- home to Karovan humans; once abandoned (until 643-CTD2)
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First Appearance: 605-NvSS
Last Appearance: 1310-StkO
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  • Ashley was surprised that Andros was human and yet not from Earth, and he condescendingly replied that Earth wasn't the only place where humans lived, and that he was from a space colony on the planet KO-35 in the Karova system.


  • When Cassie explained the Ninja Turtles' curiosity about the Megaship by saying not everyone grew up with a spaceship in their garage, Andros corrected that they had skyports, not garages.


  • Picking up a lifeform in the Karova system on KO-35, Andros suddenly deduced that his lost sister Karone would go home to KO-35 since she wouldn't have known that the colony was deserted years ago.
  • Oddly, KO-35 looked just like Aquitar, with a completely blue shimmering surface.
  • After taking his jump tube down to KO-35, morphed Andros faded into existence and landed with a thud on the ground in a deserted futuristic city of KO-35.
  • Andros had never thought he'd be back home again.
  • Andros remarked that the place looked so strange, so deserted, and that if Karone had returned, she'd be very confused.
  • Carlos explained to the other teens that Andros's long-lost sister wouldn't know that KO-35 had been attacked and abandoned years ago.
  • Ecliptor, ambushing Andros, wanted to be the first to welcome Andros home, adding, "if you can call this deserted dustball a home."
  • After he'd been searching the city with an AmScanner nearby, morphed Carlos suddenly burst in on Ecliptor's and Andros's fight, shattering in through reality, with a starfield visible through the shattered hole.


  • In hopes of finding some remaining Barillian Bug antidote, morphed Andros and T.J. ran up to a large blue triangle-shaped building, outside of which was a tilted cube sign with a round blue insignia on it: it was a white circle within a blue circle, with a rounded-pointed blue star over the white circle, and twisted snakes with some jagged shape above them; below all this was the word "Medical."
  • Andros said this building was the hospital where the antidote was.
  • In a lower room inside, Andros blasted open a locked cabinet with the medical insignia on it; in the cabinet, fully-stocked with medical equipment and supplies, Andros found a white case with the same insignia on it, and inside was an injection gun with what looked like two small canisters of Barillian antidote along with it.
  • Oddly, none of the architecture in the KO-35 city was damaged, and the landscaping even remained neatly-trimmed.
  • KO-35's city, from a long-distance view as the Astro Megazord fought the giant Barillian Bug monster within it, looked like an Earthen city, with rectangular buildings and skyscrapers.
  • The park from which Karone had been kidnapped years ago was within or right beside the main city.
  • Birds could be heard chirping in the distance as Andros looked out at the park from a rooftop nearby.


  • The image on the viewscreen as the Megaship orbited the planet Brokaya looked just like Aquitar or KO-35.


  • When a stranger (secretly a cloaked Andros) paid Darkonda keycards in exchange for information about anything of value on KO-35, Darkonda replied that it was in the Karova system and that he knew it better than anyone.
  • Darkonda described KO-35, saying, "It has trees, lakes, blue skies, mountains... a quite dreadful place, really. It's been uninhabited for years."
  • After recalling his kidnapping of Karone prior to the planet's becoming uninhabited, Darkonda said that he'd already taken anything that had been of value on KO-35.


  • Andros's birthday present to Ashley was a V-shaped gold necklace with a triangular orange gem in the crux of the V; Andros said it was a rare gem from KO-35, and Ashley loved it.


  • Dark Specter had attacked KO-35 two years ago; the villains had been everywhere, relentless, Andros described; in the streets of a city under siege, with rubble and burning cars strewn about, white-striped Piranhatrons had fought KO-35 troopers, as well as morphed Andros and Zhane, while flying ships flew by and blasted at buildings.
  • A "KO-35 Planetary Defense" tank had been under siege by Piranhatrons, defended by troopers.
  • This invasion was presumably what caused KO-35 to be abandoned.


  • In a courtyard overlooking the hospital pyramid on KO-35, some vines had overgrown certain structures, but for the most part, there were no vast signs of desertion.


  • As Astronema organized Dark Specter's forces in taking over the universe, Quadrafighters and Cogs invaded KO-35, crashing through a forest.
  • In a desert was a massive army of Cogs, above which flew a gear ship and a swarm of Quadrafighters.


  • The Keonta spell in the Galaxy Book, the spell which took Terra Venture into the Lost Galaxy, began with four words, the second of which was "Karova," the name of KO-35's star system.

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