Klank and Orbus
- robot assistants to Royal House of Gadgetry
Klank and Orbus
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First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
Pictures: Klank and Orbus (shown at right), Orbus


  • Klank's head was copper-colored on his right and silver on his left; his chest was the opposite; on the silver half of his face was a copper-colored eye, the only eye he had.
  • Orbus's head was black on his left and silver on his right; his mouth and body were the opposite; on the silver half of his face was a small, black, circular eye, the only eye he had.


  • When Rita, Zedd, and crew made it to Serpentera during a lull in the Quadrafighters' attack, King Mondo smashed his staff against the balcony railing, causing Prince Sprocket and Klank to cower; Mondo bellowed that he had specifically ordered for Rita and Zedd to be destroyed, and he wondered how they would ever complete their Machine Empire and conquer the universe if his Cogs couldn't stop the likes of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd; Sprocket blamed Klank for the blunder.
  • Mondo was furious with Klank for rejecting Sprocket's blame; he shouted that excuses were for the weak and that he demanded strength and resolve from those in his service; he appeared to calm down tremendously once Klank had apologized.
  • Mondo told Klank to regroup the Quadrafighters to continue the assault on Rita and Zedd.
  • Mondo told Klank that if he failed again, he'd spend the next thousand years sweeping up tin shavings on the dark side of Alpha Centauri.
  • Orbus could fly.
  • Orbus had a small square, triangle, and circle on his front.
  • Zordon referred to Klank and Orbus as footmen of the throne.
  • Zordon said that together, Mondo, Machina, Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus made up the leadership of the Machine Empire.
  • After Sprocket had reported that the Earth was defenseless and Rita and Zedd were gone, Mondo told Klank to prepare to launch a full-scale assault.


  • Mondo had Klank upgrade the artillery on the giant Staroid robot.
  • After Klank had completed the upgrade on Staroid, Mondo was amazed that Klank had once again managed to save himself from the scrap heap.


  • In the balcony room of the Machine Skybase, a medical table was set up, and Cogs dressed as doctors were making modifications to Orbus, and then Klank as well, to enable them to make Mondo's creations grow.
  • On Earth, Mondo commanded Klank and Orbus to make Silo grow; Orbus hovered out of Klank's hand and transformed.
  • The standard monster-enlarging process was as follows: Orbus retracts his head and feet and extends his very long arm with a handle now on the end; Klank then swings Orbus around over his head several times, then hurls him at the (almost always fallen) monster; Orbus extends his head and opens his mouth, then shoots green energy into the monster from a pipe in his mouth, and the monster grows with green polygons.


  • When Sprocket didn't realize that increasing the volume of baby Joey's crying could be used for destructive purposes, Orbus remarked that Sprocket was a mental midget.
  • When Mondo thought to increase the volume of baby Joey's crying, Klank suggested using Boohoo the Clown, since he was wonderful with children.
  • Pleased with Klank's suggestion, Mondo told Klank that there might yet be hope for him.
  • When Sprocket tried to claim the volume amplification plan as his own, Orbus and Sprocket began trading insults; afterward, Mondo made no attempt to scold Orbus, but merely to say that the plan had been his own.
  • Mondo sent Klank and Orbus to the electric plant to meet Boohoo and Joey there so the baby could destroy Angel Grove's source of power.
  • After Boohoo's defeat, Sprocket and Orbus again exchanged insults without interference from Mondo.


  • When Machina told the others to come up with a plan, Klank pointed out that he had come up with quite a few plans but they were all ignored; Mondo offered Sprocket the chance to come up with a plan.
  • Upon hearing the first part of Sprocket's pitching machine idea, Machina suggested that Orbus be the ball; Klank said he liked the idea, but Orbus didn't.
  • Later, Sprocket and Klank were arguing, but Orbus broke it up to point out that Bulk and Skull were close to ruining the pitching machine plan.
  • On Earth, Sprocket was fearful of the Zeo Rangers when Tommy demanded to know where Rocky's Zeonizer was, and he blamed it on Klank, who then said the Cogs had it.
  • When Orbus made People Pitcher grow, he first injected the monster with green energy from his mouth tube, but then as People Pitcher stood, Orbus also flew up and shot a blue ray from his chest which enlarged the monster.


  • On Earth, Klank and Orbus scouted around a rocky area where steam was coming from the ground; Klank told Orbus that Angel Grove was waiting to self-destruct, and that they had to give it a little help.
  • Klank had found a hidden pocket of lava underground just outside Angel Grove; Sprocket planned to pump out the lava and use it to destroy the Rangers, but Klank and Orbus were upset because it was their idea.
  • Klank and Orbus went to Digster's cave with Sprocket to observe the dig.
  • After traveling to Earth with Orbus and Sprocket to watch Digster's progress in excavating lava which would be used against Angel Grove, Klank was soon back in the Machine Skybase, where Mondo ordered him to tell Digster to ignore Kat and continue digging; Klank was later back in the cave with Digster and Sprocket.
  • Orbus used only his chest ray to enlarge Digster.
  • Once Digster had been destroyed, Machina was upset, asking whose idea it had been to destroy Angel Grove with lava; when Sprocket said it was Klank's idea, Mondo was furious, and Machina reminded Mondo of his oil pressure.


  • Following Mondo's plan, Klank designed a transmitter to control Puppetman.
  • Sprocket wanted to plant the transmitter, but Mondo told him maybe next time and had Klank send the Cogs instead.
  • Klank and Orbus were with evil Puppetman as he approached the Angel Grove satellite center.


  • Rocky, Tanya, and Kat were extras in the new Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface; Sprocket, watching from nearby with Klank and Orbus, wanted the monster costumes from the movie set to be in his own movie.
  • Klank, helping Sprocket with his plan to trap the Rangers in a movie dimension, held an oriental fan in this episode.
  • After the Rangers had been transported into the waiting room of Sprocket's movie dimension, Klank, holding the oriental fan and a shopping basket, talked to the Rangers from a dark gray dimension through the TV in the waiting room.
  • After the Rangers had apparently returned to reality after changing the course of Sprocket's movie, Klank made up an alternate storyboard (with Japanese writing) showing their new monsters fighting the Rangers; the four monsters (only two of which had been stolen from the Invasion of Blueface set) then attacked the Rangers.


  • As Fortissimodo watched the Rangers fight the Cogs while Skull watched the battle from nearby, Klank observed that Fortissimodo was failing at his task, which was to capture Skull.


  • To infect the computers in Angel Grove, as well as the Rangers' computers, Klank, Orbus, and Mean Screen were in a computer room in a multi-story building, and on one wall of the computer room were several monitors, one of which showed what looked like a scene of a fire.
  • After the Royal House of Gadgetry had watched the teens's scrambling over a computer virus, Sprocket thought to send down their own computer virus since everything in Angel Grove seemed to be run by computers, interrupting Klank before he could suggest the same plan.
  • When Sprocket told Mondo that the failed computer virus scheme had been Klank's idea, Mondo furiously swung his staff at Klank, hitting him once.


  • After the Machine Empire had locked on to the coordinates of Billy's spacecraft, Klank planned for them to disable his craft and make him drift to them.
  • Mondo sent Klank to set up an ambush and to destroy the Angel Grove University warehouse if the Rangers got too close to the spare fuel cells (which they needed to repair their tractor beam), and Klank asked to take Mechanizer, saying he was good at this type of thing.


  • After Tommy had been crushed by Kim's breakup letter, Mondo wanted to exploit the humans' emotional weaknesses, and Klank pointed out that they had a monster, Robocupid who had a love ray.
  • Sprocket again got credit for Klank's idea.
  • Most likely a different day, Mondo had Klank test Robocupid on Earth.
  • At an industrial park with Klank, Robocupid shot herself in a mirror with the blue beam from her eye, then fell in love with Klank; Orbus jokingly hoped that the two of them would be very happy together.
  • Orbus shot blue energy gears from his chest, removing the love spell from Robocupid.


  • Before throwing Orbus to make Robocupid grow, Klank commented that this was his favorite part of their battles; Orbus replied that of course it was, since Orbus did all the work.
  • Mondo sent Klank to use Defoliator, but Machina must have already started her Defoliator plan days prior to telling Mondo of the plan.


  • As Sprocket was boxing Cogs in a boxing ring, Orbus was wearing normal-sized boxing gloves on his tiny hands and wanted a turn; Klank accidentally hit himself in the face with his boxing glove.
  • Orbus used both his mouth energy and his chest ray to enlarge a monster; he would do so again in 424-BlkF, 429-SmPr, 430-OBOR, 431-RBye, 432-DIKY.
  • Klank rang the fight bell to begin the second fight between the Red Battlezord and giant Punchabunch.


  • Mondo had Klank send the Cogs to kidnap David.
  • Klank soon reported that David was deep underground in a cave below the reservation, protected by one of their strongest energy fields.
  • Mondo and Klank, with Cogs, watched from nearby as giant Mace Face fought the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord.


  • Klank found that the arrowhead appeared to be part of a magical stone, and if the two pieces were reunited, it could have the power to control monsters.
  • Mondo sent Klank to Earth with Cogs to find the magic stone.
  • After learning of the magical stone's location in the forest, Mondo ordered Klank to send Quadrafighters to scout the forest.
  • Klank soon reported that they'd found a stone in the forest that matched the energy readings of the arrowhead.
  • Before he and Orbus tried seeing whether they could enlarge Autochthon, Klank's feet splashed through the edge of the sea water.
  • Klank and Orbus were able to make Autochthon (not a robotic Machine Empire monster) grow, despite their uncertainty about being able to do so.


  • Klank and Orbus had a plan to use old parts from the component dump to create Defector; they planned for Defector to gain the Rangers' trust and lure them to a place where the Machine Empire could destroy them.
  • During what was supposedly Mondo's plan to stage a Machine Empire attack on Defector to lure the Rangers in, Defector knocked the Cogs back and then struck a seemingly unsuspecting Klank before striking Mondo as well.
  • Klank shot a bluish-white energy beam from his copper eye.
  • Klank turned a dial on a small remote device he was holding, at which point Defector seemed to be in pain, and light flashed all around him; at this point, he began fighting the Rangers, calling them suckers.
  • After Defector was destroyed, Mondo told Klank and Orbus that they had once again brought shame to his empire and that the next time it would be the two of them on the junkpile.


  • When Mondo wondered why the humans were even more disgustingly cheery than usual, Klank and Orbus explained that it was a uniquely human phenomenon known as "the holiday spirit," making everyone joyous and uniting them with a common bond of love; Mondo had told Klank and Orbus never to utter the word "love" in his presence; this entire dialogue was in the flashback during elderly Tommy's storytelling decades in the future, so he may have invented the dialogue.
  • Klank invented a new weapon called the Bias Blaster, and Mondo sent Sprocket to Earth to use it on the teens.


  • The Machine Empire was constructing a fleet of battleships in Angel Grove Forest, and it had been Klank's idea to use invisibility medallions to hide their presence.


  • Klank wasn't familiar with the sight of Pyramidas.
  • When Wolfbane was temporarily defeated, Klank sent Orbus to Earth alone to make Wolfbane grow; Orbus used his chest ray.


  • On Earth, Sprocket showed Klank and Orbus his invention which was supposed to make monsters grow bigger than Orbus's, but it actually shrank things.
  • Mondo had Klank present Sprocket with a surprise, his very own Tarantabot.


  • Mondo sent Klank with Leaky Faucet to make sure that every source of water on the planet was contaminated with machine sludge by the end of the day.
  • In a room somewhere in Angel Grove, with a map of the Angel Grove water system on the wall, a hanging lamp on the ceiling, and pipes on the wall, Klank debriefed Leaky Faucet impatiently; Orbus told the monster he wasn't allowed to leak out of the pipes on his own.
  • Turning off a water spout after Leaky Faucet had flowed up into it, Klank worriedly said he was sure to rust now.


  • When Klank and Orbus came into the balcony room to present Somnibot, the robot Mondo had requested they assemble, Mondo, Machina, and Sprocket were asleep.
  • Upon being awakened by Klank, Mondo had Klank send Somnibot to Earth in a Quadrafighter.
  • Klank and Orbus wore headphones while Klank ordered Somnibot to battle the Rangers.
  • Following Mondo's orders after Gold Ranger had blown Somnibot apart into pieces, Klank and Orbus quickly reassembled Somnibot into a new form.
  • Klank and Orbus drove Somnibot around in the moving truck of a thief who had attempted to steal a safe from Detective Stone's detective agency; Klank thought it would be the perfect vehicle for their mobile power station.


  • After Klank suggested that Gold Ranger was using a cloaking device to hide, Mondo told Klank and Orbus send down every Cog in the army to search the entire planet.
  • Klank and Orbus enlarged Borax, a Varox bounty hunter.


  • Klank reported that Gold Ranger was being pursued throughout the galaxy by Varox bounty hunters.
  • Klank apparently overheard the Aquitians' transmission to Zordon concerning the Gold Ranger's well-being; knowing Gold Ranger wasn't well, Klank was sure he would return to Earth to seek Zordon's help.
  • Mondo had Klank set up a deflector field around the Power Chamber as Trey approached; when a blue energy barrier surrounded the Power Chamber's exterior, Billy said that the "Command Center" had been encased in a unidirectional nuclear reflective shield.


  • As Louie Kaboom, King Mondo's successor sent by Rita and Zedd, sat on a throne which could have been located in the Machine Skybase's balcony room, Klank, Orbus, and Cogs polished him and tried to please him.
  • When Louie told Machina to polish him as well and she refused, calling him a pointy-topped commoner, Klank told Louie that the quickest way to win the queen's respect was to destroy the Rangers.


  • While Louie was trying to open the tiki of Auric, Klank told him that he needed a key and told him about Jason, who was alone with the key at the lake.
  • Upon making Auric grow with the key on the moon, Sprocket told Auric that he was "Sprocket, the small and meek," and that he needed Auric's help.
  • Sprocket told Auric that the Power Rangers were a team of supervillains that planned to destroy the Earth; Sprocket cried with the help of a hose connecting him with a pump (bearing the Machine Empire symbol) which Klank operated from a crevice in the rock wall nearby; Machina stood beside Klank, noting that Sprocket was such a wonderful actor.
  • In hopes of showing Louie Kaboom that their services were invaluable, Klank had a Cog set Orbus beside the Midas Hound for Orbus to enlarge the figurine; Klank addressed the Cog as "young Cog."
  • Orbus made the Midas Hound grow by shooting a green beam from his closed mouth; the growing energy in all other growing sequences came from the tube inside Orbus's mouth and/or Orbus's chest ray.


  • When the Rangers were beating Cruel Chrome, Gasket commanded Klank and Orbus to make the monster grow.


  • Sprocket took Klank and Cogs to the park to ambush the Rangers to impress Machina and earn the crown; they became caught in Gasket's time loop on Earth until Chronosapios was destroyed.


  • After creating the Mechaterpillar, Gasket led a full assault on Angel Grove, riding with Archerina and Klank in a gear ship among a fleet of at least five gear ships; their gear ship shot a blue ray from its underside, causing large sections of the city to explode.
  • When Gasket told Klank it was time to finish the Rangers off, Klank thought to have Mechaterpillar make the Zords dance their way to oblivion, and after some frantic dancing, the Zords sparked and fell over, ejecting the Rangers.
  • As a gear ship lifted the prone Super Zeo Megazord with a bluish-white energy ray, Klank, in the ship's control room with Orbus, realized the incredible opportunity for them to download into their computers all the information stored in the Megazord's memory so they would know the weaknesses of the other Zords.
  • The gear ships presumably left after Pyramidas had destroyed giant Mechaterpillar; soon after the destruction of the monster (which, oddly, Machina seemed to claim as her own creation), Klank and Orbus joined Sprocket and Machina in the Machine Skybase as they discovered that Mondo was back.


  • When Gold Ranger grew weak as the Rangers battled Cogs in the desert, Gasket and Archerina stood over him as Gasket told Jason to surrender his powers to him or be destroyed.
  • Sprocket and Klank teleported in, and Sprocket told Gasket Mondo was looking for him; Sprocket then gave Gasket the idea to personally fight the Rangers in giant form, which Sprocket was secretly sure would destroy Gasket and Archerina.
  • Klank thought Sprocket's plan to have Orbus enlarge Gasket so that Gasket would be destroyed in battle was brilliant.
  • After Klank had thrown Orbus, Gasket and Archerina grew to giant size with red energy streaks rather than Orbus's traditional green polygon growth effect.


  • Klank was able to detect a transmission bound for Triforia, and Mondo, having known the teens would try to call Trey, had Klank activate the laser alarm scanners to warm them of Trey's arrival.
  • As Zedd and Rita drove away in their RV after giving Sprocket a present as a peace offering, Sprocket and Klank (holding Orbus) waved happily, and Mondo realized that Zedd wasn't so bad after all (said in a complimentary manner).
  • The present from Rita and Zedd was actually a bomb which blew the Royal House of Gadgetry into pieces on the surface of the moon; amidst the debris was Klank's disembodied head, and his arms and legs, apparently still attached to his body, still moving about.
  • Orbus wasn't visible in the wreckage of the Royal House of Gadgetry.


  • After Dark Specter had told Astronema to summon all of his evil forces to finally take over the universe, Klank entered the Machine Skybase balcony with Orbus, telling King Mondo that the order had come in (probably from Elgar for Astronema).
  • Mondo told Klank to prepare for the biggest battle the universe had ever seen, but Klank replied, "Already done!"
  • In the Machine Skybase factory complex, the massive Cog army stood up at once; meanwhile, gear ships and Quadrafighters flew overhead.


  • Klank and Orbus weren't on Phantom Ranger's home planet when Zordon's energy wave hit, so their fate is uncertain.

    - Phrases used for Klank to throw Orbus
    Klank: "Around and around and away!"
    406-Outf Klank: "Around and around and off you go!"
    Klank: "Around and around and away you go!"
    445-MyMe 448-RTW2
    Klank: "Around and around and away we go!"
    419-Chal Klank: "Around and around and away with ya!"
    437-SOAW Klank: "Around and around and away she goes!"
    441-ZR5? Klank: "Go!"

    PRZ comic book

  • Around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, hundreds of Cogs and Quadrafighters attacked Master Vile's homeworld, led by Klank in a gear ship.
  • A hologram from Klank demanded that Vile surrender Lord Zedd to them, as Zedd had been secretly experimenting with some sort of great power in a plot to destroy Mondo and reclaim his moonbase.
  • Having overheard Zedd's transmission to Zordon about the Power Coin energies, Mondo rejected Machina's suggestion of withdrawing his army, now knowing they had something to fight for, and he contacted Klank.
  • After the Zeo Rangers had destroyed all of the Cogs and Quadrafighters on Gamma-Vile, Klank grumbled and had the monster Scrap Heap assemble from the debris.
  • Klank loaded Orbus into a launch tube in the gear ship's control room, firing him out one of the top cannon spires.
  • As the Rangers battled giant Scrap Heap, Klank left on foot to make a deal; Master Vile would soon lead him into Zedd's laboratory as Rita and Zedd watched the battle from a balcony.
  • Master Vile struck a deal with Klank whereby the Machine Empire took the Power Coin energies, and Vile got some peace and quiet; taking the canister, Klank agreed, after they finished off the Zeo Rangers, and Vile approved, considering it a personal favor.

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