Once the stone had been located, Mondo, in the forest, said he was poised on the brink of controlling the Earth's most primitive monsters.
  • Mondo could feel the power coming from the stone.
  • Mondo blasted the hole in the boulder with a blue energy bolt from his staff, but nothing appeared to change as a result of this seemingly pointless blast.
  • While the villains were distracted by a blast from the Red Battlezord, Tommy leapt down and snatched the arrowhead from the stone in the forest, removing the newly-acquired ancient powers from Mondo.


  • Watching Cogs being cranked out of an assembly area, Mondo wondered why he kept making useless Cogs if the Rangers kept destroying them; he was sick of wasting valuable masterials on robots that always ended up as junk.
  • Mondo planned to lure the Rangers in to save Defector as an ambush.
  • In a seemingly sarcastic tone, Defector told Mondo that he liked the Power Rangers, that they were his heroes, that he wouldn't hurt them, and that he just wanted to be friends; Mondo approvingly told the monster that he sounded very sincere.
  • Defector seemed to fall awkwardly to Earth after Mondo sent him to gain the Rangers' trust.
  • On Earth, Cogs were attacking Defector, and Mondo arrived, supposedly to punish Defector for crossing the Royal House of Gadgetry.
  • Defector knocked the Cogs back, struck a seemingly unsuspecting Klank, then struck Mondo, making him spark, and Mondo then struck Defector with his staff, buffeting the monster with sparks and knocking him down.
  • A bluish-white column of energy flowed into Mondo's crown from above, and he shot blue energy bolts from his staff, which arced through the air and struck all around the Rangers and Defector.
  • Klank turned a dial on a small remote device he was holding, at which point Defector seemed to be in pain, and light flashed all around him; at this point, he began fighting the Rangers, calling them suckers.
  • After Defector was destroyed, Mondo told Klank and Orbus that they had once again brought shame to his empire and that the next time it would be the two of them on the junkpile.


  • When Sprocket wanted a new toy, Mondo complained that Sprocket had already broken half of the Cogs in the army.
  • Machina recalled that when they'd given Sprocket a lovely nuclear reactor, he'd only played with the box.
  • Mondo said he would get Sprocket a new toy if Sprocket promised to be very bad for the rest of the millennium.
  • Mondo sent Sprocket and his Toy robot to Earth, most likely so they wouldn't wreck the Machine Skybase.
  • After the Toy robot was destroyed, Sprocket wanted another new toy; Mondo agreed to give him another one, but only if Sprocket agreed to take care of it; Machina told him to "keep it away from those teenagers."


  • On Sprocket's birthday, Mondo said it was hard to believe that the day had finally arrived when Sprocket would become a man; according to Machine tradition, Machina said, Sprocket had to prove himself worthy of adulthood.
  • When the Cogs failed to obtain party supplies, Mondo was again disappointed in them, and Machina suggested a tune-up for them.
  • Sprocket's surprise present was Wrecking Ball, a giant robot in the Machine Skybase's holding bay.
  • After Wrecking Ball was destroyed, Sprocket apologized for failing, but Machina said they were still proud of him, and Mondo told Sprocket he'd become a man and taken his first step on his path to destroying the Rangers, and that this called for a celebration.


  • When Mondo wondered why the humans were even more disgustingly cheery than usual, Klank and Orbus explained that it was a uniquely human phenomenon known as "the holiday spirit," making everyone joyous and uniting them with a common bond of love; Mondo had told Klank and Orbus never to utter the word "love" in his presence; this entire dialogue was in the flashback during elderly Tommy's storytelling decades in the future, so he may have invented the dialogue.
  • Klank invented a new weapon called the Bias Blaster, and Mondo sent Sprocket to Earth to use it on the teens.
  • Sprocket said they could take over the Earth once the Bias Blaster had broken up the Rangers.
  • The second half of Mondo's plan was to confiscate all of the teens' holiday decorations and presents to completely annihilate their holiday spirit; he shot two blue energy bolts from his staff, and they merged into a single blue energy sphere which turned red as it flew into the atmosphere; the items in the Youth Center then vanished in gold energy in front of Raymond and the teens.


  • After the Power Chamber's disrupter ray had destroyed the Machine Skybase's power source, all of the active invisibility medallions, and the Machine Empire's new fleet of ships, Mondo personally ordered the Cogs to stop the Rangers.


  • To use a divide-and-conquer strategy on the Rangers, Mondo sent some Cogs to an industrial plant and Wolfbane with more Cogs to the forest, then had two distress signals sent out from those locations.
  • Mondo wasn't familiar with the sight of Pyramidas.
  • Mondo withdrew his forces before the interference caused by Pyramidas's approach disabled them all.
  • Mondo told Klank and Orbus that neither of them would rest until the powers of the pyramid (Pyramidas) belonged to him.
  • Holding his staff in front of Sprocket's face, Mondo was outraged by the possibility that the Rangers were responsible for the pyramid (perhaps knowing that the energy signature matched the Zeo Rangers' energy); he told Sprocket to send Wolfbane back to occupy the Rangers, then to find the pyramid and have it destroyed.
  • Mondo and Machina were dismayed by the presence of a sixth Ranger; they didn't appear to be familiar with the Gold Ranger.
  • After Gold Ranger had destroyed giant Wolfbane with Pyramidas, Mondo told his crew that their only mission in life from that point on was to find and destroy the Gold Ranger.


  • On Earth, Sprocket showed Klank and Orbus his invention which was supposed to make monsters grow bigger than Orbus's, but it actually shrank things; Mondo came to Earth and was pleased with Sprocket's shrinker, planning to shrink the Rangers.
  • Mondo, Sprocket, and Cogs confronted Tommy and Kat in the desert; after Sprocket had shrunk and captured the two Rangers, Mondo left Sprocket to his bug collecting, telling Sprocket to remember the last time when Sprocket had forgotten to give them water.
  • After Gold Ranger had freed the shrunken Rangers, Mondo had Klank present Sprocket with a surprise, his very own Tarantabot.


  • Mondo said that the very thought of water made his hinges rust.
  • Sprocket thought to turn all of the Earth's water into machine sludge; Machina and Mondo said that not only would it eliminate the humans, but it would establish the perfect environment for their machine army.
  • When Leaky Faucet volunteered for the task, Mondo was reluctant to use him, but Machina convinced Mondo by pointing out that Leaky Faucet was the logical choice and was currently ready.
  • Mondo sent Klank with Leaky Faucet to make sure that every source of water on the planet was contaminated by the end of the day.
  • After the six Rangers had destroyed Leaky Faucet, Mondo swore to do hideous things to the Rangers when he finally got his hands on them, especially the Gold Ranger; Machina told him not to worry, since they had all the time in the universe, as machines were forever.
  • Mondo said he'd give a ton of steel to know who the Gold Ranger was.


  • The teens were exhausted and near falling asleep, as, for two weeks, the Cogs had been starting fights and then disappearing, to wear the Rangers out.
  • Noticing that his plan was working, Mondo said the occasion called for a new monster, and he had Klank and Orbus assemble Somnibot.
  • When Klank came into the balcony room to present Somnibot, the robot Mondo had requested he and Orbus assemble, Mondo, Machina, and Sprocket were asleep.
  • Mondo slept standing upright, but with his legs apparently folded up inside his body.
  • Upon being awakened by Klank, Mondo had Klank send Somnibot to Earth in a Quadrafighter.
  • After Gold Ranger had destroyed Somnibot, Mondo had Klank and Orbus reassemble the robot and boost his power, wanting Gold Ranger destroyed.
  • Mondo was asleep in the balcony room while Machina was upset about Somnibot's destruction.


  • After Klank suggested that Gold Ranger was using a cloaking device to hide, Mondo told Klank and Orbus send down every Cog in the army to search the entire planet.
  • Mondo wasn't familiar with the sight of the Varox bounty hunter that was hunting Gold Ranger.
  • Although Klank thought the workmanship on the creature was disgusting, Mondo liked him and wanted to know where he'd come from; Sprocket guessed he was from some second-rate evil empire.
  • Mondo took Sprocket with him to Earth to learn about the Varox bounty hunter.
  • When Borax told Mondo that he was a Varox bounty hunter, Mondo assumed that he had come to Earth searching for the Gold Ranger; Borax was unfamiliar with the term "Ranger" and only referred to the Gold Ranger as the pilot of the pyramid.
  • Mondo made a deal with Borax that if Borax defeated the Rangers, their powers belonged to Borax.


  • When Klank reported that the Gold Ranger was on an erratic course through the galaxy, Mondo found it fortunate, saying they could seize the Golden powers, but when Klank added that he was too far away and being pursued by Varox bounty hunters, Mondo wondered who the Varox were, saying they weren't on his payroll this month.
  • Mondo expected the chase with the Varox to weaken the Gold Ranger greatly.
  • Mondo spoke of his new robotic technology.
  • Klank apparently overheard the Aquitians' transmission to Zordon concerning the Gold Ranger's well-being; knowing Gold Ranger wasn't well, Klank was sure he would return to Earth to seek Zordon's help.
  • Mondo had Klank set up a deflector field around the Power Chamber as Trey approached; when a blue energy barrier surrounded the Power Chamber's exterior, Billy said that the "Command Center" had been encased in a unidirectional nuclear reflective shield.
  • Quadrafighters blasted at the teens and Treys at the beach after Trey had landed safely in the ocean, and Cogs then appeared and demanded that the Rangers surrender the Gold Ranger to them; when the Rangers began fighting the Cogs, the Royal House of Gadgetry (Mondo, Machina, Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus) then appeared on the beach, and Mondo told Trey to give him the Golden Power Staff.


  • When Tommy was on his way back to the Power Chamber on foot with Jason, Zordon and the teens couldn't track their location for fear of alerting Mondo to their whereabouts.
  • Seeing Tommy and the disguised Jason in the desert on his Viewing Screen, Mondo sent the Quadrafighters and Cogs to destroy the two.
  • Mondo had wanted to stop the teens from transferring the Gold powers, but when they had gotten away from the Cogs, Mondo said that the time had come to initiate their new neo-plutonium robotic fabrication process which, he said, would coat his army with armor to make them invincible.
  • Mondo was familiar with the Super Zeozords, and he was upset that they had been brought to Earth.
  • Mondo ordered Klank to release his entire army of newly-reinforced soldiers; only three additional giant monsters helped giant Silo fight the Super Zeozords.


  • Mondo watched in his Viewing Screen the destruction of giant Punchabunch, what looked like a giant white and silver monster with a hammer, an indeterminate giant monster which may have been Leaky Faucet, as well as giant Main Drain, Drill Master, and giant Admiral Abominator.
  • Machina inadvertantly gave Mondo the idea to fight the Rangers personally.
  • Mondo, with Sprocket and Machina joining him, went to the desert outside Angel Grove to retrieve the buried Damocles Sword.
  • Machina reminded Mondo about the last time he'd used the Damocles Sword, and Sprocket said Machina had said it was so terrible that he'd hidden the sword so he wouldn't be tempted to use it.
  • Mondo told Machina and Sprocket to be silenced; he said that had been a thousand years ago, and he knew exactly what he was doing this time.
  • Mondo shot a blue energy bolt from his fingertip into the ground, unearthing the Damocles Sword; Mondo said the Damocles Sword was the one thing sure to destroy the Power Rangers.
  • Mondo had erected a forcefield around the area, preventing the Rangers from teleporting there, thus forcing them to take the Zeo Jet Cycles.
  • Discarding his staff and grabbing the hovering sword, Mondo declared that the power of the Damocles Sword was once again all his.
  • When Tommy arrived on the scene, Mondo, Machina, and Sprocket vanished, and Mondo was soon in a countryside alone with the Damocles Sword.
  • As the sword later began to glow again, Mondo commanded the sword to unleash its power, and he then grew to giant size; after Mondo had grown, the sword stopped glowing, returning to its normal silver color.
  • The growing process altered Mondo's back gear into what looked like angel wings with radial spikes through them.
  • Mondo intended to prove by nightfall that he was the only ultimate power in this galaxy; he turned his attack to Angel Grove after Super Zeozord Three had retreated.
  • Zordon said that with each passing minute, Mondo grew stronger.
  • After the Super Zeo Megazord Sabers had destroyed the Damocles Sword, the Super Zeo Megazord's combined sword destroyed giant King Mondo.
  • When Mondo was destroyed, Machina said she'd known this would happen again; when Sprocket was surprised to hear that it had happened before, Machina reassured her son that Mondo would be back, and stronger than ever.


  • Machina wasn't sure when Mondo would return, as he needed a great deal of repair.


  • Mondo was father to two sons: the first-manufactured Prince Gasket and the younger Prince Sprocket.
  • Several centuries ago, Gasket had fallen in love with Archerina, the daughter of Mondo's mortal enemy King Aradon; the two had eloped, knowing that their fathers never would have accepted the marriage, but now that Mondo was gone, the couple had returned to rule the Machine Empire.


  • Mondo returned just as Sprocket was saying he missed his dad and wished he'd come home.
  • Mondo apologized for his return having taken longer than he'd expected.


  • In an industrial area with trees and sky in the background, Gasket and Archerina used two sets of headphones and a small dish device to listen to the conversation between Sprocket and the newly-returned King Mondo in the Machine Skybase.
  • After Sprocket told Mondo that Gasket had tried to take over his empire while he was away, Mondo, not surprised, planned to teach Gasket a thing or two when he got his hands on Gasket.
  • Gasket and Archerina retreated to their own planet for now, and Gasket said he would come up with a new plan, saying if Mondo caught him, he was toast.
  • Upon discovering that Rita and Zedd had sent a monster to Earth, Mondo planned to take his greatest monster (Cog Changer) to Earth, not wanting anyone but himself to defeat the Rangers.
  • Mondo went to Earth with Cog Changer.
  • As the Rangers were nearly being defeated by giant Impursonator, Mondo sent Cog Changer in closer, not wanting Rita's monster to win.
  • After giant Impursonator, invulnerable to most of the Zords' attacks, had sent the Rangers retreating, Mondo teleported the monster to a planet eight light-years away, using a gray-edged gear portal.
  • After Cog Changer and Impursonator had fought in the Zeo and Super Zeo Megazords and Rita had taken Impursonator back to the moon, Mondo sent Cog Changer with a large battalion of Cogs to the Angel Grove Coliseum; there, Rita had Impursonator join the Machine Empire's forces in the attack.


  • Sprocket throught for giant Cog Changer and Impursonator to combine into a single monster, and when Mondo ordered the monsters to unite, giant Impursonator latched onto the top of giant Cog Changer's head.


  • After Gasket and Archerina had been defeated by the Rangers but Gasket still planned to be king (and do away with Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus), Mondo and Machina teleported to the lake, where Mondo said he wanted to discuss Gasket's plans to be king; Gasket nervously said that he'd love to stay and catch up Mondo, but that he just remembered that he and Archerina had to be somewhere else, forever, at which point they teleported into the sky as red energy bolts.


  • Cogs were chasing morphed Jason through the forest as part of Mondo's plan to exhaust Jason, accelerating the loss of his powers so that the Machine Empire could seize them.
  • Mondo, Machina, and Sprocket teleported into the forest when Rita and Zedd had summoned Tengas to beat the Cogs to the Golden powers.
  • Mondo told Rita and Zedd he'd been waiting to see how long it would take for them, calling them bumblers, to make complete nuissances of themselves.
  • Rita told Mondo that they'd used to be afraid of him, but now he'd turned into an intergalactic joke.
  • Rita and Zedd and Mondo sent the Tengas and Cogs to fight each other.
  • After the brawl had ended with no victor, Zedd had his party leave, admitting that they should leave as Mondo said.
  • Back in the Machine Skybase, Klank was able to detect a transmission bound for Triforia, and Mondo, having known the teens would try to call Trey, had Klank activate the laser alarm scanners to warm them of Trey's arrival.
  • When the alarm detected the Rangers' presence in the desert, Mondo ordered Klank to stop them, telling him to send the entire army if necessary.
  • After the Quadrafighters and Cogs had failed to prevent the Gold Ranger powers from being transferred, King Mondo appeared from blue energy in the desert, giant-sized, along with four giant Cogs.
  • Giant Mondo had a normal gear in his back rather than the spiked wings he had in giant form in 435-MLSt.
  • Mondo told the giant Rangers that they would pay dearly for denying him the Gold Ranger power.
  • Giant Tommy ran up to Mondo and punched him in the chest, making him spark, then giant Trey punched Mondo's chest with gold energy rings around his fist, and finally Tommy kicked Mondo's chest, with gold energy rings flaring up from the impact point; giant Mondo fell over, and his crown fell off.
  • As the Royal House of Gadgetry met up with Rita and Zedd and crew by their RV on the moon, Mondo, back to normal and with his crown again, was annoyed that Zedd hadn't helped him in the battle.
  • Zedd told Mondo they'd just stopped by to give them a gift now that they realized they weren't in Mondo's league; Rita handed Sprocket a wrapped package with bows on it, and she and her cohorts then scrambled into the RV and drove off.
  • As Zedd and Rita drove away, Sprocket and Klank waved happily, and Mondo realized that Zedd wasn't so bad after all (said in a complimentary manner).
  • The present from Rita and Zedd was actually a bomb which blew the Royal House of Gadgetry into pieces on the surface of the moon; amidst the debris were Mondo's head and shoulders, with perhaps more of his body attached as well but off-screen.
  • Mondo was still alive after the blast, and his crown was still spinning; he yelled out, "Hey, come back here! What kind of present was that?! You haven't seen the last of King Mondo and the Machine Empire!"


  • Mondo and Machina attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along brown and silver Cogs.
  • Mondo didn't speak at all during the assembly.
  • Later seated at the banquet table, Mondo drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.


  • After Dark Specter had launched his master plan, the planned takeover of the entire universe, Klank entered the Machine Skybase balcony with Orbus, telling King Mondo that the order had come in (probably from Elgar for Astronema).
  • Mondo told Klank to prepare for the biggest battle the universe had ever seen, but Klank replied, "Already done!"


  • Zordon's energy wave turned King Mondo into sand along with most other villains in Dark Specter's invasion.

    PRZ comic book

  • At a United States military installation around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, King Mondo sent "Cognitos," Cogs in human disguises, to infiltrate the base and steal a pulse bomb which was the Earth's best defense against the Machine Empire, but the plan was thwarted by the Zeo Rangers.
  • Meanwhile, hundreds of Cogs and Quadrafighters attacked Master Vile's homeworld, led by Klank in a gear ship.
  • A hologram from Klank demanded that Vile surrender Lord Zedd to them, as Zedd had been secretly experimenting with some sort of great power in a plot to destroy Mondo and reclaim his moonbase.
  • As Vile agreed to turn Zedd over, Rita and Zedd pleaded that they could still repel the attack, at which point Zedd contacted Zordon, explaining that if Mondo were to obtain the Power Coin energies in his possession, he could easily conquer the Earth.
  • Having overheard the transmission, Mondo rejected Machina's suggestion of withdrawing his army, now knowing they had something to fight for, and he contacted Klank.
  • Master Vile struck a deal with Klank whereby the Machine Empire took the Power Coin energies, and Vile got some peace and quiet; taking the canister, Klank agreed, after they finished off the Zeo Rangers, and Vile approved, considering it a personal favor.
  • Mondo's plans for the energies went unknown, as the plot was unresolved.

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