- alien wizard; keeper of magical Golden Key
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 503-SIT3


  • Lerigot was a great wizard. (Source: 500-TPRM introduction.)
  • Lerigot was the keeper of a Golden Key which opened the dimensional gateways of the universe. (Source: 500-TPRM introduction.)
  • A group of Piranhatron-like warriors chased Lerigot through a Liarian jungle, intending for Lerigot to surrender to Divatox.
  • When surrounded, Lerigot removed from his vest his Golden Key, a very small gold rod with a sharp crystal tip, and held it up; gold energy swirled around him, and he vanished.
  • Lerigot's gold energy streak was shown flying toward South America, but his streak would soon be shown approaching the Earth a second time, this time heading toward Africa, where he would actually land.
  • A massive fireball exploded from Lerigot's landing spot in an African jungle, but he was then shown in an eagle nest with two baby eagles; it seems that his fireball should have killed any nearby animal and plant life.
  • Lerigot was startled when one of the baby eagles pecked his foot, and he stumbled out of the nest, falling to the ground below.
  • After a lion had scared Lerigot, Lerigot and the lion calmly approached each other, and gold sparks streaked from Lerigot's extended hand and fizzled in front of the lion's face, scaring it away and seeming to make Lerigot sad.
  • Alpha referred to Lerigot as "Lerigot, the wizard of Liaria."
  • Zordon, suspecting something was terribly wrong since Lerigot knew he wouldn't survive long on Earth, had Alpha pinpoint his location and contact the teens; Zordon said that if Lerigot was in trouble, they had to help him.
  • Zordon told the teens that Lerigot had taken great pains to hide his exact location and that someone must have been after him.
  • Zordon said that Lerigot couldn't survive under the sun's rays.
  • A group of chimps in Africa found Lerigot wandering through the jungle; one threw a rock at his head, and then one pointed another to go to Lerigot; the band of chimps then led Lerigot away.
  • Lerigot's signal was later beginning to fade as he grew weak from the sun's heat.
  • Lerigot was still with the chimps when Tommy and Kat found him.
  • Lerigot said "Alpha" several times as Tommy and Kat approached him; this appeared to be the only English Lerigot could speak.
  • After Tommy and Kat had found Lerigot and confirmed that they knew Alpha, Lerigot walked over to Kat, and orange sparkles from his hand healed the gash in her leg.
  • Lerigot's wife Yara, holding baby Bethel, was captured and made a prisoner in Divatox's subcraft after Lerigot had fled Liaria to seek Zordon's help on Earth; there was a mindblock device on Yara and Bethel's heads to prevent them from telepathically contacting Lerigot, but Divatox had a warrior briefly remove it from Yara so that she would contact Lerigot; Divatox hoped that this would cause Lerigot to surrender himself.
  • Lerigot was lying in the medical table in the Power Chamber when he received Yara's telepathic signal.
  • Alpha said the sun had taken its toll on Lerigot but that this treatment he was receiving would, at least temporarily, restore his life force.
  • Alpha and Lerigot, being good friends, could communicate with purring and clicking sounds.
  • Lerigot performed the Liarian prayer of guidance in preparation to surrender himself after receiving Divatox's ultimatum that she would spare Yara, Bethel, Jason, and Kimberly if he surrendered.
  • The four teens met Elgar and his warriors at a beach in the morning and tried to have Elgar release the hostages first, but he refused; the teens wanted to stall for more time, but Lerigot surrendered himself anyway.
  • Once he was put into a cell in the subcraft, Lerigot had a mind blocker, like the ones on Yara and Bethel, put on his head.
  • Lerigot was dying aboard Divatox's subcraft; at the time, Divatox had his Golden Key.
  • The next day as the subcraft approached the Nemesis Triangle, Divatox gave Lerigot the Golden Key and told him to open the gateway, but he refused; Divatox had Elgar take baby Bethel from Yara, at which point Lerigot gave in.
  • Purring in tones with his eyes closed, Lerigot unleashed gold sparkles of energy from the Golden Key, sparkles which flowed from the subcraft's exterior into the wall of the Nemesis Triangle, and the subcraft freely passed through with flickering light around its edges at the points of entry; this scene was confirmed by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Lerigot still had his mind blocker on when he used the Golden Key to get the subcraft through the Nemesis Triangle.
  • Outside Maligore's temple on Muiranthias, Divatox let Lerigot out of his cage and removed the mind blocker, then gave him the Golden Key, which he used to unlock the door to Maligore's temple with a swirl of golden energy specks, despite Yara's protests.
  • Divatox took the Golden Key back after the temple had been unlocked.
  • In the temple, Yara and Lerigot released from their hands gold sparkling energy which turned Kim good again after Maligore had turned her evil; this was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Kim got the Liarians while the Rangers fought Divatox's warriors.
  • Lerigot was a descendant of those who had imprisoned Maligore.
  • Jason was walking around with red eyes and a very sad face when Lerigot and Yara turned him good again.
  • Kim and Jason helped the Liarians flee the temple.
  • Shortly after the Turbo Megazord had destroyed giant Maligore outside, Jason, Kim, Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel emerged from the jungle with Bulk and Skull and were picked up by the Turbo Megazord.
  • In what seemed to be the evening after the national championship, the teens, Jason, Rocky, and perhaps Kim as well seemed to be saying goodbye to Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel in the Power Chamber after they had appeared to emerge from the northwestern hallway, the door of which slid shut behind them.


  • Alpha and Zordon began to open a wormhole in space, but it would only remain open for a matter of moments, so Zordon had Alpha send a message to send for Lerigot right away so they would be prepared.
  • When the time was growing close and Lerigot still hadn't replied, Alpha was worried, but Zordon reminded him that Lerigot had never let them down in the past.
  • After appearing in the Power Chamber, Lerigot asked Zordon and Alpha if they were going home soon, and Alpha told him they were.
  • Lerigot could now speak in broken English.


  • Lerigot told the teens his family was doing well and his baby was big.
  • When they found Lerigot in the Power Chamber, the teens assumed he'd come all this way just for their graduation; Zordon then uneasily told the teens while Alpha sobbed that Lerigot had returned to give him his freedom, and that he would soon return to his home planet (Eltar) to rejoin his own family.
  • Lerigot had the teens form a circle around him; after Tommy had arrived, Lerigot made humming purrs, and gold sparkles drifted out from his Golden Key; Lerigot stopped the process, however, when the Power Chamber's alarm sounded.
  • Once the Rangers had defeated Elgar's fleet and again formed a circle around Lerigot, he again produced gold sparkles from his Golden Key, and the sparkles surrounded and dissolved Zordon's image, then more swept up Alpha, then the two swirls of gold sparkles flew out the main cylinder of the Power Chamber's exterior and into the wormhole in space.
  • When the Rangers returned after destroying Amphibitor and disabling the wormhole closer, Lerigot told them that Zordon and Alpha were home, and he then left.

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