Lightning Cruiser
- sentient space car affiliated with Red Turbo Ranger
Lightning Cruiser
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First Appearance: 521-TWOF
Last Appearance: 618-TBTR
Pictures: car mode (shown at right), jet mode


  • Lightning Cruiser appeared to be a modified Chevrolet Camaro.
  • Once Storm Blaster and Justin had been captured, T.J. was calling Alpha to have the other teens meet him at the Power Chamber when Lightning Cruiser opened its door and raced forward, knocking T.J. over with it.
  • T.J. tried to chase after Lightning Cruiser after thinking it knew where to find Justin and Storm Blaster, but Lightning Cruiser raced out of his reach, then slammed on its brakes, sending him flying over the car and landing in front of it.
  • Lightning Cruiser flashed its lights at T.J. and opened its door, but it then tossed him out, causing him to confront the car angrily.
  • Lightning Cruiser began to speed away, but T.J. managed to catch up to the car and climb in, after which it stopped harassing him.
  • As Lightning Cruiser approached a construction site, T.J. tried to use the brake, but it wouldn't work, so he angrily shifted the gearshift and floored the gas in retaliation, causing Lightning Cruiser to engage its rear boosters and fly into the air with jets of air underneath the car.
  • Once flying, Lightning Cruiser transformed into jet mode in the following sequence: the middle section of its hood extended, the front wheels folded down, the tail fin came up, the side wings folded down, and then two small front wing sections completed the transformation.
  • After Lightning Cruiser had converted to flying mode, a gray seatbelt appeared on T.J. from red energy.
  • While the three teens in the Power Chamber had been unable to find Justin on any of the scanners, T.J. picked up a signal from the warehouse district on Lightning Cruiser's display.
  • Lightning Cruiser's display looked identical to a Turbo Navigator display; it had menu bars of Analysis (flashing at first), Search (flashing afterward), and Navigate; below the menu bars was "Bowzock Search Mode / Mode A - Energy Emission Scan."
  • As Lightning Cruiser flew over the warehouse, Storm Blaster pulled morphed Justin into its seat and then fired a large magnet from its front winch, clamping onto the rear of Lightning Cruiser through the roof, and Lightning Cruiser pulled Storm Blaster out.
  • Later, while Storm Blaster grappled the flying Dreadfeather, the flying Lightning Cruiser shot a barrage of red lasers from various places, with a main source of the lasers being the silver tannon near its tail section.
  • Lightning Cruiser's lasers destroyed Dreadfeather.


  • After the space cars had arrived to help the Rangers against Mad Mike, Lightning Cruiser shot the monster with a red blast of energy from its cannon.


  • A Red Ranger could be seen in Lightning Cruiser's driver's seat as it flew in, shooting a barrage of lasers at Elgar and the Piranhatrons, to save T.J. and Cassie.


  • Flying with T.J. and Ashley riding in it, Lightning Cruiser shot at Metallasaurus with its laser barrage, causing no damage.
  • Divatox shot down Lightning Cruiser with the neutron laser, forcing the car to land.


  • Lightning Cruiser was again able to fly.


  • Morphed T.J. flew Lightning Cruiser as a test of new booster fuel formulas designed by Alpha; meanwhile, Carlos and Justin monitored the tests from the Power Chamber, and unmorphed Cassie and Ashley were in the woods with the various fuel formulas at a table.
  • T.J. said Lightning Cruiser really loved the fuel being tested in the current run.
  • When T.J. later got up from the Lightning Fire Tamer cockpit to switch to Lightning Cruiser, there was a brief shot of Red Lightning spinning through a red flaming energy spiral.
  • To save them from the forest fire, T.J. had Bulk and Skull jump into Lightning Cruiser as it hovered beside their lookout tower.
  • Lightning Cruiser's laser barrage did little, if anything, to Torch Tiger.


  • A missile shot from Maniac Mechanic's battle wagon hit the underside of Lightning Cruiser as it flew, forcing it to land.
  • Once it had screeched to a stop, Lightning Cruiser briefly had trouble starting again.
  • Lightning Cruiser was blasted, presumably by the battle wagon, causing damage to its exterior, particularly its hood.


  • To summon Lightning Cruiser, morphed T.J. called into his communicator while touching the right side of his helmet.
  • After being summoned, Lightning Cruiser streaked in as red light; its hood was no longer damaged.
  • Still standing beside Lightning Cruiser, morphed T.J. told the car to fire, and it blasted Elgar and Rygog with rapid lasers from its cannon.
  • After he and Rygog had been blasted, Elgar told the Rangers, "You're gonna need [Lightning Cruiser] when Divatox sends down her big--" but Rygog interrupted him, telling him to be quiet; Elgar may have said "ol'" or possibly "gold" before being interrupted, or this may have been merely a grunt.


  • After the Rescue Megazord had self-destructed with no effect and the Turbo Megazord had been completely crippled, T.J. got an idea and had the Rangers eject; he then summoned the Turbo RAM and had Justin set it to detonate upon impact.
  • T.J. called into his communicator to summon Lightning Cruiser.
  • T.J. flew in Lightning Cruiser toward Goldgoyle with the baseless Turbo RAM Cannon Mode mounted to the top of the car; as he approached, he pressed a button, causing the Turbo RAM to fly off, flying straight into Goldgoyle's mouth, and an enormous explosion from inside Goldgoyle's body obliterated the monster.
  • After destroying Goldgoyle, the Rangers teleported away, leaving behind Lightning Cruiser and the crippled Turbo Megazord.


  • As the Rangers attempted to fight off Divatox's invading Piranhatron army halfway up the Power Chamber's mountain, the space cars drove up on their own accord, down below, and began blasting Piranhatron with their lasers, with Lightning Cruiser shooting lasers from its cannon.


  • On a red desert planet, a horde of Piranhatrons was forcing the chained-up space cars to drag heavy loads through the desert, with the cars struggling.
  • Lightning Cruiser struggled and stopped, so the Piranhatrons unchained it and took off the large metal bracket covering its cannon; it suddenly blasted a Piranhatron at pointblank range as it inspected the cannon, and the car sped off and turned around, then blasted Storm Blaster free from its restraints.
  • While Piranhatrons recaptured Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster sped away and flew to Earth.
  • Later, Lightning Cruiser was again chained and whipped to haul the load, but the Space Rangers, along with morphed Justin in Storm Blaster, arrived and fought them off.
  • As the Rangers fought the Piranhatrons, T.J., morphed as the Blue Space Ranger, reassured Lightning Cruiser that they'd have it out of here in no time.
  • After the battle, Lightning Cruiser was soon freed.

    - Phrases used to summon Lightning Cruiser
    542-RivR T.J.: "Lightning Cruiser, now!"
    544-CIS1 T.J.: "Lightning Cruiser, jet mode!"

    - Phrases used for Lightning Cruiser to transform into jet mode
    521-TWOF T.J.: "Jet cruiser mode!"

    - Phrases used for Lightning Cruiser to land
    517-OLHo T.J.: "Lightning Cruiser, revert to landing mode, now!"

    - Phrases used for Lightning Cruiser to shoot lasers from cannon
    542-RivR T.J.: "Fire now!"

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