Lightning Fire Tamer
- Red Turbo Ranger's fire truck Rescuezord
Lightning Fire Tamer (high stance mode)
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First Appearance: 527-OLHo
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1


  • Lightning Fire Tamer, a giant futuristic fire truck, was the Red Turbo Ranger's Rescuezord.
  • Lightning Fire Tamer, in vehicle mode, could shoot jets of water from its two cannons.
  • Lightning Fire Tamer, in vehicle mode, used water to roll a now-loose spherical gas tank at Metallasaurus, and when it exploded, it sent Metallasaurus flying through space and crashing into the Space Base.


  • Lightning Fire Tamer's cockpit was located behind its windshield, what was its chest in high stance mode.
  • In high stance mode, Lightning Fire Tamer's head was shaped like it was wearing a firefighter's helmet.
  • Lightning Fire Tamer formed the upper body and head of the Rescue Megazord.
  • The Rescue Megazord cockpit was located behind the visor in its chest, a part of Lightning Fire Tamer; this was right where Red Ranger's much smaller individual cockpit had been shown to be.


  • Lightning Fire Tamer, in high stance mode, used a white fire extinguisher bearing a C emblem to put out a forest fire.
  • When T.J. got up from the Lightning Fire Tamer cockpit to switch to Lightning Cruiser, there was a brief shot of Red Lightning spinning through a red flaming energy spiral.


  • After chaining the Rescue Megazord to a giant cross, giant Count Nocturn hit the Megazord in the chest (Lightning Fire Tamer) with his sledgehammer, causing the Rangers to evacuate to the Turbozords.

    - Phrases used for Lightning Fire Tamer in vehicle mode to shoot water cannons
    527-OLHo T.J.: "Turbo water cannon, now!"

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